Chapter 11

Bron sat in the hotel bar feeling out of place and upset.  The girls weren't there yet and she felt uncomfortable sitting by herself.  She was hoping Kevin wouldn't show up until after everyone else did.  She didn't mean to hurt him but her temper got the better of her.  Not only that she didn't want round three tonight.  Some of the band and dancers started to roll in she relaxed as they did.  She took off her jacket and laid it on the bar stool.  A.J., Mary, Howie, and Gillian bopped in the door being very loud as always, she thought. 

A.J. walked up to her, "Hey sweetie did you recover yet?"  Bron blushed. 

Mary looked at him, "Stop it, leave her alone." 

"Well Mare, Train ain't use to hearing No," A.J. flashed a smile and Bron's face turned redder. 

Bron smiled at A.J., "He got the point." 

A.J. roared, "He sure did baby."

"Where are Nick and Amy?"  Bron asked looking at Mary. 

A.J. smiled, "Nookie baby, nookie!"

"Didn't take them long did it," Bron remarked.

Howie walked over giving Bron a hug, he whispered in her ear, "Ya gotta stop hurtin' that boy."  Bron giggled quietly.

They all watched Kevin walk in, finally walking normal.  He headed straight for her and she backed up into the bartop.  They were all waiting for the explosion when the two tempers met. 

"Wanna dance?" he asked Bron. 

"Uh, Uh, Okay, can you?" she stammered out, totally shocked.

He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the dance floor.  The entire group followed them onto the dance floor.  They danced a couple of songs without speaking.  Bron had to admit being held by him was as good as she had written.  He smelled like a man, and felt like one too.  It’s been to long, she said to herself.

Everyone decided to call it a night.  Bron walked back to the stool and picked up her jacket.  Kevin turned to her "Come on, I'll walk you up." 

Bron started eyeing him warily and he knew it.  "Ok," she slipped her jacket on and jammed her hands in her pockets.

They were all standing waiting for the elevator and Bron was fidgeting.  She felt something in her jacket pocket.  Hmm, I don't remember putting that there, she thought.  She pulled it out and unfolded it. 

She read it once and cried out, "OH NO!" her hands stated to shake and the color ran out of her face. 

Mary saw it first and grabbed the paper from her.  She read it and exclaimed, "Jesus!"  She grabbed Bron and ran for the stairs, dragging Bron with her.  She turned back to the group and screamed, "Get to Stevie Now!"

Mary ran up eight flights of stairs dragging Bron along.  She threw open the door of the eight floor stairwell and started yelling Stevie's name.  Stevie came flying out of the room and a gentleman came from another.  Bron was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't talk the tears started coming from her eyes.

Mary jammed the note in Stevie's hand and he read it aloud.

Hello Chica, How's Bounce?  Have you missed me? 

I've missed you. Are you still thinking of him, do you miss him?

"Get inside now!"  Mc yelled.  Just then the elevator dinged and the door opened.  Bron and Mary were literally thrown into the room and the door slammed shut.

Bron went and sat on the couch shaking, paralyzed with fear.  Mary sat with her rubbing her hands, talking to her, "It's ok, it's ok, nothing is going to happen, relax it's safe now."

Mary decided to change the subject, "Bron, is that Mc with Stevie?  I have never met him I have only spoken to him on the phone," she asked softly. 

Bron picked her head up "Yes."

Mary heard the footsteps running down the hall from the elevator.  Amy shouting, "What's wrong!" in the hallway.  Mc was screaming back at her, "Who the hell are you?  Get out of here!"

Gillian screamed, "Fuck you!  We’re her friends, get out of my way!" 

Mary was getting upset with all the commotion in the hall as she watched Bron go into a daze.

Gillian barreled into the room and everyone followed her.  Mc turned to Stevie, "Who the hell are these people?  Get them out of here now."

Mary looked at Bron; she had enough.  She stood up, walked directly to him, and got in his face.   "Shut the hell up she doesn't need this.  They're her friends and they are staying!" she yelled at him.

The boys were just standing there watching, wondering the same thing, who the hell was this guy.

Mc looked at Mary once up and down, which made A.J. twinge a little.  "You must be Mary," looking her in the eye. 

"Yes I am, Mc," she replied just so the rest of the group knew who they were dealing with.  "Great," he grumbled.

Mc walked over to Bron very quietly and motioned Amy and Gillian away.  Sitting down next to her he placed his hands on either side of her face so she would look at him.  The tears came faster and faster as her shoulders started to shake. 

"Oh, baby come here," he said softly.  She crawled into his lap, put her head down on his shoulder, and wrapped her arms around his neck.  The sobs were coming so fast she started to hiccup, then she started to slow down. The whole time he just held her and spoke soothing words to her to try to reassure her.  Now she was scared and had every reason to be.

The group was stunned.  They couldn't believe this.  In the two days they had been together they couldn't believe this was Bron.  She was vulnerable, they wouldn't have ever known it.  This was a side of her they would've never seen.

Kevin backed himself in the corner and crossed his arms.  He didn't like not knowing what was going on and what the hell was that guy doing holding his fic writer.  Brian kept glancing between what was going on at the couch and his cousin.  Kevin showed no emotion on his face, but Brian saw that he was getting angrier by the second and he knew why.

Mc grabbed Bron's face and spoke softly into her eyes, "I love you; you know that right?"  She responded by nodding up and down.  "I promised you that day that nothing would happen to you ever again right?"  She nodded an ascent again.  "It won't, I promise, come on bedtime for you."  He stood up still holding her and silently carried her to the bedroom where Bounce was sleeping.  She had gone from a strong woman to a vulnerable child in less than five minutes.

Brian looked at Kevin, "Check it Kev, you aren’t going to do any good by going off."  A.J. looked at Brian, then Kevin, and back to Mary. 

Nick was watching Kevin have an inner battle with himself.  He knew this was going to happen if they had ever met.  Kevin was falling fast and hard for her.  Seeing her with someone else solidified it for him.

Nobody said a word; you could have heard a pin drop.  The boys and Mary realized Kevin was still getting angry. Brian shook his head and spoke very loudly, "Check it Kev!"  Only the boys could tell that Kevin was wrestling with himself inside his mind, they knew him well enough.  A.J. watched and saw him make his final decision.  He wanted her, even if she didn't want him.

A.J. looked at Kevin "You're dreaming.  He won't let you near her and she doesn't want you.  You don't even know her."

Kevin pushed himself off the wall, "I know her better than you think," as he smiled at Nick.  Nick returned a very wide grin to him.

Stevie looked at Kevin angrily, "No, I won't stand for it, it's not what she wants or needs.  This isn't a fic."

The bedroom door opened and was quietly shut, all eyes turned to Mc.  He crossed the room and drove Stevie to the floor with his fist.  "You bastard, I told you there would be a price to pay if anything happened to her." he spoke in an icy tone.  "You don't take what is mine and drag her anywhere she pleases."

Stevie came up off the floor and nailed Mc back the same way; "This is actually all your fault," he ground out.

Mary interrupted the exchange, "Excuse me but what are you two doing?"  They turned to her at the same time and let go of each other. 

Exchanging glances, the understood fighting wasn’t going to solve the dilemma.   Stevie turned to Mc, "We've got work to do."

Turning to the group Stevie asked, "Could you give us some privacy please?" 

Amy looked at Nick, he turned towards the group, "Come on let's go."  Brian followed behind them, but the rest didn't budge.  Stevie looked at the ones who remained, but not trusting himself to look at Kevin after what he had just announced.

Mc's eyes settled on Mary he was waiting.  "No, we're not leaving," Mary informed him .

"You can't get involved with this," he stated to them. 

"We already are," Howie spoke looking at Kevin. 

Mc looked at Howie, "Fine but you were warned, now stay out of my way."

Mc started to pace ignoring everyone in the room but Stevie, "We gotta get her off this floor it's not secure."

"Who did you bring with you?"  Stevie asked. 

"Nobody, I didn't think that you were that sucked in by her to be so stupid.  Nor did I expect what belongs to me to be in a different state," Mc answered dryly.

Stevie's eyes popped, "What are you talking about?"

"I told you she is to stay home!  Come on Stevie you fell for her again or you wouldn't have went against my orders.  Choice or no choice you should've known better," Mc spoke as he raised his eyebrows. 

Stevie lowered his head. 

"Now she's in danger again because you can't handle her or tell her no and stick to it like a man," Mc sighed. "She bats her eyelashes at you, or blows her top and you cave in every time," Mc paused, "By the way, nice shiner she gave you, did you get that before or after you gave into her?"

"Any ideas?"  Stevie asked, ignoring Mc even though he knew he was right. 

"Well now we have to worry about everyone not just her and that complicates things."  Mc continued thinking aloud and pacing, "If they were seen with her, they aren't safe.  He took a big risk to get to her tonight."  Mc expelled a long breath trying to think.  "These guys have their own security, no worry there," as he pointed to the boys.

Howie stood up and offered his hand for Mc to shake.  Mc sized him up, grabbed his hand and shook it, "And you would be?" 

"Howie," was the reply.  "Hello Howie," glaring at him. 

"I have an idea that might help," Howie told him.






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