Chapter 10

Once at the hotel Stevie carried Bounce down the corridor to their room.† Bron unlocked the door and was greeted with, "What the Fuck are you doing here?"

Bron and Stevie both froze instantly. †Stevie then proceeded to the bedroom and put Bounce to bed.†

When Stevie came back he found Bron backed in a corner by Mc, who was getting ready to strike her.†† Running up behind them, he pulled Mc away from her.† "Stop this, I know youíre upset but don't you dare hit her."

Mc turned to him, "I will do anything I want with her, she's mine."† Stevie knew Mc was angry, but in all the years they had been together, he had beat her a couple of times, but that didn't make it right in Stevie's eyes.† Stevie didn't want it to be one of these times now either.

Mc pulled Bron out of the corner and shook her violently.† "Do you know how dangerous this is?"† Bron nodded yes to him.† "Did you think that I wouldn't find out that you were here?" he asked her.† She didn't answer him and he shook her harder, "Did you?"† Finally she shook her head yes.††

Bron couldn't talk she was to afraid with Mc going off on her like this.†† She just didnít want to get the shit kicked out of her again.

"I know this was your idea and not his," Mc was speaking to her in a low growl.† "You always have a way of getting your own way don't you Sparky."† Bron dropped her head and looked at the floor.† "Well missy, turn your ass around, and pack up your things, you are going home right now."

Rage welled up from deep inside Bron.††† She snarled at him, "No I'm not!† You are not dragging my kid out this late at night and I have plans."

Mc started grinning at her and glanced at Stevie, "She's bacccck!"

Turning back to her he saw she was twice as angry, "Looks like I turned you up a notch.† Sparky what were you thinking?"† Mc demanded and waited for an answer.† "Hmmm, must be that little Backstreet Boy that has you all twisted up inside," he answered for her.

Stevie couldn't believe he said that to her.† Mc knew everything Bron did but that was the one thing that he never discussed with her.† Stevie gave him copies only because Mc was amused by it.† Both of the men knew that the real Bron was nothing like the writer Bron.

"Are you turning into one of those groupies Bron?"† Bron's hand came up and went for Mc's face.† He knew it was coming and was waiting for it, snagging it in mid air.†

He waited a bit and let her stew.† "Fine, weíll stay until morning, but then I'm hauling your ass home and you better stay there," Mc announced to her.† Grabbing her by the face, "Don't you ever pull a stunt like this again," he warned her and then let her go.

"You don't own me Mc, I can come and go as I please," Bron snapped at him and continued.† "I'm not married to you, I don't answer to you, and I'm not a relative of yours.† Do you understand me?"

"Bron I'm not getting into that tonight with you, we both know better and I'm tired," Mc informed her.

"I hate you!" she hissed at him.†

"Some days you do, some days you don't, but we will always be linked and you know it.† I love you, and you will always be mine until I say otherwise," Mc chided her.

Bron glared at him, "You have a funny way of showing it don't you Mc.† How much do you love me Mc?† Not enough evidently."

"Look Sparky, you made the decision a long time ago.† The cards were all out on the table, you were told that it was for life; you were fine with it.† Whether we were together or not."† Mc repeated like he had said a million times before.

Bron stomped to the door and started to open it, promptly it shut with force.† "Where the hell do you think youíre going?† The bedroom is the other way." he asked her loudly.†

"I'm going to meet my friends downstairs in the bar, Okay with you," she told him with a snotty attitude.

"No youíre not and no itís not okay," ripping her hand off the doorknob.

Bron was so furious she kicked the door.† Stevie thought maybe she should go just to cool off before this situation got any worse than it already was.

Stevie spoke to them both,† "She has a date with Kevin.† You have to let her go.† It wonít look right if you donít."

Both heads spun back to Stevie.† Bron was in utter shock and Mc was borderline hysterical but wasn't showing it.

Stevie glanced at them both, "Iíve already checked out the bar, it's fine, she can even go by herself."† Mc eyed Stevie knowing something was up and that he wanted Bron out of the way for awhile.

"Oh, she does huh, testing some of your writing skills Sparky."† Mc laughed out.†

Bron was starting to freak out and they both knew it.† "Go, but you stay in the bar and nowhere else understood," Mc commanded her.

Bron walked out the door and headed for the elevator with Stevie right behind her.† "Bron wait!" he grabbed her arm.† She stopped to listen to him.† "Please don't be stupid again, he didn't mean anything by that remark about the writing."

"Yes he did and you know it," Bron looked at him.† "Stevie, when is he going to get out of my life?"

Stevie dropped his head, "Probably never because he still feels guilty, it's been 16 years Bron and now you're alone."† Stevie thought about it, "He saw you through all your rough spots and always will."†

Bron looked at him, "He's caused a lot of my rough spots."† Bron decided to drop it; it was a lost cause.† "Don't bring Kevin up again Stevie, there is nothing going on there and there will be nothing," Bron spoke to the elevator door.

"I think there is more going on than you want to see Bron.† I saw what happened backstage."† Bron eyes opened wide.† "You're a big girl that part of your life is not mine business.† It's not Mc's either even though he thinks it is."†††† Stevie leaned forward wiggled his eyebrows and kissed her cheek.† "Have fun, I have to go deal with The Boss."

Bron giggled, "I love you!† You keep me sane."† Kissing him back she got on the elevator.

Stevie walked back to the room knowing that a war was going to erupt.† Thinking to himself, the only thing saving him right now is the fact that Bounce was there.†

Stevie walked in the door and it started. "Who do you work for?" he heard.


"What's your job?"

"To protect Bron, among other things."

"Then you better stop screwing up and caving into her or I'll find someone else to do it."

"I hear you."

"If anything happens to her here, you will pay the price."

Stevie let out an exasperated sigh, "Fine."† Heís so damn dramatic about this shit, he groaned in his head.† When we get home things are going to change.† "Mc did you do what you said you were going to do if I took her to Toronto?"† Stevie asked afraid of the answer.†

"Yes I did, I told you I would," Mc answered tediously.†

"That's not right Mc.† You told me it was my choice to take her."

"No Stevie, I gave you the option to make a choice.† If she stayed home things would stay the same.† If she went to Toronto then she was getting out of control.† I can't have that," Mc answered him.†

"But you said it was my choice,Ē he huffed back at him.

Mc got up and walked across the hall, came back, and dropped an envelope in Stevie's lap.† Mc spoke as Stevie opened the envelope and skimmed the documents.† "Don't blame me because you made the wrong choice."

Stevie's eyes were getting wider and wider as he read the documents.† "Mc you can't do this to her, this is so wrong, itíll break her," he paused, "You took it all!" extremely upset.

"That's right.† Bron owns nothing now.† I have her house, her car, and her money.† All I have to do is sign the top copy and fax it to my lawyer and everything is owned by whoever signs that line," Mc smiled.† "Now we will see if Miss Independent will follow the rules.† By the way, Stevie I know youíre sleeping there and it better not be in her bed because I will kill you myself."

Stevie jaw dropped he knew that it was pointless to go any further.† Yes he wanted more of a relationship with Bron but the timing wasnít right yet.† The paper hadn't been signed yet but he knew Mc would do it if Bron continued acting the way she was.† He heard himself say thank God I never did get that far with her.

Stevie asked Mc, "Have you gotten anywhere with this problem.† Did you find him yet?"

"No, I need to cool off," Mc told him as he walked out the door.†






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