~The Binding~

Chapter 1

Bron cursed under her breath as they pulled into Anne's driveway. Anne had company, none other than Doctor Galloway, the man she had been dodging all week. Kevin had been riding her ass to go to her postpartum checkup but she had been blowing it off. Gabe would call everyday and leave a message, or call her cell and leave a message, now he was leaving messages for Suzie. The only problem was Bron kept telling Kevin that Gabe had been too busy to see her, "He's delivering babies Kevin, he's busy!" Now she would be screwed if Gabe said anything to Kevin. Crossing her fingers, she hoped he would just ignore it since Christmas Eve was tomorrow. Bron wondered if she should tell Kevin now and let the blow-up take place in the car. Eventually, he would find out but she was hoping it would be after Christmas, way after Christmas.

Kaylin darted out of the truck and into the house. Bron shook her head as she unbuckled the car seat carrier. Kevin waited for Mc to back the pick-up truck into the driveway. It would take all three men to get the two-piece unit in the house.

Anne propped the screen door open as Bron came in with Cooper still in his seat. A sweater wrapped around her shoulders, as she rubbed her arms. "What in the world is in the back of that truck?"

Bron stomped the snow of her boots, "Your Christmas present." Handing Cooper to Gabe, she smiled. "I made it for you."

"You did? You made something for me?" Anne's eyes danced. Anyone in her family could buy her things but it was the sentiment that went with homemade gifts that she truly was a sucker for.

"Hi Mama!" Kevin smiled as he pulled the blanket off of the furniture.

"Oh Lord!" Anne clapped her hands together. "It's a hutch that matches my table!"

"Sideboard too," Bron smiled at her.

Anne blindsided her as she wrapped her arms around Bron and squeezed. "How did you know?"

"Baby blabbermouth," Bron tried in earnest to pull out of the embrace as Anne rocked her from side to side. "You're making me sea-sick Mom."

Anne dropped her arms and stepped back. She stared at Bron for the longest time. "Do you know there are very few times that you call me that?"

Bron groaned, "I know, I just have a hard time doing that... I miss my Mom... and it's just..."

"It's okay dear," Anne grabbed Bron's face. "I understand."

"Mom Move!" Kevin shouted as three red-faced men stood holding the bulky object trying to get it in the door.

"Oh, sorry boys!" Anne stepped out of the way.

"Whoever drops it, will pay dearly," Bron snapped.

"You could have made it a little lighter," Kevin grunted as sweat rolled down his face.

"I believe that is how the first one was broken," Bron smirked. The long story had been told to her by the three grown men who had broken the first one. Anne's boys were playing football in the living room. Kevin missed the catch, dived for it, and landed directly into the hutch, shattering it to pieces. Jerald senior lectured all the boys, grounded them for the summer but he never could get the hutch back together.

"Nothing worse than my wife with a cocky attitude," Kevin sighed as they finally put the base unit down.

"It's beautiful. You have to help me put my dishes in it." Anne ran her hands over the fine cherry wood. "It's a perfect match, how did you do that?"

"Trade secret, I can't tell ya," Bron winked at her. "Go get the rest of it guys!"

A serendipitous smile came over Kevin, "Slave driver." He was so glad that Bron had fussed over the damn thing since her first time in his Mother's house. The look on his mother's face was worth every long night that Bron had put in on it. "I helped," Kevin wanted his fair share of accolades too.

"You did?" Anne smiled, "Thank you baby."

"He did all the poly work since I was pregnant."

"Speaking of pregnant," Gabe finally jumped as he had put a now un-dressed Cooper and set him in front of the tree to watch the lights.

"Gabe can I talk you?" Bron smile sweetly.

"Yeah, I wanna to talk to you too... You've been awfully busy lately." Kevin took two steps and was halted by a hand being slapped into his chest.

"Go get the rest of it," Bron growled at Kevin.

Mc went outside not wanting to get pulled into it. He had seen and heard all the messages from Gabe that Bron had blown off.

Kevin came out after him, "Damn she's bitchy today."

"PMS?" Mc laughed knowing the letter had everything to do with it. Kevin knew too but he was trying to lighten things up a little.

"How the hell would I know? She's been pregnant for so damn long."

Mc cast a glance at the door, the frown on Anne's face confirmed that she had heard what Kevin had said, "Dumb move Pop Star."

"And who's fault is that?" the door clanked shut.

The men moved the sideboard in next and then the top of the hutch. The dining room furniture was shifted around slightly and then the hutch set in place. "Darlin'!" Kevin called for Bron.

Bron came out of the kitchen with Gabe behind her. "Plug it in."

"Plug it in?" Anne looked from Kevin to Bron and then back again.

"She wired it with lights so you can show off your fancy dishes," Kevin smiled as he flicked the switch.

Anne marveled at the cabinet. Her fingers traced the leaded glass that had been placed in the top doors. She was touching the gold lock when a hand touched her shoulder. "Here are your keys. Open it."

Anne opened the cabinet. As she did, she began to talk, "I'll need to get cup hooks and have one of the boys drill the holes."

"Holes?" Bron gasped in pure horror. Her gasping was followed Kevin, Andrew, and Mc laughing. "Those jackasses aren't drilling holes into this." Bron pointed towards the top on the inside. "I put cup hooks in for you. There is a plate trough and saucer stands too." Bron pulled the drawer open, "This side for silverware and the other for serving…"

Kevin walked away; he didn't need the grand tour of the furniture. Andrew was taking off with Mc for a while but Mc would drop him back off at the house. Kevin approved, Bron didn't, and Kevin won.

"Daddy, can I have a cookie?" Kaylin had her hand in the cookie jar already.

"No, you'll spoil your dinner," Kevin watched her drop the top back on the jar with a clank. He mugged the same frown back to her that she had just given him.

Grabbing a beer from the refrigerator, he joined Gabe at the table, "So what are you doing here?"

"Visiting your Mother," Gabe replied casually.

"Why?" Kevin popped the cap off his beer and took a swig.

"Because it's the Holidays and it's a nice thing to do," Gabe now was being slightly sneaky. Anne had a long talk with him about this and she really wasn't comfortable with her children knowing the truth, at least not yet.

"Do you visit a lot of ladies during the holidays?"

Gabe wasn't surprised that Kevin was now glaring at him. Kevin was a typical territorial male, whether it was his wife, his children, or his Mother. "Does it really matter Kevin?"

"To me it does, it's my Mom," Kevin leveled his glare off.

"Bron has been missing our appointments. Do you know why?" Gabe smiled as he changed the subject to one of a different nature.

"No she hasn't. You cancelled; she said you've been deliverin' babies," Kevin sucked down half his beer.

"I haven't delivered a baby in two weeks," Gabe took a sip of his wine.

"Really?" Kevin's teeth clenched as he stood up and left the kitchen. The chair was slammed back under the table. "Witch!"

Gabe chuckled as he stood up and went to the stove. Lifting the lid on the pot, he stirred the soup that was simmering inside. "Better you than me Bron," Gabe laughed. "You should have been in my office three weeks ago." Gabe puttered around the kitchen as voices carried from upstairs.

Anne was in the kitchen but ignoring him for the moment. Kaylin had parked herself in front of the television watching Rudolph on tape with Cooper propped up next to her in his carrier. Anne stood at the entryway and listened intently to what was going on upstairs.

"Stop eavesdropping Anne."

"I'm worried," Anne began to set the tables. "Why did you tell him?"

"Because it was the truth and he was coming very close to finding out our secret."

"Oh," her eyes grew large, "Bron can handle it."

"Thanks Gabe," Bron jabbed a finger into Gabe's chest when walked back into the kitchen. Kevin had bitched out for the last half hour.

Kevin followed her downstairs but stopped short of the kitchen. "Oh Rudolph," he smiled and dropped on the sofa. Checking his watch, he was still kicking around the idea of taking Bron out to dinner but his Mother had dinner already on and they would eat soon. Three quarters of the day had been blown over the letter and the gift delivery. Closing his eyes for a moment, he wondered what was in store for them next. Tomorrow would be busier than hell, they both would be keyed up. Christmas morning the next day, the kids would be keyed even more. All he wanted to do was relax.

"Dad, are we eating at Grandma's?" Kaylin turned to look towards Kevin. His eyes were closed and He didn't answer her. Getting up, she went and stood in front of him, she stared, "Are you sleeping?"

Again, he didn't answer her. She made a puss and left him. "Mom, Dad is sleeping," Kaylin thought maybe Mom could wake him up.

"Let him sleep, he was up at eight. You've watched Rudolph twice now," Bron peeked around the corner. Kevin had crashed big time.

Anne chuckled, "Eight is early for your Dad, very early. Are you hungry?"

"Yes," Kaylin pulled a chair out and sat down.

"How about you Bron?" Anne pulled a bowl from the shelf.

"No thanks. As soon as Kaylin eats, we'll be heading home. I'll grab something later; my stomach is a little upset today."

"It's late dear. It's almost seven," Anne pushed the bowl towards her again.

Bron shook her head no and then went into the living room. Pulling Cooper from his seat, she changed him, and went back into the kitchen. Sitting down with him in her lap, she watched Anne fuss over the baby. "He looks so much like Kevin, when Kevin was small."

"He's has his demanding appetite too," Bron winked as Cooper settled in for another meal.

"Can I start weaning him now? It's getting hard with work. We're going full swing after… after… " Bron faltered but Gabe and Anne knew why. The trial was coming up after the first of the year. Bron wouldn't be as available for Cooper as she was now. She was telling everyone it had to do with work.

"Sure you can. Start him out on some Enfamil and we'll see how he does. He is used to the bottle. Stop pumping now and use up what you have stored. I don't think you should have any problems drying up, you're not pumping as much as you did before." Gabe was amazed that she had consulted him. "If you have any problems call me. I assume that I will be seeing you soon?" Gabe watched Bron start to twist in her chair, "In my office."

She heard Gabe and knew that he knew more about what was going on with her than she thought he did. She looked at Anne, who smiled. "Yeah, yeah," Bron answer was a blow-off and the adults in the room were well aware of it. "I'm fine, I'm breathing, no health crisis at the moment. I have a heart and it's beating."

"The last one is debatable some days." Mc came into the kitchen with Andrew.

"Are you all done now?" Bron questioned Andrew. "I'm going to need you tomorrow so you can't be out goofing around."

"Yeah, I'm done." Andrew's fingers grabbed the bowl that had been handed to him. Anne was frowning at him, "What?"

"Your manners," Anne pushed the bowl towards Mc.

Bron didn't say a word as she lifted the bowl from Andrew's hands and gave back to Anne. "We're leaving."

"But… I'm hungry," Andrew whined, not wanting to get in trouble with his mother.

"Not only are you a liar but a slob. Look at your shirt, barbeque all down the front of it." Bron pointed to the spot. "I'm tired of doing laundry for pigs."

Mc shook his head, handed the bowl back to Anne, "Sorry, we're caught."

"Finish up Bounce. I'm going to wake up your Dad," Bron took two steps.

"Oh let me, I haven't done that in years," Anne whipped by Bron.

"I have got to see this," Bron leaned around the doorframe. She watched Anne touch Kevin's hair. Her hand brushed his cheek and his nose twitched like someone was tickling it with a feather.

"Son, it's time to get up," Anne smiled. Her fingers combed through his hair.

"Five more Mom, pahleeeez," Kevin whined and tried to hide his head with the pillow.

"Well that would be fine dear, but I think your wife is ready to go home."

"Wife? Wife… wife… Oh," Kevin sat up and blinked. "Shit, I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Bron stood in the room now. "I'll drive, take Cooper out okay?"

"I'll take Cooper out, he'll drop him. We know how Kevin is when he isn't fully awake." Andrew began to put the snowsuit on and buckle him in the carrier.

Kevin wasn't fully awake until they pulled into the driveway of their own home. Kaylin and Cooper were sleeping and Andrew looked like he wanted to go to sleep. They entered the house and Bron froze. Kevin walked into carrying Kaylin and almost knocked her down. "Holy shit," Bron yelled, trying not to get trampled by the dogs. The three of them looked around.

"Wow," Andrew was even amazed. "Who the hell did all this?" he poked his head in the living room to find that everything was decorated twice as much as when they had left. Turning he walked into the dining room to find the table set, for two, and very romantically. "Oh," he backed out and went up the stairs.

"What the hell happened to my house?" Bron walked around with Cooper still in his seat.

"Let's get them to bed and find out." Kevin was grinning, Suzie had been very busy and obviously thinking the same thing Mc had been all day.

Each one of them put a child to bed and walked back down the stairs together. Kevin ambled into the dining room and picked up the note. He began to read it aloud. "I thought after today you two could use some time alone. I hope you enjoy it, Love, Suz. P.S. I fired the decorator and did this myself without the caterer's help. She only wanted to get closer to Backstreet. God I hate that!" He laughed, "She must have had a thing for Nick because the woman couldn't fire a goat if she had too."

Bron listened as she made her way to the kitchen. "Probably," Bron uttered as she opened the oven, she smiled. Two plates were set on warm. On top of the stove was a note. "Sample menu for tomorrow from Frankie. Love Suzie." She pulled the plate out. "We got dinner honey!"

"Great," Kevin opened the bottle of wine. "A nice romantic night at home is just what we needed," he whispered as he poured the wine into glasses. He had taken the liberty of hiding all the desserts in the buffet except for one. A little plan formed in his mind over that particular dessert, a very good one in his mind.

"I'm so hungry," Bron set the plates down. "This had better be good or I'll kill her. I can't believe I let you guys talk me into a catered meal for the party."

Kevin pursed his lips, "You can still cook my Christmas dinner."

"How very thoughtful of you Lurch," Bron shook her head as they sat down to eat.

Kevin took the first forkful, "Not bad," he moved on to the next item and tasted it. "This is pretty good darlin'."

"I'll be the judge of that," Bron tried hers, "It is good. I guess we'll keep this guy on. Plus it works into my general game plan and Christmas gift."

"You are too sneaky. I'm tellin' ya, it ain't going to work," Kevin waved his fork around.

"Yes it will," Bron snickered. They talked about everything but the letter as they enjoyed the quiet evening together. "What did you get me for Christmas?"

"You gotta wait baby," Kevin's tongue was balled up in the side of his cheek.

"That face you are wearing scares me. This is a family party, it better be G rated."

"No kidding," Kevin rolled his eyes. "Besides Santa doesn't come until Christmas morning."

"Oh," Bron cautiously watched him. He was up to something and it was Darkboy that was playing the game. She let out a gasp of air as Kevin's hand, grabbed the seat of her chair and dragged her closer to him.

"Sometimes I hate this table, we're so far away." Kevin scooped some of the raspberry ganache on a spoon. "Taste this," he grinned.

She licked the spoon with her tongue, "Where's my piece?" as her eyes darted around the table.

He had her now; he would hold her captive over chocolate and raspberries. "Sorry there is only one, so we'll have to share," Kevin looked at her with a rueful smile.

"That sucks," Bron grabbed a spoon and sent it towards the cake. The plate was pulled away and she frowned. "Gimme some," she balked at him and tried again as he pulled the plate away.

"You gotta earn it," he grinned evilly.

Bron frowned, "You suck."

"We could go there?" he snickered.

For a full twenty seconds she was stunned, then she figured out that he wanted to play. Sliding onto his lap, she smiled back. "Yes we can," she batted her eyelashes at him.

"Aww aren't you sweet," he raised the spoon up over his head. "But I know ya darlin'." The laughed ripped out of him as she frowned at him. "For every kiss you give me, you get a bite."

"Fine," she gave him a peck on the cheek, "One."

"Oh no-no, no, no," he leaned forward.

"Dammit give me the chocolate!" She hissed at him, now she was getting mad.

Kevin could see she was getting angry, oh how he loved to play this game, especially when she wasn't even aware she was playing it with him. "Kiss."

Slowly she licked her lips and leaned forward, her eyes half closed, she pressed her lips softly to his. Her tongue poked out and she licked his lower lip with just the tip of her tongue. His mouth opened and he wanted more. Bron pulled her head back, "Bite."

"I'll give ya bite." The spoon clattered to the plate as her head was now being pressed between to massive hands. His tongue licked her lips and he kissed the corners of her mouth. He teased, he tantalized until she began to shift on his lap. One hand went to her leg and began to run up and down her inner thigh until his hand rested at the juncture of her thighs.

Bron was restless, really restless, the chocolate was forgotten about since Kevin was now steering the dessert course and physical food wasn't on his mind. When his hand slipped between her legs and he began to rub ever so lightly, she began to get too aroused to play this game in a chair.

"Don't move," he pushed the hair out of his eyes as he shoved the dishes away from them.

It didn't take too long for Bron to decipher what was on his mind, "Not on this table." She jumped only to be pulled back down. "I mean it Kevin, sometimes it's the male genetics, a woman and a horizontal surface but we have to eat off this table."

He snagged her by the forearms, picked her up, and dropped her on the table, landing her squarely on her ass. "I'm so going to enjoy re-living this one tomorrow in my head as my family eats from this table knowing that I..."

Bron sat on the table, while he stood in front of her between her knees. Her hands flattened over his chest to push him away. "I'm serious."

"So am I." Kevin's hands splayed on top of her thighs, leaning towards her, his weight held her in place. The tiny hands pushing him away were easy to ignore. His lips sought out hers, a soft nudge of his tongue and she took his tongue into her mouth. The kissing went on as his hands roamed up from her thighs to her chest. Fingertips worked the buttons open on the cotton blouse she was wearing. The feel of her breasts in his hands as he undid the nursing bra, made him sigh with contentment. Bron told him she was going wean Cooper, they would be his again. There was something to be said for the all access garment, but nothing that would be said now.

Bron wanted to protest in her head, but her body was telling her brain to shut down and enjoy the feelings that were building. She could feel the slow warming start, the tingle each time he touched her. Her chest was sensitive but at least not full. Closing her eyes, she focused on the feeling as a small moan rolled off her lips.

A hand stroked her stomach as his lips pressed to the side of her neck. The touch was light and feathery. This was an indication of what was to come and not a full assault. The button on her pants was un-hitched. The zipper undone as his powerful body leaned over her, forcing her back over the table.

His hand grazed the satin underwear; he inhaled deeply. It had been awhile since he felt satin, since Cooper, she was all cotton. Somehow, every time he seduced his wife it was different. It was never the same old, same old with them. He was grateful for that as he pulled her up enough to work the jeans down her hips and backside. Kevin was slightly smug as he seen the resistance from her subside as she slowly caved into his intentions.

Bron didn't hear her jeans or her underwear land anywhere, not that she really cared. She was uncomfortable doing this, the telltale signs of inexperience rearing it's ugly head and a dash of modesty with it.

Kevin loomed over her now, his hair half hanging in his face. He tugged her closer to the edge.

Bron ran her hands up inside his t-shirt. She could feel his heartbeat under the palm of her hand. "Closer," she murmured as he closed the space between them after discarding his shirt and undoing his pants. Shoving his pants off his hips and down his legs, he whispered something she couldn't hear. The candlelight flickered in the room creating a romantic light that bounced off his broad body.

Kevin saw the sweet and knowing smile play on her lips. The little sigh as he tugged her even closer. The loud groan as he slid his length into her. There was no need for assistance from her as he pulled on her legs to wrap around him and he pulled her hips to him. "God darlin', this is sweet," he whispered as he slowly drew back and then pushed forward again.

Bron didn't answer, she didn't think she could find her voice. Her throat constricted waiting for the last cry of ecstasy to break free. Opening her eyes, she saw the passion in his. They're eyes locked even though hers were only half open. This wasn't hot, sweaty, and angry sex, this was sweet, slow, and sensual. A thin film of perspiration had formed on both of them, a filmy glow danced over the two bodies as the candles flickered.

No words could form when he pulled her up into his arms and sat in the chair, still buried in her and holding her to him. With a thud, he dropped in the chair and it jarred her and her senses back. "That was rude," she sighed, happy that the chair didn't have arms because that would have hurt.

"Feels damn good," he wrapped both arms across her back, his hands clasped together, they snuggled. Every now and then he would shift his hips letting her know he was still inside her.

"You have to carry me upstairs,"

"I do?" Kevin questioned not wanting to move.

"I don't want a mess down here," she turned her head to look at the side of his face.

"Reasonable," he mumbled and stood up. "I'll come back down and lock up."

Bron giggled, "That wasn't exactly what I meant."

"It works," Kevin laughed back and watched as her eyes flew open. "Oh yeah, it definitely works. Round two after I lock up."

"You are in full force tonight," she looked up at him as her arms locked around his neck.

"Oh, yeah," he dropped on the bed still holding her. "Merry Christmas darlin'."

"You forgot my chocolate," she watched him disengage himself from her.

"If you're real nice, after round two, I'll give you all of it." Kevin slid on a pair of boxers.

"The chocolate?" she laughed way too loud at him.

"Hardy-har-har," he split out of the room. He had to un-hide the desserts before she found them.






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