~The Binding~

Chapter 7

Bron tried to think of any plausible explanation that would explain the drastic measures she had taken against Kevin.  Having a fan stalk her seemed pretty flimsy to her now after what she had been through with her life. 

Sitting on the bed those little fears turned into big fears.  All the threats and then the final one, that if she didn’t do as she was asked then the person would take the most drastic measure they could against her.  Slowly pick off every single member she had left.  “When I find out who this is, which ever one of you, I will kill you myself.”  Bron squared her shoulders and headed back to the kitchen after pulling on her sneakers.  A little laugh escaped her; if she pissed Kevin off enough, she might need her sneakers to run like hell right out the front door. 

Kevin sat at the table with a folder in front of him waiting for her to come back.  He automatically assumed she was trying to think of an excuse to avoid telling him the truth.  Now that he had read through the letters at least twice he could understand why, sort of.  What pissed him off more than anything was that Bron wasn’t by far an unintelligent person and she had to know that this was someone in her family or at the very least, someone was handing out information to the person sending the letters.

“So now that you quit my job for me, I guess I’ll have to go back to the real world.”

“Anytime sweetheart,” Kevin leaned back in the chair with his fingers laced together behind his head. 

Pouring another cup of coffee, she sat down with a loud thud.  She wasn’t sure how to start the conversation and it didn’t look like Kevin had any attentions of doing it.  “So how are the kids?”

“That’s not even damn funny Bron,” Kevin’s hands came from the back of his head.  He waited, she didn’t speak again.  Pushing his chair out, he stood up, and began to pace the kitchen and waited as patiently as he could.

Closing her eyes for a second so she could focus, she yelled at herself to calm down in her head.  “I want to know how my children are and I don’t want a repeat of last night.”

“Hmm, Cooper is upset, he’s not into thawed breast milk, and the bottle thing is upsetting to him, he’s use to skin.  Kaylin cried her eyes out and begged me not to leave her, of which I did, to come down here and haul your ass back home.  The quote for your benefit 'Daddy don’t leave me, I don’t have anyone to love me anymore.'  Kevin’s eyes settled on Bron, the tears poured quietly down her face without any vocalization from her.  “Andrew took care of the kids while I got drunk for almost a week.”  Kevin stopped and scratched his head.  “I think it was a week?” 

She watched him lean back on the kitchen counter, he crossed his arms.  His hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail.  One of Kaylin’s pink Barbie rubber bands was being put to use.  I guess at the time he wasn’t thinking of that or didn’t care.

A loud sigh and a rush of air and he was kneeling on the kitchen floor next to her.  Grabbing both of her hands, he pulled her to sit sideways in the chair.  A simple request was uttered, “I know that you love me and the kids.  I need to know why you would do this to us.  Bron, the only reason that you runaway is because you are scared, even I figured that out a long time ago.  I didn’t let you runaway away from me in Pittsburgh or Chicago.  You have to tell me why you did this.  Renew my faith in you and give me a reason that is so important that you would destroy everything we have built over the last eleven months.”

“I wish I could but I don’t think you would take it well and I don’t think you would understand.”  Bron spoke softly but not compliantly. 

“Bron the only thing that would cause this in you is Lenny and what happened.  Or is it something else?”  Kevin was trying very hard to make it easy for her to tell him the truth.

“Okay, fine, I just thought that maybe you had second thoughts.”

“That’s a lie, don’t lie to me.”  Kevin’s eyes narrowed on her, he wasn’t playing anymore.  “Why did you call Kris to see if we were okay?”

Bron frowned, that didn’t take long to get back to him.  “I just wanted to know if you were okay.”

“Bron I was on tour out of the country, I was served with divorce papers.  You left our infant son and our young daughter with my mother for Christ sakes.“  A hand slammed down on the table.  “How the hell do you think I was doing!”

Bron’s lips formed a straight line; they were doing okay until she asked.  Now Kevin was going to vent and she had to wait until he was done.  Grabbing a tissue from the box he thrust at her, she pulled one and wiped her eyes.

“The kids are okay for now, I talked to them this morning.”  Kevin took his seat once again.  He wasn’t going to get anywhere with Bron by demonstrating anger.  Thanks to Suzie and his brother’s fax machine, he knew what was going on.  However, his wife needed to have confidence in him to tell him herself.  He sat and stared at her for a long time.  For the first time he could see how much she wasn’t herself.  Gone was the confidence to do battle with him.  Gone was the woman that he wanted so much to build a life with.  “Why,” he mumbled in his head.  Because one person took it upon himself or herself to make her life a living hell every time he stepped out the door.

The expression on Bron’s face reflected the sadness she felt in her heart.  Leaving her husband and children was her last option.  Her original plan was just to leave and let whoever was threatening her to come and find her.  The last letter she received was very direct.  Thinking about it for days, she came up with the idea of leading the person away and dealing with whoever it was on her own.  The repercussions of her actions were as clear then as they were now.

Absently she rubbed the back of her neck, the muscles were knotted from the tension and stress.  Silently she sat and thought about what had transpired.  The biggest fuck up in this whole endeavor was the asshole that served the divorce papers prematurely.  She explicitly informed the lawyer that the papers were not to be served until Kevin was back in the States.  It would have given her more time.  Her mistake in all of this was just doing all of this in the first place.  It was harsh but fear had driven her to the edge.  In her mind she felt if she had left, the person would follow her.  She could confront the person away from the ones that she cared for so much. 

Bron’s own little list of suspects had been narrowed down to two, Mc or Stevie.  Bron couldn’t fathom why either one of them would do this.  She knew Mc had feelings for her and so did Stevie.  Mc was her main suspect in all of this.  It reeked of the man; he had lost power over her, power over the family.  He was the one who had just handed her over to Kevin in Pittsburgh out of frustration, now she thought that maybe since he had his surgery, he felt he had made a mistake. 

Stevie was a different ball of wax.  She rarely saw him anymore since he spent most of his time taking care of Mc’s personal business and flying around the country.  Mc may have washed his hands of having criminal ties but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t up to making a quick buck if someone dropped it in his lap.  Mc was used to the freewheeling, living large lifestyle, and he had certain standards.  Some of his standards had been compromised when he had to earn an honest living. 

Jake was ruled out in her book and so was Webster.  Jake was her best friend.  Jake was not capable of any of these things. She wondered if Stevie was capable of them.

Webster was out of their social scene for a long time.  It did bother her that the man just up and quit his job in Chicago to move back home to essentially baby-sit her case.

“Well?”  Kevin moved out of his chair and debated whether he should just show her the letters that were faxed to him or just let her stew.  He had to get her to admit to him what was going on.  Bron needed to face this situation and understand fully that this wasn’t a game and whoever was doing this was serious.  Kevin didn’t like the fact that he had been threatened but it wasn’t like he hadn’t been threatened before.  When his children came into play, it was an entirely different ballgame.

Bron focused on Kevin’s face, it was unreadable beyond the contempt and anger.  Her head titled as she gazed at him.

Kevin knew she was thinking it over and decided to hand her some reassurance.  “You ran from me and the kids.  You ran because you were scared.  I love you and won’t let you run away from me ever again.  I swear, I’ll lock your ass up in the house for the rest of our lives.”

Bron’s lips pursed together, she didn’t want to deal with cave dweller Kevin today.  She decided to head him off at the pass, “I’m not building you your own dungeon.”

Kevin grinned for the first time, “You won’t have to, I’m sure Andrew would help.”

Bron swallowed and blew out a very long breath, “You’re right I am scared.”

“That’s a start.  Wanna tell me of what?”  Kevin sat back down, relieved that they were finally going to get somewhere.

“Somebody was threatening the kids and you.  I don’t know who but it’s somebody in my family.  I think it’s Mc and you know what he is capable of.”

“I see,” Kevin leaned forward in his chair.  Crossing his arms, he propped his upper body on the table.  “What makes you so sure that it is someone in the family and not just a fan?”

Bron had dropped a bomb and Kevin hadn’t even blew his mind, he was as cool as a cucumber, something was very wrong.  Biting her bottom lip, she started to pour the information out.  “Letters…  I’ve been getting letters, they are full of incidents, and discussions that only people in our family would know about.  There are details about my life before I met you so I know it isn’t anybody in your family or a fan.”

“Fans can be pretty insistent on getting information but if it’s that personal then I would assume that you are correct.  That still doesn’t explain the fear.  If it was somebody in the family then you should have confronted them.”

Closing her eyes slowly and then opening them she looked at him, “There were threats, nasty ones towards you….”

“I’m a big boy, I can handle myself…”

Bron snorted, Kevin was being a bit naïve but only because he didn’t know how violent her family could be some times.

Kevin leveled a glare at her for the action, “So?”

Licking her lips, she felt her throat constrict, “He, she, whatever, threatened to kill Cooper and Kaylin.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Kevin was now nose to nose with her.  The tip of his nose was actually resting on hers.

Bron was blinking rapidly; she knew this would happen.  She couldn’t breath, she was, to say the least, a little frightened of him at the moment.  Her lungs were compressing in her chest.  Kevin could go way past ugly when he wanted to, like last night.  If he had a point to prove, nothing was too drastic to get it across to someone.  It wasn’t just her that he pulled this with either from what she had learned; the rest of the guys had been targets at one point in time over the last ten years of him coming on strong.  “I…  I… like I said.”

“My kids, somebody threatened my babies?”  Kevin hissed.  “You chose not to tell me this?”

Bron just nodded her head, she felt like a mute.  No matter what was to come out of her mouth, nothing would justify this one to Kevin. 

“Let me get this straight, somebody threatened my children, so you just up and leave them with my mother.”  Kevin knew the entire story he was just pointing out to her how stupid she had been.

“I thought they would leave you and the kids alone and come after me.”

“You did?”  The vein was beginning to pop out the side of neck like it always did when he was just short of exploding.

Bron backed her head up slightly only to have it pushed forward as Kevin’s hand swung behind her and shoved her towards him. 

Bron gasped and prepared for the worst after last night, her eyes tightly shut.

“Opening your fucking eyes and look at me.  Do not dare play that ‘I’m afraid of you card’ on me.  You aren’t afraid of me, you’ve never been afraid of me.  Right now, I’m really fuckin’ pissed at you.  Not just for leaving the kids but for being stupid enough to use yourself as some kind of bait for someone.  Your past is getting in the way of your thinking.  How dare you set yourself up as a target and not tell anyone, especially me.”  Kevin jumped away from her like a flame had burned him.

Bron sat motionless in the chair.

Kevin waved his index finger in her face.  “You ever fuck up like this again and I’ll make your life a living hell.”

Now Bron was getting pissed off.  “I don’t think so.  My life can’t get much worse at the moment.  I miss my kids, I missed you.”

“Shut up!”  Kevin reached for a pile of papers that he had again left on top of the refrigerator.

Kevin always hid things up there, she had to get a stool or climb the cabinets to get things, Bron thought.  She watched him slam the documents on the table.  This is sort of like last night, she groaned in her head.  Kevin gave the papers a shove in her direction.

Bron looked at the first one and then her mouth fell open wide enough you could drive a semi-tractor trailer into it.  “Where did you get these?  These are mine.”

“Gee, you’re pretty defensive over a bunch of letters that threaten everything near and dear to us.”  Kevin dropped in the chair and was shaking his head at her.

“That’s not what I mean….”

Kevin watched her face turn paler and paler as the ramifications that he knew everything fell into place for her.  He was antsy from too much coffee and now he was getting hungry.  As he let her sit and simmer he ordered a takeout meal.

Bron was dizzy.  If anyone had seen these besides Kevin or anyone in his family, her children were in danger.  Reading a few letters over again while she waited for him to get off the phone, when he did she asked, “Where are the kids?”

“The kids are safe…”   Pausing as he debated whether he should tell her that she would see them tomorrow or not.  This sucked, but thank God for friends.  Nick cancelled his cruise appearance at Howie’s fundraiser.  Nah, I’m not going to tell her, he mused in his head.  Then he went back to why she was originally here to begin with.  “They’re coming down tomorrow with some help from some very dear friends.”

“Thank you,” Bron smiled at him, it was a smiled filled with relief.  “Kev, seriously if anybody saw these…”

“Nobody knows about this but Tim, Suzie, and Andrew of course,” Kevin let it slip out.

“Oh poor Andrew.”  Bron’s head whipped up.  “You don’t think this is Andrew, tell me you don’t, please?”

“It’s not, at least I don’t feel like it is.  So let’s sit down and try and figure who and why.  We’ll take it from there.”

Bron dashed back to the bedroom, Kevin rolled his eyes.  “If that woman walked anywhere, I would be scared.”

Bron bought a tablet back and set in front of him.  “I went back and tried to remember everything I could about each occurrence in the letter.  Not everyone was there all the time, it’s not that cut and dry.”

“And you have a list, which is a little too short.”  Kevin looked down the sheet she had written on, every name was crossed off but Mc’s.

“What do you mean?”  Bron watched Kevin get up and search for a something to write with. 

Finding a pencil, he sat back down in the chair next to her.  Scooting closer, his chair was almost touching hers.  He began writing with his left hand as his right hand bounced up and down on her. 

His hand would stop and then bounce again.  This was Kevin’s normal reaction when he was nervous, first he would try to calm himself and then he would just bounce his hand off anything he could.  Bron watched him write down more names.  “Jake and Stevie?  Come on Kevin, no way.”

“Hey, we don’t know, we’re going to start with a full list and narrow it down.”  Bron was stressing as he wrote down every single person he could think of.  “I did that already,” she basically whined at him.

Kevin turned to his head towards the side to face her; leaning forward, he pressed his lips to hers, giving her a gentle kiss.  “Calm down Witch, we’ll figure something out.  We’re going to start from scratch and then we go from there.  Okay?”

Bron nodded a yes to him.






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