~The Binding~

Chapter 37

Kevin watched her closely for the remainder of the day. Oh, boy he was in for it tonight, he knew that much. Bron's testimony did not waiver one iota from her previous statements. What did waiver was her reaction to the questions. He figured only three people in the courtroom could tell the day was taking a toll on her.

With Court dismissed for the day and ordered to re-adjourn the next morning at nine. Kevin let out a breath. He felt like he had been holding that breath for the last hour. He stood and shook the sluggishness out of his legs. His ass was numb from sitting for so long in the unpadded wooden chair. Relief was the next feeling he recognized in himself, since they hadn't had the opportunity to cross-examine Bron. Kevin waited for her as the deputy assisted her across the room to him. He blocked her view of Lenny, who, as of yet, hadn't been escorted from the courtroom wearing his shackles and chains.

"Ya did good darlin'." Kevin spoke as he held his arm out at shoulder level offering her some sanctuary from prying eyes.

"I hate him," Bron spat as she walked into her husband's waiting arm.

Kevin said nothing as she stood with her back to the man she had referenced, as she tried to tunnel inside his coat. With her shoulder tucked under his arm, he pulled her closer to him, to his body. "It's okay Witch." His arm settled across her shoulders.

A cynical laughed echoed in the room. "Poor little Chica, you can't hide from me. I can find you anywhere. They tell me where you are."

"That's it," Kevin spoke. Kevin jerked around pulling away from Bron, only to have Mc shove both he and Bron towards the double doors of the courtroom.

"Ignore him and keep walking. You can't fight him in a courtroom." Mc kept propelling Kevin forward. Webster had joined Mc also. They tried to move Kevin down the hall one on each side and Bron trapped between Mc and Kevin. Mc warned him repeatedly as Kevin fought every nerve in his very being to maintain control. "Leave it alone," Mc barked at him.

Webster came around and stopped in front of Kevin. His gaze went down to Bron as she desperately tried to bury her head in Kevin's side. "If you go to jail for attacking him in this courthouse and she's a sitting duck."

"Fine," Kevin snapped as he proceeded down the hall with his wife safely nestled under his arm and his coat.

"Hold up here," Webster called as he stepped up to the elevator doors. He used a swipe card to open the doors. "I hate to tell you this but there is a mob of reporters downstairs."

"Fuck," Kevin closed his eyes as Bron's body quaked next to him. He squared his shoulders. His stare traveled to his wife as she looked up at him. Her eyes were dilated from fear and her face pale as white sheet of paper. She was looking up at him, waiting for encouragement. "Let's do it," he gave her a slow closing and opening of his eyes as he negotiated his body as tightly to hers as he could.

Silence clung to the sides of the descending box. The doors slid open and flashbulbs lit the elevator. Bron's head jerked back into him since this was new to her. Her head shook from the lights; she had only been subjected to firestorm of flashbulbs a few times before. It was like a second skin to him. He moved forward, never letting go of her. He ignored the barrage of questions from the press and focused on the dark green SUV waiting at the end of the sidewalk outside. He hit the turnstile doors dragging Bron right along with him into the same compartment forcing her body behind him as he pushed the thick glass. He stepped swiftly but carefully down the icy concrete walk as reporters followed them, shouting questions at them.

"Mrs. Richardson, do you have anything to say?"

"Is it true you never reported the incident?"

"Can you confirm the rumor of additional attacks on you?

"What took you so long to come forward?"

"Is this a vendetta Mrs. Richardson, you are linked to a crime family yourself?"

Bron's head swung towards the reporter only to have Kevin's fingers press into her neck effectively turning her back towards him.

The door to the SUV was open and waiting for them as he shoved her in. Kevin quickly followed slamming the door shut. He didn't miss the solid blue line of officers in front of the truck to keep the crowd from rushing the vehicle. 'Were any of these men and women the ones Webster and Mc were trying to put behind bars?' Kevin wondered in his mind.

"Fuck, what have I done?" Bron watched the reporters try to take pictures of them, only to have their shots blocked by either her husband or Mc. Mc had entered the vehicle from the other side and Bron now sat sandwiched between the two men.

"It's over for today darlin', just relax. We're goin' home." Kevin watched Webster take over the steering wheel from the agent who had held the SUV in front of the exit doors for them.

As the truck lurched away from the crowd Kevin warned Bron before she even tried it, he thought she might. "Don't look back. Keep looking straight ahead."

"I shouldn't have done this." Bron simply stated locking her eyes on the windshield. Bron swallowed hard. Her stare fell to the floor of the truck. Successively she swallowed as she tried to calm herself. Her arms folded around her stomach when the queasiness started.

Kevin watched and then spoke. "Are you going to be sick?" Kevin latched onto her hand and squeezed. He began to bounce her hand on his leg.

"No, I don't think so," she uttered as they entered the expressway to head home. A few horns sounded behind them since they had blown the light to get rid of any followers.

Kevin said nothing as they drove quietly back to the house. The house sat solemnly in the pale afternoon sun. It seemed frozen in the bitter cold. A few reporters tailed them home. Kevin didn't want them to know, but it wasn't as if they didn't have their own way of finding out the information. Kevin simply ignored them as he opened the truck door. He shot a hard stare down the end of the driveway as he walked around to the other side of the truck. Holding his hand out, he helped Bron out of the SUV.

"I'll clear them out for you," Webster spoke as he glanced in the rear view mirror.

Kevin ducked his head into the truck, "It's not necessary. I wish the house was set back more. They have to stay off the property; I'm hoping they'll abide by it. We're not going anywhere tonight."

Kevin felt Bron's fingernails digging into his hand as he led her up the short walk to the front door. The one thing he loved about this house was the old-fashioned porch with a tin roof. He still held her hand as he unlocked the door, making a mental note next time to wear gloves. Her newly manicured nails were as sharp as knives.

"I'm going to kill you." Bron's voice reached his ears. It wasn't shrill, she didn't want to be heard by any microphones, but it relayed the anger she was feeling towards him very well.

"Do it inside, you wouldn't want people to see you do it." Kevin shoved the door open and waited for her to enter first. He entered and turned to glance out the French doors. He saw Mc and Webster at the end of the dirt driveway motioning people away from the house. Kevin slapped the door shut and snapped the blinds closed barring any intrusions from the long lenses of cameras.

He held out his hand to take her coat and she promptly flung it at him then stormed away. He guessed he didn't need to explain the kids weren't here and neither was anyone else. After taking care of the coats, he checked the answering machine. Only one call and he actually debated whether he wanted to listen to it or not. Kaylin's voice filled the room, she was chattering away as if she was still here. She filled them in on the condition of the house and that one of the dogs had gotten into Bron's closet and chewed on some boots. "Great," Kevin groaned.

Ambling across the house, he searched for Bron only to find her in the bathroom heaving. He stood at the door with his arms crossed and his hands tucked under his armpits waiting for her to finish. It wasn't like she could carry on a conversation. He waited and waited. Kevin handed her a washcloth and watched her clean up. She did nothing but glare at him. Then his eyes went up and down her body as she stripped and shakily entered the shower. She refused to speak him. "Whatever darlin'."

Kevin left her walking to the kitchen. He wasn't going to get anywhere with her right now. He lifted the lid on a pot, which he found simmering on the stove. He sniffed the contents and smiled. The scent of homemade chicken soup wafted in the air. A note rested on the counter next to it. The handwriting perfectly readable to him, probably not too many others, though.


I figured Bron would be exhausted when she came home. Gabe didn't like her coloring this morning when she left. Suzie and I made chicken soup. The biscuits are on the counter by the sink. Pre-heat the oven at 400 degrees and back for 15 minutes.



P.S. Be strong son, I love you.

Kevin rolled his eyes, "Yeah be strong, easy for you to say. I'm about to get my ass kicked by a pregnant woman who is a foot shorter than me." Kevin turned the oven on and set the temperature. He went to the cupboards, grabbed bowls, and anything else he thought they would need. With the oven ready, he slid the tray in the oven and set the timer. "Wait until Bron finds out Suzie can cook."

Opening the refrigerator, he found another note.

"She doesn't like it, but you'll probably need it. Sorry it isn't a nice red wine. LOL

Love, Suz.

"No shit on that one," Kevin grabbed for the beer, his favorite. He tended to dinner knowing by instinct Bron was going to take a long shower and then most likely hide either upstairs in their room or in her office, fuming mad at him.

He found a tray buried in the buffet and proceeded to dish out dinner for both of them. The timer went off the on the oven as he popped the top on his third beer. After rummaging through the cupboards, he found a bottle of Jack Daniels and placed it within reach. If things didn't go well, by the end of the week he'd be looking for it and most likely he wouldn't be in the mood to search for it then.

Kevin balanced the tray on his hip as he opened the doors to the living room. He was a little surprised to find Bron sitting on a pile of blankets in front of the fireplace with a towel wrapped around her head. Her big, blue, thirty-pound, Nautica bathrobe wrapped tightly around her, more like a blanket than a robe. She was toasting her feet by the fireplace. The strains of Phil Collins filled he room, 'In the Air Tonight.' He handed her a soup bowl and they sat Indian-style on the blankets and ate in silence. They both stared at the flames leaping in the fireplace.

Bron set the empty bowl off to the side. He relinquished the grip on his beer as she grabbed the bottle from him and drank half of it in one swig. He stretched out his legs and leaned back on his hands wondering what the hell was going on with her. She pulled the towel off her head and tossed it to the other side of the room. Sharply she turned towards him; he said nothing as she glared at him. She moved up his body. Placing her hands on his face, she turned his head slightly and moved towards his face. When her lips met his, they were hot and hungry. His heart tripped a beat with her aggressiveness.

Kevin sought the warmth of her skin with his hands. He wasn't shocked to find bare skin under her bathrobe. He groaned at the heat radiating from her, still warm from her shower and being by the fire. His hand dropped to the knot on the robe. Her nails digging into his hand stopped him.

"Stop," she whispered. He did so and then he captured her face in his hands. Kevin lips formed a hard line and then tipped down as the first tear slid down her face. For the longest time he held her gaze and waited for her to respond. Then the full water works started, "Oh darlin'," he whispered as she flung herself at him and the tears kept coming.

It took a minute for him to catch his balance since she had flattened him to the floor. With little grace, he pulled himself up to his knees. She followed him, he was baffled, and her actions were only confusing him more. The tears still fell but her hands were caressing his skin creating a fire that could only be put out one way. "Easy Witch," his hands clasped her head tightly in his grip forcing her to look directly at him. Kevin paid no attention to the damp hair under his fingertips. He waited for words, which never came from her. He leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips tasted salty from her tears. On her knees in front of him, he debated. Should he or shouldn't he?

Bron came up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her fingers wound into his hair. She yanked a chunk, his head snapped back and then forward. He glared at her for her transgression. 'Oh this is a definite 'should', now,' his brain clanged.

Kevin's hand shot out and he brought her face directly to his by wrapping his fingers around the back of her neck, damn he loved her neck. He stopped and stared into the wet face and the shiny chocolate eyes. Her lashes still damp with tears, one still clung to the corner. He let out a grunt that caused her to back up unsuccessfully. He yanked her towards him. His free arm wrapped around her waist so she smashed up against him. He maneuvered her to her knees again since she had sat back trying to escape his hold on her. His hips pressed into her stomach. He held her still as his lips moved towards hers, with the intent to capture, satisfy, and quell her fears. His kiss was feverish and she returned it with a ferocity he wasn't expecting.

His hand left her neck and moved to the shoulder of her robe. He pushed the heavy terrycloth aside. He dropped his head and kissed the nook of her neck. As he slowly pushed the robe off her shoulder, he followed the trail of his hand with his lips, kissing each patch of skin he exposed to his eyes. She smelled like cinnamon and sandalwood. It was definitely different for her; it wasn't her usual clean soap smell, but damn good for his senses.

Bron shoved at his chest. He stopped only long enough to toss his dress shirt aside, which she has pulled out of his pants. He pushed her to the floor and placed his body over hers. The buckle on his pants digging into his sex as it pressed into her.

"Stop," Bron heaved at him.

"Oh no, you started it." He loosened the other side of her robe and his fingers played in the hollow of her neck followed by his tongue. Her robe rested on her forearms as he tugged at the cloth. Her breasts exposed but barely viewable expect from the light from the fireplace. "God, you're beautiful," he whispered as he placed his lips to the tender flesh.

Kevin bit his bottom lip as he stared at her. Bron was scared and needy. The needy part he didn't mind, the scared part he did. Slowly he undressed her. With gentle hands and persuasive lips, he uncovered each patch of skin and kissed each part he exposed. He had kept his vow from the night before when the house was full.

They lay wrapped around each other as the firelight threw shadows on the wall. Both of them sated and tired from the act. Kevin brushed a lock of hair aside only to find that Bron had actually fallen asleep. He should wake her and both of them should go up to bed. His eyes closed as his fingers splayed across her naked belly. "Here is fine," he muttered to himself. Kevin yawned and his thoughts began to spin, "Stevie you'd better be far away because if I get my hands on you, you little mother, I'm gonna kill you."

Almost slumbering, he heard the telephone ring. He would listen but not get up to answer it unless it was an emergency. The voice he knew and it punched him in the gut as he listened. "Nice freak show Pop Star. To think she hands all control over you, makes me want to puke. She'll be back to normal strong self when she's back with me." Kevin heard the dial tone and slowly rolled away from Bron.

Making the short trip the phone, he grabbed his cell on the way. He hit speed dial on his cell until a half-asleep Webster answer. Kevin hit the recording on the phone and placed his cell phone close enough to avoid feedback. After the recording played, he hit the erase button.

He placed his cell to his ear. "Find that mother before I do." Kevin hung up and went back to the living room. He crawled back to Bron's side. When he moved closer, she curled around him and let out a sigh. He stared at the hand swirled plaster ceiling above him wondering how and when this shit was going to end. Then he prayed he would get the first crack at Stephen.






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