Chapter 2

Everyone watched while Bron left Nick standing on the dance floor by himself.  Poor kid, Stevie thought, he really didn’t deserve this, whatever she had in store.

Bron walked over and grabbed Amy’s hand and put her in front of Nick.  You could see she was introducing them to each other.  Bron turned to the DJ and gave him a thumbs up.

Amy and Nick were staring at each other not knowing what to do.  Suddenly screaming through the sound system came the BSB’s own If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy).  The ladies cheered and Amy started to book off the dance floor when Bron and Mary blocked her way.

Satisfied, Bron walked over to Stevie with her tequila in her hand.  She knew the remaining three were watching her.  “That was really mean to do that to them,” Stevie admonished her. 

“They deserved it, they embarrassed me, both of them,” she said. 

From above her she heard, “You shouldn’t write things that you’re embarrassed about.”

No doubt who that was, she already knew.  Aw Man, she thought, I can’t stand this; he is really going to jerk my chain about this.  What the hell, who would have known he would ever read it.  She could feel his eyes boring a hole through her back and it really pissed her off.  Bron raised her shot glass to her mouth, turned to the guys and met Kevin eye to eye.  Their eyes locked and it was a stand off.  She refused to break the eye contact until she was ready.  As she placed the shot glass to her lips she toasted him,  “To Kevin, sex, and good fiction!”  She threw the tequila to the back of her throat and then slammed the glass down on the table.

A.J. and Howie were howling with laughter.  “Man Kev, she’s a pisser!”  A.J. laughed.  Kevin sat there clenching his jaw still watching her.

“Wanna dance Boys?” she asked with a sly grin.  The party had begun.  They danced for 45 minutes straight, taking turns with all the girls.  What the hell they blowing out of town in a bit.

Kevin refused every offer to join in.  He was just so steamed that he wasn’t in the mood.  How dare she even admit that she wrote fiction about his sex life, of which she knew nothing about.  Then she posts it on the freakin net.  He thought about it, he knew the fic inside and out he had read it so many times, maybe to many times.  Someone should put her in her place.

Stevie watched the ladies; they were having a dream come true.  His thoughts were interrupted by a question.  “What’s her story anyway?”  Stevie stopped short of saying you, “What do you mean?”

“Who is she here with?”  Kevin asked. 

“Me,” Stevie answered him.  “Is she your girlfriend, wife, or something?” he asked.

“None of the above Kevin, and my name is Stevie,” Stevie replied not making much of the question.

A.J. came back and sat down, “Geez, they're trying to kill us, poor Howie can’t get away.” As he glanced at the dance floor,  “I don’t think Nick wants to.”  He watched Mary chase Nick all over the dance floor.

Bron came back and asked A.J. to dance.  “ In a minute; I need a break.”  She waited for him.  A.J. got up to dance and grabbed Bron’s hand. 

Stevie called to him, “Keep your hands to home!”  A.J. was slightly shocked but shrugged his shoulders.

Kevin thought that’s weird considering what he had just told him.

Twenty minutes later Bron sauntered back to Stevie.  “Hi Honey.” she smiled. 

“Feeling good are we?”  Stevie was amused. 

“Uh-huh, wanna dance bud?”  Bron asked.  “No, you know I can’t, I’m working.” 

“Aw, come on, I want to dance like we used to, please.” she whined. 

“No I can’t.” was Stevie’s agitated reply. 

“Stevie did you tell him that your sleeping in my house yet?” she asked with a smug face. 

“No freakin way he’d kill me!” Stevie exclaimed.

“Well if you don’t dance with me the next time your cell rings, I’ll answer it and tell him.” 

“Bron, that’s blackmail, you can’t do that!” shocked at what she just said to him. 

“I just did, didn’t I.” She smiled like a Cheshire cat knowing that she would get her own way, she always did.

Everybody decided that they needed a break.  The dance floor cleared; it was wind down time.  Bron left and came back.  Stevie handed her a glass and told her to drink it.  Bron sniffed it and asked him, “What is it?” 

“It’s Pepsi.” he responded.  A very loud yuck came out of her. 

“Shut up and drink it, you’ll be thanking me in the morning when Bounce gets up and start jumping on the bed yelling, 'Mom! Mom!'” 

“Oh, all right,” and she started sipping it.

Kevin thought what the hell, trying to work out his thoughts.  Glancing at her hand, he saw wedding rings.  He’s working so he says, he sleeps at her house but she’s not anything to him.  Who in the world would she tell on the phone that freaked Stevie out like that?  Evidently she has a kid too!  Man this is getting really interesting as his mind traveled back to the fic.  She publicly admits on the net she wants me, but that shit pisses me off, well sort of.

She heard the first three notes of the song, grabbed Stevie’s hand and skidded to a stop at the dance floor.  Bron almost bowled over Howie, Nick, and A.J. getting there.  “Where’s the Fire!” Howie yelled. 

Bron yelled back “Right here baby!” pointing to the dance floor.

Stevie couldn’t believe it, and he knew what was next.  This is the only woman he knew who would dance to Prince’s Little Red Corvette quite like she did.  Bron started that sway and grind and that was it.  A couple of times he glanced around.  The girls were chatting away, but the guys were watching them.  A.J. and Kevin were sitting up top and watching them dance.  A.J. looked kind of shocked and Kevin was in another zone.  Nick was goofing off with Amy but still watching the dance.  He couldn’t even find Howie.

The song ended and she started to walk off.  The chords of the next song came through the sound system, she turned to Stevie “Please?” she asked.

They swayed to the music, just hanging on to each other.  Stevie backed up to see her face; her eyes were welling up with tears.  She was trying to fight it but the tears trickled down her face.  All eyes in the room were on her.  The guys wondered why the tears?  Her three special friends knew why. 

Stevie felt so damn angry.  This was all Mc’s fault dammit to hell.  Bron was missing her man.  The guitar riffs just blew through his body and all the memories came flooding back to him, clouded by Purple Rain.

When the song was over she said thank you and walked off to the ladies room.

Stevie returned to his post.  The memories were still flowing. “Is she Okay?” he heard Howie ask. 

“Yeah, she’ll be fine, she’s just missing someone,” Stevie sighed.

Kevin’s mind went reeling on that one.  This was the oddest thing he had ever encountered.  She comes to the concert, writes weird ass stories about me, and is under the watchful eye of a tall blonde.  Now she’s in the bathroom crying, Hmmmm, too many questions about this chick.

Stevie walked over to the bar.  Kevin got up and headed for the restroom.  He waited in the hallway until he heard the ladies room door slam closed and her boots clicking on the concrete floor.

She came around the corner and rammed right into him.  She picked her head up, “Sorry.”  She moved to the left to walk by and so did Kevin.  She moved back the other way and he moved with her again.

Her head snapped up, “What the hell is your problem!”

“I want you to stop writing about me, find a new hobby,” Kevin glared at her.

“Who the hell do you think you are!” she shot back at him.  Bron sucked in a breath preparing to barrel by him.

Kevin knew her well enough from reading her writing.  “Why, I’m the man in your dreams,” he told her smiling.

Oh that did it, her right hand came up and made contact with his cheek.

“Bitch!” he spat out as he grabbed her hand and pulled it away.  He saw her winding up the other one and grabbed it before it could make contact with his skin.  Damn that hurt, she wasn’t going to do it again.

Her hands and forearms were imprisoned in his, “What’s the matter you can dish it but you can’t take it?”  He stared at her. Whoa!  That was button number two I just pushed, he said to himself.  She was really pissed, he was just grinning and grinning.  Man, she’s got temper, it kind of turns me on, he thought.

“Let me go now!”  Bron barked at him.

“No way, you’re going to hit me again,” he replied smiling and tightening his grip.

“Damn straight I am!  Now let me go, you’re hurting me,” her voice starting to crack slightly.

“You shouldn’t go around hitting strangers, someone might hit you back,” he told her.

Kevin watched her eyes go black with rage...  She tried to look past him for Stevie and couldn’t see him.  She took a gulp of air, HA-HA she can’t find him he thought to himself.

“I doubt it Richardson, don’t mess with me you’ll be sorry,” she ground out at him.  Her forearms were killing her.  If he squeezed any tighter he'll break them.  Dammit this was only supposed to happen on paper.  He’s got that damn grin on his face and I’m going to slap it off.  I never thought he could be so freakin intimidating.  I swear to GOD if he doesn’t let me go I am going to nail him right in the nuts.

Kevin eyed his catch very carefully, “Don’t even think about it,” as he turned himself away from her.  “I’m telling you right now, stop writing about me… you don’t know me,” he spoke to her nose to nose.  He saw her shake just a little.

“Well Lurch, Nick seems to think I know you well enough,” she grinned at him.  Her arms started to ache as Kevin went postal on that one and squeezed her arms harder.  That will teach you to push my buttons big guy, but geez you're killing me. 

They heard a cough and they both turned to see Howie.  Kevin immediately dropped her arms and she walked by smiling at Howie.

“What’s that about Kev?  Giving her a new chapter,” he laughed.

“Fuck You Howie!” and he stormed back to the table.






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