~The Binding~

Chapter 5

“You are a liar,” he hissed again in her ear.  Bron felt the hand tighten on her neck and turn her head to the side.  His body was pressing so hard into hers that she was almost one with the door.  Her chest ached as he pressed harder into her and in turn, she was pressed into the steel door. Not having the opportunity to pump since she had walked in the door. She was trying to keep up but she only could do it before and after her shift.

Bron’s bottom lip trembled.  She could see the difference in his face from her peripheral vision; it wasn’t a good change either.  The side of her head bounced off the door from his hand.  She wasn’t sure if it was intentional or a knee jerk reaction to her fear.  He hated it when her old fears came between them. 

“Do not fuckin’ lie to me,” he whispered next to her ear.  “Turn around and look me in the eye and tell me that.”

Bron felt her body being turned even though she resisted.  Now she stood motionless, facing him, her eyes squeezed shut in fear.  A hand wrapped around her neck as he pressed his body length into hers.  Fingers tightened around the tender skin of her neck. 

“Open your eyes and tell me you don’t love me.” 

It came to her in a snarl that scared the hell out of her.  Opening her eyes, she tried to look determined and full of attitude.  It didn’t work as she began to literally shake in her shoes.  Swallowing once, she tried.  “I don’t love you anymore.  I…”

Her words were cut off as his hand shoved her head back by her throat.  She could barely breathe let alone talk or swallow.  Bron waited for him to say something as the tears streamed down the sides of her face.  Bron’s head was again turned to the left and then the right, and then back to the left again. 

Kevin’s head tilted down to hers while he pinned her head to the side with his hand, her back still pressed against the door because of his large frame.  “You’re lying.  I see it in your eyes.  You never could lie to me Witch.”

Bron could feel the puffs of air on her neck as he spoke. 

Kevin’s lips touched her temples and then his lips brushed down her face and neck to his spot. 

His spot, he spoke inside his head, nobody else’s spot, my spot, he screamed internally.  The index finger of his left hand lightly traced the sensitive target. 

Bron could feel his goatee scratching her skin, his hot breath, and dry lips.

“You know what your problem is?  It’s been so long since we’ve been able to go home…  together….”  His lips replaced his fingers as he nipped at his spot.

Panic thundered through Bron’s body.  “Oh my God, no, no, we can’t.  I can’t do this.  I have to protect them.  If I do this or let him do this to me, I’ll never be able to stand up against him.”  Her mind raced for answers as alarms blew off in her mind. 

A burst of energy hit her like a storm and she exploded.  Kevin received a fist in the mouth, which split his lip, a trickle of blood dribbled down his goatee.

Swiping his mouth with his hand, he naturally looked at his hand next, which now had a streak of blood.  “Bitch, I knew I was right.”  Wrapping his arms around her, lock, stock, and barrel he picked up his screaming wife.  His intentions were clear by the statement he had uttered.

“No Kevin!  NO!”  Bron kept screaming and connecting with any part of his body that she could. 

Kevin ignored the kicks he was getting in the legs, as she lashed out at him.  With a stride that was double his normal length, he headed back towards their bedroom.  The door burst open from the toe of his sneaker and was kicked shut with his heel.  Nothing was going to stop him from making his point.

Surging towards the bed, he fell down on the mattress with her underneath him.

“Kevin stop, this is wrong, please,” Bron began to plead with him. 

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG!  WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG!”  He screamed at her.  Straddling her, he sat on her.  His hand tore at the cheap skirt and blouse she wore.  One hand holding her neck, pressing it into the pillows.  “You’re lying.  You still love me,” his voice loud and clear.

As his weight lifted off her body, she tried to turn in the narrow space, his knees bent afforded her that.

Kevin began laughing wildly since she only succeeded on rolling on her stomach.  “Very good Witch.  But I wanna see those pretty brown eyes of yours. They tell me everything.”  Dropping on her like dead weight, she felt like she was going to be pushed through the mattress entirely and into the floor.

Kevin’s hands tugged and pulled at her until she was on her back.  Her arms were yanked over her head.  “Please God, no,” she whispered as she felt his hands spread her legs.

“It’s gonna be good to go home,” Bron forced her eyes shut when she heard him speak.  She didn’t want to remember this.  This was the madman Kevin that she had encountered only one other time.  When Kevin felt threatened, he lashed out at the person that he felt threatened by.  In this case, it was she.  In her head, Bron had moved beyond that point and tried to not feel a thing, physically and emotionally. 

“No, no darlin’.  Open your eyes. I know what you're doing,” as he rolled her hips up slightly.  Bringing her hands down, he forced them between their bodies.  Rubbing his own body against hers forcing her to feel his erection and his desire.  “Feel that?  That’s what you do to me.  Now I’m gonna do that for you.”

Kevin’s hand shot between her legs forcing his fingers inside her.  Stretching her, pulling out and pushing in.  “So tight baby, and wet. So fast, just for me.  See you love me.  I’m kinda glad Cooper didn’t enter the world this way.”  His eyes refused to see the angry red scar across her lower abdomen from where his son had came into this world.

Clenching her eyes shut, she tried to fight it, the warming sensation building in her body that soon would turn into a raging fire that only Kevin could extinguish or not, at his will.  Her experience may be limited but she had never had such a strong reaction sexually to a man, as she did Kevin, not even with C.W. 

Kevin saw that she was fighting him, he wanted his answers, dammit and he would get them one way or another.  Bron had run from him and the kids.  The why was the most important thing, everything else was inconsequential at the moment.  Right now, he wanted his wife back, all of her.  “You feel it Witch, you can’t stop it even if you tried.  You know you can’t, come on.  Cum for me, cum for you husband.”

“No!” her eyes snapped open.

“You don’t stand a chance in hell and you know it,” his face was mixed with anger and triumph, he won and he knew it. 

Kevin’s hand and fingers would slow thier pace and then speed up again.  Bron began to cry as he slowly broke down her reserve, ruined her plan.

“Tell me you still love me,” as he agonizingly taunted her mind and her body.

Bron’s hips would jerk and crush into his hand, once more he would slow down.  She could no longer fight him with her fists; it was beyond that now.  “Tell me why Bron, tell me the truth.”

Bron’s strangled cry of, ‘I still love you,’ echoed off the walls of the bedroom.  Kevin narrowed his eyes at her as if to judge the truth in the words.  He could see that she was waiting in anticipation for his gift.

Bron begged, not something that she was happy with herself about but it had been so long since they had been together.  “Please Kevin,” her eyes wide with desire as she whispered softly.

Pulling back his hand, he straddled her, forcing her hands towards the headboard.  One hand was on each side of her head.  “Now you can talk,” he mumbled as he began to shift his body onto hers.  His manhood resting on her belly pressing into her.  “I love you with everything I got woman.  The only thing I want is the same back.”  Tiny trickles of water finally slipped from his eyes. 

Pushing himself inside of her, stopping he looked at her face.  “I never wanted to hurt you but you lied to me.”  Mercilessly he slammed into her as her hips rocked up to try and meet his rhythm,  rocking into her with all his might until he spiraled over the cliff with all his emotions going with him.

Resting on her, supporting his weight on his forearms, he brushed wisps of hair away from her sweaty, tear stained face.  “Oh baby, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.  I love you so much, don’t lie to me anymore.”

His body cooled as common sense took over, not guilt, no never guilt where she was concerned.  The tears came quickly to both of them.  “You lied to me,” as he rolled to her side.  Cradling her in his arms, he let her rid herself of all the pent up emotions as well.

Bron’s body was now stiff but not from tension, more like soreness.  Her elaborate plan had just been washed down the drain.  Kevin’s arms pulled her closer to his body.  Her back was pressed against his chest and her bottom rested partially on his thighs and nestled into his crotch.  Her sigh only matched the sigh that came from him.  So much had just gone out the window, now her worries leaped around in her mind.  Closing her eyes, she didn’t know what to do, she would think of something in the morning.  Tugging her hand from under Kevin’s arm, she wiped a stray tear from her face.  Her hand was pulled away by his and he kissed her fingertip.  Gently he lay her arm back down next to her but entwined his finger in hers.

“Tomorrow, we’ll talk,” he sighed heavily.  His children were safe.  His wife was back in his arms; that was all he needed in his life.






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