~The Binding~

Chapter 19

Kevin was yelling for Bron, Kaylin was yelling for her Mom, Andrew was yelling at his Mom for her to yell at the dogs, and Cooper was just yelling.  “I hate Christmas!” Bron yelled at all of them.  Silence dropped over the room and hung there for a few scant seconds.  Then it started again.  She raised her arm, tilted her wrist up, and showed them the palm of her hand, they stopped talking.  “Kevin your dress slacks are in your color coordinated closet.  If you can’t find them, that isn’t my problem.”  Bron glared at him, he couldn’t find his charcoal colored pants, he was driving her nuts because they weren’t in the exact place he expected them to be.  “Try the damn black section, maybe I put them in the wrong place.”  Kevin stomped up the stairs. 

Turning to Kaylin, she shook her finger at her daughter, “You’re wearing the damn dress.  It’s a Christmas party, get over it!”  Kaylin wanted to wear pants and not the velvet dress with the crème colored ruffles.

“It itches,” Kaylin scratched to prove her point.

“I don’t care,” Bron then turned to her oldest, who should have known better.

Kaylin huffed up the stairs much the same way Kevin had.

Andrew threw his hands up, “I got it!”  As he yelled, Brit ran by him carrying his shoe.  “Come here you stupid dog!  Give me my shoe.  Go chew Kevin’s shoes, he has more.”

“I cannot take this,” Bron growled, as the caterer, Frankie, shot her a look for going into her own kitchen and making a pot of coffee.  She stood back against the counter and watched him work.  Bron didn’t like strangers in her kitchen, but after this morning, she was more than happy to have a caterer.

“You didn’t like the other desserts?” he stopped as he finished some fancy creation that Bron was sure nobody would eat.

“What desserts?  You left one piece of chocolate and raspberry ganache.  I had to share it.  It was great though.”  I think I’ll leave out the part about earning my desserts, Bron giggled to her inner-self.

“No I didn’t.  I left four desserts, two pieces of each.  I saw that they were in your trash compactor and thought that maybe you weren’t fond of them.”

Closing her eyes, Bron sighed, “Kevin.”

“Excuse me?” Frankie bobbed his head at her in confusion.

“My husband.  Don’t worry, I’m sure they were delicious and I will make sure that I try them tonight.”

“I found my pants,” Kevin breezed into the kitchen, with his shoes dangling on the end of his fingers.  The shirt was unbuttoned and hanging open.  Cooper was catching a ride by nestling his father’s shoulder.

“That’s nice baby.  Frank here, found his desserts… in the trash compactor.”  Bron sipped her coffee as her eyes held his, pinning him to his spot.

“Ah… Yeah, about that…”  Pausing, Kevin began to button his shirt, while trying to hold Cooper.

“Don’t even bother,” Bron snorted as she poured another cup of coffee, made a bottle, and then went off to feed Cooper.  She hadn’t pumped since this morning and it wasn’t bothering her.  

The guest started to roll in early, which she thought might happen.  These people she considered family always arrived early.  Now this party was a little different because it was all family, all of them except for one.  She stood looking at the mirror.  She slipped the back of the earring back on.  Bron’s hands went over the dress. She smiled a very small smile just for herself.  She had worked out like crazy, c-section or not, to get rid of the extra weight.  It wasn’t all gone but she could get into her clothes which made her feel much better about her self.

“Who the hell is here this early?” Kevin complained while he stood by his closet door.

Stepping out of the bathroom, she gave him a once over, much like he did to women he met, strangers or not.  “What are you doing?”

“Changing my shirt, Cooper just spit up all over me.” Kevin slipped a dark gray turtleneck on.  “Somebody in this house answer the door!”  Kevin shouted as he walked to the doorway of their bedroom.

Bron stepped out of his way as he walked by her, snagged the hairbrush from her hand, and began to fuss about his hair.  Grabbing a ponytail band he slid a chunk of his hair though it.  The entire time he was watching his wife, who was now standing next to him.  She frowned when he pulled his hair back, he removed the ponytail, she smiled.

“I’m gonna do something with my hair,” he kissed leaned over and kissed her.

“Not without checking with me first,” A deep frown formed on Bron’s face.

“Nothing drastic, I promise.”  He recalled when he had slipped shaving and she had a shit fit and told him he was growing back.  The hair on his head she could adapt to, but not the face.  At that is what he would tell her.

“You’ll screw up my story lines,” she grumbled, not liking the idea one bit.

“Nobody is reading them babe,” Kevin grinned.  “Okay, I’m reading them, so is Nick.”

Bron rolled her eyes. Reaching up she placed a hand on each one of his cheeks then she pinched him until he yelped.  “Very funny baby.  I love you too.”

Suzie came high-tailing it into the room.  “I have a run, I need nail polish.”

Kevin shot her a steely look as his fingers ran up and down his wife’s bare back.  He hadn’t see the dress before but he was liking what he was able to see and to touch in this case.  The velvet number was backless down to the waist and a modest plunge n the front.  It was a little more sleeker than your average dress.  “Ever wonder if we were doing something in here?”

“I would recommend shutting the door,” Suzie shot him a look back.  She could judge Kevin most of the time; today he seemed playful by the twinkle in his eyes.

“Maybe the thought of getting caught gives me a thrill.”

Suzie let out one of her trademark snorts, “Impossible, you are too careful.  We couldn’t find any women that would spill on you.  We searched high and low.”

Bron closed her eyes tightly as she stifled the moan.  Opening one eye her husband’s beautiful face hung in front of her’s

Leaning forward, Kevin placed his lips on hers, “You wouldn’t blab on me, would you?” 

“Oh noooo,” Bron whispered and then smiled.

“Good baby,” Kevin kissed her once and left.

Suzie wasn’t sure what to say after he left.  She wasn’t sure if Bron would be pissed that the information had slipped or not.  “He didn’t read the last chapter you posted, did he?”

“Nope,” Bron laughed as she handed her the nail polish.

Suzie sat in the leather chair to fix her stockings.  “This is hopeless,” she was annoyed.  “Everything was closed on the way out here.  I was running late…”  Her words were stopped when a brand new pair had been tossed at her, still in the package, landing her lap.  “Oh thanks,” she darted to the bathroom. 

Suzie still talked to Bron as she changed her hosiery.  “So what did you buy him for Christmas?”

“Expensive or meaningful?” Bron laughed back as she searched for a missing shoe.

“Both,” Suzie opened the door.

“Flying lessons and a huge tv for in here.  For Sentiment, a Christmas ornament that says our first Christmas and a few other little things.”

“Why did you buy him a television for your bedroom?”

“Because I like to write at night in my stenobook.  The last few weeks, I’ve tried to write get rid of the stress but he reads the damn thing over my shoulder.”

Suzie started to laugh, “What about the sex scenes?”  She saw the twinkle in Bron’s eye. 

“Well, he critiques it and corrects it.  Tells me, ‘I wouldn’t do that.’  Then he shows me what he would do.”

“Oh, now that sounds like fun, sex with the almighty Richardson.”

“I’m so glad you feel that way Suzie,” Kevin laughed as he hung at the door.

Now it was Bron’s turn to laugh.

“Shit,” Suzie’s embarrassment crawled over her face.

“I know,” Kevin’s head bobbed around in amusement.  “I’m half of your manwish.  Unfortunately for us, Witch isn’t into Ménage a trios, so you only get one Backstreet Boy.”  Kevin shook his finger at her with a devilish grin dancing on his face.

Bron slapped his arm, “Leave her alone, you bully.”

“Hey, I’m hot,” Kevin squared his shoulders and smoothed his hair back.

“Yeah and you know it, let’s go Daddy!” Bron grinned.

“You sure know how to dampen a mood,” Kevin grabbed her hand and motioned to Suzie.  “Well come on, I’m not going to let the third most gorgeous lady go downstairs by herself.”

Suzie was surprised at his request as he held his arm out.  “Third?”

“Hey, my daughter takes precedence.”  Kevin laughed as they made their way down the stairs to a house full of people. 

Kevin took both of them directly to Mc and stopped.  “I knew you’d be here.  Why didn’t you come up?”

“I thought you might be busy with Spark,” Mc smiled as Bron gave him a hug and wished him a Merry Christmas. 

“I tried to get busy with Witch, Suzie interrupted us.  She just came right in.”

“I did not,” Suzie frowned at him.  Now she wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not. 

“I was warming up to it.”

Bron laughed, Kevin was going to be picking on Suzie all night.  She knew why too, Nick wasn’t going to make it up to Lexington for Christmas.  Bron had chewed him out and Kevin told her to butt out.  “He’s slow sometimes.”

“Only when you want it slow, then she usually begs,” Kevin hissed and put Bron back in her place.  Bron’s face turned a little pink as she stood there.

“Truce people, it’s a party.” Mc grabbed Bron’s arm quickly causing her to jump and Kevin’s hand to land on Mc’s to break Mc’s grip on his wife.  “Easy Pop star, I just want the gift she was going to wrap for me.”

“Yes,” Bron almost bounced out of her high heels.  She left them and walked over to the tree.  Bending over at the waist she fished through the pile looking for the gift.

Kevin let out a low sigh and a smile as his head tilted to follow the seam on the back of the stockings.  All the way up from the sexy ankles and calves, over the thighs to the target.

“She’s been working hard,” Mc laughed.  “She doesn’t look like she had a baby three months ago.

“Yeah and the butt is back.” Kevin turned and made a typical male adjustment.

“Oh God,” Suzie gasped and left the two men standing there while she went to check on the caterer.  A glass of wine was dropped in her hand by one of the wait staff.  “Why thank you,” she smiled. “My favorite.  I need this tonight, keep my glass full.”

Bron brought the gift to Mc.  Kissing him on the cheek, she smiled.  “I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait, a big wedding, oh then kids.  You can adopt.”

Kevin’s hand not to discreetly landed over her mouth.  “You will not interfere.  You will not plan their wedding, their children, their children’s careers.  You will stay out of it.”  Kevin’s eyes narrowed, Bron had a way of just trying to make life sweet for everyone.  “Clear?”

Bron nodded and Kevin removed his hand.  “You’re so controlling.”

Kevin snorted, “And you’re not?”

“Not over you,” her face puckered up.

“Exactly... And that is how it’s going to stay.”  Kevin was handed a wine glass and so was Mc. 

They both laughed, clinked glasses, and smiled.  “Kevin I’m so lucky to have you around,” Mc grinned.

“Ha,” Bron left the two men to a good hearty laugh with each other.

“To marriage,” they clinked glasses.

For a minute they both looked around the room. Everyone was there.  All of Kevin’s family was present, including his grandparents and his mother.  A questioning look came over his face as his eyes landed on Gabe.  “What is he doing here?”

Mc cleared his throat, “I need to go find Logan and Kaylin before they both are a mess.  The last time I saw them, she was sitting on him trying to make him eat fruitcake.”

Kevin shook his head, “I’ll go with you.  Where ever they are, they are awfully quiet.”

“So is Suzie,” Mc added as the men headed down to the entertainment room.

“She misses Nick.  He was going to try and make it but he didn’t tell her that.  He told her no but I’m counting on my little brother not to screw this up.”  Kevin found the kids, sitting on the floor playing a video game. 

Walking up, he flicked the television off.  The act was promptly followed by a whine of, “DAD!”

“Upstairs, it’s a party and everyone is here.”

“I don’t like my dress.”

“It’s looks cute on you.  Besides Brian Junior is here.”

“He is?” Kaylin shot up the stairs.

“B.J. is a wuss and a jerk,” Logan tossed the game paddle.

Kevin and Mc hid their grins.  A jealous boy stared back at them.

Kevin couldn’t defend him, he barely knew the kid. He had seen where Leighanne had spoiled the kid and turned him into a weakling, sick or not. 

“Well I don’t know about that but let’s just have a good time.”  Mc looked down at the boy he would soon call son.

“Girls are fickle, trust me.”  Kevin smiled.

“What’s fickle?”

“Your Aunt Bron,” Mc laughed as the three of them rejoined the party.

“Better not be,” Kevin laughed back.






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