Chapter 27

Bron hit the bus and it smelled like fast food heaven.  Even though her head felt like it was gong to come off she was starving.  “I’m baaack, did you miss me?” she grinned.  They all smiled, happy to see that she was back. 

She inhaled deeply, “Where’s mine?” she asked them.  They all looked at her with guilty faces.  “Aww Come on guys, it’s two; I’m hungry.  We aren’t going to get to Chicago for another six hours if we’re lucky.”

Brian looked at her as he watched Kevin and Mary board the bus.  “Sorry we forgot about you.”

“Gee Thanks Bri, I’ll remember that,” she huffed.  Bron walked by them and headed to her duffel that was sitting in one of the bunks.  Grabbing her sweats, she marched to the bathroom to change.  As she closed the door, she felt the bus move.  I don’t think I could eat anyway, she sighed as she changed her clothes. 

When she came out of the bathroom, Mary holding a bottle of water and two small pills greeted her.  “What’s that?”  Bron asked looking at Mary’s hand.

“Take it,” shoving it towards her Mary told her.  “It will help with the pain.”

“What is it and then I’ll tell you if I will take it.”  Bron wasn’t in the mood to play patient anymore.

“Bron you know I wouldn’t give you anything that would hurt you so shut up and take it,” Mary responded tersely.

Mary knew Kevin had walked up behind her.  She didn’t hear him or see him, but she could smell his aftershave.  “Bron take it and stop giving me a hard time,” Mary rasped out, shoving her hand towards Bron.

Bron picked her head up as she started to say no again, she saw Kevin behind Mary.  He was eyeing her, daring her to screw up again.  He was already mad and had made that very clear to Bron.  If Bron had left with him when he wanted none of this would have happened.  “Okay,” she grabbed them, threw them in her mouth and took a drink of the water.  “Happy Now!” she glowered at Mary. 

Mary looked at Bron with a twinkle in her eye,  “Thank You Kevin.”

“You’re welcome Mare,” she heard from behind her as he walked away.

Bron wasn’t happy; it was very unmistakable to Mary.  Kevin was pushing buttons and upsetting her continuously just because he was upset with her.  Well Kevin, it’s time you learned a lesson too.  By the look of that lip lock you two had going I think you are going to have to wait awhile; at least until your temper cools down a bit.  She said to herself.  “I want you to go lay down until those start to work,” Mary said to Bron. 

“Fine!”  Bron snapped, went and crawled in a bunk, and pulled the curtain.  Mary thought yep Kevin’s right she does act like kid.

Mary figured it was time to update the guys.  She walked up front and motioned everyone to the back.  Once they were seated, A.J. tossed her a paper sack, “Hungry?”  Mary opened it and looked in it, “That’s not food Alex.”  The guys laughed. 

Before she was pounded with questions she started.  She told them everything looked fine, all the tests were ok, and that Bron just needed some rest.  Mary looked at Kevin sitting on the couch and grinned, “Nothing strenuous, I mean it.”  Kevin lowered his head to hide expression, “I hear ya.”  The fellas snickered at him. 

Bron lay in the bunk sulking.  She had already figured out what Mary was up to but she couldn’t figure out why.  Since Mary was holding all the cards, she knew she wouldn’t fold anytime soon.  Mary liked a good game just as much as Bron did.  The fact that she couldn’t figure out why Mary was doing this was really ticking her off.  Bron was mad at Kevin for his behavior at the hospital, but all she wanted to do was crawl into Kevin’s arms and sleep.  Bron thought a minute.  Maybe I can play Mare’s game and get what I want to.

Bron crawled out of the bunk and headed for the gathering in back.  “Hey, I thought I told you to lay down for awhile,” she heard Mary warn her. 

Kevin started to get up but before he could Bron was standing in front of him.  Bron turned and looked at Howie on the other end of the couch.  Silently Howie stood up and moved to the floor.  Bron crawled on the couch and put her head in Kevin’s lap.  She turned her face away from everyone, towards him.  She felt a hand start to slowly rub her back and heard him idly chitchat with the others as she fell asleep.

Kevin sat there for three and half hours while she slept. 

Bron slowly started climbing out of the fog, waking up.  Eventually she was fully awake but didn’t open her eyes.  She was enjoying the feeling of his body next to hers.  She felt his hand and arm resting on her hip.  His hard thigh under her head, she could smell his scent.  His voice boomed through her body every time he spoke.  Damn this is turning me on just laying here she thought.  Then she remembered what Mary was doing.  Shit, forget that he won’t do anything until she says yes.  Mary isn’t going to give in anytime soon either.  Bron opened her eyes slightly to find herself staring at the zipper on Kevin’s jeans.  Jesus this isn’t funny she said to herself and groaned inside her head.  She quickly closed her eyes trying to clear her head.

She thought about the way he acted at the hospital.  What a tyrant he was she thought.  Well Kev if I can’t beat them at their game I might as well join them.

Very casually and very slowly, she raised her hand to rest it next to her face, as if she was still sleeping.  She applied slight pressure with her hand and Kevin looked down quickly at her.  He tried to shift away from her but it didn’t work.

She slowly shifted her head so that she was lying directly on top of the one thing that she really wanted but Mary wouldn’t let her have.  You are so bad Bron she thought. 

He shifted again, starting to get edgy.  Kevin was trying so hard to adjust himself without anyone noticing.

Bron laid there stone faced, never opening her eyes.  Inside she was having fits of giggles.  Let’s see how bad we can make you sweat big guy.  This is just for acting like an ass all day and pushing my buttons.  Making arrangements for me without informing me or getting my consent, bullying me, teasing me in front of your friends.

Mary saw out of the corner of her eye Bron shifting around on the couch.  Kevin was wearing a very uncomfortable frown.  Mary watched Bron slide her hand under her face.  “What the?” she whispered.  Mary bumped A.J. in the ribs enough for him to look at her.  Mary discreetly pointed to Kevin and Bron.

A.J. saw Bron literally push her hand into Kevin’s crotch and cover her hand with her head.  What the hell is she doing he thought.

Bron lay there for a minute giving Kevin a chance to get used to her new position.  Once she felt his body relax, she squeezed her hand on him.

A.J. watched as Kevin’s eyeballs rolled to the back of his head.  Mary caught it too and covered her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh out loud.

Bron did it again, they could tell.  Kevin was starting to perspire and his eyes were half closed.

Kevin’s mind was racing.  Dammit what is she doing he thought.  He was already getting stiff.  She's sleeping for God’s sake. 

Well Mr. Kevin how do you like being tortured in a room full of people; Bron snickered to herself, as she did it again.  How do you like having your buttons pushed and not being able to react. 

A.J. and Mary were watching the whole scene from their perch at the top of the couch.  Kevin was walking a tight rope and Bron was trying to push him off.

Mary knew Kevin wouldn’t go against her wishes as long as he didn’t know she was lying to him.  Bron knew Mary had fibbed to Kevin when Jim let her see the chart.  So why was Bron doing this to him.  Oh, she thought she must be mad at him for his behavior again.

Bron shuddered from excitement and Brian saw it.  He went back to the bunk and grabbed a blanket.  “She must be cold,” he whispered to Kevin as he covered her with the blanket.  Kevin nodded to him unable to speak.  His body was on fire and his wonderful cousin just helped Bron fan the flames.

Mary giggled and Kevin looked at her.  Mary eyed him up and down; he was in rough shape.  She noticed that that his eyes had glazed over and sweat was beading on his forehead.  The little vein on the side of his neck was popping out of his neck.  His entire body tense, probably not as tense as the lower half is right now she thought ruefully.

Bron was chanting in her head, I love you Brian!!!  She rolled again under the blanket putting her mouth where her hand was.

Oh No, exploded through Kevin’s head she wouldn’t dare, she’s sleeping.

A.J. continued to watch Kevin.  He saw movement under the blanket and shock run right across Kevin’s face.  She is one wicked woman to torment a man like that he thought.  It’s a good thing she’s sleeping because that is one thing Kevin would never tolerate is to be teased.

Bron opened and closed her mouth on him through his jeans and snickered to herself.

Kevin let out a loud moan and all the guys turned to stare at him.

The blanket started to bounce up and down.  He threw back the blanket to be greeted by a wide-awake Bron, smiling at him.  “Wassup?” she giggled at him.

“Damn you Bron,” he shouted at her.  He quickly scooted out from underneath her and stood up.

The guys watched as Kevin stood up.  They all looked and quickly turned back to what they were doing.  Snickering they all thought the same thing; yeah we know what’s up Kevin.

Kevin grabbed her and started pulling her to the bunk.  “Kevin I’m sorry.  I was just teasing,” she begged.  Once she realized that this had not been a smart thing to do to him.

“Yeah, well now you’re gonna finish it,” he announced to everyone.  Nobody dared pick his or her heads up but Mary.

“Stop Kevin now!”  Mary yelled at him.  A.J. looked at Mary surprised that she would interfere.

“But out Mare,” Kevin yelled back at her.

“No!” she shouted back.

“Mare!”  Kevin warned her as he continued tugging on Bron.  You will not tease me any more you little witch he said to himself. 

“Do you want to hurt her?” she questioned him loudly.

Kevin dropped Bron.  Storming to the bunk above Bron’s, he threw himself in it and slammed the curtain shut. 

Bron stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do.  She started to walk back to the bunk and she heard Mary yell at her.  “Bron, the couch now.  You’re old enough not be a tease.” 

Bron stormed over to the couch and jammed herself in it.  She pouted for awhile and every now and then one of the guys would look at her and grin.  She thought to herself, she hadn’t punished Kevin she had just been cruel.  I will make up for it right after I kill Mary.






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