~The Binding~

Chapter 39

Suzie shook her head as Nick and Jake loomed around her computer watching the pandemonium outside of the courtroom. A few local news stations sites had live streams setup from the courthouse steps.

"Where the hell is the security?" Suzie glanced to Jake and then back to the screen as they saw Kevin exit the truck and basically surround Bron with his body in order to move down the sidewalk.

Suzie sighed, "She looks like shit."

"Yeah, she does. I don't think she's going to hold up for this entire thing." Jake paced away from the computer.

"Damn, Kevin looks like he's going to chew someone's head off. That's not a good sign. When he gets stressed he just freakin' goes off." Nick stood right behind Suzie's left shoulder, his head right next to hers.

"We know." Suzie and Jake chimed in unison.

Suzie hit stop on the live feed and leaned closer to the screen.

"Move I can't see." Nick gave her shoulder a push.

Jake laughed at the murderous glare Nick got from his woman.

Both of Nick's hands went up in the air. "Sorry. I just want to see." Nick leaned back down towards the screen

"HOLY SHIT JAKE!" Suzie screamed.

Nick's eyes grew large and he pulled his head away from hers. Nick shook his head trying to clear his head from the ear piercing scream. "Damn Suz," Nick stuck his finger in his ear trying to regain his hearing.

Jake's large body moved as quick as possible as Suzie froze the picture on the screen. She moved through files on the computer at a blazing pace. She saved the file stream and then snapped a still from the web feed. She pulled up a computer program and enlarged the picture.

"Damn he's right out in the open. How the hell did they miss that?" Jake grabbed Suzie's handset and punched three on the speed dial on Suzie's phone.

Suzie saved the shot and went back to the feed. The street that bustled a few seconds now seemed desolate and the man in the picture was no longer there. "You're not going to reach Webster if court is in session." Suzie studied the screen to try and see the same person again.

"I have to. He's way to close and there was no security to help them get inside. Where the hell is the security? Somebody has to figure this the fuck out before Bron or Kevin gets hurt." Jake stood watching the screen for any sign as he held the telephone to his ear.

Suzie and Nick both jumped when Jake shouted into the phone. "Webster, he wasn't more than 10 feet from them! You assholes!" He almost yanked the phone base off Suzie's desk as he tried to walk into Kevin's office. Jake tossed Suzie the phone after the cord pulled him back towards the desk. "I left a message."

Nick caught in mid-air. "Watch it man. You hit her and I'll punch your lights out."

Jake shook his head as he headed into Kevin's office. He stopped and turned towards Nick. "Like you could." Jake slammed the office door closed.

Suzie held her breath until the phone line from Kevin's office lit up. "Wow, now that's tense."

Nick's shoulders sagged. "They're best friends." He handed Suzie the receiver.

"No, we're best friends." Suzie slammed the phone back in the cradle.

"Yes, you are her best girlfriend. That mountain in there is her best guy friend." Nick stuffed his hands in his pockets. The reception area was noiseless. He placed a hand on Suzie's shoulder. She turned her head to gaze up at him from her seat. "I'm sorry about… ya know… this mornin'… I… um… didn't-"

Suzie didn't even stand up as she reached up and grabbed Nick's shirt. She yanked and dragged him down to her face. "You'd really punch Jake if he had hit me with the phone?"

Nick's eyes crossed even though he tried to not to let it happen. Lips landed on his. "'Course baby. I'm real sorry about this morning," he forced out the words out of his mouth before Suzie came crawling up the front of him.

"Take it downstairs." Jake barked after he opened the door.

"Shit," Nick groaned as Suzie almost hauled him over the desk. "God, I gotta talk to Kevin."

"Kevin can't help you now." An evil laugh came from the woman who now had him by his belt buckle.

"Fuck," Nick groaned. He now was being pulled to the exit door of the reception. He had no choice but to follow.

"Guaranteed Nick." Jake growled.

Jake grabbed his cell after putting the phones over to the service. He left messages for everyone. Now he was calling in the big guns. "Billy, I need to talk to you and Carlos, like now. Call me when you get in." Jake reached for his coat and headed for the door. He turned the office lights off on his way. On the second floor he stopped outside Nick's door. "I'm heading to Anne's to get Cooper. I want that kid in this house. I'll get Kaylin off the bus."

"Okay," came back to him in both a male and a female voice.

Wrapped in each other's arms lying on the bed, the couple stared up to the ceiling. Nick didn't dare touch Suzie for fear of getting hit and Suzie didn't dare touch Nick for fear he may get the wrong idea and want to have sex again, which was not something she was in the mood for now.

"We should go visit my family," Nick blurted out.

Turning her head while resting on her elbow, Suzie replied, "I can't leave here anytime soon. I have no idea when the trial is going to be over. If you want to go, you can. I'm sure they'd love for you to visit."

"I'd like to go to some boat races too." Nick responded dreamily. "I'm thinking of sponsoring a team this year."

Confusion was setting in Suzie's brain, "Okay. Any particular reason why?"

"Just like to be supportive."

"Oh good, cause I'm gonna need your support around here in about 6 more months!"

"Oh yeah. That's right. We'll have to move back to Florida before then." A whizzing sound resonated in the bedroom, followed by an "OUCH! What did you do that for? I didn't touch you!"

"Move to Florida? Why?" her head was spinning thinking about how her life was about to be turned upside down. She couldn't stay in Lexington by herself with the baby and work.

"Because I live there and now with the baby, we need to live as a family. I can't stand being in a long-distance relationship. I always screw up somehow. Now that I'll a son or a daughter, I don't want to be a screwed up dad. I want to do good by you and our baby." Nick seemed so sincere, almost child-like.

Lying on her back, her voice whispered, "Have you told you parents?"

"No. I was hoping we could tell them in person." Nick rolled on his side to stare at her.

Suzie's exaggerated sigh filled the room. "I don't want them finding out by some rag magazine. You could at least tell them over the phone if rumors start milling about."

"We can go for the weekend. But first, we need to find you a good baby doc. Have you all checked out and make sure it's safe for you to travel, in your condition."

"Huh? I have a Doctor." Suzie's face puckered.

"Boston is quite a ways from Lexington and the Keys. How about we find one for you down there?" Nick sat up with excitement as his mind raced, "Yeah, that's where you'll be giving birth so it makes sense to find a good baby Dr. near Marathon!"

Suzie blinked as she processed what Nick had declared. Now he was uprooting here without even asking. "Good Lord, I need a drink."

Jumping out of bed and setting up his laptop, Nick responded, "Oh no, that's not good for the baby."

Grabbing the pillow from under her head, she put it over her face and screamed, "AARRGH!"

As Nick waited for it to boot up, he wondered, "Do you think it's a boy or a girl?"

"I have no idea."

"Do you think they could be twins?"

"God, I hope not!" Suzie held the pillow over her face.

"It's possible. Twins run in my family. What about yours?"

"Nope. No twin gene." Suzie tossed the pillow and sat up. She stretched her arms up to the ceiling while yawning. "I'm going to get something to drink. Want anything?"

As she strolled to the door, Nick's eyes traveled up and down her backside. A smile crept across his face as he thought about the future. "No thank you."

He began to contemplate his future after she left. If he moved Suzie to Florida she would have the added pressure of his family. Which he knew she was absolutely terrified of. She'd lose her best friend, her home, her career, and have to keep up with the bed and breakfast long distance.

His mind rolled several scenarios around in his head as he waited for her to return. He had to do some serious thinking about relocating Suzie to Florida. Maybe he had to be the one to relocate. He was the one who needed to grow up and not just have an allowance. It was time for him to step up to the plate and take care of his family like he told Kevin he would the night they met up in the parking lot of Scouts.

Nick propped his head up in his hand. His bent elbow rested on the desk. The noise she made caused him to turn and study her for a scant second. "Do you think I'll make a good father?"

"About as good as I'll be a good mother, I suppose." Suzie answered as she stood in the doorway.

"I think it's time I grow up." Nick's fingers drummed on the table.

"Nick, you are grown up. You just need to mature some." Suzie's head was spinning about the mere mentioning of moving again. She was just getting settled in Lexington. She liked it here.

Nick considered what Suzie had said. He moved back to the bed. "Do you think I'm a screw up?"

Walking back to bed with a glass of milk, Suzie sat back down and ran her hand up and down Nick's back as he head hung low and he was silent for awhile. "No."

"My mother will say I'm a screw up. Some of the fans will think I'm a screw up."

"Everyone screws up from time to time. Nobody is perfect and you certainly are not exempt from that fact. Look at me - I got knocked up by a boybander. You think my parent's aren't going to think I'm a screw up or irresponsible for not taking care of myself?" Suzie drank the milk she had retrieved from the kitchen. "My brother is going to be pissed - you may want to call Marcus in for that one."

"Why?" Nick asked.

Suzie picked up her empty glass and began to walk back to the kitchen, yelling "He's going to try and kill you."

He waited for her to return. When she did he wrapped his arms around her and he laughed as he rocked her in his arms. "But you're not going to let him do that will you. We need to think about everything before we go off making any decisions. You have a life here. You have a home, a career, a business, and we both have friends that care about us like family. I'm thinking I'll have to move up here and keep the place in Marathon to hang at when we want to chill out."

Suzie's mouth fell open slowly as she turned in his arms. "You'd do that for me?"

Nick wrapped his arms around her again and squeezed. "Baby I'd do anything for you and our baby. It's time for me to grow up and I think I can do that better here than I can being on my Mother's radar all the time in Florida."

Suzie started to cry and Nick couldn't figure out what he had done. "Baby I'm sorry. If you want to move we'll move." He stroked and cooed frantically.

"I love you Nick." Suzie finally had said the words that she had been holding back for weeks. Nick was young and immature but by the words that he had said, the boy had turned into a man during the five minutes she had left the room.

"I love you too Suz." He gave her a dopey grin.

"Bron's going to be so happy that I'm staying and you're going to be here all the time." Then Suzie winced.

"Kevin on the other hand, might be a problem." Nick laughed first and then Suzie joined him. They laughed together, extremely happy with the decision they had just made. Nick was moving to Lexington.






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