Chapter 22

Bron woke up at four her normal time.  She was laying half on the bed and half on Kevin.  She shuddered thinking that she had told this man the one thing she had never told a soul.  

She wished tomorrow wouldn't come; she was going to miss him so much.  Somehow, by telling him her secret she felt a bond to him.  Thinking about Thursday night, she knew that she didn't want to remember him that way.  In the end she did accept his attention and enjoyed it, but it damn well didn't start out that way.  Neither one of them had spoke about it and probably wouldn't. 

She thought a minute and sucked in her breath remembering what Mare had said to her earlier.  A wicked grin crossed her face, you're right Mare.  Bron glanced at her watch, I got the time, and she glanced at Kevin and snickered to herself got the man too.

Bron checked him out from head to toe; he wasn't awake so how would he know.  The sheets and blankets had been kicked to floor Kevin lying on his back.

Her inner self started talking.  Oh this man has a body that was so fine.  Taut muscles, well defined features, and beautiful to boot.  Impressive, HELL YEAH!!, she screamed in her head.  She caught herself licking her lips like a kid in a candy store.  Stop that, her inner self said, act your age.  I don't want to, she answered herself.

She shifted herself so she was kneeling next to him from his side.  She lightly started to run her hand over his chest.  She grinned when his nipples responded.  She started to move her hands down to his stomach and was rewarded when his stomach muscles tightened and he moaned in his sleep. 

Bron thought she was going to burst from the inside out.  This is fun she said to herself.  Let's explore some more.  She started getting braver by the minute.  He was starting to get aroused, that was very evident to her.  Not bad Kev, she said to herself, not bad at all.

Slowly she started to trace the outline of the infamous tattoo with her fingernail.  He moaned loudly and she almost jumped thinking he was awake.  She checked, he wasn't.

Kevin lay there watching her through ever so slightly raised eyelids.  He knew this wasn't like her at all and it freaked him at first.  When her hand touched his skin the first time it woke him up out of sound sleep.  He was amused by her behavior.  You may write about it honey, but you weren't doing it, he grinned on the inside.

Slowly she bent her head and started planting light feathery kisses on his chest.  She moved down some more and very lightly licked his navel with her tongue.  He moaned and gasped.  Bron froze for a second hoping he wasn't waking up.

Inside Kevin's head was a storm.  I can't lay here much longer and take this, that brown eyed witch is killing me again.  Oh, God she's killing me.  How many months has she been doing this to me, he whined.

Suddenly he felt her tongue trace his tattoo on his skin.  His body jerked in response and he dragged her up to his face.  

"What are you doing?" he asked.  

"UH, UH," she couldn't talk she was so flustered at being caught.  "Starting something," she shot out in embarrassment. 

"Oh, we're you going to finish it?" he asked totally amused. 

"Well that part, I don't know," she stammered out.

He looked at her with nothing but a lop sided grin, "You're such a virgin," he chuckled.

Bron's mouth dropped open, "I have a kid you know!"

He rolled over on top of her and slowly began tugging her down underneath him while they were talking.  "Yeah, I wonder how that happened?" he giggled. 

"In the dark," was her reply.

As he was removing her underwear, he cocked his head to the side "Why do I believe that?"  He reached between her thighs and started tracing the most sensitive spot with his finger.  Lightly brushing up against her, he watched her tremble.  

"You know your writing would be much more believable if you actually had done some of those things."  As he spoke to her he slowly slid his finger inside her.  He was pleased to feel the wetness.  Someone had enjoyed herself tremendously on the exploration of his body he thought.  The words were just feeding the fire.  

"Ya think!  But I don't how," she giggled back to him.  

"Oh yes, and I know just who is going to show you how," he said as he added another finger and started moving in and out setting a rhythm. 

"Well, who do you think that might be?" she asked full of desire.  

He started stretching her walls, knowing how tight she was, as his thumb rested on her most sensitive spot.  "Oh I don't know got any idea's?" as his thumb began to massage and apply pressure to that spot.  Her hips started to rock on his fingers.  

"Kev?" she moaned.  

"What?" he whispered, enjoying the sensation and conversation as much as she was. 

"Shut up and finish what you’re doing to me," she groaned.  

"You like?"

"It's wonderful," she breathed out, her voice catching.

He felt her twitching on his fingers and her hips pushing further down on his hand, forcing him deeper.  Instantly he removed them and looked at her face.  

Her eyes snapped open, "Kevin!" she yelled.  

"Ssssh," he replied as he held her hips and entered her with one stroke.  She moaned loudly and her hips rose.  "Better?" he asked

"Mmmmm," was the reply.

He started a leisurely pace that was unacceptable to her.  Her hips began to move violently and he held her down.  It had been so long since she had been with a man this way.  "Please!" she gasped.  

"No baby, this isn't going to be like last night.  This is going to be nice and slow.  This is my pleasure trip."  He heard her whimper at his statement.  Kevin moved slowly in and out of her.  She moaned every time he penetrated her over and over again.  Occasionally he'd pull entirely out of her just to be a tease. 

"Please I can't take anymore," she begged him.

He came to her face, licked her lips, and nibbled on her ear and neck, all the while keeping the leisurely pace.  He was amazed at his own self-control and his ability to hold her off. 

"Kevin Please," she groaned, "You're torturing me,” as she tried in vein to raise her hips from his hold.  

"Maybe just a little, but you've been doing it to me for months," he whispered rapidly.

Finally, he couldn't take anymore either and started moving faster, slamming into her each time.  Her movements were pushing him over the edge.  Her eyes were closed shut.  He put his nose to hers, "Open you eyes, I want to see you."  She did as he asked he smiled.  They both watched each other as the explosion rocked their bodies and they felt the aftershocks wash over them.

He bent to kiss her and she whispered on his lips, "You're incredible."  He kissed her as she closed her eyes and floated to her dream stage enjoying the sensation.  

"So are you," he whispered as he rolled next to her and went back to sleep himself.

Kevin awoke a short time later to Bron laughing in her sleep.  He looked at her.  I hope that's not about me, he mused, as he fell back to sleep.






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