Chapter 12

Howie looked at Mc, "We have the entire top floor.  We could move the ladies up there.  We've kind of paired off anyway, Mary's with A.J., Amy and Nick, Gillian and I," Howie stopped and looked at Kevin.  "Anyway, we have enough security up there to keep an army out and it would make things easier on everyone."

Howie looked at Gillian; she looked a little scared.  Mc started to pace the floor again.

"It would make it easier," Stevie reminded him. 

"Fine it works for me," Mc replied.

Stevie looked at Gillian giving her orders, "Get Amy, Nick, your things, and go upstairs now."

They heard the tub filling in the bathroom that connected to the bedroom.

Stevie lowered his voice looking at Mc, "What about Bounce?  They shouldn't be together it makes it to easy for him."

A.J. looked at Stevie and whispered, "Brian, he's good with kids and he has an extra bed." 

"Fine, wait a minute," Mc said.  Mc walked into the bedroom and woke Bounce.  Everyone could see him talking to her.  She followed Mc out and grabbed Gillian's hand.  Mc looked a Howie, "Go and get her settled for me, please?"  Howie and Gillian made a hasty exit.

Mc looked at Stevie, "One left, what to do about her now?"

Kevin looked at Mc ,"She can stay with me." 

Mary's eyes widened, "No, that's not a good idea." 

"Why not?"  Kevin asked her, narrowing his eyes. 

"Because you scare the hell out her, she's afraid of you and you know it."

Mc looked at the tall man standing in front of him bickering with Mary.  "Are you Kevin?" he asked.

"Yes." he answered flatly.  Not knowing what was really going on and unsure of the person he was dealing with. 

"Mmm, you sure about this?  Sparky has a temper!"  Mc questioned him. 

"Sparky!”  Kevin repeated wrinkling his nose.  Mc chuckled at the face he was making.

Stevie smiled, "Yeah, Sparky, it doesn't take much to light her fuse and watch the fireworks," he laughed.

Kevin and A.J. chuckled as Mary frowned.  Grow up you fools, this isn’t the time to dish the woman, she wanted to say to them. 

"I don't know, she means a lot to me.  She has to be somewhere where she just can't leave if she wants to or suck someone in to doing for her," he spoke as he turned to Stevie and then back to Kevin.

Kevin smiled wickedly, "No problem."  Mc glanced at A.J. who was wearing a big grin and nodding his yes.

Stevie said, "I don't know; she doesn't like him."  He was trying to sway Mc the opposite way.

Mary looked at Stevie, "Yes she does, you know Bron, she just doesn't want to admit it.  She is scared of him though."  Stevie glared at her knowing that Mc valued her opinion as far as Bron was concerned as he heard A.J. and Kevin chuckle.

Mary confirmed Mc suspicions.  He turned to Kevin, "Tell you what Mr. Backstreet Man, if you can go toe to toe with her, I'll let you TRY."

Stevie's jaw hit the floor, "What!"

Mc turned to him, "Look she is going to drive us nuts, she's done it for years, give him a shot."  He paused, "Mary says that she likes him well enough, but we know what a stubborn woman Bron can be.  Besides she would have instant security," he chortled. 

"But, you can't just give her to a stranger.  You can't play matchmaker for her," Stevie stammered. 

"No buts Stevie, you can't have her, you can't handle her.  It's a done deal,”  Mc replied with finality.  “Besides I think Kevin here may be just the one to tame old Spark down,” he said as he gave Kevin a devious grin. 

"She isn't going to like this or accept it.  She'll run," Stevie said not accepting Mc decision. 

"Since when has she ever liked or accepted what I've done for her.  Besides where is she going to run to?  I did my paperwork remember," Mc answered him.  His exasperation with the situation growing.  No way in hell would Bron spend any amount of romantic time with Stevie, not as long as he was alive.

The bedroom door opened and she came out and walked to Mary.  "I'm sorry Mary that you got caught up in this."

"It's ok, don't worry," she answered.

Bron didn't want to ask Mc afraid to even look at him.  "Where's Bounce?" in a panicky voice she asked her. 

Mary looked at her and grabbed her hand; she patted it in a motherly fashion.  "Mc and the boys think we need to be upstairs with them so we're all going to bunk together.  Go get your things, Okay," she paused, "Bounce is all ready fast asleep upstairs, she's with Brian and she's fine."  Bron turned, leveled an angry set of eyes at Mc for a moment and then went to the bedroom.

Mc glanced at Kevin and they both laughed out loud.

Mary stood there for a minute looking at Mc, he was grinning at what Bron had just done.  "If you want to miss the fireworks you better get going," Mc told her.  Hearing that A.J. and Mary were out the door, closing it behind them, and shaking their heads. 

"Well Richardson if you want her you can have her," Mc grinned, saying it loud enough for her to hear.

They heard a bang in the bedroom and she was at the door.  "What the fuck did you just tell him?"  She yelled at Mc.

"Well you see baby everyone paired off, we don't have a place to put you, but with him," Mc spoke as he pointed to Kevin and started laughing.  He couldn’t have done any better had he planned this entire thing.

Kevin stood there leaning back on the wall his arms crossed grinning from ear to ear.

Bron walked up to Mc and poked him in the chest, "You're nuts, he wants to kill me already."  She struggled to take a breath as the rage began to eat at her.  "Besides the giving of people went out a couple of hundred years ago, you ape."

Mc raised his eyebrows at her; Bron knew it meant he wasn't kidding.  "You can't give me away.  I'm not furniture," she hissed in his face.

Mc grabbed her by the shoulders, "Yes I can and I will if it will keep you alive.  I let C.W. have you didn't I?" as he dropped his hands.

Bron struggled to hold what little composure she had left and looked at Kevin.  No way baby am I sleeping anywhere near that man she thought, not after what happened in the billiard room.  She turned back to Mc, "I'll sleep with you.  I’ll be safer that way."

Mc coughed, "What's the matter Sparky, you pushin' people's buttons again."

Anger ripped threw her eyes.  The bastard has known me to long and I'm not going to be pushed around any more she screamed in her head.  Mc eyed very carefully knowing she was hitting her boiling point.  Watching her, he warned her, "You hit me and I will smack you back you're not dealing with Stevie."

Kevin came forward, towards her, and she backed up three steps to his one.

Mc's eyebrows shot up and he glanced at Kevin, "I'll be damned!" he exclaimed delightedly.

Bron looked at Mc, "JACKASS!" she spat.

Kevin came forward again, cocked his head sideways, bent down and got nose to nose with her.  Bron didn't flinch; she held her ground. 

"You'll be just fine with me darlin’.  We need to talk anyway," he purred with a slow southern drawl and flashed her grin.  Bron had to gulp to catch her breath as she started to shake.

Mc walked over to the door, opened it and held it open, "She's all yours Richardson."

Bron's jaw was falling open in utter shock.  She was staring at Mc, and Stevie who had joined him.  OH MY GOD, he's not kidding she said to herself.  He is really doing this! 

She wasn't paying attention to what was going on in front of her.  Kevin bent down picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.  It took Bron a minute to register the world had just went upside down.

She started flailing around and he tightened his grip on her legs so she wouldn't fall.  "You son of bitch put me down!" she screeched.

He walked to the door, "Thanks for the present guys!" he roared. 

Mc gave him a pat on the back, "Good Luck!  You are going to need it."

Kevin let out an evil chuckle as he went down the hallway which scared the hell out of Bron.

She started yelling, "Stevie, I'm gonna kill you."  She tried to throw herself off of his shoulder but his grip on her was to tight. 

Kevin pinched her thigh, "Shut up you're to noisy!"  She yelped out from surprise.

The elevator was already there and open, he walked straight into it.  "Mc you don't know what you've done!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Mc called down the hall, "Yes I do baby, you have finally met your match," laughing as he answered her and the doors slammed shut.

Bron tried to get a grip on her anger in the elevator thinking polite may be the way to go with this. 

"Kevin?" she said sweetly. 


"Could you put me down?" she purred. 


"Please Kev," she pleaded. 

"Nope, not until we’re there," he replied. 

"Kev, I'm really getting pissed, put me down," she snapped at him. 

"You'll get over it," he said calmly.

The bell chimed and the door opened.  There were people everywhere.  "Oh no," she whispered. 

She tensed, he felt it run through her body as she became rigid, he laughed, which enraged her even more.

As people stopped and gaped she started pummeling him in the back with her fists.  "Put me down you ape!" she screamed.

If she hits me one more time I’m going to hit her back he thought, "Stop hitting me Bron, I mean it," he commanded. 

Anger surged through her, she started hitting him with everything she had and trying to throw herself off of his shoulder. 

"DAMMIT, I'M GONNA BEAT YOUR ASS YOU DO THAT AGAIN!" came booming out of him. 

Mary and A.J.'s door flew open hearing Kevin yell.  Looking out, they were greeted by Bron hanging off of Kevin's shoulder beating the hell out of him and screaming. 

Pretty soon all the doors were open and they were gawking at her.  That was it; she locked her hands together, made a fist and nailed him right in the lower back with everything she could muster.  Who the fuck does he think he is she was yelling to herself.

He grunted from the pain, "I warned ya!"  A loud smack was echoed down the entire corridor as Kevin's hand landed on her bottom with brute force.  Bron wailed “Owwww,” out loud from the pain. 

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP IT!" he shouted.

He reached his room and pushed the door open.  Everyone was in the hallway waiting for what was to come next.  The door was kicked shut with the heel of his boot, and then the distinct sound of a door lock click.

They all looked at each other, A.J. looked at Howie.  Nick's mouth was hanging open in complete shock and Brian was shaking his head back and forth. 

"Gonna be a long night,’" A.J. laughed and shut his door.






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