~The Binding~

Chapter 14

Bron snickered, Kevin gruffed as Gabe told him via telephone that he had an emergency last night and had to cancel Bron’s appointment today. 

When Kevin whined, “Well what are we supposed to do then?”  Bron nearly heaved her coffee cup at him from across the kitchen.

Clearing his throat, Gabe bit his lip, and then spoke to Kevin on the other end of the receiver.  “Whatever you have been doing will do just fine.  It’s just a postpartum appointment.  I’m sure Bron would be in here if she had any problems.”

“Cool dawg,” Kevin was smiling now.  “Talk to ya later.”

Standing there tapping her foot, she waited for him to tell her what her physician had said.  “Well?”

“Well what?”  Kevin wrapped an arm around her and squeezed. 

“Don’t be an ass,” Bron hissed.

“He said to just keep on doing what we have been doing.  He’ll call later today and slip you into his schedule.”

Bron shrugged her shoulders; she was off the hook for the day as far as the appointment went.  The impending doom of meeting with her business partner began to creep from her toes up her body.  She visibly shuttered in Kevin’s embrace.

“Don’t worry about Mc and the others, we’re going to take care of them shortly.”  Kevin squeezed her as tight as he could to his body.  “I love you.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt the tender family moment.”  Suzie stood at the door. 

Bron turned head, looked at her, once up, and once down.  “You look like hell, if sleeping with Carter does that to a woman… I’d think twice about it next time.”

Suzie threw her purse across the room at Bron.  Kevin caught it and set on the table.  As he set it down, he couldn’t help but notice Suzie was extremely pissed off, at his wife no doubt, but for what.  “What are you doing home?”

“Oh well,” Suzie took her coat off and hung it on the hook.  “It seems I misinterpreted my boss’s words when she said I could take a few days off for watching your rugrats while you were gone.”

“I said you could take a few extra days off, But I didn’t mean now!”  Bron flustered Suzie when she had called and asked what time she was coming to work in the morning.  She needed moral support and Suzie was going to be it.

“You didn’t tell me that though, did you?” Suzie cruised to the counter and poured herself a couple of coffee.

“You know I have a party coming up, a big one.  I need you here.”  Bron reinforced what she had convinced herself of.

“You have had very successful parties before I came on board here.  Many, many of them from what Mc tells me Martha, so this doesn’t have anything to do with parties, now does it?”  Suzie’s eyes narrowed at Bron.

Bron looked at Kevin, he wasn’t offering any support as he stared at her just as hard.  “No, I just needed a girlfriend to talk too.  Today is going to be very stressful.  Kevin is useless when it comes to girl talk, even if he is in touch with his feminine side a little too much for my taste.”

Suzie shook her head, “Which is why I took a red-eye home from Florida.  Nick is really steamed at you.”

“He’s young, he’ll recover.”  Bron gave her hug.  “Okay, the big and the bad will be here soon, and to be honest, I can’t tell if I want to confront them or go throw-up.”

Kevin didn’t say anything as he left the women in the kitchen.  What Bron didn’t know was that she was going to do neither, at least not right away.  Billy, Carlos, and he were going to meet with Mc, Jake, and Stevie. 

Leaving them to talk, he went up to his office to find Billy and Carlos talking on the phone and paperwork spread over his desk.  The letters were everywhere.  Kevin began to panic and pick them up.  Billy placed his hand on Kevin’s and pulled them away. 

Tugging on his elbow, Carlos pulled Kevin away from Billy, who was still on the phone.  “We’re going to leave them out.  Billy is looking for a reaction of recognition from one of them.”

“Are you nuts?”  Kevin was bewildered.  “Obviously it’s one of them, so you’re going to let him know that we know what the hell he’s been up too.”

Billy nodded a yes and Carlos spoke a yes. 

Kevin threw his arms up in the air.  “Who the hell is going to protect her and the kids?”

“We have people everywhere that you don’t even know about.”  Billy hung up the phone.

“Are you shittin’ me?”  Kevin stood stunned looking at both of them.

“Nooo, I’m not shitting you,” Billy mocked back at him.  “I thought your wife had an appointment this morning.”

“She did,” Kevin looked over his desk; he scrunched his nose in dissatisfaction at the mess.  “Gabe cancelled, he had an emergency delivery last night.  He’s going to see her sometime this week.”

“Oh,” Carlos snickered.

“Knock it off C, I’m still getting laid.” Kevin’s face puckered up at the little retort.

“How nice that you tell everybody our personal business,” came from the door.

Kevin’s lips made a little ‘o’ before the sound came out, “Ooops...  Sorry.”

Bron stood at the door with her arms crossed debating what to do with her pig of a husband, otherwise known as Kevin Richardson the Backstreet Boy.  The phone ringing threw cold water on the mental thought of how she could get even with the man. 

Suzie yelled from desk, “Kevin, it’s Nick, he wants to talk to you.”

“We do have an intercom,” Bron rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, like you use it.”  Kevin walked to his door and waited for Bron to move.  When she didn’t, he politely pushed her back into the reception area.  “Excuse me,” Kevin closed the door and then squinted his eyes closed as he waited for her to either come back through the door or yell at him from the other side of it.  When neither happened he frowned.  “Oh I’m going to pay for that somehow, I’m damn sure of it.”

Billy hit speakerphone since he felt very comfortable in Kevin’s office chair.  “What’s up Kaos?”

“Billy?”  Nick questioned, thinking he might have dialed the wrong number but he couldn’t of, Suzie had answered the telephone.

“Yes Kaos,” Billy laughed.

“What are you doing there?  I wanna talk to Kevin,” Nick’s voice inflected slightly and it sounded like he was whining. 

Carlos shook his head, “Some things will never change.  I need Kevin.  Where’s Kevin?  I gotta talk to Kevin.”

“Leave him alone,” Kevin barked.  It was one thing if he ragged on Nick, but they didn’t need to do it too.  “What’s up buddy?”

“Can you take me off speaker phone please…  “  Nick paused, knowing that he sounded cryptic and maybe that wasn’t the best thing right now.  “I need to talk to you about Suz’s Christmas present.  I don’t want her to hear me.”  Nick waited until he no longer heard the echo of the speakerphone.

“Shoot,” Kevin motioned Billy out of his chair. 

“Here’s my idea, I wanna give her the twelve days of Christmas.”  Nick thought the idea was a great one.

Kevin knew better, he so knew better, “Great idea, but how are you going to do this?”  Kevin rubbed his temple with his fingers as he frowned.  He really wasn’t up to mental exercise with Nick today, but Nick was always there for him, especially lately.

“See today I was going to send her two turtle doves and two partridges in pear trees.  I’m a day behind, it’s eleven days till Christmas.”

Blinking back the tears, Kevin then closed his eyes very tightly.  “Nick babe, Where would you be sending the partridges and doves?”  Kevin watched the reaction of the two large men sitting across from him.  Billy was grabbing his stomach and Carlos had both hands covering his mouth, trying not to let the laughter out. 

“Well she is working… so if it’s alright with you?”

Mentally Kevin calculated that he would have over two hundred birds at his house by Christmas day.  “No Nick, uh-uh, not gonna happen.” 

“Kevviiiiin,” Nick whined, he needed Kevin’s help.

“Look Nick, it’s a cool idea, real cool but you have to think of something.  Last time you gave her a pig and a palm tree.  MeeMaw has the pig and Suzie has the largest palm tree in the state of Kentucky.  Don’t you remember what happened with that idea?”  Kevin was checking off the people that would be it his house, the lords, the ladies; the maids of milking would be a big damn problem.

Carlos almost crawled out of the office and Billy wasn’t far behind.  Kevin had to think fast.  “Nick it’s a great idea but I think you can do better.”

“I think it’s a great idea, it’s romantic, it’s sweet…”

“It’s fuckin’ stupid!”  Kevin finally yelled.  He stopped and took a deep breath; he had gone over line, now he felt bad.  “Nick you have to remember that she lives in a residential neighborhood.  Where can she keep all theses animals, trees, and the people?”

“I thought it was a great idea,” Nick sighed in defeat.

Kevin wanted to laugh, but he felt as if he wanted to cry too.  “Wait a minute…  Let me think…”

“That could take awhile,” Nick spit back.

Kevin paced ignoring Nick’s comment, trying to come up with an idea and then it hit him, it would be perfect and Suz would love it.  “I got an idea.  Get in touch with the Iceman in L.A. and see if he can do something like that in bling.” 

“Holy Shit!  That is awesome Kev, bye!”  Nick hung up the phone; he had a lot of work to do and a call to make.

Kevin sat back in his chair and closed his eyes.  The mere thought of all those animals running amuck on his property.  He already had one lady with milk, eleven more he couldn’t take, not if they were half as hormonal as she was. 

Stretching his legs out he stood up and thought just maybe he could go pull a favor out of Suzie, after she heard what Nick wanted to do for her for Christmas, she would owe him for a long time to come.  Walking into the outer office Carlos and Billy were laughing, loud and boisterous.  Suzie was in tears and Bron was pissed and wasn’t bothering to hide it from any of them.

Bron pointed her manicured nail at him, “Tell me you fixed this for her? I will not let him do this to her.”

“Everybody calm down, I fixed it, don’t worry.”  Kevin huffed up, he had done a good job of fixing this one before it even took place.

“Nick so sweet…” Suzie sniffed, grateful that Kevin had interceded.

“He's so stupid,” Bron looked at Suzie.  “You had better put some serious thought into having children with that man.  It could be frightening.”

“Sorry to break up the party people but I need to speak to my partner.”  The voice sliced through the air and commanded silence.

Kevin’s head swung towards the door to see one lone male figure standing just inside the doorway. 

“No, first we’re going to talk,” Billy pulled himself to his full height.  He had Mc’s number and he wasn’t going to be running much more than the business around here anymore.

“Nice to see you again Bill.  I must say that I’m on alert now.  Does Kevin have problems I should know about?”  Mc strolled forward dressed to the nines in Armani.

“No, but Bron does,” Billy didn’t bother to look back as he walked into Kevin's office followed by Carlos. 

Kevin pointed to Bron and then to her office.  “I need to get those invitations done.”  Kevin didn’t wait around for her mouth to fall open, she had just been removed from the entire problem, again.  Now he waited in his office to see if she would come in, she didn’t.  As was customary between them, she knew which lines she could cross without creating too much of a problem, this wasn’t one of them and she understood that, it may not sit well with her but she got the point.

“I hate when he does that shit to me,” Bron bitched as Suzie joined Bron in her office.

“You’re better off letting your man handle this,” Suzie said it and then regretted it.  She watched Bron storm out of her office and then storm back after the door wasn’t opened when she knocked.

“I hate both of you some days,” Bron sat began to write out invitations.

“You’re young, you’ll get over it.  You hid it from him for too long, you shouldn’t have done that.”

“Kiss my ass,” Bron continued to write out the invitations and keep a well-trained eye on Kevin’s door as well as her ear tuned for any shouting that she might hear.

“Remind me to thank Kevin from saving me from a disastrous Christmas.”  Suzie tried turning the conversation.

“I won’t have too, Kevin will remind you, hold it over your head, and use it against you when it’s perfect timing for him.”  Bron began to laugh.  Bron could see the conversation going back and forth in the other office but she couldn’t hear what was being said.  “How the hell did my life get so screwed up?”

“Do you think it might of started when you began dating Mc?”

Bron’s lips pursed and her brows wrinkled together.  “I was thinking it was the day I met with Kevin.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”  Suzie had always wanted to hear the details she was never privy too.  What she did know was second hand information.

“No, not really.  I have to take Kaylin to do her Christmas shopping after school.  Do you want to come with us?”

“Girls only?”  Suzie questioned.

“Fat chance.  Unless Carlos changes to Carlotta very quickly.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” 

They wrote, watched, and waited as the morning dragged on.  Kevin’s door flew open with a loud smash.  Mc was shouting as he came out of Kevin’s office, “You owe me a fucking explanation!  I don’t want the damn two step you’ve been doing for two hours!  We’re not moving the office out of here and you need to stay out of our business!  I’m going in there and we are going to talk this out.  Just her and I!”

Mc stormed into Bron’s office and Kevin was on his heels. 

Kevin now stood between Bron and Mc, shouting his words, “Not without me you sonofabitch!”






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