Chapter 13

Kevin strode through the suite directly into the bedroom.† He dropped her on the bed while she was still thrashing.† He turned, stalked out, and slammed the bedroom door shut without saying a word.

He needed a drink to settle his nerves and to clear is head.† He grabbed a glass, jerked the freezer door open, and jammed ice into the glass.† Walking to the bar he grabbed a bottle of something, filling the entire glass with the amber liquid.

Picking the glass up, he studied it, and threw its contents to the back of his throat, coughing a little as it burned on the way down.† He refilled the glass twice more before setting it in the sink.

What do I do, he thought.† I want her, she wants me, but something is in the way.† I saw her panic at the venue.† I have wanted her for so long, all the words, all the chapters.

Something inside him told him that what he was about to do was the right thing.† It went against every fiber of his moral being and the way he was raised.† But it still was the right thing to do for some unknown reason.† He had decided downstairs that she was his and now he was going to make sure she understood that too.† He turned and headed back to the bedroom door.

Bron sat on the bed with her knees bent and her boots tucked under her.† She was resting her head on her knees rocking back and forth.† I don't know what to do.† I am so tired of trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else.† What ever happens so be it, she heard herself say.

She heard the knob turn.† The hair on the back of her neck stood up.

He walked in and sat in the chair watching her and she him.† He bent down, pulled his boots and socks off, he pushed them aside never taking his eyes off her.† He stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt.† He saw that she flinched slightly as he finished.† The shirt was tossed to the back of the chair.† Reaching for the button on his jeans he undid the button and his zipper as her eyes widened.† Watching her eyes continuously as he started to drag his jeans and boxers down over his hips, she dropped her head to her knees and started rocking again.

Walking to the bed he knelt down in front of her.† Gently touching her hand he spoke softly, "Come on, let me."

"No," she whispered to him.

"Why?" he asked her gently.†

"It's not right," she replied to him.†

"What's not right?  It could be special.† We already know each other, you know that."

"I don't think so," came an angry reply as her head came up and then went back to her knees.†

Getting up he sat down next to her and simply stated, "You won't know unless you try, it's not like you haven't thought of how it would be between us."

With all the courage she could collect she lifted her head up and glared at him.† "Get away from me," she hissed.† She lowered her head back down on her knees.

Kevin stood up; his body was full of anger and desire.† He had wanted this for so long.† Somehow he knew this was meant to be, she needed to understand this.† He thought about everything Mc had said.†

"You wouldn't be here if Mc didn't want this to happen too," he spoke quietly.

"Fuck you and Mc, get in the right century," she said with her head still on her knees.

He turned back towards her, bent down, and placed his hands solidly on the mattress, one on each side of her feet.†

She picked her head up, silently questioning† him, she was afraid to take her eyes off his face.† "Fine then I guess I will do this the hard way," he said.† She gasped as he jerked her foot from underneath her, removed her boot, and then proceeded to do the same all over again to the other one.

She started to roll away and he pounced on her.† "Stop it!" she begged.† He didn't answer her as he started dragging the shirt off of her back along with her bra.

The more she fought the angrier he got.† Grabbing the top of her jeans he undid the button and zipper.† Picking her up off the mattress in a few swift movements the jeans were sent flying across the room.† He set her back down on the bed.

Bron tried to cover herself as she sat there in her panties but he jerked her arms to her sides.† The tears started to roll down her face and he felt pressure in his chest.† He gazed at her body for a moment, never speaking.† This is wrong but itís right, he said in his head.

He raised his eyes to hers.† The anger was starting to surface again.† He had to beat the anger before it controlled her, he knew her too well.† Bron ran on anger.

He reached down towards her hips and started tugging on her panties.† She started to roll away again; he tightened his grip as her underwear joined the rest of her clothes on the floor.† Bron brought her knees to her chest as he kneeled in front of her on the bed.

Looking at her again he loosened his grip slightly and started to speak in halted breaths.† "I want to do this right so stop fighting me, I don't want to hurt you.† I don't want it to be this way the first time between us, I want it to be special," as he lowered his head.† Knowing that what he planned could hurt her if she wasnít ready or relaxed.† She wasnít either at this point.

"Then stop this now," she pleaded, "If you want me to stop writing I will, that's the point of this."†

Kevin's head snapped up, it was blatant refusal to accept him.† "You don't get it do you?  You just don't get it," he said in an angry voice.†

He slammed her back into the mattress so hard she felt her brain slosh to the front of her head.† Before she could recover he had already forced her knees apart; took his position and began probing for the one spot he had desired for many months and so many chapters.†

Lowering his head he began to kiss her deeply and stroking her body.† He felt her tension ease and he slammed into her in one thrust.† She screamed into his mouth and started clawing at him.† Quickly he grabbed her hands in one of his, but stilled his body.† Damn I hurt her, I didnít want to, he said to himself.† Pausing he returned to her mouth kissing her lightly.† Whispering on her lips, "I'm sorry darlin', I'm so sorry...I didn't want to hurt you."† He started moving slowly inside of her keeping his trusts even and slow, waiting for her to respond to him.† Her body reacted naturally to the sensation of him inside of her and her legs wrapped around his waist, even though she was still fighting him in her head.†

He looked at her eyes, for they were a road map to her emotions, thoughts, and soul.† Her eyes were clamped shut.† "Darlin, look at me?" he asked tenderly.† She refused to open them.† He dropped her hands and cupped her face in his hand supporting himself with the other one.† "Bron, look at me please?" he asked desperately, "Bron please, I have to see what's going on with you."† She refused him again.

He couldn't take much more his body was racked and he was headed for his release.†

"Dammit open your eyes now!" he growled at her.† Her eyes flew open and he stared at them.† They weren't black with anger or that rich sable color he had grown accustom to seeing over the past two days.† They were hard like stone and cold like ice, reflecting only contempt.†

Suddenly it dawned at him, that odd chapter ran through his mind.† The contempt wasnít for him.† "Don't go there darlin... I'm not him... I'm not on paper either... It's me... I'm right here... Please don't go there baby!" he begged her, maintaining his pace.†

She turned her head away, paused, and then turned back to him.† She gazed at those lovely green eyes, it's okay, she said to herself.†

Her eyes were warming and he could see it.† She wrapped her arms around his neck.† "You're back," he whispered to her.† She whispered something on his neck that was almost inaudible to him because his heart was pounding in his ears.† She said it again, he heard it, "Thank you."

His thrusts came swift and hard as she matched his rhythm and they reached the ultimate peak together.† He collapsed on top of her crying her name out.† He lay there still inside of her wondering what had taken him so long for him to wake up and see it.† This is what had been the one thing he couldnít figure out.

Rolling off of her, he scooped her up, he then settled her next to him.† She laid her head on his chest and let out a contented sigh.† Waiting until her breaths came in a low and steady pattern he quietly got out of bed.† Covering her up he watched her curl into a ball and he smiled.

He walked across the room, grabbed a pair of sweats from the pile and walked out, quietly shutting the door.

Slipping into the sweats, he plopped on the couch and grabbed the remote.† There would be no sleep for him tonight.† Too many questions about the mystery girl sleeping in his bed, no, not a girl he thought that's a woman in my bed and I like her.

Kevin was still gazing at the television; it was 2:30 in the morning.† A soft knock was heard at his door.† He got up and opened the door.† Before him stood two men with a duffel bag.†

"Busy Kev?" they laughed.

Kevin whispered, "Sssh, she's sleeping."

The gentlemen were literally shocked.† They figured he would be lying on the floor bleeding by now.†

"We need to talk," Mc stated, very satisfied at the choice he had made early, he thought.

"Now!"† Kevin answered, as he questioned the mans' sanity inside his head.†

"Yes, Now," as they both came through the door.† The duffel was placed by the closed bedroom door.

"Fine, but keep it down," was his agitated reply.† Kevin settled on the couch, "Ok wassup?"

"I will tell you all of it, I know that you'll have questions but please save them for the end,"† Mc stated and looked at Kevin.†

Kevin nodded in agreement.† Only one thought crossed his mind, he needed more information.






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