~The Binding~

Chapter 33

Mc had concluded his business by one in the morning. Before checking up on the two women hiding out in his apartment, he decided he needed to make one phone call. He waited for the phone to ring, the answering machine picked up. He hung up and waited a minute or two, then he re-dialed the same number. Mc didn't wait for the person on the other end to answer him, he could tell by the grumble that he had reached who he wanted to. "Did you have to roll over that vacant spot to pick up the phone? I bet that bed is a little chilly tonight?"

Kevin scrubbed his hands over his face and felt the other side of the bed. "Just tell me one thing before I go off the wall?"

"Shoot," Mc chuckled.

"Is she safe and just being stupid?" Kevin sat up and began to look for a pair of boxers, anything to put on.

"She's fine, she's going to be dancing soon, after they clean out my kitchen. I'm sure they will be attracting quite a crowd, I might add. She's looking for trouble."

"They?" Kevin grumbled as he searched the closet for pants.

"I brought her partner in crime to see her. It saves on the phone bill," Mc chuckled.

Kevin groaned as he stood up and made his way to the light switch. Flipping the light on, he squeezed his eyes shut. "Ya got anymore favors you want to do for me?"

Mc laughed louder than normal and hung up on him.

Groping in the closet for pants, his hands landed on leather ones. He was fully awake now. Snagging a sweater from the shelf, he glanced at the clock, he couldn't read his watch if his life depended on it right now. "One thirty in the fuckin' mornin'," Kevin slid his clothes on. Jamming his feet into a pair of boots, he headed out the front door. Sitting in the truck, he was getting even more pissed off that he had to wait for the damn windows to defrost. He became fully awake by the time he hit the bar. Finding Webster at the back door, wasn't that damn difficult. Mc and Webster were waiting for him.

"How did she get away?" Mc laughed knowing it would only serve to fire Kevin up.

"Not funny, not funny at all," Kevin looked around.

Mc stalled Kevin off by re-iterating what he had been doing earlier in the evening once Webster left them alone. Kevin wasn't thrilled but he understood why. So far they had been playing by the book, but they were the only ones playing by the book. Stevie wasn't playing by any book or rules. Mc had called in a few markers to help out with the trial, he left some things unsaid, it was better that way. Mc motioned Kevin into the office and pointed to the chair. Mc flicked a switch and everything being said in the apartment upstairs could be heard by the two men.

"I think we should get drunk," Bron popped the cork on a bottle of wine and sniffed it.

Suzie gave her a funny look, "I can't."

"Eww, never mind. You want a Coke or something?" Bron dug through Mc's refrigerator. Pulling out two cans of Pepsi, "This stuff doesn't rot so it should be safe to drink." Ducking her head back inside, she moved some things around. "He doesn't keep shit up here to eat. I'm hungry."

"Um," Suzie stuttered only to close her mouth. In her mind, she couldn't believe that Bron didn't know. How could she not know? Kevin knew; she was there when Gabe called Kevin on his cell from the offices at the house. Ann and Gabe had stopped by to tell Bron and Kevin the news in person but they had just left to catch their flight to Buffalo. She heard the exact words that Gabe spoke to Kevin. "Bron, has Kevin talked to his Mom?" Suzie watched Bron hoist herself up on the center island of Mc's beautiful kitchen. Above the island hung at least ten feet of cupboards that were suspended from the ceiling. Bron's spike heels clanked on the polished top of the granite.

"Every damn day he calls Mommy. He's driving me crazy. If the trial wasn't enough, those two seemed to be tied to each other lately." Bron opened a cupboard door. The only thing she found was a bag of stale chips. "I'm glad you came. I'm scared shitless but bored out of my mind. Kevin is sucking in the entertainment department."

"Excuse me!" Suzie laughed at her. She did not hear her best friend just say that.

Bron laughed as she closed the cupboard door, "Not that, you ass. That part still works fine. Except I've been ignoring him lately, he pissed me off." Bron paused and opened another cupboard, "Crackers… You want them?"

Suzie shook her head no, "I'm fine."

"I can't put my finger on it, but the Master is up to something. I just wanted to come down here and get drunk and do a little dancing."

Suzie watched the older but diminutive woman walk across the countertop wearing those spike heeled boots and it almost killed her. "You're going to ruin that countertop."

"He'll live," Bron turned and did a catwalk pose for her down the countertop. "The jerk needs food up here. How are you doing on that end of the deal? You told me that the morning sickness wasn't too bad. Lucky for you on that one."

"I'm always hungry lately. I swear I'm a bottomless pit. But my nerves are getting the best of me."

"You're worried about the fans. Don't be, they'll be cool with it." Bron stopped as she stood on the countertop and shut the door. "Really, it's going to be fine. Besides, better you than me." Bron snorted.

Bron didn't see the speculative look that Suzie sent her.

"You know…" Suzie stopped talking, she heard something.

Standing on Mc's island, Bron still rummaged around in his cabinets. "I used to keep some Oreos up here. I wonder if they're still here." Bron was talking but her head was still in the cupboard.

Suzie saw the man dressed in tight leather pants and a long leather coat come silently through the door. Okay, she liked the way he looked but then he was married to the woman that was standing on the countertop looking for munchies. "Ah Bron."

"Don't bug me, I'm looking for something. I have a taste for something dark and sweet."

Suzie snorted when she saw Kevin and Kevin placed his finger to his lips motioning her to keep quiet.

Bron's head was still stuck in the cupboard. "I am telling you. Kevin is the biggest pain when it comes to junk food. I swear the other day he was going to wrestle a doughnut out of my hand if Webster hadn't walked through the front door. The man is a royal pain in my ass. It's like I'm pregnant all over again. Constantly barking orders, telling me what to do, he drives me nuts. That's one of the reasons that I planned this little outing tonight, to escape Warden Richardson."

With her back to the room, hands landed on the back of her thighs, she frowned as she continued to rummage through the cupboard. "Knock your shit off and let go of me. Where are those damn Oreos I had up here?"

The fingers that held a grip on the back of her legs tightened, biting into her flesh. How dare he grab her? She kicked at who she thought was Mc then spun around, "Who the hell… lo." Bron's voice turned from fury to sweet in two seconds.

"It's me, the Warden," Kevin's lips formed a tight line. "Ya escaped," his hands wrapped around the back of her thighs and he yanked her down. Bron toppled, very un-lady like onto the counter, her butt ramming onto the countertop.

"Owww," Bron reached to slap him but he was smart enough to duck from the flying hand.

Grabbing her legs again, he slid her forward on the countertop. She tried to scoot away from him but his hands on her thighs prevented it. He jerked her forward and leaned down to her. "You've really pissed me off this time."

Bron's eyes went to slits as she stared at Kevin. "You tell Darkboy to take a hike. Suzie is here."

"Suz, head on downstairs. Bron and I need to talk. We'll be down in a minute." Kevin was so damn mad, he actually felt like slapping Bron senseless for her shenanigans.

"No Suz don't…" Bron gritted her teeth as the fingers digging into her legs felt like they were going to drill through her leg.

Suzie didn't say much, but by Kevin's attitude, Bron was in deep shit. She should really stick around to help her friend. When Kevin turned his head and leveled a bead on her with a laser glare attached, she stood up and backed out of the room.

"Chicken," Bron whispered as Suzie retreated to the stairs. "Ouch," Bron tried to pull back.

"Too late," Kevin had a death grip on her legs and slid her all the way to the edge. "Are you that stupid?" he growled.

"Hell I have an army following me. I'm surprised they don't join me in the shower."

Kevin went nose to nose to her, "I was sleeping when the call came. It scared the shit out of me. Are you ever going to learn that when you aren't near me go nuts?"

"That's going to suck if you tour again…" Bron was jerked by her neck off the surface effectively ending the conversation. Lips smashed into hers and a tongue barged into her mouth. She fought against him, but she wasn't in the best position as he balanced her on the edge of the countertop with a death grip on her neck.

"You do her on my counter Richardson, I'll kill you!" The apartment door flew open.

Bron smirked at Kevin. He was pissed that he was interrupted, that definitely was his plan. His fingers had already started to work under her sweater. After almost a year, she had learned that Kevin came down from extreme emotions, especially fear and anger with sex. She giggled as she popped off the countertop. "See ya," she bolted out the door only to have Kevin almost chase her down. She bounced down the stairs to the sound of the door slamming.

Suzie sat at the end of the bar grinning. "Was I in time?"

"Oh, yes," Bron batted her eyelashes. "Right about now, Mc is giving him a verbal beat down. Let go dancing." Bron pulled Suzie from the barstool. They headed for the dance floor.

Suzie laughed as some of the regulars yelled big hellos to Bron and stepped out of their way. "That was cool," Suzie's foot tapped as the stood at the bottom of the dance floor. Bron walked up to the DJ booth and hugged him. "Oh we are going to have good tunes tonight."

Suzie caught the beat as Destiny's Child pumped the room. Bron didn't hold back and hit the dance floor. Suzie jumped right on in with a group of people. Introductions were made over pounding music as they danced to three four song sets straight. The music began to slow down.

Bron caught her breath and motioned for Suzie to head to the bar. "I need a drink!" Bron yelled above the noise.

Nodding in agreement, they headed to the far end of the bar. Bron went in that direction intentionally as she walked behind the bar and poured their drinks. Reaching in her back pocket, she pulled some bills and rang some numbers into the cash register. She deposited money, removed some bills, and counted them out. Bron slammed the drawer shut with her hip.

"You paid for our drinks?" Suzie laughed.

"Once in awhile I do," Bron quipped, but refused to look down to the other end of the bar where Kevin sat on one side of the bar and Mc poured drinks from the other side. "It keeps the others honest."

"You're ignoring him?" Suzie laughed

Bron shrugged her head towards Kevin, "Sort of. I think I'll pick up the hottie at the end of the bar. I'll use him and send him on his way tomorrow. They all look cuter at closing time." Bron winked at her.

Suzie looked to the end of the bar, she caught a glimpse of the two men at the other end of the horseshoe shaped island. Neither of them looked happy. "I don't know if I would send the tall one on his way."

Bron laughed so hard her shoulder's shook. "You are so bad Suz!" Bron came from around the bar and headed right back up to the dance floor. A slow song played so Bron took the opportunity to introduce Suzie to some more regulars and the DJ.

"She's yanking your chain Pop Star," Mc watched the dance floor as the two women were approached by a group of young men. After pointing to one of his bouncers and then to the floor, the bouncer interceded before the men even reached the women.

Kevin sipped his Jack, "I know. She'll pay for it later."

"Oh, are we going home and have revenge sex?"

"No," Kevin smiled at the women, who had just had their hopes dashed for dance partners. "We'll go home and have animalistic sex."

Mc raised an eyebrow at Kevin, after what he had seen upstairs a few minutes ago, "Do you think she'll enjoy it?"

Kevin snorted as he finished off his drink. Setting his drink down, he slid the glass towards Mc as he watched his wife carry on. "I'm gonna enjoy it," Kevin flashed Mc a smirk. "She'll be lucky to survive it."

Mc poured himself a drink, "This is going to be a long one. She's wound up."

"I'll unwind her later." Kevin laughed.

Mc reached over and slapped him on the back. "I knew you were the one Richardson, I knew it." Mc was satisfied Kevin knew how far to push, not that mattered, but that protective drive was still neatly in place.

"This sucks," Suzie snorted. "He won't let any cute guys up here."

"I know. He used to do that shit all the time. Let's go trolling for some." Bron hit the first of the three steps down from the dance floor only to have Suzie reel her back.

"You're married!" Suzie stared at her.

"In the words of my husband, I'm married, not dead," Bron laughed as she twisted in and around the crowd. "Besides, Darkboy paid me a visit upstairs and I don't think he's left yet."

"Do you want him to leave?" Suzie smirked at her.

"Maybe not," Bron's head began to bop, she was floored, Krystal's voice thumped through the crowd. She cast a look at Kevin who seemed to be in shock. Love Is A Beautiful Thing seemed to rock the house. Krystal had sang this song, the night they went public with their marriage. Bron found a very sexy blonde to dance with. She dragged him to the dance floor much to the shock of Suzie, Kevin, and Mc, not to mention the crowd. Bron was cutting up the dance floor with a twenty something kid.

The man laughed, he knew the game, and he was more than willing to play. He placed his leg between hers, his hands tightened around his waist and they swung their hips in time to the music. Pulling a few brave moves, he spun her around. His buddies were egging him on to keep going by hooting and hollering, not to mention some of the other regulars. He also knew this woman as Andy's Mom.

Suzie was floored, she knew that Bron had run on the wild side in the past but she never expected the woman to pick a guy from the crowd and make it look like they were doing some kind of primitive mating dance in front of everyone, let alone Kevin letting it continue. Suzie saw the crowd part as the tall figure and the flapping leather jacket made its way towards them. "Duck," Suzie dropped her head and pretended to sip her water.

A hand latched onto Bron's arm. She looked up and smiled at him. "Oh you're still here?" she snickered.

Josh recognized the man right away. He leaned forward and gave Bron a hug, "Hey thanks for the dance Mrs. Richardson. Tell Andy I said hi."

"I will Josh," Bron waved to the group of guys he rejoined.

"Are you done showing your ass?" Kevin grumbled as he stepped a little closer to her.

"No. I'll let you know when I'm ready to go home. Come on Suzie," Bron latched on to Suzie's arm, she wasn't going home yet, at least not until Darkboy left, he hadn't left yet.

"You're pushing his buttons," Suzie leaned over to her.

"Really?" Bron was handed a shot of tequila from somewhere, she was ignoring Kevin.

Suzie didn't have time to react as someone handed Bron a slice of lime to go with it. It didn't matter, Kevin came out of nowhere and removed the shot glass, downing it himself.

"They bought that for me!" Bron barked at him as they stood next to the dance floor.

"Pregnant women shouldn't drink." Kevin shot her a cheesy ass grin.

"She's pregnant, not me." Bron reached for another shot that was handed to her out of the crowd with one hand and pointed to Suzie with the other.

"That's what you think." Kevin stood with his arms akimbo after pushing the shot glass away.

"You didn't tell her yet?" Suzie's jaw dropped.

Bron looked from one to the other. Her face went white, then red with fury.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Mc grabbed Bron arms from behind just as she was about to take a swing at Kevin. He had seen this one coming from across the bar and he didn't need any trouble tonight.

"You sonofabitch! You did it to me again!" Bron huffed but couldn't move since Mc had her arms wrapped up behind her back. She bent forward trying to get him to let her go.

"Watch her feet," Mc laughed as he saw her leg jerk. The crowd gathered a little too tightly around them. "You need to calm down. Come on," Mc forced Bron to the back of the bar and into kitchen.

The kitchen staff stopped everything they were doing as Mc plowed through the doors with a cussing Bron fighting him.

"Haven't seen that in a few years," Dewey quipped as he wiped down sink.

Bron brought her leg up behind her and Mc couldn't let her fall face first so he swung his body to the side. Letting her go, he tossed his arms up in the air. "Cool it." Shrugging his shoulders, he straightened out his shirt. "Damn, you get nastier as you get older."

Kevin stood leaning on the door grinning like a fucking fool at her.

"I can't believe that you didn't tell her!" Suzie squawked at both of them. "You're idiots!" Suzie screeched at them.

Kevin walked towards Bron with more purpose in his stride than was necessary.

Bron grabbed onto the sink for support. What he had just told her leveled her high and pissed her off.

"Come on darlin', time to go home." Kevin approached still smirking at her.

Bron focused on that fucking dimple on his face that was mocking her. She could spit nails. He kept coming and the kitchen staff let him pass. Balling up her fist behind her back, she waited. When he was close enough, she let her arm fly almost knocking herself off her feet, burying her fist into his belly.

"FUCK!" Kevin groaned as he hit the floor. When he hit the floor, his arm gripped his stomach. Kevin wanted to talk but he couldn't, he was gasping from air. He saw stars and the pain was unreal. Clenching his teeth, he fought off the urge to vomit. Grasping the sink for support with one hand, he balled his other into a fist tightly into pressing it into his stomach. You could hear a pin drop in the kitchen, not one person was moving. The only thing he could see was the tip of a boot that tapped the floor in front of his face. Pulling his body from the floor with the aid of the sink, he stood up. Leaning over the sink, Kevin coughed and spit. He thought for sure he would lose his dinner if there was anything left of it. His gut was on fire. Wiping his face with his hand, he looked at her. Someone behind them made tsk tsk sound. It was Mc.

Bron crossed her arms and glared at him.

"I'm glad you are making this easy!" Kevin snarled as he charged at her. He picked her up easily, since she hadn't expected that reaction from him. Tossing her over his shoulder, he exited the bar via the back door off the kitchen. He didn't stop until he reached his truck. Grabbing the door handle, he literally tossed her into the truck from the driver's side, head first. Gravel and snow spewed out from under his wheels.

Mc watched the entire episode, not saying much until Suzie moved next to him. "If you want to get your things, I'll take you to their place. You can sleep over there."

"Are you fucking nuts?" Suzie laughed as she walked back inside to see the kitchen staff staring out the open door.

Mc walked back in and looked at the staff. "Problem people?"

Suzie couldn't help but giggle as the staff did double time to get on with what they were doing. Flipping her cell on, it was time to call, and tell Nick the good news. Bron was pregnant too. "This should be loads of fun," she laughed as she dialed her lover.






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