Chapter 23

Kevin slowly woke to muffled noises, which as he shook off the sleep were intensifying.  Gradually he raised his arm and looked at his watch, “Damn!”  He reached back and felt the bed, “Errrrr,” he expressed his anger at not finding her there.  He wanted her again.

Sitting up he surveyed the room.  Everything had been removed from it.  There were no clothes, shoes, not even luggage.  “What the?”

Turning his head, he noticed in the chair were his clothes.  Folded neatly he could see jeans, socks, and boxers.  Hanging from the chair was a shirt and his black leather trench coat.  His boots sat on the floor under the chair.

Swinging his legs off the bed, he strode to the bathroom.  It had been stripped of everything except his shaving gear on the vanity.  “Wow!” he said.

The noise from the living room was getting louder and he heard singing.  Great, the fellas.  He listened they were singing “Backstreet Party.” and having a good time.  He could hear the girls giggling incessantly.  He whined to himself, “Why can’t they leave us alone for a little while?”  He slid on his boxers and jeans.

Opening the door, he leaned on the frame.  His eyes bulged out of his head.  Everything was cleaner then when they had gotten there.  The mess from last night was totally gone.  Amy and Gillian were dancing through the suite being serenaded by the guys.  Bron was leaning on the counter, perched on stool with her coffee cup in hand.  She never puts that thing down, he thought to himself.  He cleared his throat to announce his awakening. 

“Well good morning Kevin,” he heard in a lustful voice that almost dropped him to his knees.  It was Bron, she was smiling like a cat in heat from behind her coffee mug. 

“Morning Bron,” he said lazily as they both smiled remembering last night.  They just kept staring and staring at each other.  It went on for a few minutes and everyone started feeling uncomfortable.

Nick decided it was time to start something since neither one of them were going to pull their eyes off each other.  He could have sworn he felt the temperature rising in the room.  “Sleep well Kev, you look real relaxed,” he snickered. 

“Very well little bro, very well," he replied, in a husky voice that took them all by surprise. 

“Hmm,” Nick muttered.  “You must have, you slept through your second favorite thing, Cleaning!” he laughed.

Kevin chuckled and waved him off as he went back in the bedroom to finish getting dressed. 

“Hey Nick, What's his favorite thing to do? ”  Bron asked innocently really wanting to know. 

The room erupted with laughter and a very deep laugh came from the bedroom.  The coffee mug banged off the counter, "Aw damn, I stepped right into that one didn't I." 

Nick was laughing so hard he could barely speak, "Ya sure did, Bron, big time."

A while later, Kevin came back out fully dressed.  Walking to stand behind Bron he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.  "Thank You," he murmured into her hair so no one could hear but her.  "You are leaving with me today."  Bron heard it and smiled.

He reached around and grabbed her mug of coffee and started to raise it to take a sip.  Bron whispered to him, "Listen big guy just because you had a grand time last night doesn't mean you mess with my coffee."  He bent down, looked at her, he was shocked and horrified she wasn't kidding.  He placed the cup back down like it had burned him. 

Mary came over recognizing instantly what happen.  She elbowed Kevin, "You can do anything to her but don't mess with the coffee," she sniggered.

Kevin walked over grabbed a mug and poured his own, "Fine be that way." 

Bron realized she had hurt his feelings.  She hopped off the stool, walked over and gave him hug, "I'm sorry Kevin."

"Mmmm," he grunted and raised his arm to wrap it around her.  As he brought his arm around he hit the back of her head.  "Hey, I said I was sorry," she yelped. 

"What the hell!" he exclaimed as he stepped back from her.  "What happened did you shrink or something?"  Mary coughed and pointed to the floor.

Looking down he saw she wasn't wearing boots but a white pair of Avias.  "Damn!  You’re short!" he exclaimed. 

Bron promptly smacked him in the chest, "I'm not short, I'm Vertically Challenged." 

She picked her head up and defiantly stared at him, oh she's getting mad again.  Her height must be a sore spot to her.  Might as well have a little fun with it he mused to himself, as he set his coffee down.  "Oh!  So that's why all you ever wear are those killer boots, you want to be up here with the rest of us."  He quickly raised his hands to fend off the assault.  The hand came up but he blocked it.  "I'm sorry darlin’ you just took me by surprise," he grinned and continued, "I'm not used to someone who can actually fit under me."  He watched her eyes, yep she caught the double meaning on that one, and she is really pissed now.

Bron looked at him, "Wanna be a smartass Kevin, fine."  She turned and walked to the bedroom and slammed the door nearly off the hinges.

Kevin looked at Mary, "I was just teasing."  

"You went to far," Mary chided.

Mc strolled in.  Kevin wanted to talk him desperately but in private. 

"Are you guys read to go?" he asked merrily.  He looked around the room, "Where's Bron?" starting to panic.  Everyone pointed to the closed bedroom door.

Mary grinned at Mc, "Kevin called her short." 

Mc made this horribly painful face, "Sorry Kevin, I should have warned you, Sparky is sensitive about her height."

"No shit," Kevin looked at him pissed off.  "Hey I want to talk to you anyway."

May and A.J.'s heads snapped up as Kevin and Mc huddled up on the far side of the room.  The rest of the guys were horsing around with the girls and chatting.

Suddenly Mc's howl boomed through the entire room, "I'LL KILL HIM!"  Everyone in the room froze.

Bron heard it and was out of the bedroom in a flash.  Grabbing Mc by the shirt sleeves as he was leaving.  "Mc don't, please don't!" she screamed. 

"Bron, let go of me, I have something to do," he said trying to pull himself free from her. 

Bron started to sob but wouldn't let go, "Mc please don't, please don't do this."  Mc couldn't shake loose of her grip, he was getting angry, and going to hit her if she didn't let go. 

Bron kept tugging at him and sobbing, she looked at Kevin, "I'll kill you."

Kevin saw the expression on Mc's face, flew across the room, and started pulling Bron off him.  "Come Bron, let go."

She was sobbing but getting angry with Kevin.  She screeched at Kevin, "Look what you've done!"  She was fighting Kevin desperately.  Every time Kevin removed her hands she grabbed on to Mc someplace else. 

Kevin saw Mc raise his hand.  He grabbed both of Bron’s forearms, spun her around, dropped her to the floor, and sat on her.

Once released from Bron's grip Mc Flew out the door.  Everyone except Mary and A.J. were clueless about what was going on, they stood there gaping.

Kevin was sitting on Bron to restrain her.  He knew should chase after him.  Bron continued to scream at him, "I'm going to kill you!  What have done?  I trusted you!"

"Bron, I'm sorry darlin’, but you can't keep secrets like that," he said as he tried to calm her down.

Nick got up and walked out hearing that.  Jake motioned everyone out.  Mary stayed as usual.

Bron came off the floor at her hips roaring like a lion.  Kevin jumped up off her surprised by her action.  "You just gave him a death sentence and my family too!"  She ran to the bedroom and slammed the door.

Kevin stood there in shock as Jake walked over and stood next to him.  "You did the right thing, he needed to know." 

Kevin didn't even look at him, "You knew?" 

"Not for sure but I had thought so, I thought she should tell him herself.  The chapter was there for those who understood it."

Kevin walked up to the door.  In his mind it seemed every time he opened a door to Bron another was slammed between them.

Knocking on the door Kevin spoke softly, "Bron baby open up."  He waited but she didn't answer him.  "Bron please, we have to leave now."  Kevin wanted to take her with him but he could see she wasn't going to budge.  "Fine be a pig headed ass, I don't care!" he yelled at the door, still no reply from her.

Kevin turned to Jake, "She's not coming.  We talked about this; you know what you have to do.  You call me when you get there.  We will finish the arrangements then."

Finally, a response came from behind the door.  "I hate you Kevin!"

Kevin dropped his head.  Mary grabbed his hand and they walked out of the suite.  Mary slammed the suite door shut to make a point.

Bron opened the door hearing the other door slam shut and peeked out to see Jake. 

"You are making the biggest mistake of your life," Jake glared at her. 

Bron was taken aback by Jake's anger; she hadn't seen it very often.  "I hate that son of bitch, Mc may as well be dead already because of him.  He has no right to plan my life.  What arrangements has he made?"

Jake eyed her pensively, "Maybe not, Solarez wants rid of Lenny anyway so there would be no retribution."  He was hoping by giving her the information she would forget about the arrangements.  The arrangements Kevin had made would just fuel her temper right now.

Bron narrowed her eyes and looked at Jake, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I called him myself."

"But how?  When?  Mc is going to kill you for doing that Jake, you went way out of bounds doing that."  Bron sputtered out all at once. 

"I called him last night from this suite after you fell asleep.  I told him everything including the fact that Lenny threatened to kill a small child.  He went nuts when he heard that.  Lenny had better be very careful now.  I don't think it will stop him because he doesn't know that his brother is now looking for him too," he paused, "And as far as Mc goes Bron, I don't work for Mc anymore I work for Kevin."

Bron's heart skipped a beat and she jumped at Jake, "I Love you!"

"Bron am I the only one you love?" he asked her.  Knowing her since they were kids there was no doubt that Bron was beginning to fall hard for his boss. 

Bron dropped her head, "I don't know yet, Jake it just wouldn't work."

"Why is that?" he said his eyebrows. 

"He lives in a different world," Bron simply stated. 

"And you don't," he spoke. 

"No, he has to answer to people, management, contracts, stuff like that, I don't," she reminded him. 

"Fine, but you have to answer to Bounce and this," poking her in the chest and smiling, “and of course Mc."

She thought about it and returned the smile, "I think I just made a mistake, Jake."

"Oh really, and you actually are going to admit it," he chuckled. 

"If I take the stairs I might still catch him."  She grinned

"You might, you’re wearing the right shoes for it," he told her as he looked down to her feet.

Bron looked at her feet, "That's odd isn't it," still staring at her feet. 

"Yeah, very odd, for you," he smiled.

Bron flew out the door yelling back too Jake "Meet me downstairs, hurry up."






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