August 14th, 2005

Mansfield, MA

Photos can be found here!

What can I say the Boston concert was excellent! Our fourth row, dead-center seats were perfect for all that BSB lovin'. None of this is in order of the show, it was what has come back to me after a few days. I enjoyed Boston so much more than I did Darien. I was much closer too.

Kevin was quiet, I didn't hear him utter one word all night. It didn't stop him from mocking out Nick during Drowning, it was priceless. Nick just added more drama.

Kevin laying on the speakers like a centerfold! Damn my camera couldn't reach that far.

A.J. trying to get his mic stand to work. "It won't stay up," he grinned at the crowd.

Brian hamming it up with A.J.'s broken microphone stand, it was too damn funny. Brian has a big mouth when it's open that wide.

A.J. stepping back for a moment to wipe the tears from his eyes after being in Boston for their first major concert since rehab.

Brian receiving a Red Sox jersey for Baylee.

The break for the lightening was just what they needed, the guys came back pumped. The entire place was rocking all night. I have to wonder with some of the reviews if the critics went to the same concert as Suzie and I did because nobody was sitting all night long.

Nick saying that whether it was snow, rain, or a hurricane, Boston sticks with them.

The chick that had her ass hauled over a few rows by security for mowing people over when the guys came down from the stage. Security one point, chick zero.

Howie and A.J. spending most of the night right in front of us. It wigged me out a little.

The shirts the guys were wearing were given to them by fans. Brian and A.J.'s cracked me up.

Brian- I'm the evil twin
A.J.- Psycho Magnet

Brian asking Nick why he was playing the chorus to Climbing The Walls.

Nick's cheesy ass smile when he said, "I dunno know." I'm sorry it may be part of the act but the smile was genuine irregardless and priceless as well.

Nick yelling to Howie, "No (I'm) not stinky Howie, I'm not 12 anymore." I think everyone lost it.

Nick saying that the audience was hypnotized at A.J.'s 'nonono' part because he has soul.

Nick kissing A.J. was a surprise.

Kevin's little guitar move sent my brain a big left. Striped pants and up-close shot of the anatomy really helps re-live the memory. LOL

Kevin spitting back stage, it must have been the honker from hell. I think he nailed somebody because he called Brian over to show him and they both cracked up laughing.

Howie- Getting nailed by something that was tossed on the staged. He didn't see it coming either.

Nick of course had a thong tossed to him and kept it.

Meeting to friends and watching them make Kevin almost crack up on stage. It was hysterical, he was trying to sing and not grin. The lips were going up and down, up and down.

Kevin's Spynkter headband, which he wore proudly!

Brian is an agile little shit, he can jump, no doubt about that.

Meeting new friends and old friends! It was the best damn time I have had in ages.

Oh wait, Nick's sexual move/thrust during "Am I sexual?" almost made Suzie pass out. She ever had seen him do that.

The opening acts didn't impress. They weren't my cup of tea.

Funny moments from my vacation.

Suzie- "Call and warn me when your close by."

Kel- "Okay."

Called placed at the top of Suzie's street. "Steve, where's Mom?"

Steve- "In the bathroom."

Kel- laughing, "Tell her were almost there."

Actually I screwed up, Curt told me to put the directions away he knew where we were going, I didn't or I would have called sooner, before I knew it we were there.

What happens when you put left brain, right brain, Caroline, and Brenda in a car on their way to a BSB concert? A good episode of Lost!

I met up with people that I have talked to for years but never met. Paula, Michelle, and Wynter. I met new friends Wynter, Carin, Tina, Amy, Kelly, and Nikki.

Kevin ragging on Nick is funny.

Us laughing at Kevin is even funnier! If he sees you laughing at him, he's toast.

Kevin is sex… The man needs to do a centerfold in Playgirl.

Never let you husband see the specific shots that you took of a tall dark haired man, not ones of his face either. Curt was flipping through pics. Suzie snorted… I thought she busted me. LOL

The guys do wear the shirts that you toss on stage. So… lets get Kevin some new pants.
And a new shirt. "I am God, why do you question me?" LOL

Brian cracks my ass up the entire night.

I would love to trap Kevin on a bus and bring Nick and Brian along. Between the three of us Kevin would need a straight jacket by the stop.

Kevin can get PMS unless he gets a break. If he gets a good water break, get the hell out of his way. His freaky white boy dance should be his trademark. It's looks a lot like the funky chicken.

Nick can still hit those high notes, although I suspect he might have broke something.

Nick and Kevin sweat through everything.

A.J.'s voice makes me shut-up and listen. This man has soul to the bone.

Howie is damn hot.

Do not throw the bra you are wearing up on the stage, that is just gross and I can't believe that someone would do that.

If you have a sign and they acknowledge you. Don't wave the freakin' thing again. Sorry, my pet peeve of the week.

What happens when you have left brain, right brain, Caroline, and Brenda exiting a BSB concert and heading to the car? Another good episode of Lost!

What happens when a stupid security guard jumps out in front of Kellye after exiting the concerts and shouts but she can't hear. She wigs out and tells him to yell louder and he did. LOL

Never take Kellye to a children's museum, she has too much damn fun. I'm never growing up.

Never leave Chris without adult supervision in the shop of the toy museum. He's mean and I take the Lord's name in vain... very loudly.

Never leave Zach unattended in the museum, the child is a pig like his father. The museum patrons thought it was funny, Mom didn't.

I have learned that if I don't cook the meal that my kids and husband eat, that I don't have a place to sit. LOL

Suzie discovered that Curt can truly sleep anywhere and at anytime. ROFLMAO

We cook good together and we eat well. Suzie is there any Brownie Sundae left?

Brianna wants a little sister; she can just keep right on wishing that one. She had a blast with both the kids and is still talking about it.

Zach is jealous of Keira.

The highlight of Zach's trip- A burning Lincoln on the side of the road… Everyone heard about it for four days.

Curt made a new friend named Shadow.

7 1/2 hour ride in the car home with two kids and Sandlot 1 and 2. That wasn't funny; I was trying to work on Pirates.


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