~The Binding~

Chapter 53

Pete's cruiser flew to the backdoor of Baptist. He slammed the car into park and tossed the door open. Running around the back, he opened the doors so the medical team could get to the occupants of the backseat. His lights were still running and so was the car as he held the door open. Kevin backed out of the vehicle with his fingers clamped down on his upper arm.

Pete looked back to the ER doors and saw the Richardson clan waiting. He signaled them to wait. He closed his eyes when he saw the look on Anne's face as Kevin turned to face them after coming out of the car. The man's fingers were covered with blood, some dried, and some fresh. His clothes were drenched with rain, mud streaked, and dark stains of blood.

When Pete opened his eyes Jake was fighting his way between the car door and Kevin. Kevin refused to move and the two starting shoving each other. Pete cast a backwards glance to the doors again and saw Anne cover her mouth with both hands. Tim stood next to her with his hands on her shoulders.

Mc jerked on Kevin's shoulder, "Move dammit, you're in no shape to handle this." Kevin balked back and a jostling match ensued between the two. Jake tried to push his way pass, but Kevin refused to yield. Bron was gasping for breath in the back seat. Pete shook his head when Kevin hit the ground full force. Kevin fell backwards, hit his head on the cruiser, and slid to the ground. Mc stood over him, "I told you to back off, now you need a gurney not a wheelchair."

"Christ Mc!" Pete shouted as he bent over Kevin. Kevin was out cold.

Mc brows furrowed together. "He'll be fine when he wakes up."

Jake pulled Bron out of the car. As part of her came out of the car, Pete watched the gathering of people gasp. She was covered in blood and mud. The only clean part of her was the areas around her eyes and her mouth. Everything else seemed to be wet, muddy, blood soaked, or spattered. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Jake picked her up.

"Pete, move dammit!" Mc had a hand on Kevin's shoulder after he propped him up. A gurney was steered to him from the hospital doors. Jake yanked Bron up to his chest after she flopped and then went still. She passed out as fast as Kevin had. Jake carried her in. Mc followed Jake while Pete and Kevin's brothers helped Kevin wake up.

He didn't wake and it took two men to get him on a gurney. Pete cracked a smile and jumped in his cruiser after seeing the relief on Anne's face when she reached her son. Kevin may be out for a little nap, but he was fine. He debated whether to press charges against Mc or not. He would need to discuss that with Kevin when he woke up. Pete parked the car in the emergency lot and dashed into the hospital.

The medical staff led Pete down a long hallway to a room. He wasn't questioned since he was in uniform. Pete walked to a door which had two men in suits posted on either side of the door. Once inside the room, he found Kevin and Webster. Kevin's denim coat sleeve trimmed off at the shoulder along with his shirt. His bent elbow resting on a tray as people bustled around him. Kevin sighed. Pete watched Webster leave. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah," Kevin grimaced as the doctor poked and pulled the skin together on his arm.

Pete took in the room. His powers of observation didn't miss the pale blue walls or the floral print curtain. A skinny little window that hadn't been open in probably ten years or more and overly bright lights blaring dead center over the bed. "You woke up pretty quick. I can press charges against Mc for nailing you."

"No," Kevin rubbed his head. "I was being unreasonable. I didn't want anyone to touch her. I should know better with those two."

Pete shifted in his shoes. He knew Kevin was worried and would chew Mc up later for it. Kevin was a fighter and when his temper got going there would be no stopping him. Putting Kevin out cold was probably the best thing Mc could have done. "Nobody is going to find out about this."

"Hell, everyone is going to find out about this." Kevin pursed his lips together as a nurse swabbed his arm with something. Then she stabbed him with a needle.

Pete moved towards Kevin. Kevin turned his head and frowned at the nurse for the sneak attack. "We've got it covered. Promise." Pete watched Kevin's eyes dart around the room. His distrust of strangers showed on his face. Pete could tell Kevin wanted out of here now and he knew why.

"Pete, please go check on my wife. I told them I was fine but they don't seem to believe me. This shit can wait people." Kevin gritted his teeth as another needle sunk in his skin with filament attached.

Pete winced as Kevin's skin was being sewed. He nodded and left the room. He was stopped half way down the hall by a nurse. She informed him that Bron had been taken to a room in the obstetrics department. Pete journeyed to the nurse's station and found Webster. Webster was arguing with another nurse over where Bron was and what was going on.

Jake had intercepted Webster to find Cooper and Kaylin. Richardson family members were scattered up and down the hallway and going in every direction. They were all asking questions of the staff and Pete took a deep breath. "Okay, listen up everyone!" Pete caught their attention with the volume alone in his voice. "Kevin is fine. Jake is taking care of Cooper and Kaylin. I'm going to check on Bron. Everyone stay right here."

Pete waved Webster to follow him. The two of them made a path down a series of hallways. They finally saw a sign with arrows pointing to the obstetrics unit. Following the marked way they found no signs of Mc anywhere. Pete gave Webster the signal to hold up as he approached the nurse's desk. He flipped open a notebook pad. "I'm looking for-"

"If you're with the mean rude jerk that just yelled at me a while go they're in exam room 5. Your friend went down the hall and to the left." The nurse snapped the binder shut she was holding.

"Probably," Pete groaned and dropped his head.

Webster bit back the smile. "Now how do you know that was our friend?"

"Bron's hurt, their best friend is dead. It's not funny Webster." Pete clenched his jaw closed and followed the nurse's directions.

"I meant whether Bron or Mc was the mean one," Webster quipped back at him.

Pete tapped on the door lightly but nobody answered. The room was slightly dark. What he saw next shocked him even more. It wasn't the fact that Bron's doctors were hovering over her stomach or that her feet were in stirrups. It was the man at the head of the exam table who was gently washing her face. The Ferragamo dress shirt sleeves were rolled up and his Rolex sparkled under the bright lights. His coat draped over the chair next to the head of the bed. "I'm sorry Spark," they heard him speak but his voice cracked.

"You can't leave him out there." Bron's voice splintered.

"We didn't," Pete moved forward only to have Mc shoot him a look to move back and he did hastily.

Pete stepped back with Webster just inside the door. Webster placed his hand on Pete's shoulder. "There is powerful stuff between them. Never get in the middle of it unless it's a safety issue for her." They waited.

Pete didn't like it, but he knew the only one who could step in without repercussions would be Kevin. Kevin wasn't here; he was getting sewed up. Pete said nothing. He watched and listened.

"I wouldn't leave him out there little girl, come on. You know better." Mc turned his head to the side and coughed. His hands busy working the wash cloth in the basin removed the blood and the dirt from the cloth.

"He needs a doctor," Bron whimpered and then started to cry. Her body shook from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

"He's seeing one right now, I promise." Mc wrapped his arms around her shoulders to try and still her movements. "You're hurting yourself even more. You have to calm down."

Pete spied Mc casting a questioning look to Gabe as Bron's body shook violently. Mc mouthed the word shock to Gabe and Gabe nodded in return.

Pete swallowed hard, the ball of secretion not wanting to go down. He watched Mc dip his hand in a basin of water yet again. He listened to his brother-in-law speak. Mc squeezed the wash cloth with both hands and swiped over Bron's face. "I'll wait with you until Kevin gets here. It's a flesh wound. They'll sew him up and send him down here." Mc reached behind him and grabbed some blankets from a chair. He tossed three of them on her. He tucked the edges gently under her body. She was cold and wet. Her body was shaking violently from that and shock.

Bron was biting her lips and tears streamed down her face. Then she would wince with every breath she exhaled. One tear trickled down her neck and left a trail of cleaner skin behind it. She was trying to say something but seemed to have given up when she finally uttered, "You hit him."

"He was in my way and acting stupid. He's one possessive shit and he wasn't helping." Mc casually wiped the dirt from her neck as he hesitantly glimpsed from Gabe to Bron. They were waiting, they were all waiting. Mc licked his lips a little. "Take short breaths. Come on you've breathed through broken ribs before. Just take it nice and slow. Keep them shallow"

Pete's eyebrows rose when he saw Mc pop a few buttons on her shirt. A wash cloth glided over her body.

Bron winced again and tried to huff off the pain. "Gabe?"

"Looks good so far sweetie," Gabe smiled a fatherly smile at her. "We're going to run a few more tests. I think you have a couple of broken ribs for sure. I'm going to do a sonogram now." Gabe lifted his head towards Mc and then he nodded to the door sharply. Mc gave him a look that let him know he wasn't leaving. Gabe looked towards the ceiling and then back at Pete and Webster. "You two can wait outside."

They backed out of the room and shut the door. When they turned around Cory was standing there. Not in uniform but a pair of jeans and a sweater. "Umm, Andrew is with Kevin." She entered the room and closed the door.

They stood outside and waited. Pete prayed silently that all would be well with this family, they didn't deserve this. Mc came out of the room with Cory right behind him interrupting his silent Vigil. Cory didn't have a choice; Mc had a death grip on her upper arm. He closed the door. "Where the hell is Andrew? I tried to call him all day. He has no freaking clue what has happened."

Cory blushed and she dropped her head for second. "He was with me. It was my day off."

"Why didn't he answer his cell?" Mc glared at her.

"He lost his phone… somewhere in my house…."

"Okay." Mc answered and then went back into the room. He stood on the other side of the open door. "I think you'd better check in your bedroom." Mc slammed the door shut on them.

Cory bit her bottom lip. She passed a glance to Pete and Webster. Pete raised an eyebrow at her. "Well, I have a job to do." Cory followed in behind Mc.

Meanwhile on the other side of the hospital, Andrew was standing in Kevin's room. Kevin shook his head at him showing his disappointment. "We only asked you to carry your cell for emergencies or to leave word where you are going to be. Where were you and where was your cell?"

Andrew stuffed his hands in his pockets and went up on his toes. "I was at Cory's," he mumbled.

"The cell?" Kevin winced as the nurse wrapped gauze over and under his bicep.

"I lost it at Cory's," Andrew blushed.

"Try lookin' between the damn sheets," Kevin barked at him. "We needed you today. Your Mother walked into this mess because neither I nor your brother could reach you to stop her."

Andrew stared at the floor and didn't respond. He wouldn't even look him in the eye.

Kevin sat on the edge of the bed. He waited patiently as the doctor began to recite his discharge orders. "Keep the bandage clean and dry. You've refused the CAT scan to check for a concussion. You'll need to--"

"Sir, this is nothing against you or anythin', but my pregnant wife and my two children are in this hospital. You are keeping me from them." Kevin grabbed the man's pen and scrolled his name across the top sheet. "The billing information is still current, use it."

Kevin stood up and grabbed what was left of his coat from the bed. Kevin yanked the door open and saw Pete standing there. "Where's Bron. If you're here, who's with her?"

"Mc," Pete huffed. "Jake is with Cooper, they're warming him up. It was too cold for him out there. The little thing is sneezing like crazy."

"Great," Kevin flexed his arm. "Bron?"

"It looked good when I left." Pete's breath fluttered out of lips. "We can't seem to find Kaylin."

Kevin knew a look of alarm had registered fear on his face. "What!" Kevin shot him a look.

"I can't find her. I left Webster with Mc, Cory, Gabe, and Bron. Andrew is with you. Your family is here. I can't find her. She's not in her room." Pete was ticked that the staff had lost tabs on Kaylin.

Kevin stepped out the door and up to his family. They all began talking at the same time. His mother was hugging him. Suzie was apologizing, Kris was sniffling. Jerald was informing him he was going to fight Mc. He shook his head; he couldn't take it all in. From the crowd he heard one voice that was distinctly different from all the others.

"Dad?" he heard whispered.

"Baby, what are you doing here?" Kevin bent down and scooped her up. A look of relief crossed his face and Pete's as well. "Andrew, stay here with Grandma. Then I'll know where you're at." Kevin gave him a nod. Andrew stepped to Anne's side in an instant. Kevin was happy his shoulder was still numb.

Pete motioned Kevin to follow him. "Come on, I'll get you to Bron."

"I'm scared." Kaylin answered as she squeezed Kevin's neck even tighter. "They want me to go home, but I want to stay with you, Mom, and Cooper." She wrapped her legs around his waist.

Kevin had noted the clean hospital gown and the lack of Kaylin's own clothes being with her. They had probably lost her clothes too, he thought. "You're staying with me since nobody else can seem to keep an eye on you."

Kevin made sure his bad arm was out of her reach as they walked down the hall with Pete. They turned a corner and ran into a nurse who could be a poster child for over-indulging in food.

"There you are," she spoke in a surly voice to the little girl Kevin held in his arms. Kevin could feel Kaylin shake as the nurse spoke. "You have to come with me."

"No actually she doesn't. She's my daughter and she's staying with me." Kevin shot the nurse the crappiest look to date that anyone had ever been on the receiving end from him.

The nurse's expression was one of dissatisfaction. "Sir, this is a hospital."

"And I'm payin' the damn bill for at least four people tonight so she's staying with me." Kevin shot the words over his shoulder as he followed Pete. The nurse was hot on their heels reiterating hospital policy to Kevin, who really didn't give a damn.

When they finally reached the room Kevin rushed in with Kaylin still in his arms. Kevin stood for moment to take it all in. Gabe was passing the device over Bron's belly. He walked right up to the bed and peered over it to the monitor. He waited and hoped a heartbeat would be found. The blip went off and stayed there at a steady rate. Gabe and Jason smiled at both him and Bron, but said nothing since Kaylin was in the room.

Kaylin shook intensely in Kevin's arms and her teeth began to chatter. He looked at Cory for help who was standing off to the side. "Can you get her a blanket or something? She's freezing."

"Will do," Cory smiled and offered her open arms to Kaylin. Kaylin almost jumped from Kevin's arms into hers. Cory shooed the other nurse out the door with her free hand.

Kevin's head turned to the side as if to question Kaylin's willingness to go with a stranger. When the door shut Cory clapped her hands. "Thank you. I've wanted to do that for years. She's such a bi… witch."

Kaylin laughed, "You mean bitch."

"Kaylin," Kevin frowned at her.

"Well, she was." Kaylin snuggled a little closer to Cory.

Kevin tried not to smile but Cory couldn't help it. "I checked on Cooper and he's fine. They're giving him some fluids since he's going to at least catch a cold out of this. This one disappeared on them so I went looking for her. Gabe, I'll get you the tape you need too." Cory left with Kaylin in her arms.

"Tape?" Kevin turned to the man running the sonogram machine. "She's already stitched what the hell could you tape?"

"She has two broken ribs that they know of. They don't usually do it anymore but since she's pregnant Gabe wants her as pain free as possible without meds." Mc spoke as he stood next to Bron. Her face was clean now and she winced on occasion.

Kevin ducked out of the doorway. It finally connected with his brain that Kaylin had seen the sonogram machine, Mc, Gabe, and Jason were all in the room with Bron. He knew Kaylin was far from stupid. "Cory!" Kevin called her back as she was half way down the hall. Cory turned and approached him again.

He lifted Kaylin's chin up so he could look into one very sleepy set of eyes. "Mom has some stuff going on. She has some broken ribs so Gabe and Jason are going to be awhile. She's hurtin' right now."

"She won't take any medicine; she's pregnant with my sister." Kaylin's head lulled to the side as Kevin took her back from Cory. Kaylin yawned but still shook.

Cory said nothing. She went down the hall to a linen closet and retrieved a blanket and tape. Cory tossed him the blanket and continued on into Bron's room.

"So you found out huh?" Kevin pulled the blanket around her tightly.

"Everyone was crying and stuff about the baby. I told them I took care of Cooper while we were out there and he'll be okay. Then Aunt Kris was crying and she said you would blame her for Mom losing the baby she was carrying in her belly."

Kevin said nothing. One, he was shocked that Kristen was even here in Lexington. So she wouldn't know that Kaylin wasn't supposed to know. Kevin took a seat in a chair in the hallway. Bron was in safe hands now and their baby seemed to be fine as well. Kevin looked down at the blonde head tucked under his armpit. "I wonder why Kris is in Lexington," he mused aloud.

Big blue eyes turned on him and blinked at him. He saw the moment of confusion. "Because silly, she's Uncle Jerald's girlfriend."

Kevin's mouth opened to refute the statement and then it closed. Why argue with a seven year old who didn't understand the world yet.

Kaylin yawned again. Her shivers seem to slow down a little. Doe eyes looked up at him, "She is. I had a sleepover at Uncle Jerald's when you were in New York. She has the prettiest pink satin pajamas."

Kevin could feel his eyes start to swell in his head. He thought his head would explode. Granted, he had a headache from slamming his head into the car and a knot on his head to prove it. But, this headache was unrelated to those injuries. "She does, does she?" his bottom lip twisted into his teeth.

"Yes, they're very pretty. It has shorts with pretty white lace." Kaylin cuddled closer to him.

Now Kevin was stunned, he knew the sleepwear, he had purchased it for her a few birthdays ago. It was his favorite too. It wasn't shorts, it was tap pants and a camisole that matched along with a thong and an over shirt. He didn't know what to say. There is no way in hell his brother would be dating let alone sleeping with ex-fiancée.

"It was really cool because Grandma Anne and Gabe wanted some private time so they could cuddle on the couch and watch television like they do every night. They asked Aunt Kris and Uncle Jerald to watch me so they could have their time." Kaylin smiled a broad smile. "I think Grandma should marry Gabe."

"So what else has been going on while we were gone?" Kevin questioned but not sure if she really understood or if he really wanted to know.

"Andrew is always with Cory. I get to go to her house alot, she has a tire swing in her yard. Uncle Nick is thinking about asking Aunt Suzie to elope. He said he wants to just sai away with her."

When Cory came out of the room he passed Kaylin into her arms. He heard his family troop in their direction. The door closed to Bron's room. Kevin checked over his shoulder, both Cory and Kaylin were inside. Now he was waiting for a confirmed visual on them. When he did see them he was somewhat bewildered. They were all there. Andrew, Jerald, Kris, Suzie, Tim, and his Mom were heading his way. Then his mind hashed over what Kaylin had just said to him. His feet slammed into the industrial floors heading in their direction. As he got half way down the hall, his emotions hit him. "KRIS! JERRY! MAMA! SUZIE!" Kevin screamed as loud as he could and he didn't care who the hell heard him.

Bron was in a wheelchair in the doorway now with Cory at the helm. She watched Jake rush down the hall huffing and puffing right pass a pissed off Kevin to her. "I can't find Kaylin. She's not in her room."

Bron propped her elbows on her wheelchair. She placed her chin on her interlaced fingers as her bent elbows supported her head. "I think we found her."

The roll call started again only an octave higher which none of them by looks on their faces thought was possible. Bron blinked and smiled at Kris. Bron was grinning. Kevin was a pickle in the middle at the moment.

"I'll handle it," Bron motioned for Cory to get Kaylin out and for Jake to take over the driving. She then pointed to the door once Kaylin was heading down the hall with Cory. Gabe and Jason who had come out of the room when the commotion started.

Mc had joined them and stood back. He leaned on the wall, "Cute show."

"In Jake," Bron pointed to the room.

"Not funny Bron. I'm leaving your ass in there too. Kaylin needs to shut her mouth." Jake pushed the door open. On his way out he started to prop the door open.

"Leave the door Jake this isn't going to be pretty." Bron barked at him.

"KRISTEN!" Kevin yelled her name once again as he waited by Bron's door.

"Kevin wants you, Kris." Mc grinned at her. He had been waiting for this day.

"Oh no," her frown intensified as she leaned on Jerald for support.

"Who the hell do you think you are, yelling like that in hospital!"

"I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S BEEN GOIN' ON AROUND HERE WITCH!" Kevin rasped back at Bron as he stormed into Bron's room.

"FINE! But you're not going to like it one bit dark boy! " The forced shut almost breaking the automatic closer. The they heard a lock turn loudly.

Mc walked up to the bunch that seemed much more merrier than before. "Hello," he whistled. "Bron's back!"

Everyone asked the same questions over and over again about what had happened. Anne's face turned lily white when Mc told them that Stevie had shot Kevin. Mc stopped and paused for a long time. He couldn't talk anymore, his eyes misted over and he cleared his throat. His lips pursed together and he looked at Pete and Webster. He closed his eyes and his head moved from side to side. "I'll go check on Coop and Jake."

Everyone deferred to Pete and Webster. Pete let out a long sigh. "Look, I watched all of it, she threatened to kill herself in order to get Steve to let all of them go." Pete winced and shook slightly. He could recall the description she gave Stevie. "She scared the shit out of me, because I think she would've really done it. She almost had him convinced. She even sent Jussy out with the kids. Then things went wrong and he overpowered her. She lost her gun in the mud. Kevin tried to protect her by telling him she was pregnant. That wasn't a good idea. Steve took his boots to her. Then he turned to fire on Kevin again. Bron came off the ground as soon as Steve turned on Kevin. She got her shot off but it wouldn't have been enough. So I did my job and took care of it."

Murmurs were going up and down the hall. "Pete, are you telling me that my daughter-in-law saved my son's life?"

"His and the rest of them, including hers." Pete looked down the hallway to see Jake approaching him. "I've got some work to do. I have to start getting statements."

"Cooper needs me." Jake spoke and turned back around to go back down the hall.

Gabe blinked at Anne. "Would you like to join me for some coffee downstairs?"

Anne shook her head no to him. "I need to talk to my son. My new grandbaby?"

"You're grandbaby is fine. Bron will heal in time. Her physical wounds will heal long before her mental ones this time. Kevin, well…" Gabe slanted his head at her.

The door was thrown open. "MAMA!" Kevin barked at her.

Gabe turned slowly and walked up to Kevin. "Young man, you will not now, nor ever address your mother with that tone of voice again. Do you understand me?" Gabe walked towards Kevin backing him in the room. "You may be angry but you will show her respect because I know she taught you better." The door closed.

Hesitant glances passed among the occupants of the hallway. Tim went to his mother and hugged her. "Everything is going to be just fine Mama. Gabe isn't going to stand for Kevin's crap. I'm so happy that he finally knows." Tim turned to Jerald and Kris. "I think you two should go in there and tell him."

Kris let out a chuckle. "Yeah right Tim. Mama getting it on is one thing in Kevin's book of rules. Jerry and I fall under a different rule."

Suzie giggled, "Lying by omission."

Jerald dropped his head, when it came back up he was smiling. "Right along with not informing him and not seeking his approval informing."

The door opened. Kevin stood there, he glared at Jerald. His face was red as hell and he was huffing and puffing.

Bron wheeled herself out of the room. She waved to everyone. "So Kris, Kaylin told Kev that she really likes your pink satin jammies."

"Oh great," Kris groaned.

"I like them too," Jerald grinned.

Kris gave Jerald a fiery glare.

"So do I. I bought 'em." Kevin opened the door a little wider. "I need to speak to my big brother alone for a few minutes." Kevin leaned on the door frame frowning at all of them as he waited for Jerald to join him.

"Now, just hold on one second." Kris charged up to Kevin. "What I do and who I do it with is none of your damn business anymore. I put up with your shit for eight years and I'm not going to put up with it one more second." Kris stabbed Kevin in the chest with her finger. "All of us went out there to help you and your wife today. We care about you and your family. I happen to love your brother and I don't need your damn approval."

The only sound heard was one distinct set of hands clapping in the hallway, which had fell silent when Kris launched into her speech.

"I knew you had a backbone in there somewhere woman. You just needed the right man to fight for so you could find it." Bron stopped clapping.

Kris stopped; a look of mortification crossed her face. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." She looked at Kevin. Kevin's arms wrapped around her and he pulled her close. He hugged her tightly. "It's cool, I get to keep you. Just don't be doin' any comparisons."

"Nobody can compare to you Lurch!" Bron laughed as she wheeled herself down the hallway towards the room her son and daughter were in. Kevin let out a huge sigh and ran up behind her. He placed his hands on the pushers of the wheelchair. "You are so not off the hook for this shit. We've had this discussion before about me needing to know what was going on in my own house woman."

"Stuff it Kevin," Bron smiled as Kevin wheeled her to her kids.

A week later Kevin stood in the funeral home with a frown on his face. He kept tugging on his tie. It didn't feel like a tie, it felt like a noose and seemed to be getting tighter and tighter. Now he felt like a hypocrite standing at a service for man he had hated more than anything in life. Well, not actually, he thought he hated Lenny even more but at the moment both men were neck and neck in his book. Kevin's dreams had turned into nightmares as he had relived that night over and over in his head every night for the last week. He leaned back against the wall and watched troops of people tramp through the place to say how wonderful the man was. Kevin was ready to bail and puke outside. A hand on his sleeve stopped him. It was his mother. She tugged on his sleeve so he would bend his head down to hers.

"I know this is very hard for you. But, you have come a long way in your marriage. You have learned to compromise with your wife which speaks volumes for you. Compromise one more time Kevin and let her say good bye to a person who was her good friend for over twenty years, not the man we have known the last year."

Kevin sighed, rolled his eyes, stood back up and plastered a smile on his face. "Yes Mom," he groaned. Kevin was on auto pilot. His mind had left the service even though his body was still there. He went back to that dreaded night that he had been reliving. People had filled in the blanks for him.






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