~The Binding~

Chapter 42

Kevin exchanged a few quick words with Mc while Bron stood next to Muriel by the door as he did so. He gaze flicked to her on and off as Kevin and Mc hashed out a little plan of their own. Bron didn't like the fact she was being left out and it showed in her expression. They both nodded and Kevin reached to retrieve his wife's hand as he broke away from Mc. They entered the courtroom together. Kevin showed Bron to her seat as he had every opening, every break, and every closing of the proceedings.

The bailiff announced that court would be delayed for an additional thirty minutes as the courtroom quieted down. Many of the people who were sitting in the galley left after the announcement. Those that didn't were informed they had to by a high ranking official from the police department.

Kevin watched the same man approach the cop that stood at the end of the defense table watching over Lenny. He said something to the officer. The guard removed keys from his belt after calling another guard over. One of Lenny's leg shackles was removed and placed around the leg to the table. Kevin's eyes followed the leg of the table. The leg was set in a steel plate. The table leg was at least four inches around. The plate was bolted to the floor. Kevin was a little more comfortable knowing that short of a chainsaw Lenny wasn't going anywhere. Both guards made a hasty retreat out the door. Muriel stood back by the double doors like a true sentry after closing them behind the high ranking official.

The only people sitting in the courtroom now were Lenny, Bron, Mc, and himself. Muriel stayed as well, but she remained by the door. Kevin wouldn't have had taken her as much of threat had he not seen her pull her gun twice in less than hour. He couldn't see Lenny's face but he could tell the man was nervous. His posture was ever changing. He moved in his seat edgily but would only face the empty judge's chair. The man had no intentions of acknowledging any of them but Kevin was positive the man was uncomfortable being left alone with them, which is exactly what they wanted.

Kevin pulled a chair up behind Bron and took a seat. The only difference between the spot he was in now and where his normal seat was the banister. The banister in the courtroom no longer separated them. His chair was turned to face Lenny as he sat slightly to Bron's left. He tried to position his chair so he could see both of them but it was impossible.

"So bitch," Mc spoke loud enough for Lenny to hear but not Muriel as he stood at the end of the table between Lenny and Bron. Bron wouldn't be able to see Lenny from her position unless Mc moved. "You're more trouble than you're worth. Here the man is paying for your ass and he has to waste his time up here."

Kevin sighed dramatically and loudly. He wanted to make sure Lenny was paying attention. "I'll say. Now I have to deal with this shit, the press, my family... To think this is nothing more than a damn charade. They all think I'm a loving husband. Isn't that sweet of them." Kevin kicked the bottom of Bron's chair as she sat in it. He watched the chair jump up from the force of the kick. "Dammit, I've got better things to do."

"You owe me this month's rent for her ass." Mc pointed at Bron but stared behind her to Kevin.

Kevin was circumspect watching Lenny through half drooped lids. He chuckled for affect. Truth be told, he really thought it was funny but Bron wouldn't think so later, but this was her idea, sort of. "Yeah well when you gave her to me you told me she was submissive as hell. I sure as hell haven't seen a lot of that lately. She questions my every order. Doesn't do a damn thing I tell her to do. She's running her damn mouth all the time." Kevin fiddled with the cuff of his pant leg after he tossed one leg over the other. He leaned forward in the chair closing some of the distance between Bron and himself.

"I'll give you a discount for the attitude." Mc smirked at him.

Kevin chuckled. Mc was playing right along with him just fine. He hadn't checked on Bron yet to see how she was taking all of this because he was damn sure she was ready to kill both of them. Kevin caught the peek he cast towards Lenny and then back to him.

Mc took up residence on the corner of the table. One foot firmly planted on the ground. The other crossed under his body. Mc wet his lips. "Just remember when you're done with her, I have a bid on her from another guy."

Kevin tried not to laugh but the comment was pretty funny. He had to treat it as funny otherwise he would probably nail Mc in the mouth for such a comment.

"Yeah, who?" Kevin kicked Bron's chair again. She began to slouch in the chair and he couldn't tell if she was laughing or pissed at him. He was pretty sure it was the latter at the moment. But, dammit she needed to pay attention. "Stop slouching! I hate bad posture. That back needs to be perfect since you'll be spending so much time on it when this bullshit is over with."

Mc blinked at him, shocked at the remark no doubt. Mc's eyes went to Bron waiting for a reaction; he must not have gotten one. "A cop from the South," Mc spoke and waited for Bron's face to turn to his.

When she did, Kevin was somewhat prepared but not totally for the, 'I'm going to tear your head off face' she was wearing.

Mc swung his leg casually and chuckled before he spoke. "He says he can break that stubborn streak in her."

Kevin snorted at that one. "I highly doubt that. Besides, she's got an arrest record from that little incident in Chicago; it wouldn't look good for him to be dating a prostitute." Kevin laughed obnoxiously. Leaning back in his seat he paused, he could tell Lenny was listening now. The guy couldn't help but eavesdrop. It wasn't like he had a choice, he was shackled to the table and Muriel stood not to far away.

Kevin stretched his shoulders letting a little time pass as if he was giving some thought to Mc's comment. "I'm not done with her yet. Then there's the little escape she got away with. I lost three weeks on that. You owe me at least that much. I had to traipse all over the damn country looking for her. Then I had to haul her ass all the way back home because my family was freaking out. She learned a good lesson in Florida though. She won't cross me again."

Kevin leaned forward to clamp a hand on Bron's shoulder. "Will ya darlin'? You'll always remember Florida." Kevin sneered into her ear. Kevin caught movement from the corner of his eye. Lenny was laughing which just pissed Kevin off all the more.

"Hey if you can't keep her ass locked up… and occupied," Mc snickered. "That's not my problem."

Kevin pulled back on Bron's shoulder and her body followed. He could see Bron's fingers tightly knotted together. Her knuckles were turning white. She wasn't going to play this game much longer. The things he was saying to her were mean and upsetting her, especially the last comment that he made about Florida. He knew it would hit a nerve with her and it did; loud and clear. So why did it feel good making that statement to her. He chastised himself a little, very little.

Letting go, Kevin leaned back in his chair and stretched his legs out. Kevin knew which buttons to push with Lenny now. The man was into control with women. Kevin knew he was as well, but Lenny's type of control was evil, a lot like Mc's had been years ago. "When you gave her to me just after asshole over there enjoyed his little bit of fun with her, she was pretty submissive." Kevin's arm flew out from his side and his finger pointed Lenny. "I don't know what the hell happened. If she was your first venture into S and M training, you failed miserably my friend."

Mc cast a look of doubt at Kevin. Now Mc knew he had to follow Kevin's lead. Mc crossed his arms over his chest. His bottom lip curled in. Kevin was struggling with his acting skills. The mere mention of what the man sitting across from them had done made his blood boil every time.

"I think she controlled him, not the other way around. She said he couldn't handle it, he pussyed out." Mc laughed.

Kevin could feel his eyes go wide with surprise as Mc laughed. That was a path he didn't think of taking with this. He wondered where Mc was going with this. Maybe they should have thought this out a little more, at least discussed it.

"She said he sucked and he needed Popsicle sticks for his dick to keep it up." Mc's laugh was cut short when Lenny lunged for Bron but the table being bolted down and the shackles didn't get him far, not to mention he had to get by Mc first.

"You bitch!" Lenny yelled.

Mc simply placed a hand up to stop Lenny. He shoved him and the man fell back in the chair.

Bron didn't respond to Lenny's actions or words. Kevin hoped some day Bron would forgive him for the words that were about to come out of his mouth. They were going to do more than sting, they were going to hurt. Both of them were making her feel like a hooker and they knew it.

Kevin stretched out his legs. One leg extended under her chair, the other rested next to her right ankle. He kicked in his deep bass voice in to make a point. "Sit down junior." Kevin hissed loudly. "You have no effect on her any more. She will not look at you, react to you, or speak to you unless I give her permission." Kevin licked his lips and smiled at Mc. It was his signal to be prepared for anything. He hoped Mc understood it too.

Mc still sat on the edge of the desk his arms folded over one another nonchalantly. He met Lenny with a hard stare. "You're an idiot. She's nothing more than one of my working girls. Well, in his case a baby-maker. He really wanted a baby with her. I have no freaking idea why." Mc paused and waited for Lenny to acknowledge him. When he did, Mc spoke again. "All you had to do was ask me and then pay. None of us would be sitting here dealing with this shit. You're a moron, that's why you'll never get anywhere in your brother's organization. You don't use your head."

Lenny's head tilted in their direction. "You're a liar Mc. She's not a working girl, she's yours. You've been with her for years. She's your partner in many ways."

"Not in the physical sense." Bron spoke and Kevin wished she hadn't. She was full of rage and needed to vent on somebody before she ripped him apart limb by limb and Kevin knew it. It was time she understood he was serious and didn't want her involved in any of this. He just wanted her to sit there and shut up. He didn't want her to interact with the pig. He confirmed that Lenny was indeed watching them. Leaning forward he wrapped his fingers around her neck and pressed. He placed his lips by her ear. Kevin's hot breathe bathed her ear. His fingers closed over her and she sat up straighter in the chair. He watched Lenny watch him. "I didn't give you permission to open your mouth. The next time you do, we'll take care of the transgression when we get home. Am I clear?"

He released her and sat back. Bron nodded her head up and down one time.

"I can't hear your head nod. I asked you a verbal question I want a verbal answer." Kevin commanded an answer. Kevin knew he was going to get his ass kicked as soon as the front door closed when they got home. He hoped to God she answered the way he wanted her too. This was nothing more than acting on his part, at least he thought so, sort of.

"Yes Sir," Bron sneered back at him

Kevin leaned forward. He heard the door open. He stopped and looked back over his shoulder. Muriel had let herself out of the courtroom. Kevin's chair slid up towards his wife to get a better view of Lenny. Lenny had noticed that she had left as well. Kevin hoped by Muriel leaving things would move along.

Kevin's arm shot out and latched onto Bron's neck once again. He yanked and her head snapped back. His fingers laced in her hair at the nape of her neck and he tugged her head backward. Her head now rested on the back of the chair. His other hand was under her chin holding her in place. He stared into her eyes and if he had any doubts about what she was thinking they were erased. She had the same look on her face she had the other day when they drove home from the bar after finding out she was pregnant. He'd be explaining his actions to her later and for a long time to come.

Kevin smiled as she stared up at him. Kevin watched her swallow hard. The movement of her throat was fascinating all of sudden.

Mc was shaking his head from side to side watching her from his peripheral vision. "You'll never learn. You just push and push and push."

Bron snarled.

Kevin leaned down and glared at her. He knew all she could see was his chin and goatee. "Are you giving me attitude woman? You know I don't like attitude. Maybe we need to have one of our little talks when we get home."

Kevin was watching Lenny out of the corner of his eye. This guy definitely got off on power. Kevin let go of her neck and gave her a slight shove as he did it.

Bron began to turn her head to look at Lenny.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah," came from Kevin who stood up behind her. His arms were crossed. HE gave Lenny a wink. "I'm telling you don't even look at him. You so much as bat a fucking eyelash at him and you'll pay for it in skin when we get back home. I think you know that's not a threat, it's a promise."

Kevin waited for Bron to respond. She did so by dropping her chin to her chest. "You don't know how to handle women Lenny. You weren't doing something right. Bron is a little different. Otherwise she wouldn't have cut you down. Bron can be a real bitch. You have to know how to bring this one inline."

Lenny twisted the chair to face them. Lenny was staring at her. Bron eye's locked onto the wall in the front of the room. Lenny kept staring at her. Bile rose in Kevin's throat and it was sour.

Kevin said nothing as he studied her. She inhaled and closed her eyes. She smiled as she kept her eyes closed. Kevin knew she was ignoring them, blocking them out. She had been fine until Lenny had turned to stare at her.

Lenny glared at Mc. Then he turned his eyes to Kevin. Lenny then pointed to Bron.

Kevin was staring at the back of her head. It was a given that Lenny had figured out what Bron was doing. She was shutting down. He couldn't let that happen yet. The little hairs on the back of her neck were standing up when Lenny shifted his seat. She wasn't totally closed off to them. "Come back to me. I didn't tell you that you could leave me and wander off in your head. You stay with me girl. Damn I'm going to have to go back to basic training with you when this is over with."

The words made Bron's eyes snap open. A gush of air rushed from her lungs and it came out as a loud "Arr."

Kevin locked on to Lenny's expression the dude was getting off on this. Kevin placed a hand on Bron's shoulder which caused her to move away from him or at least try until he curled his fingers into her collarbone forcing her to still her movements. "You must have really screwed up. It's so much easier when they know their place. Where's your place Witch? Under me, right?"

Bron let out a whimper since Kevin was seriously clamping down on her shoulder even though he was trying not to hurt her.

Lenny's head went up in down in the form of a nod. "She can learn her place. She begged me to stop. I slammed her against the wall a couple of times. She bit me. She kicked me. She scratched me all the way into her bathroom. Your wife is hell cat. She wouldn't scream though. She didn't dare scream."

Kevin sat up and cocked a crooked smile at Lenny. "Think so?"

Lenny snorted. "The little chica was there. I didn't really have a choice, she wasn't taking me seriously. I told her I would do the same to the little one if she didn't calm the fuck down. I'd make her watch and then send her to the same place I sent her precious C.W. Then she cried and begged me to do anything I wanted but to leave the little one alone." Lenny leaned towards Kevin as far as his chains would allow him. "I fucked your wife till she bled," Lenny laughed. "Trust me she learned her place."

Bron choked and started to topple out of the chair towards Lenny.

The courtroom doors banged open with a blast. "GOT IT!"

Bron leaned further out before Kevin could get to her. Lenny lunged for Bron again and grabbed her arm. Mc punched him square in the jaw and knocked completely out of his chair and to the floor.

Kevin shot over to Bron. She started to shake and scream in Kevin's face to not let Lenny touch her again and get him away from her. Kevin held her in his arms and watched Mc stand up over Lenny. The courtroom doors slammed closed as fast as they had banged open.

"Don't you ever touch anything that fucking belongs to me again!" Mc picked his foot up and kicked Lenny directly in the ribs. His leg pulled back and Mc kicked him in the face. Then the punches started. He kept punching and kicking the downed man and nobody was stopping him. Tate and his men stood and watched the beating take place. Mc was extracting his own revenge and not one person was going to interfere.

Kevin's face squished up hearing the noise of cracking bones. Webster finally jumped in to pull Mc off of Lenny followed by the others. The man was wheezing saying Mc tried to kill him. Kevin sat on the edge of the table rocking Bron in his arms. He tried to cover her ears as best he could. These weren't sounds she needed to hear or remember.

Her eyelids were jammed closed and tears fell from her face like a river. Her head frantically shook from side to side right along with her body. He knew the words that Lenny had spoken had brought it on.

The voices in the room carried and were loud as Lenny was removed from the courtroom via the Judge's entrance actually crying in pain. But not nearly enough as far as Kevin was concerned. His hands stroked her hair. "Ssshh, it's over darlin'. It's all over. Muriel's stuff will take care of the rest of this for you. Never again will that man harm us as long as I walk this earth."

"Kay- Kay-" Bron hiccupped and tried to stop the tears and speak at the same time.

Kevin pulled her closer if that was even possible. "Ssssh, Sssh, Witch." Kevin whispered as the two of them waited in the courtroom. "I know you did what you had to do to protect our little girl."

Kevin swallowed back his own tears as Muriel approached them. She stood back and waited for him to acknowledge her. The woman held a box of tissues and thrust it towards Bron.

"You did the right thing Bron. Don't be ashamed. Anyone would protect their own. Trust me when he gets to prison and they find out that he threatened to rape a child. He'll get what's coming to him, they don't stand for that."

The noise of a gunshot reverberated off the wood and marble. Kevin turned his body still holding Bron in his arms and stared at the doorway that Lenny had just been dragged out of in utter shock from the sound. He knew he should move, he wanted to move, he just couldn't move, he was frozen in his spot.

Muriel ran to the door only to be knocked back by Mc as he came back through it. Jamming his gun in its holster Mc sped up to cover the distance to them. Kevin backed up pulling Bron with him since he didn't recognize the expression Mc was wearing. "Let's go, we're getting the hell out of here now."

Mc shoved Kevin off the table and led them to the hallway. "Funny thing, Lenny went crazy and tried to shoot someone. He was shot in the leg, really close to some important parts. They're loading him in the ambulance outside. The press is pretty busy boys and girls, it's time to go."

Kevin gaped at the man. "Is he alive?"

Mc let out a funny laugh, it was maniacal. "For now. Don't worry I didn't kill him. But he learned never to touch what's mine again. He'll never threaten our girls again Kevin, or anyone else's."

Kevin's couldn't wrap his brain around the remark but he really didn't think he wanted to. He registered the word 'our' and knew that Lenny was very lucky to be alive at the moment. Bron was like a rag doll as Mc swept them down the steps and to the waiting cars. Not one reporter or photographer greeted them. The car took off so fast. Kevin turned back to look to see Muriel standing with Tate. He hoped the hell this was finally over.






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