~The Binding~

Chapter 52

Bron had slowed down. She had been jogging but couldn't keep up the pace. The dogs had slowed with her. She peered around the woods and things began to look a little more familiar. There was a mud patch in the ground where Kevin had turned to get to the campsite. She could hear water running in the little creek. The brook wasn't so little when you went around the bend. The creek turned into a tributary to the Kentucky River. She started to be more silent and careful with her movements. She didn't want to make any type of noise if this was where they truly were.

As she walked closer she saw dim headlights. She could hear music playing softly. Now she was confused. "Are you being that damn confident Stevie that you're going to advertise where you're at? Or is this someone else?" Bron whispered as she moved nearer to the spot where she had spent her honeymoon. Her mouth almost fell open when a poorly built hut appeared where their tent had been pitched last year.

The music became louder as she moved adjacent to the campsite. Then she heard her son's wail pierce the chilly night air. Bron called Jussy back to her. She dropped to the ground and tried in earnest to crawl around near the underbrush. Belly crawling was definitely not the best idea since her belly was bulging today. "Damn Cannolis Suzie brought back with her from Boston. I could kill her some days," Bron whispered to the animal that lay next to her. Justin licked her face. Bron petted his head, "Next time, you get the cannolis, promise."

Bron closed her eyes and listened to the voices. She stayed hidden under a Buckeye tree. Draping branches provided her with enough cover. She heard Cooper crying. She heard Steve yelling. She needed to as close as possible. She needed to see her family intact before she figured out what she could do.

A truck with its headlights on shined into the South woods. It was parked next to the shed without the engine running. It offered light across the muddy space. The hovel was nothing more than old rotted boards leaning on each other. She listened in earnest and watched, taking in as much as she could.

"Steve we can get you some help." Jake's voice cracked the night air. Its timbre seemed to saturate the ground she was lying on. "Bron isn't going to take this well."

"I don't need fucking help. I want what was mine. She was supposed to be with me all along. When C.W. went down, I would be there for her. But no, she didn't turn to me. She turned to you asshole." Stevie twisted around and pointed the gun at Jake.

"Not just Jake, Me too." Mc spoke.

Bron knew Mc had walked into this knowing it was a trap. He was never that stupid. If anyone could handle this he could. He would never leave any part of their family unprotected.

"Yeah and I blame you for all of this." Stevie's hands waved around madly. Bron saw the gun in his right hand. His index finger was scratching back and forth over the trigger of a large handgun. "Lenny is useless to me now. He thought he was using me. I was using the asshole. Then you went and shut the South precinct down. You fucked me again over Mc. First Bron and now my cash. Why the hell are you doing this to me?"

She heard the words he had spoken. Was Stevie responsible for C.W.'s death? He had to be for those words to mean anything. Tears stung her eyes as her heart crushed. Had Steven murdered her husband to get closer to her?

"You're out of control Steve. You were supposed to watch out for Bron and that was all. You overstepped your bounds. I knew it and you knew it." Mc answered.

Her head tilted slowly to the side to see her children crying and scared. Kaylin kept calling for her daddy and poor Kevin was trying to get to her. Every time he took a step Stevie turned on him. He would point his weapon at Cooper's head and threaten Kevin to take one more step. "Take that fucking kid in there Kaylin and shut him up." Stevie ordered her.

Bron wiped her tears on the sleeve of her coat. Kaylin was soaking wet. Cooper's blanket was muddy and she could see where the piece of fabric the dogs had brought her had come from. Bron didn't have a ton of time to think a plan through. At least Suzie and Kris wouldn't be walking into this any minute now. Brit would keep them away from her.

She leaned over and peered into the face of the animal next to her. His fur was high on his back. His lips were pulled back over his bared teeth. He hadn't barked or snarled. Bron knew he wouldn't either. She inclined her head to his ear and whispered something. With her hand she signaled him. When the dog saw the gesture he backed out of the small space on all fours. At least she could offer her children some protection.

Bron crawled up from the ground. She wiped herself off and checked her boots for her magazines should she need them. She jammed the pistol into the back of her pants and hoped her jean jacket was long enough to cover it. Thunder clapped in the sky and a slow drizzle started again. The rain had been starting and stopping all day. Mud covered the ground. Bron circled around to the front of the truck as she wiped the rain mixed with her tears from her face. She thought about shooting out the headlights but it would make the situation worse instead of better. Stevie would shoot blindly in the dark and most likely hurt one of her loved ones.

Bron came out from behind the truck and stood directly in front of the headlights of the vehicle. It was the worse thing she could do and she knew it. Her entire silhouette would be outlined in the light. A fourth grader couldn't miss this target, a black delineated shape for him to shoot at. But he would also be blinded by the light as well when he turned to her. Not to mention he wanted her, not them. He would only hurt them if he had too or at least she hoped so. She wasn't going to let that happen. She would offer herself to him exchange for the others.

"Well I'm here," Bron announced quietly to the haphazard circle. Bron stood in front to the lights but only for a moment. She began to move to her right, out of the shaft of light. Kevin was to her right, Mc diagonally from him. Jake stood next to Mc. Kaylin had gone inside the hut.

Stevie turned as soon as the beam had been broken. He stood staring at her, stunned. His eyes never left her as she moved. She crossed in front of Kevin and Stevie's vision was still trained her. She heard Kevin growl words at her for her being here and that she never listens to anyone. They would talk about it later. She ignored him as she kept moving. Each step was made with caution so she didn't slip in the slick mess. She wanted to be across from the headlights so that Stevie's back was to the shack.

Bron saw the unkempt state he was in. She couldn't make every fine detail out because of the lights, the darkness, and the rain, but she could see that he had a scruffy beard now. His hair was long and filthy. Her shoulder's shook in revulsion at his disheveled appearance. He had always taken great pains in appearance. To see him grimy and distressed was hard for her to take. She stood sideways so she wasn't looking directly into the light. "It's what you wanted. Why are you so shocked to see me Stevie?"

Bron continued to move. She halted her steps when Kaylin cried out, "Mommy! He's going to hurt us."

Bron swallowed hard. "Is that what you want to do Steve? Do you really want to hurt Kaylin?"

Cooper began to wail again. Stevie had trouble concentrating on Bron as her baby cried. Kevin took a step towards the kids and Stevie swung his body towards him. "Stop right there Pop Star."

"You're an ass," Bron hissed. She had to keep him focused on her. At least until she could finish formulating a plan.

Stevie turned and frowned at Bron. "Me?"

"Yeah, fuckwad, you," Bron's anger built slowly. It started in her gut and radiated out of her body. Time was ticking by and she had to push him. She growled at him not being able to stop herself.

Stevie started to laugh. "I love that temper of yours. So does Kev, Mc too. Don't ya guys?"

Neither of them answered him. "Not Jake though, never Jake. You're his baby sister. I'm so sick of hearin' that shit from him. He'd jump you faster than the three of us would if he even thought he had a chance."

Bron threw her head back and laughed insanely. "You're so dense." Bron saw the movement she had been looking for next to the hut. "I had him already. Jake was way back in high school before I met you. It was alright."

Steve's gun was now leveled at her chest. "You bitch, you're lying to me. You never slept with Jake."

"Am I?" Bron laughed again. "I didn't want you Stevie, I never wanted you. I will never want you. God that would be so incestuous." Bron watched Jake and hoped he understood and could forgive. Jake started to turn when the bushes moved next to the pile of sticks Steve had built. He glanced to Kevin, who glanced to Mc.

"I guess you'll never know Stevie." Bron crossed her arms for a minute. She dropped them and shook the rainwater off them. "Your tunes suck buddy." Bron changed the subject just to piss him off even more. She was giving Jussy time to get to the kids.

"You're lying! There's no way he would ever. When? Where?" Stevie questioned her. "Fuck the tunes."

Bron turned slightly so she could ascertain his state. She had succeeded in upsetting him and throwing him off kilter. He was squinting at her. When she saw the state of her kids she would convince Stevie to believe anything she said to get them out of harms way. But she needed to stall him a little, keep him confused so he didn't think too much.

Mc took a step towards Stevie and Stevie spun around on him. "Don't move Mc. None of us would be standing in this God forsaken piece of shit place if it hadn't been for you."

Mc put his hands up in the air and backed up three steps. Stevie eyed his quarry. "In time my old friend but right now someone owes me a dance."

"Oh please, it's raining out here you nutcase!" Jake screamed as the rain began to pour down on them.

Bron smiled as she stretched her arms up and went up on her toes and then back to the ground. She felt her lower back crack. Obviously Jake was going to help stall him. "I'll humor you asshole, this one last time."

"Last time? Are you challenging me Bron?" Stevie crossed his arms over his chest and threw back his head and laughed. He pulled something out of his pocket and aimed it at the truck. "Remember this one? We're gonna dance."

"I believe she gave you a couple black eyes," Mc snorted. "I really don't think she's afraid of you."

"Don't forget I'm the one with the gun." Stevie eyed Mc suspiciously.

Bron groaned when Pat Benatar's 'We Belong' began to blare in the air. She couldn't decide what was more unpleasant, the song or Mc's comment. They had danced to this in their younger days. She really didn't like his choice. "That is so eighties. Get with the program," Bron made sure her voice sounded sarcastic. She bit her tongue and didn't ask him if he had any Backstreet. With Kevin standing there it would backfire for sure.

"It's perfect for us… Ya know." Stevie directed the gun at her and then back to himself. Then he sang some of the song. "I'm not giving you up. I've got too much time invested in you. We belong together." He stopped singing. "Why don't we listen for a bit?" Stevie started to smile and then he held one hand out to her signaling her to move closer to him. When she didn't, he pointed the gun at Kevin. He sang again, "Don't want to leave you really. I've invested too much time. To give you up that easy. To the doubts that complicate your mind." Stevie continued to sing the entire song. "Close your eyes and try to sleep, close your eyes and try to dream." Stevie was screaming the song by the end of it.

Stevie was haunting her with this song. The words were too horrific for this situation. Stevie was definitely insane. Bron risked another glance to Kevin. He was fighting the need to launch himself at Stevie and she knew it. The vein showed on the side of his neck. His nostrils were tightly closed and his fists were clenching. His gaze would bounce from her to the kids to Stevie. Kevin's feet were placed like a sprinter waiting for the signal to go. His face was hard and angry. Bron could tell Kevin couldn't decide who he should try to get to first. He moved towards the kids. The barrel swung on him again.

"Don't even so much as flinch, Kevin." Stevie stopped singing.

Bron bent down and pretended to tie her laces. Her eyes were still moving around the circle trying to get a hint if anyone else had anything planned. Stevie took a few cautious steps towards her. "Let's dance. I'll play it again." The song blared again from the truck when Stevie pressed the remote.

Bron risked a glance up to him. He couldn't see her when she was crouching. She took her time now. Jussy had gone in the shack with the kids. She reached back into the waistband of her jeans and pulled the gun she'd been carry for weeks now and hoped to God she didn't have to do this. This wasn't a scar she wanted to leave on any of them.

When she came up off the ground she had the pistol pointed at her own head. "How about this instead? Isn't this what you want to see Stevie? My brains splattered all over the ground? Can you picture it in your head? The blood soaking my shirt. Maybe my head will stay on maybe it won't. Stuff might even splatter." Everyone heard the click of the spring as she pointed the gun at her head.

"BRON STOP! YOU WIN!" Stevie didn't take his eyes off of her as he turned his head back slightly and hollered. "Kaylin take Cooper and go to Kevin."

Bron didn't miss the fact that Stevie refused to acknowledge Kevin as Kaylin's Dad. At least she knew why now. Stevie thought that would be his job. "Let them all go Stevie and I'll go with you." Bron offered hope and a way out to the man she had once called her best friend. But she didn't drop her arm. She was serious. If this is what it would take she didn't have a problem with it. She didn't look at Kevin when she began to speak. If she did her plan would be dashed as fast as Kevin had ruined her plan in Florida. "Kevin you promised to make that change to children associated with this marriage instead of the product of this marriage. Please tell me you made that change." Bron began to pull the trigger again.

"NO!" Kevin shouted at her. Steve wielded around and pointed the gun at him.

"Stevie ignore him," Bron spoke but she didn't look at Kevin. She didn't let off the trigger either. It may have looked like she was staring at Stevie but her gaze was fixed on what was going on behind him. Mc moved around trying to break Stevie's concentration.

"Stevie if you don't ignore him I'll pull the trigger myself and save you the trouble." Bron had put Stevie on the spot.

"Put it down, we'll just go. You and I. If you agree there is nothing they can do about it." Stevie was now pleading with her to put the gun away.

Stevie had recognized the staid reaction in her. He'd known her for far too long not to recognize that she would do it. His pleading reinforced it. "I want my kids out of here Stevie. Kaylin has been through too much. She loves you and doesn't deserve this."

Stevie nodded his agreement. She waited while her observant eyes watched Kaylin work her way to Kevin. She was scared out of her mind and rightfully so. Her little body held Cooper tightly to her but she was shaking all over. When she managed to get to Kevin's side, Bron inhaled deeply. Justin now stood on the other side of Kaylin. Bron's eyebrows rose when Stevie took a step towards her. "Ah-ah." Bron warned him and pulled the trigger a little tighter.

Kaylin now balanced Cooper on Jussy's back. Bron almost lost her composure when she saw what Kevin was doing. He bent his head down between Kaylin and Justin. He spoke to them. Next he hiked his thumb over his shoulder. Then Jussy left with the kids.

She needed to keep Stevie's attention on her. Kevin wasn't going to leave with the kids. She had half a mind to shoot the jerk for screwing up what little plan she had. She wanted it to be Jake, Mc, Stevie, and her. She thought they could either talk some sense into him or the other two could take him down without getting hurt. Bron refused to lower the pistol knowing Stevie would take advantage of it. She needed to throw him off again. "Going back to the Jake thing we were talking about. In my opinion they all sucked but Kevin. Kevin can do a woman right Stevie. Too bad you don't swing both ways. You might like it."

Bron heard the snap of a branch. She took a split second to turn and listen for the kids. It was her mistake. She didn't see the arm that was headed straight for her chest. The arm connected with her torso. She was knocked on her back. She scrambled to get upright but lost her grip on the gun.

"BRONWYN!" Kevin screamed as he lurched towards her. Bron heard a shot and she watched Kevin's shoulder jerk back. A grimace hit his face but no words came out of his mouth.

"You Bastard!" Bron screamed as she came off the ground and lunged at Stevie. Anger took over her thinking and actions. Stevie had shot Kevin and she was in a rage. She threw herself at him since her feet weren't stable in mud.

Steve grabbed her by throat and spun her around. His right arm wrapped around her upper body. Then he placed the gun to her head with his left hand. Stevie had turned her so she faced the shack. Kevin was standing to their left cupping his shoulder. Mc was to their right. Jake was up just a bit from Mc but closest to the shack. The three men froze. Bron watched blood trickle down Kevin's fingers.

"I've put some thought into this you know. If I kill her, then we would all be put out of our misery. It's her you know. She causes all this shit in us. Pits us against one another. Making all of us want to take care of her, hell she can take care of herself. You saw what she just did. Of course, if I do it, then I have to kill Kaylin because; well she should really be with her Mom and Dad. Don't you think Kevin?"

"Steve," Mc's voice commanded that Stevie turn to him.

"I mean really Mc come on. You're married now. It's not going to matter." Stevie laughed.

Bron wrapped both of her hands around the arm that was encircling her. She didn't pull or tug because if she did the gun in his other hand might go off. She didn't want to die if she didn't have to. She glanced to Mc who stood stock still as if waiting for something. She went to pull on Stevie's arm and Mc shook his head ever so slightly indicating her not to.

"I'd let you keep your brat Kevin but then if I let you go… Well, you'll just come after me. You're more territorial than C.W. ever was; almost as much as Mc. Almost, he'd kill a guy who so much as even looked at her the wrong way. But Kevin, you'd never let me walk away from this." Stevie addressed Kevin as he faced Mc.

Bron couldn't figure out of Steve was seeking out information to see if Kevin would let him walk away, but even she knew better than that.

"You're right there Stevie. You'd spend the rest of your days watchin' your back, one of us would get to you." Kevin answered him refusing to acknowledge the injury the man had caused him or the obvious pain.

Stevie cast a glance to Mc and Jake, and then back to Kevin. "So I think I'll do her first and then the kids. I'm gonna save Mc for last because all of this is his fault anyway. Of course, I have to go find the kids and shoot that dog first. Those fucking dogs of yours hate me. Why the hell is that Kevin?" Stevie bowed his body quickly to face Kevin with the gun still forced to Bron's head.

Kevin winced as he shrugged his shoulder. "Good judgment on their part."

Stevie started to laugh. "Ya never give up do you?"

"Nope," Kevin answered unequivocally.

"You will now Pop Star." Stevie spoke as he tightened his grip on her. "Everyone thinks you're just a Backstreet Boy, they have no clue how you really are."

Bron swallowed hard, she was out of time. She felt the ring of steel being jammed to her temple. Stevie was going to kill. She drove her right elbow into his ribs with the help of her other hand and all the force she could measure. She heard a cracking noise and began to pull away.

"You fuckin' bitch!" Stevie bellowed as he doubled over. "I should've let you let you pull the trigger yourself!" he screamed.

Bron tripped out of his grip but just as quickly Stevie punched her in the head. Bron went to the ground full force. She landed with a splat in the mud. The ooze permeated her clothes.

"You!" he yelled again as he draw his foot back to kick her.

Maternal instinct made her cover her stomach. "Don't!"

"Stevie don't she's pregnant!" Kevin yelled.

Bron's head rolled to the side. She winced at what Kevin had said. She couldn't see from the rain. Mud clung to her and was making the campsite a quagmire. The rain pelted down on them like hard candy falling from the sky. "You idiot," Bron whispered.

Stevie froze hearing Kevin's words. Bron lay on the ground at Stevie's feet. He had his gun trained on Kevin now. He looked down at her. Then he spit on the ground towards Kevin. "Again?" Stevie asked him.

Kevin nodded up and down. "Stop now; this has gone too far… If you really love her... She loves her kids more than anything else Steve. That's why she's here. You know that's why she showed up here."

"It's your fucking loss not mine!" Stevie drew back his foot and Bron started to roll away from him as his foot landed in her midsection and left hip. Bron turned over from the pain. She blinked as the mud splattered in her face. Her arms flailed until her hand hit something. She knew the feel of her own gun and reached in the mud for it. She rolled on her back and pointed her pistol straight up. Stevie was raising his gun to fire at Kevin once more. She discharged her weapon. As she looked up she watched the horror on Stevie's face and blood run out of his mouth as she tried to speak her name. There was a hole in the center of his chest. He fell on her with a thud.

"GET HIM OFF! GET HIM OFF! GET HIM OFF OF ME!" Bron screamed with her eyes closed. She could feel the warm wetness against her cheek in contrast to the cold April rain and the mud that seemed to cover her. The weight of his body pressed into hers, pushing her into the soft earth. She tried to cover her ears while the gun still in her hand so she didn't hear the gagging and gurgling noises as he professed his love to her, then it stopped. "Get him off me please!" Bron cried loudly.

The weight was suddenly gone. "Oh God," she cried as she sat in the cold mud with rain bombarding her body. She threw the gun away from her as she pulled her knees up to her chest. She wrapped her arms round them and began to rock back and forth violently. "Oh God- Oh God- I killed him- I'm no better-


She heard soft words next to her ear. "Come on darlin' you need to get up now if you can." Strong arms pulled her from her spot and held her close.

"He's- he's- he's-," She stammered and stuttered but couldn't get the words out. She couldn't look Kevin in the face. Every time she opened her eyes mud slid into them.

"He's gone, I'm sorry baby," the soft bass voice caressed her ear. She felt an arm wrap around her shoulder and another stroked her hair. A hand gently wiped the mud from her face. "Pete did it, not you. You didn't kill anybody. You saved all of us."

"But I-"

"Ssh, sssh, it's all good. You're okay."

"He was going to-" she hiccupped as people swarmed into the campsite. Kevin placed a reassuring hand on her back and pressed her closer to him. His other arm wrapped around her shoulders tightly.

"But he didn't. Come on now," Kevin led her to Pete's cruiser by her leaning most of her weight on him, she could barely stand. Pete was next to him a flash.

"You alright?" his gaze swept over the shoulder Kevin's hand covered.

"Better than her. I gotta get my kids." Kevin began to pull away after handing Bron off to Pete. "Ya gotta get her to a hospital. She's hurting and doesn't know it yet."

Pete touched the top of his shoulder. "I got the kids covered. They're already on their way to Baptist. They didn't need to be around here to see or hear any of this. Your Mom is waiting for them along with the rest of your family."

"Oh God, Kevin you're bleeding." Bron blinked up at him.

She was mindless of the fact that her breathing was labored and she was holding her side with her arm. Her eyes were wild with all the emotions running through her. "Lurch, why do you have to the opposite of what I want all the time?" She pressed her hand over his as a small amount of blood trickled over his fingers.

"We'll talk later about you being here in the first place. We were handling it." Kevin leaned down and kissed like he never had.

Mc approached them with Jake lagging behind. "Pete, get Bron to Baptist now. Stevie tried to kill her baby. She took a couple of hits but I think she'll be alright."

Bron wiped her face and did nothing but succeed in covering it with more mud. "I'm fine."

Kevin shook his head no at her as her body began to fold over itself with pain. "We're going to see Jason and Gabe. You need to get checked out and I think I need a stitch or two to close this."

"No," Bron garbled back at him.

Kevin was trying to block her view of Stevie's body. "We have to pick up the kids anyway."

"Oh." Bron mumbled numbly. Kevin glanced to Mc who nodded at them.

"Let's go." Pete opened the door to the cruiser. He began to push her and Bron was fighting against it.

"But Stevie, who's going to take care of him, I have to take care of him." Bron whispered as she stared at the body lying in the muck.

"We'll take care of him. He's family." Mc stared at Jake. Both of them were fighting off the tears. Stevie was their friend for many years. "We need to hold onto what used to be my friend." Mc's scratchy voice sounded in the air.

"I'm tryin', I'm trying." Jake answered with tears falling from his eyes. "It's a good thing it's raining."

Kevin pulled Bron's hand until she followed him. Her gaze never left Stevie's body. Kevin shuddered as he thought about what happened and what could have happened. "Let's go darlin'."

When Bron started to double over Jake rushed over and reached down. He swung her up into his arms. He deposited her safely in the backseat of police car.

Bron was mindless to what was going on. Law enforcement from all branches descended there. She watched the lights strobe out the window as pain seared her body. She even saw Webster get out of a sheriff's car.

"Let's go Pete." Kevin pulled her close to him after he joined her. He hoped and he prayed that all of his children would survive this ordeal. Bron and Kaylin has suffered the worst as of yet.

They pulled down the dirt road opposite the way Bron had come in. It wouldn't take as long since Pete was hitting about seventy miles an hour with the lights and sirens going all the way. Bron turned back to look out the rear window several times. "Mc and Jake are coming. If they're coming who's going to take of Stevie? He needs help, he needs a doctor."

Kevin knew she was in shock and getting confused but listening to her care about a man that just tried to kill her was tearing him up inside. He fingers grasped her chin and turned her head towards him. "I love you," he whispered as he dropped his lips to hers. He kissed softly and sweetly first. Then his anger began to sizzle a little for her showing up there and he kissed her even harder. She returned the kiss with just as much feeling.

"Kevin can't be hurtin' too bad; his tongue is half way down Bron's throat." Webster chuckled as he pointed to the back window of the cruiser in front of them.

"For crying out loud. I'm not worried about him, I'm worried about her." Mc moaned. "Turn the tunes on in this damn thing. Keep me distracted before I shoot Pop Star."

Webster turned on the radio in the car. Jake and Mc snorted when Enrique Iglesias, "You Can Be My Hero," blared. Mc flipped open his cell phone and dialed Pete's cell phone. "Put 94FM on. Tell Spark it's her and Pop Star's new theme song."

Mc and Jake were both leaning to the center of the car. They laughed when Bron shot them the bird out the back window.

Webster bit his tongue when the police radio crackled thirty seconds later with a woman's shrill voice. "You're an asshole Mc!"

Webster, Mc, and Jake had a good laugh for a minute. They needed to break the tension as well. "She'll be just fine."

The three men sang along with Enrique as they all wondered about the condition of the two people in the car in front of them. They worried over the petite pregnant woman who had fought so valiantly to keep her family intact. "Radio Baptist and let them know we're coming. Coop and Kaylin are going to need to be checked out so they don't get sick. Make sure Gabe and Jason are called for Bron. Anybody can sew Kevin up."

Webster hit the dirt road right behind Pete. "Taken care of my friend. The hospital has been on stand by for over an hour for casul-"

"Stop," Mc whispered. "I can't take much more."

"I hope they had a car seat for Cooper. Coop should really be in a car seat." Jake pursed his lips together.

"They've ruined you for security, you're a freaking Manny." Mc teased Jake all the way to the hospital.

"I'm not a Manny," Jake grumbled at them.

"Let's hope you get another one to fuss over you big dumb shit." Mc's words were whispered but they had both heard him.






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