~The Binding~

Chapter 2

Kevin woke with a feeling that the entire weight of the world was resting on his chest.  Something had a grip on his hair and it was pulling.  Opening his eyes, he saw the top of a blonde head.  He smiled, still foggy from sleep but he knew that Kaylin had sometime during the night made her way back downstairs to him.  She was now completely sprawled out on top of him, sound asleep.

A chuckle from the corner of the room made him turn his head slightly.

“Morning Dad,” Mc grinned at him. 

Kevin didn’t know what to make of the friendly display.  If anything, he thought the two of them would end up having a knock down over what had happened. 

Kaylin shifted, Kevin closed his legs together, just in case her knee landed in the no kick, no feet zone.  “Hey Bounce, time to get up.” 

Her response was a sleepy mumble tightening her grip on his hair. 

“Kaylin, honey, come on, you have to get up.”  One of her curls wound in and out of his fingers.  Never in a millions years had he felt so much love as he did for his kids, his adopted daughter, his natural born son, and Andrew, the adult.

“No,” she protested still asleep.

Kevin gently pushed her to the side.  Kaylin slid to the back of the sofa.  Slowly he stood up.  He shook his head as he covered her up with the afghan.  The sorrow that he experienced for her was overwhelming him.

“Daddy...  don’t leave me…”

“Go back to sleep, I’m not leaving.  I’ll never leave you baby.”  Kevin’s jaw clamped shut after he had spoke.  The sadness was leaving and the anger was building again.

“Okay,” her eyes fluttered closed again satisfied that he was there and not going to leave her.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he headed for the kitchen.  Leaning over the sink, he splashed cold water from the tap on his face.  Pulling the dishtowel from the rack, he dried his face.  He was fully aware of the crowd that had joined him.  “Well I guess I should just sign the papers and get it over with.”  Kevin made the coffee and babbled mindlessly.

“Probably a good idea,” Stevie answered him as Mc strolled in with a very tired Jake.

“Care to join us gentlemen?  Stevie and I are celebrating my divorce.  Since Andrew so nicely let all of you in.”  Kevin went to get a pen out of the junk drawer.  Finding the pen, he pulled the cap off.

Leaning on the counter, he opened the document.  Setting the pen to the sheet of paper, he was ready to sign.

“You sign that and I’ll mop this floor with your ass.”

Kevin tried not to laugh as bad as his mood was, “Sorry Jerry, you lose.”  Kevin set the pen to the paper.  “If anyone is going to beat the shit out of me, it will be Mc, not you.”

“Kevin stop.  Please, you don’t know what’s going on.”  Jerald stood in the room and looked at the distraught bunch.  After getting a call from his mother this morning, he high-tailed it over to the house.

Jerald shifted his gaze to Mc.  “Don’t you care?  You are the enforcer of this little group.”

Mc shrugged, “Yes I care, but I can’t find her, she was very careful this time.  Nothing is missing, no credit card transactions, no bank withdrawals, no airline tickets, no purchases, no changes in titles on real estate, accounts or vehicles, nothing.  We have contacted everyone we know, including Webster.  I’ve contacted everyone she knows, I’ve flown all over the country.  Hell, I don’t even know if she is in this country.  I can’t exactly put out a missing persons report on her, now can I?  Thanks to your management and me.  If anyone who holds a grudge against me finds out, it won’t be pretty.  Solarez would love this and send every one of his dogs after her now that there is going to be a trial.”

“This isn’t just a little weird to any of you?  A woman just doesn’t disappear.”  Brian asked all of them.  Brian watched the mood in Kevin shift.  Kevin was doing better yesterday when he wasn't around Bron’s friends.

Kevin shrugged, why fight the obvious, “She wants this or she would be home.  When she gets what she wants, she’ll come back, then she’s all mine.”

The terseness of the ending comment turned Stevie up a notch.  Kevin had a little too much nerve to be thinking that way.  Swallowing hard he looked at Kevin, “I’ll find her but she won’t be yours.  You’re not going to do one thing to her.  I stood back with Mc, I stood back the first time with you, I won’t do it anymore.” 

“Go to it my boy, if you can find her, stick a stamp on her ass and mail her home.”  Kevin spoke his comment with mixed emotions.  On the inside, it indicated the level of hurt, the outside was laced with sarcasm.  He didn’t want anyone near his wife until he could talk to her.  Dealing with Bron’s quote, unquote family, his pleas or requests would be ignored.

Stevie turned to Mc, “I quit.  I’m done with all of you.”

Stevie blew by Andrew, spinning him around in his spot as he went by.

“What the fuck is up with him?”  Andrew grabbed onto the counter to stop from falling.

“Watch your mouth Andrew,” Kevin squawked at him as he capped the pen.  He placed the unsigned papers back in his shirt pocket.  Getting up, he walked into the living room.  Shaking Kaylin awake, he spoke to her softly as he bent down to her.  A few eyes watched the little girl go directly upstairs. 

Turning to the others, Kevin grimaced, “I’m taking my kids home.  If you hear from her, tell her she’ll get what she wants when she talks to me.  She can come and find me, then we’ll deal with it.”  Kevin went upstairs to fetch his son.  With any luck he could get home and feed Cooper some of the stored breast milk in the freezer.

Kevin left the men gaping at him at the sudden change.  Brian shrugged.  “He’s upset, he doesn’t know what he wants.  He’s protecting the kids.  Kevin is very confused right now.  It doesn’t help that all of you are in his face.  Give him some space to sort this all out.  There is more to this than meets the eye, this is not like her and every single one of you know it.  If none of you can find her, how the hell can he?”

It didn’t take long to hear Kevin’s truck pull out of the driveway.  Andrew was in a dilemma, where did his loyalty lie?  With his Mom?  Or with Kevin and his siblings? 

Kevin’s mother came to the kitchen.  Andrew could see the worry on her face.  Her expression was all he needed to see, she was scared.  “He’s screwed up.  I’m going home, to be with him.  Bye Grandma R.”  Andrew kissed her cheek and left in Jake’s truck.

“What in the world is going on?”  Anne looked bewildered at the group.

“We’re not sure,” Jake yawned as sat down with Brian.  “My truck just left though.  Like I don’t feel shitty enough that she snuck out right from under my nose.”

“Where are the kids?”  Anne asked as she poured her coffee.  “I thought I heard Kevy upstairs.”

“With their Dad,” Mc growled.  He had been hoping Kevin could give him more clues.  Mc was holding his cards close to his chest with this problem.  He had pulled out all the stops and couldn’t find her.  He knew one thing, when he did, he wouldn’t touch her, he’d just deliver her five-foot two ass straight to Kevin and then sit back and watch.  “I thought he would be of more help to us,” Mc began to think a little as he directed his comment towards Jake.

“I’ll call Webster again,” Jake sighed as he once again headed for the phone.

Kevin drove out to the house.  He hated lying to them but he had no choice.  He had thought about it repeatedly.  He wasn’t going to sign a damn thing until he spoke to her face to face.  Once home, Kevin played with the kids. 

Andrew wasn’t far behind him.  From the doorway in the nursery, Andrew watched Kevin slink off when Cooper went down for a nap and shook his head. 

“This isn’t like either one of you.  What the fuck is going on in this house?”  Andrew closed his eyes and bit his tongue as he cursed his mother on the inside. 






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