Chapter 14

Mc launched into his speech, "Bron used to be mine until she walked away from me.† I love her very much.† I have watched over her for 16 years and I always will."† He halted taking a breath, looking at Kevin judging the reaction.†

"I met her at my bar.† A guy was hassling her one night after he asked her to dance and she refused him.† I interceded on her behalf.† She was cute, funny, and I liked her.† Her temper intrigued me the most."

Stevie interrupted, "You call slamming the guy's head into a concrete post interceding," he grinned.† Mc glared at him as Kevin tried to suppress a smile.†

"Anyway she was young and a very good dancer."† Mc rubbed his stubbled chin as he repeated his memories aloud.† "Too good really, from that day forward I use to have to constantly yank guys off the dance floor away from her," he grinned.† "She was there every night with her girlfriend Rose.† She would dance all night, get hammered and I would make sure she got home all right.† One thing led to another and we were an item."

Mc stopped and looked at Stevie as to say am I doing the right thing.† Stevie nodded.

Mc continued, "I have businesses that may not be to most peoples liking, nor are they legal.† One of the reasons Bron walked was that she doesn't like what I do; she wanted more than I could give her.† She didn't like having to be watched constantly because she was with me."

Mc looked, "One night we got into a fight at the bar."

Stevie sighed, "What a night that was."† Mc shot an angry glare at him.† "Sorry Mc," he said.†

"She broke it off right there in the bar that night.† She was so mad she walked to the end of the bar, crooked her little finger, calling a tall blonde forward.† She started dancing with him.† I let it go figuring she would simmer down."† Mc stopped remembering the moment, "I thought I would kill her when she left with him.† A few weeks later she walked in with the same guy.†

Kevin's eyebrows rose as he noted Stevie snickering.

Mc started pacing.† "I called him out that night in the middle of the bar.† I was going to kill him," Mc spoke angrily.

Stevie looked at Kevin, "Black Belt fifth degree," he whispered so as not to interrupt Mc.

"She knew I would kill him or at the very least hurt him badly.† I went to take make my first swing and she jumped between us.† She was all fired up, screaming at me, `I made my choice`.† I dropped my hands and walked out."† Mc sat down holding his head, "That is how I lost the one thing in this world I have ever desired, loved, and hated all at the same time.† I will love her to her dying day, but she can be so difficult to deal with."

He picked his head up, tears in his eyes, "I still interfered in her life as the years went by, she hated it, but knew it had to be.† We will always be connected and so she had to be guarded.† I know people that would use her to get to me.† Things have gotten much worse since her husband died.† She just DOESNíT listen to anybody and does what she damn well pleases, irregardless of the repercussions.† Itís not safe and she is so strong willed."

Kevin sat back on the couch and folded his hands behind his head.† "Well that's interesting," as he absorbed what he heard.† "Now it's my turn, in order, and when I'm done.† One, Stevie where do you really fit into this?† Two, was the blonde that you wanted to kill the man she married?† Three, who are you hiding her from and why?"† Kevin hesitated,† "Four, Who hurt her so bad that she doesn't want any man to touch her?"

Both of their jaws slid to the floor and eyes widened on number four.

Stevie went first looking at Kevin, "I run Mc's business interests when I'm not watching her.† I used to be her dance partner.† Mc used to think it would keep her out of trouble."

Kevin looked at him, "That explains Toronto and you love her too!"

Stevie nodded his ascent there was no sense in hiding it anymore from any of them.

Mc glanced at Kev,† "Number two, Yes he ended up becoming her husband," he ground out.† "And number three I'm hiding her from a guy named Solarez sort of," Mc answered.†

A name is one thing but Kevin wanted the why more than anything.† "More," Kevin spoke.†

"I got drunk about a year ago and slipped up to someone that I still loved and still watched over her after all these years.† I normally donít even drink.† Itís kind of funny since I own a bar.† People were starting to wonder, I never dated, had a relationship or married."† He blew out a breath, "Solarez found out and started terrorizing her and threatening her family.† I did what I could to protect both of them," Mc started to shake with rage.†

"A couple months later her husband was shot and killed.† She freaked, the police weren't getting anywhere with it so she came to me.† I called Solarez he said he had nothing to do with it, but he knew who did it.† He told me that wasn't his style," Mc was so enraged he could hardly speak.†

"Solarez's brother Lenny did it trying to win favor with his brother.† He figured he could crush me by hitting my heart, and it worked.† Lenny wants to kill Bronwyn to ruin me.† If anything happened to her, it would kill me.† Lenny is a bad egg.† He is here and he is a psycho.† He has brought this to an entire new level by threatening her."

Mc looked at Kevin, "Now you know, the rest is up to you, but remember this isn't fiction it's very real and if you hurt her I'll kill you."

Stevie stood up and headed for the door.† Mc started to follow.†

In a venomous tone Kevin reminded them, "You didn't answer number four."

Mc turned to him "I don't know, she came to me a virgin and left a virgin, that's the other reason she broke it off with me.† I couldn't sleep with something I worshipped."†

Stevie looked at Kevin, "Not me," he replied as they locked the door on their way out.

Kevin stretched out on the couch his mind was clicking away from the information overload.† He looked at his watch 3:15 "Shit!"† He had to put what he had learned to the back of his mind until tomorrow.† I need some sleep he said to himself.†

A wave of guilt overtook him for what he had done to Bron.† If his family found out his mother would kill him and Jerald would beat him death if she didn't.† As sleep over took him he heard his brother Tim's words echoing through his head, "How's your soul Kev?† How's your soul?Ē






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