Chapter 20

Kevin walked into A.J.'s room and pushed the door open.  He heard A.J., "Don't you knock Bro?" 

"Sorry!" he responded watching A.J. run around the room like a madman. 

"Where's Mary?"  Kevin asked A.J. 

"In the bathroom," was a hurried reply from A.J., as he kept dashing around the room picking up clothes.

Kevin walked to the bathroom door and put his hand on the knob and it was covered by A.J.'s immediately from behind him.  "Where the fuck do you think you're going?"  A.J. growled. 

"My bad, I wasn't thinking," he answered him. 

"That's obvious!"  A.J. looked at him, "You have your own, that's mine and I'm not sharing, clear?" 

Kevin laughed, "Clear," as he went sat on the bed. 

"Tell me about her?"  Kevin grinned to A.J.  A.J. went back to picking stuff up and putting things away neatly.  Inwardly Kevin wondered what the hell he was doing. 

"What's to tell?  She's funny, smart, so damn smart, and Oh God!"  A.J. shivered. 

"That good huh?"  Kevin clucked.

A.J. flashed his trademark bone sexy smile, "That good!"

A.J. was going as fast as he could straighten things up.  "She's a Doctor, that tells you how smart she is," he beamed. 

"Why is she with Bron?"  Kevin inquired. 

A.J. stopped moving for a minute, "She took a leave of absence from her practice, she had a messy divorce and needed a break.  They’re friends too."  A.J. continued with his organizing and cleaning. 

"Hmm, Bone what the hell are you doing?"  Kevin questioned him. 

"Cleaning, Mare doesn't like a mess, everything has to be neat and orderly." 

Hearing that, Kevin fell back on the bed laughing hysterically. 

"What's so damn funny?"  A.J. demanded. 

"I thought I had a bad case of it, you're cleaning!" 

A.J. launched himself on Kevin, "I'm gonna kick your butt Bro, all six-two of you."

The wrestle fest lasted five minutes until they heard a very feminine, "Excuse Me."  They both jumped up to attention like two schoolboys getting caught being naughty. 

"Hi Mare," Kevin said with a lowered head.  This was the side of Kevin that people rarely saw, the little kid Kevin.

A.J. let out a wolf whistle, "Oh baby, so fine." 

Mary stood before them in a back less black dress, the front almost cut to her navel.  The bottom of it had slits almost to her hips.  The only thing holding it up was the tie that went around the neck.  Grinning she whirled around and looked at them, "Like it?" 

A.J. fell to the floor.  "Oh No!"  Mary dropped to his side, "Alex are you all right?" full of concern. 

He started to grin, "Yeah!  But I need some mouth to mouth."

Mary slapped him in the chest, "You ass!"

Kevin stood back and observed how happy they were with each other.  "I hate to interrupt this playing Doctor thing ya got going here but I need to talk to you guys." 

A.J. bounced up off the floor, "Sure Train."

Kevin began to pace he didn't know where to start or how to ask her.  Mary finally interjected she couldn't stand watching him prowl back and forth any longer.  "Kev, she's perfectly healthy physically."  Kevin blew out a long breath he had been holding. 

"She's stressed right now, but she thrives on it and will be fine..."  Mary watched him knowing he wanted to ask her but didn't know if he could.  Somehow he had figured something out.  She didn't know if she should share or not.  I guess I should, he certainly cares about her enough, she thought.  Bron will kill me if I do.  She watched him continue to prance back and forth across the room.

Mary sighed, "Look I don't know who, but I know when.  It was the morning she buried C.W...   I know the details, but that's it.  The details we can talk about later." 

Kevin turned fighting the stabbing pain in is heart, "That's so cruel Mare."  

"I know it is but she is getting it together her own way.  She won't talk about it; I have tried so many times.  She handled it herself and keeps it to herself."

Mary walked over and started rubbing Kevin's arm, "I already know you care for her but you need to get to know the real Bron, Kevin.  It's fine to fall for the words but that is a very small part of a very complicated and stubborn woman."

"Does Mc know?" he asked as he picked his head up. 

"No, none of them know, she said it would make things worse," Mary sighed. 

"WORSE!"  A.J. exclaimed.  Both Mary and Kevin jumped they forgot he was there. 

"How do you girls know Jake so well?"  Kevin eyed her. 

"Jake is Jackie," she smiled.  They looked at her and she could see the wheels spinning in their heads.  "Slow down boys, that's not what I mean.  After I met Bron online my office got calls from Stevie.  I was shocked I thought I was anonymous online.  He asked question after question, he was checking me out."  Both of the men looked at her bewildered. 

"Anyway to make a long story short Amy and Gillian received the same interrogation."  Mary cleared her throat as she looked at Kevin, "Our online story meetings were getting a little hot and heavy so Mc set Jake up as Jackie, in case we had any problems and to keep on eye on Bron."  She paused waiting for Kevin's reaction. 

"Aw, man!" he said screwing up his face, "Not Night Train."  Mary gave him a broad smile.

A.J. interrupted her, "Mc was watching out for all of you." 

"Yes he was, he is really good about stuff like that.  Anybody that is around her is scrutinized beyond belief but taken care of," Mary answered him.  She turned to Kevin, arching her eyebrows, "Knowing that, I am totally surprised at what he did last night."

A.J. looked at Kevin he didn't want to say it because he knew it would hurt him.  "Why doesn't he get with Bron now?"  He watched Kevin shudder at the thought. 

"He can't A.J. or should I say won't.  They love each other but hate each other at the same time.  Anyway, Bron would always be his bride and never his wife, he wouldn't do that to her."  Mary waited to see if what she had said had sunk in with either of them. 

"WHAT!" they exclaimed. 

"It's his business and I'm not getting into it.  Just understand Mc has a problem.  Leave it at that and don't bring it up again," Mary said adamantly. 

"That explains it!"  Kevin stuttered out. 

Mary's eyes rolled, "He talked to you about this!" totally shocked.  "Not exactly," He answered her.

An angry look crossed Kevin's face.  Mary and A.J. stood there watching Kevin's personality mutate and it frightened them.  "Mare, I know who hurt her!" he blurted out. 

"Who?" rushed out of her lips. 

"Lenny!" rumbled out of Kevin. 

"What do you mean Kev..."  Then it hit Mary and her mind went spiraling.  It all made sense now.  It took an outsider to see it. 

"Oh Lord!"  Mary grabbed A.J.'s arm for support.  She looked at Kevin and softly starting to cry.  A.J. started to hug her.  "The only thing Mc couldn't have," she whispered.  A.J. gasped aloud.  Kevin exploded kicking the chairs and slamming his fist into the table. 

"She needs to confirm it Kev," Mary spoke first. 

"I know," he said softly.  His anger expelled on the inanimate objects in the room.

"Don't tell Mc till she does," Mary pleaded with him. 

"I won't, I promise," he answered her. 

"Where is she Kev?"  Mary asked. 

"She doesn't want to go, she's staying with Jake, she's too upset."

Mary's eyes flew open, "Is that a good idea?" 

"Yeah, he won't make the same mistake twice and she told me she would be here when I get back," he remarked.

A sharp knock was heard on the door, Howie's voice came after it, "Time to rock fellas."

Mary turned to A.J., "I want to stay here with Bron." 

A.J. winked at her, "Okay by me babe."  He could tell Mary wanted to be here just in case Bron needed her.

Kevin interjected, "No, she wants you to go," he started to grin remembering what she had said. 

"Huh!"  Mary looked at him as if he was nuts. 

"She said it was your last night to bang A.J. and that you should."

They all laughed whole heartily.  Heading for the door, A.J. wrapped an arm around Mary and planted a kiss on her.  "I love the way that woman thinks."






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