Chapter 15

Kevin woke to stirring in the hallway and sat up on the couch.  He was having trouble pulling the world into focus.  Man, I’m use getting by with little sleep but not that little.  He glanced at his watch, nine, UGH!  It's gonna be long day.

Standing up he walked to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.  Looking at it, where the hell did that come from anyway?  Quickly drinking two cups, he figured he needed to take a shower before the rest of her motley crew descended upon them.

As he walked to the bedroom door, he bent down and picked up her duffel.  Quietly opening the door he padded in, set it down, and headed for the bathroom.  He didn't want to wake the small tightly curled ball that was in the middle of the bed.  Geez, How the hell does she sleep like that?  he wondered to himself.

Once he was showered, shaved, and dressed he went back for more coffee, unlocking the door to the suite on the way.

At ten, the door swung open and in came the girls.  He motioned them to be quiet, pointing to the closed bedroom door.  "Sssh!  She's still sleeping," he told them. 

The three girls looked at each other puzzled.  Amy looked at Kevin, "No way, it's ten, she gets up at four every day." 

"Yes she is, now be quiet," he demanded. 

A sly grin crossed Mary's face and she smirked at Kevin, "Only one thing makes Bron sleep late."  Amy and Gillian started grinning from ear to ear. 

Kevin stood there looking at Mary sheepishly.  Turning to Amy and Gillian, "Careful ladies your face may freeze that way, besides what would the fellas think if you left my room lookin’ like that."  Amy and Gillian started to giggle even louder. 

"Lookin’ like what?"  Nick asked strolling through the door.  Amy started to blush when he glanced at her.  Howie, A.J., and Brian trailed in behind him.  They each paused as they walked by him.  They surveyed Kevin, once up and once down. 

"What!"  Kevin exclaimed agitatedly. 

"Morning!" they chimed in unison, as they grinned and shuffled to the couch. 

The bedroom door opened, she stepped out, and stopped.  She was fully dressed having found her duffel.  Searching the room, she spied her beloved coffee pot on the counter.  Bron mouthed a thank you to Mary.

Walking over to the counter, she poured her coffee, took two sips and leaned on the counter for support.  Everyone was still gawking at her and not a word had been spoken.

The cup slammed to the counter, "What!" she shot out.  The entire room filled with laughter.  "Jerks, grow up," she mumbled.  Kevin joined in the chorus of laughter. 

"Here," Gillian pushed Bron a stool with her foot. 

Slightly flustered, "I'd rather stand, Thank You."  Kevin dropped his head remembering what happened last night.  "Embarrassed, you should be!"  Bron barked at him.  The laughter began all over again.

Everyone was enjoying a good laugh at her expense, including him, and she didn't like it.  Bron continued leaning on the counter sipping her mug of coffee since sitting wasn't an option she wanted to test yet.  Nasty thoughts of torturing Mr. Richardson ran through her mind at random.

From the doorway she heard a voice, "My, My isn't that the finest ass I have seen in a long time, can ya shake it for me baby?" 

A huge warm smile crept across Bron's face.  She swayed her butt real slow back and fourth.  Someone in the room said, "Holy Shit!"

She heard the voice again, "Oh baby!  You still got it and I want it so bad!  Please give it to me!"

Bron glanced at Kevin who was exploding on the inside and not hiding it well.  The rest of the group were gaping at a dark skinned mountain standing in the doorway.

Bron squealed with delight, "Jake!" as she launched herself onto the mountain.  The mountain caught her, she was laughing and kissing his face.  The mountain was giggling like a schoolboy back at her.

Bron heard A.J. start chanting, "Tick, tick, tick, tick...."

Bron registered it and she climbed off the mountain.  She grabbed the mountains hand; turning around she peeked at Kevin he was going ballistic.  Thinking to herself, Ewww doesn't look good Bron, you did just crawl out of his bed. 

"I want you to meet my friends," as she dragged the mountain to the girls.  "This is the girls in person, Mary, Amy, and Gillian," pointing to them individually.  "Girls meet Jake!" she grinned. 

Jake looked at Mary, "It's nice to meet you in person." 

"Likewise," Mary replied sweetly. 

Jake hugged all three girls.  Bron dragged him over to the couch.  "This is the guys, Nick, Bri, and Howie," she dropped Jake's hand she and slid over to the chair.  Picking up A.J.'s glasses off of his face, "This is A.J., he hides behind these," she chuckled. 

"Only to hide my evil thoughts," he replied to her in a ghoulish voice.

Bron stood up, "Tall, dark, and pissy over there is Kevin," she grimaced.  Kevin did not look pleased.

Jake looked at him, boy this man had it bad, that girl did it again, he mused to himself. 

"Hello and who the hell are you?"  Kevin growled out. 

"Hey, he's my oldest and dearest friend.  He's the best man in the world," she was glowing when she said it.

Kevin raised his head and looked at the ceiling.  "Another one," he spoke in that annoying little voice.

Jake leaned down and whispered in her ear loud enough for Kevin to hear, "How's the writing going?" 

Bron blushed, "Hush." 

Jake snickered, "Got yourself in a real mess this time,, didn't ya girl," he said to her.  Bron's face turned red as she nodded yes and glanced at Kevin.  He is not happy at all, she noticed.

Jake walked up to Kevin and stuck his hand out.  He looked at him with the warmest smile and the whitest teeth, "Pleasure to meet you."

Kevin leaned forward, took his hand, and inquired, "Just exactly how many guy friends does she have?" 

"More than you wanna know dude," Jake chuckled back to him. 

Bron walked up and tapped Jake, "Shut up."

Jake turned to the boys, "Nice to meet you guys.  You’re that...."

All the guys inwardly groaned don't say it, don't say, ‘Boy Band.’  "Vocal group, you have some real sweet harmonies." 

Brian jumped up and started pumping Jake's hand, "I like this guy already!"

Mc stormed in eyes lit up, walking directly to Jake; "I told you to wait for me," jabbing Jake in the chest with each word coming out of his mouth. 

"Sorry Mc I just needed to get to my baby."  Jake realized that was a mistake when he looked at Kevin, "My baby sister that is."  Kevin had a glint in his eye, Jake was cool he thought.

"We gotta talk now," Mc said.  Bron started to walk to the bedroom and he stopped her, "Not you, him," pointing to Kevin.

Kevin followed him to the bedroom and shut the door. 

Bron looked a stunned look on her face.  "What the Hell!" she muttered. 

"Relax," Mary chided. 

"Something is wrong Mare!"  Bron rang out.

The door opened, Kevin came out grabbed his cell phone, went back in, and shut the door.

A few minutes passed, the door opened, and they both walked out.  Bron flew across the room getting right in Mc's face and yelled, "You wanna tell me something and why is Jake here!"

"I'm sorry I had to talk to him first," Mc said looking at Kevin. 

"Why?" she huffed back at him.  I’m not in the mood to play his stupid games today. 

"Because you're his now," Mc stated matter of factly. 

Jake glanced at Mary with a surprised look on his face and his mouth started to open.  Mary dropped her head.

Bron screamed, "Ya know I've had enough of this shit!" as she slapped Mc across the face.  "I was made the laughing stock of this floor last night, thanks to Lurch here!" as she poked Kevin with her finger.  She was exploding and she couldn't stop it.  She continued to shout, "You, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, to him like a piece of furniture, sweater or a PRESENT, I believe the word was used."  A loud gasp came from the others sitting in the room.  She jabbed Kevin in the chest, "And this ass accepts me as a fucking GIFT!"

Mc looked at her.  "STOP!" he roared in her face. 

"NO!  Do you wanna know what happened in this room last night!" she seethed. 

Kevin grabbed her arm squeezing tightly.  "Don't," he growled at her. 

Bron glared at him. 

"I don't have time for this Bron, we have to talk!"  Mc shot back at her.  Kevin turned not letting her go and motioned everyone to leave.  He turned back around hoping Mary wouldn't leave and knew Jake wouldn't.  He had come with Mc. 






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