~The Binding~


It almost became the explosion that rocked Nagoya.  More buzz for the rags as the boys put it.  If it wasnít for a fast thinking group of friends, one contact man, two bodyguards, and some cold hard cash, everyone would have known that Bronwyn Richardson had served her husband with divorce papers while he was in Japan finishing up the Black and Blue Tour.

Shock rolled through the entire BSB camp.  Everything seemed normal with the couple.  They just had a son a month ago.  When Kevin found out that Andrew, Kaylin, and Cooper were at his motherís house and Bron was nowhere to be found, he went insane.  The hotel suite was destroyed.  Bits and pieces of what was once fine antique furniture, littered the floor. 

Kevin's friends and band mates paid for the damages under an agreement that nothing about the incident would be revealed, ever.

The boys propped Kevin up for the last show and they took a chartered plane bound straight for Lexington.  After the Lexington stop, everyone would be delivered to their destinations.



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