Chapter 1

"So you want to know what's going on over there.  I'll tell you what’s going on over there, she is telling them a story that they want to hear," Stevie spoke.  The boys turned their attention to the group of ladies.

“Lets see.  A bunch of them is sucking so hard on their straws their lungs are going to come out.  Look three sets of eyebrows went up over there." discreetly pointing.  "Whoa!  This must be about sex again, two of them just fished ice out of their glasses to chew on."  Judging by the reaction over his shoulder the guys were enjoying this little narrative. 

Stevie turned his attention back to the ladies.  All of a sudden he saw her dive into the glass and pull out some ice; very slowly she licked it with her tongue.  Quickly Stevie glanced up over his shoulder.  He saw eyebrows shoot up to the ceiling.  Damn, that wasn't supposed to happen.  Stevie had to think fast before the hormonal rush between the two tables slammed into each other.

"Bronwyn!”  Stevie yelled.  The ice flew out of her hand to the floor.  She turned and glared at him for scaring her.  Stevie pointed to the gentlemen above him and yelled, "Someone wants to meet you!"

Bron's mind was frozen at what she saw seated above Stevie's right shoulder.  They looked at her, waved, and smiled.

All the ladies turned to what Stevie wanted.  Mary was the first to yell, "Holy Shit!"  She quickly covered her mouth and promptly turning seven shades of red.  The guys laughed and Howie winked at her.

Stevie was trying to judge Bron's reaction, she was either going to come over or run like hell right out the door.  Watching her as she held her hand up in a gesture as to say wait a minute.

Nick stated "Gee, that's a different reaction."  Stevie looked over his shoulder and grinned.  He knew she was weighing her options and deciding what she wanted to do. 

She walked over and Stevie introduced her to them one by one.  They were very polite, even a little over eager to impress he thought.

Stevie was thinking if she finds out I told them what she does I will be picking my teeth up off the floor.

Nick looked at her and just blurted out "Hey, he told us you are one of our fan fic writers.  Who's your favorite to write about?"

Howie's face went white, A.J. snickered looking at Nick "Leave it to you, ya idiot.” 

Kevin was laughing so hard he had to cover his eyes with his hands to stop them from tearing.  He uncovered them in time to watch the scene unfold in front of him. 

Stevie's mouth opened to try and explain but he knew it was way to late.

Bron stood there glaring at him, her eyes went coal black and she was clenching and unclenching her fists at her sides.  Bron was going postal.  Stevie was debating whether he needed to put his hands up to defend himself or not.

The ladies were watching what was going down not to far from them.  They couldn't figure out what was going on but a roar came from the boys' table, they were watching Bron.  Amy and Mary just looked at each other they couldn't believe it but the boys must really like Bron.  A war hoop came from the ladies table.  Amy stood up by hooking her heels onto the rung of the bar stool and yelled, "Go Kaylin!”  Her face blanched realizing the mistake she had just made.  Mary dragged her back down to her stool.

Bron was still glaring at Stevie when the shout rang through her ears.  She couldn't believe it.  There was a code about using pen names in public and you damn well do not use when the people you write about are standing in front of you.  Amy was gonna get her ass kicked. 

Stevie knew she wasn't privy to the previous conversation just before she walked over.  He glanced over his shoulder.  Nick looked star struck, A.J. and Howie were clueless and Kevin looked like he just wanted to haul off and smack her. 

Bron turned to the boys.  "Excuse me I have to take care of something," and she walked back to her group.  Inside she was quaking but she calmed herself by saying to herself what are the chances that they read it or knew who she was.

Nick looked at Stevie "That's her, that's really her!" all excited.  Stevie just nodded a yes to him.  A.J. and Howie were puzzled.  Nick reminded them that she's the one that wrote the new fic about Train.  "God I can't believe I got to meet her!”  Nick exclaimed.

A.J. and Howie sat totally amused.  Stevie looked at Kevin waiting for a reaction.  The face had anger written all over it, but it was mixed with something else that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

The ladies were doing shots again Stevie noticed, both Bron and Mary were chewing Amy's ass out for screwing up.

Bron walked over, stood by Stevie and looked up at the guys.  "I apologize for my rudeness I had to take care of something.  All of us wanted to thank you for a wonderful show and a great time." she said sweetly.

Stevie watched her and figured it took three shots of tequila to screw her courage up to pull that off.  They all chimed back "You're welcome!"

Nick looked at her and grinned.  He slapped Kevin on the back "Kev and I want to know when you are going to put the next chapter of Night Train up?"

Stevie watched her eyes nearly roll out of her head.  "You read it?" she squeaked out. 

"Yeah it's fun.”  Nick replied. 

All that she could was look at Howie and Nick sitting on one side of Kevin.  She did not even dare look at A.J. because she would have to go past Kevin to see him.  Oh, shit!  What do I do she heard her self scream inside.  She wished there was a hole in the floor she could dive into and hide.  Dammit just somebody shoot me, she begged internally.  Just don't look at him, don't look at him, she chanted to herself in her head. 

Kevin cleared his throat and she like an idiot looked at him.  "Problem?" he said with one eyebrow raised.

She stammered out a "No."

Bron had to get away from them.  Oh my God!  Green eyes looked like he would choke her if he had the chance.

Bron turned to Stevie and glared at him.  "I didn't tell them!" he emphatically told her. 

"Let the party begin!" she growled at him and she walked sideways back to the ladies doing a funky little dance on the way.  Stevie groaned out loud. 

Stevie watched her chat with for a split second with the ladies and walk straight to the bar.  She spoke to the bartender as she turned and pointed to the guys, then Stevie, and finally the ladies.  A fistful of cash was slammed onto the bar.  The bartender just smiled and nodded.  He then handed her a piece of paper and she pranced up to the DJ.

"Oh Fuck, here we go, damn it!" Stevie moaned out loud. 

A.J. looked at him "What's the matter?" 

"She just hit overdrive she is really embarrassed.”  Stevie quipped.  Stevie heard a deep voice say, "She should be." 

Stevie knew who that came out of, "Well it makes my job a lot harder," he answered without looking at him.

The waitress delivered a bottle of Cuervo to the ladies and a round of drinks.  She came to Stevie and filled his cup and went back to bar.  She returned with a round of drinks for the boys.  The boys went to pay and the waitress refused the money.  "The lady is paying she said she is here to party." she stated as pointed to Bron

Stevie sighed out loud and looked for her.  Bron was still up with the DJ, bent over, shuffling CD's, and writing.  She glanced at Stevie and grinned.

Bron started to walk to Stevie and kept walking to the steps behind him.  She walked up to the boys.  The girls were grinning in anticipation; they knew Bron was up to something.  Standing behind Howie, she tapped Nick on the shoulder.  "Come on Sunshine I need your help." 

Nick just shrugged and followed her.

Bron lead him to the dance floor.  Stevie actually was getting worried.  He asked Kevin where their security was.  Kevin told him outside of the doors so no one could get in.  "Why do you think we need them?" he asked. 

Stevie snickered "You might."





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