Chapter 24

Bron glanced at the elevator panel as she ran by it.  Shit they're already down there.  She hit the stairwell taking steps in double time until she hit the lobby.  Throwing open the door she started yelling his name.  "Kevin!  Kevin!  Kevin wait!"

She was at the end of the lobby still calling his name.  Everyone was bunched up in the foyer.  They were getting ready to board the buses and there were screaming fans outside.  Kevin couldn't hear her calling him over the noise from outside.  She spotted him and started to run towards him, "Kevin!" she yelled.  He was talking to Mary.

Kevin heard something and turned, he saw her running and yelling towards him.  He opened his arms as she neared him, picking her up off the floor when she launched herself at him.

Tears running down her face, "I'm sorry Kev, I'm so sorry, I need to tell you something," wrapping her hands around his neck to hang on.

She looked past him and saw all the fans outside.  They were all staring at her, she thought, they were screaming.  "Oh No!" clinging even tighter to him.  Bron was getting overwhelmed, she saw the guys smiling at her, the screaming fans, the buses lined up outside.  She heard security yell, "Five minutes boys, Kevin you’re first."  She started to shake. 

"What do you want to tell me Bron?" he whispered in her ear, crushing her to him.  She didn't answer just tightened grip on him. 

"Hey, do you want to  tell me something?" he stammered as he squeezed her closer. 

"I... I..." she stuttered as she was watching every one watch her. 

"Bronwyn What!" he yelled.

He pulled her head back, here eyes were closed tightly and he turned to look behind him.  It was a sea of people.  Oh, shit, She's scared, she's not use to this, he said to himself.  He turned back around and looked at her.  

She opened her eyes, "I will miss you so much," she gasped as a single tear ran down her face. 

Kevin's face fell, his heart was broken.  "I'll miss you too darlin’.  I’ll see you soon," he whispered and set her back down.    

Mary watched Jake come down and set two duffel bags inside the lobby.  Mary observed Bron start to walk back to Jake and tried to block her way.  Bron simply walked around her with her head hanging down.  

Mary was standing there next to her duffel.  She didn't know where to go.  Amy & Gillian had left.  A.J. asked her to go with him, even though that wasn't allowed.  She knew that Bron really needed her right now and she was torn.  Security yelled, "Four minutes!"

A.J. glanced at Mary begging her with his eyes.  Mary handed A.J. her bags, "I'm done fixing things, she'll have to do it herself."  A.J. was beaming.

Kevin stood there staring at his feet; he couldn't watch her walk away from him.  He felt someone tug his arm.  "I'm coming!" he growled. 

"How stupid you can be sometimes," he heard Brian say.  A.J. backed up knowing Brian was stupid for messing with Kevin when he was like this.

Kevin raised his head and leveled is eyes at Brian.  Brian looked him straight in the eye; "You're stupid," poking Kevin in the chest with his finger. 

"Gotta death wish Bri."  He snarled at him.

Brian started to speak, "Look I haven't been around much lately, but let's assess the situation here shall we," he chirped. 

"SHUT UP!" boomed out of Kevin.  A.J. and Mary both jumped, but didn't budge.  Billy, Carlos, and Marcus edged closer to the group waiting for the fight to begin.

Brian continued ignoring him, "You sneak into a woman's room just to scare her, the next night she is....  What's the word I'm looking for Alex?" he asked as he turned to A.J.

"Given!"  A.J. added grinning from ear to ear. 

"Yeah given to you... you take her by force to your room," Brian paused gathering his thoughts, shook his head, he closed his eyes, and opened them again as he rubbed his chin with his hand.  "I don't want to KNOW the next part.  You lock her in your bedroom for two days...."  Brian cleared his throat; "You discipline her like a small child...”  He coughed to hide his giggles, "And once that I know of you stripped her naked and took her clothes away from her."

Kevin interrupted him with a smile, "What's the point?"  It was the stripping part he was remembering.  Man, if I only had the time.

Brian looked at A.J., "Did I forget anything?"

"Yup, he made love to her too!  I would say from the way he was looking this morning it was pretty damn good!"  A.J. grinned.

Brian turned back to Kevin, "The point is you don't seem to have a problem taking what you want from her whether she like's or not."

Kevin cocked his head, "So?"

"So!  So!"  Brian exclaimed as he raised his eyebrows and threw is hands up in the air.  "So go back there, pick her ass up, and put her on the damn bus!"  The three men stood grinning plus Mary.

A.J. watched Kevin smile, "You could always tie her to your bunk till we get to Chicago." he grinned.  Mary slapped him.  "What!"  A.J. yelled. 

"As always fellas you're so right," he said with a broad smile.

As Kevin turned around to fetch Bron the lobby was filled with a scream that sounded like a wounded animal.  Everyone turned quickly to see what it was.

Jake was on his knees hovering over something yelling Bron's name.  Mc came flying around the corner with blood running down his face.

Mary yelled, "Oh No!" running towards Jake.  Mc's knees hit the floor and he started crying out with anguish.  They guys came running into the lobby behind Mary.  Security almost running over the top of them.

Jake looked up at Mary, tears running down his face, "Mary please!" he begged. 

Mc was crying, "Oh baby, I'm too late, I'm so sorry, I almost had him," he cried.

Kevin looked down Bron was crumpled up on the floor.  Her body was one way and her head and neck were turned the opposite way.  There was blood coming from her head, spilling onto the marble floor.  Tears poured from his eyes, "Oh, darlin’," he cried.  He heard Jake begging for Mary to help.  They stood there in shock.  A piece of pipe laid not to far from where the blood was pooling on the floor.

Jake started to pick Bron up and Mary snapped out of it.  "Jake don't move her yet!  Let me see."  Mary knelt next to her friend her tears falling onto her.  She felt for a pulse, there was one but it wasn't strong, but considering the blood on the floor that wasn't surprising.  She could see that she was breathing.  Mary went to Bron's neck it felt and looked fine, but she was losing so much blood and she wasn't sure.

Jake and Mc were staring at her and crying.  Mary looked up at Kevin.  "I don't know what to do, I can't treat her here, there's too many people," almost crying.  Security had already blocked off the entrance to the hotel with their bodies.

Hearing Mary, Nick yelled for security to get ready.  Howie stepped forward and grabbed the two extra duffels.  Jake picked Bron up, blood spilling down his arm.  Kevin couldn't move he was frozen.

Mc jumped up realizing what the guys were doing, they were making the decisions now.  Mc looked at Nick, "Now!" he shouted.  The guys bolted for the bus.  Nick and Howie were the first ones on the bus.  Jake ran carrying Bron ever so gently, his feet pounding into the pavement.  Mary followed with A.J. and Brian.  Mc and Carlos pushed a non-functioning Kevin up the bus steps.  Carlos motioned the rest of security team to board the other buses as he brushed past Kevin. 

Kevin turned to Mc.  Mc yelled at him, "Go I can't find him in this crowd, Go, I'll catch up later."

Kevin pushed the button to shut the door and looked at a Keith, his stunned driver.  "GO!" he shouted.  The bus lurched forward as it left the parking lot, followed by the balance of the buses for the tour.






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