Chapter 21

The concert went off without a hitch.  Kevin flubbed a couple of dance steps in the opening but they didn't jump on him for it.  When they were done Kevin plowed through everyone to get changed.  The rest of the guys knew he would be gone before they even got back to the dressing room.  Carlos could hardly keep up with him by the time they hit the hotel.  Kevin walked to his door told Carlos goodnight and went in.

Once inside he was greeted with two people sound asleep.  One stretched out on the couch with a pillow over her head and Jake snoring in the chair.  

He almost tripped over a pizza box lying on the floor and swore, "Looks like we enjoyed ourselves."  The room was trashed with papers laying everywhere, empty pop cans, napkins, and crunched up balls of paper.  "What a mess!" he exclaimed softly.  

She heard him come in but didn't feel like moving.  Watching from under her pillow, she saw him try to tip toe through the debris to Jake.  She had to admit it was pretty funny.

Kevin finally reached Jake, tapping him on the shoulder.  "Jake, Jake, wake up," he whispered. 

"What?"  Jake grumbled opening his eyes slowly. 

"Hey, you don't sleep with us, go bunk next door," motioning to the door.

Bron smiled from under her pillow and observed.  Jake got up and left.  Kevin was surveying the trashed room, shaking his head, grumbling.

Stepping lightly to her side, "Hey Bron, come on time to go to bed," he shook her shoulder. 

"Leave me alone, I'm in bed," came from under the pillow. 

"This is not my bed, it's a couch, Let's go," he waited.  He stood there waiting for to move.  Either she moves or I’ll move her.  She’s not staying out here by herself. 

Bron thought why the hell doesn't he just go to bed.  Dammit, he’s just standing there.  I can't sleep with him standing there watching me.  ERRRR!!!  "You're not gonna go away till I get up are you?" came the muffled question. 

"No, I'm not."  He told her without moving an inch.

He heard her sigh as she dragged herself off the couch and to the bedroom.  Walking directly to her duffel she grabbed her dorm shirt.  It was obvious he wasn’t going to give her any privacy even if she begged for it.  Ha, I won’t beg any man, she spoke to herself.  Stripping off her clothes, she replaced them with a nightshirt.  She turned around he started smirking at her.

"Something funny?" she mumbled and looking at him as he lay in bed, leaning back on the headboard with the sheet resting on his waist. 

He looked at her and out of his mouth came that little "sarcastic" voice he was so well known for using on occasion.  "Very sexy," he laughed.

She looked down at her shirt and then to him, smiling.  "What?  C.W. and Bounce bought this for me."  She watched as he laughed in amusement.  "Ya got something against Cookie Monster and Elmo?"  He just laughed harder. 


"Hmmm?" he responded, while he studied her.  

"You look tired." 

"I am, but I hurt more than I'm tired." he said as he started to stretch underneath the sheets.

She looked at him he was exhausted and did look sore.  She knew how to fix that she used to do that for C.W. all the time.  Maybe we need a truce for tonight, we both have had a rough day she reflected.  

"Lay down Lurch," she boomed at him.  He was puzzled by the command but did it anyway.  Walking over she turned the lights off.  The room filled with moonlight as bright as day.  

"Roll over," he heard in a comforting voice.  Once he was on his stomach, he folded his arms under his head and adjusted the sheet.  The mattress moved and he felt her straddle his butt then sit on him.  She heard her inner self say, yep he had plans, no boxers. 

"Bron!" he gasped, not expecting her to literally sit on his ass. 

"Sssh, relax,” She cooed to him.

She started up by his neck working his muscles into releasing the tension.  She moved to his shoulders.  She continued her assault all the way down his back.  She heard a couple of satisfied grunts and moans.  Reaching the point where she was sitting she stopped.  They both knew that he was already aroused and that some of the grunts and groans had come from desire not relief.  Bron rolled off to the side and curled up in a ball.  She started to close her eyes.  

"Why'd you stop a minute ago you wanted it?" he asked in the dark. 

"Because Kev, I don't want to be in a magazine article,” she whispered without moving.  

"What article?" he asked some what surprised. 

"You know the one night stands, the guilt.  I often wondered if the guilt hit you before or after you blew your wad."

She felt like a truck had hit her as he landed on her.  Two hands grabbed either side of her face.  She opened her eyes and he was scowling at her.  "You're not an article in a magazine and you never will be.  Besides we were upset with that article, accuracy was lacking."  They gazed at each other.
"Rollover," he demanded. 

"Aw why, I'm comfy," she whined. 

He spoke as he rolled her onto her tummy and hiked up her shirt, "Cuz it's my turn."

Kevin gingerly set about his task of helping her to relax.  Whenever she was vocal he would stop and stay in that spot for bit.  Reaching her hips and heading for her tail bone he paused to see if she was going to protest it or not.  Inside his head he could here himself; please don’t say no darlin'.

He continued since she didn't and then he saw the marks.  The tips of purple marks to the left of her tailbone and light violet to the right.  He pulled her underwear down further.  Inwardly he groaned, he knew he had done this to her.  Placing one hand over each mark it matched perfectly except the left side was upside down.  He started to trace the outline of his handprint on her backside with his finger. 

"Kev, what are you doing?"  Bron asked getting upset. 

"I'm sorry Bron," he sighed. 

"It's Okay, but you won’t ever do it again," she scolded him.

All of sudden Bron felt his warm lips on the marks.  She tried to control the fear but couldn't. 

"Kev don't, please," she was panicking again. 

"My mom always kissed my boo-boos," he whispered and continued. 

"Kev, please stop!" she wailed.  Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, kept blaring in head.

Kevin picked his head up, she was clenching her hand into the pillow and her eyes were closed tightly.  Fear was written all over her face.  Quickly climbing up to her she started to cry.  Gently he cradled her in his arms.  

"Bron tell me who did this to you?" he begged, "Please tell me."  By now she was almost sobbing and he scooped her up and started to rock her gently, brushing the wet hair from her face.  "Please tell me," he cooed in her ear.

All of her emotions that she had been holding back for all these months were released as the floodgates opened.  One simple act had unlocked the gates.  She croaked out "Lenny, the day..." 

"I know when, sssshhh, it's Okay," he whispered to her.  "I'm so sorry baby, no wonder you're so scared he's already hurt you once."

Inside he was in a rage and could barely contain it.  How could anybody do that to another human being he thought.  

"Does Mc know Bron?" he asked gently.  Her head shook no.  "Why didn't you tell him?" 

She was trying to talk and gasp for breath at the same time.  "I can't he'll kill him."

Kevin was enraged even more because he thought she was thinking about the freak that did this her.  On top of it she had kept it a secret for so many months.  "So what," Kevin ground out. 

"If he does, than Solarez will go after Mc and then it goes back and forth and it won't stop."  Bron gulped for air, "I've already lost C.W., I don't want to lose the rest of my family."

Kevin didn't say another word.  Gently he rocked her and stroked her until she fell asleep.  Closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep still holding her to him, he thought, well she's protecting what she love's but you can't sacrifice yourself to do it Bron.  We have to fix this somehow.






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