Chapter 28

A half hour had passed, Bron got up and started to walk to the front of the bus.  “Bronwyn?” she heard Mary say.

“I’m hungry Mare,” she answered her.  She walked down the aisle and to the galley.  She turned back and saw both Mary and A.J. looking at her sternly.  Assholes she thought.  She stood next to Kevin’s bunk and could hear him breathing.  She could tell he was sleeping but not deeply.

She made herself a sandwich and grabbed a can of pop.  She walked back and sat back down on the couch.

“Whatcha got?”  Nick asked her.

“P.B.J.,” she replied.

“Smells good,” he grinned at her.

Bron shook her head.  “Want one?” she asked.

“Yes please.”  He replied.

Bron padded back down the aisle to make Nick a sandwich.  When she came back, Nick had lost his spot in the video game to Howie.  Bron handed him the sandwich and they ate in silence watching the guys play.  Nick took his spot back in the game after he had finished his sandwich.

“Mare,” Bron spoke looking at her.

“What?” she answered as she dozed on A.J.’s shoulder.

“Don’t you think you’ve punished Kevin enough?  I would really like to know why you are doing this anyway?” She questioned her with a serious tone in her voice.

Nick’s mouth dropped, Brian and Howie looked at Bron.  A.J. just smiled as always.

“No, not yet,” she answered very amused with herself.

The guys were astounded.  Looking at them, Bron was puzzled; then she figured it out.

“Tell me you didn’t believe that bull shit story she fed you?”  Bron asked them.  All the guys glanced back and forth between the two women.

Bron looked at Brian, knowing something of his medical history.  “You’re kidding, you too, of all people.  Aw this is too good Mare; you just suckered the Backstreet Boys,” she exclaimed gleefully.

She grinned, “Guys since when does a head injury have anything to do with sex?”  She studied them as it dawned on them.  Bron turned to A.J. quickly, “Don’t even say it?”  A.J. snickered at her.  Knowing A.J. ‘head’ would have been the operative word.

Bron glared at Mary, “Come on enough is enough.  After today, he’ll probably mail me back to Mc in little pieces.  Besides, you haven’t even told me why.  Whatever it is it had better be good.  If he finds out, you’re the one in trouble sister, not me.”  She grinned.

“No he needs to learn to control his temper around you,” Mary smirked at her.

“Oh, I see.  I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon,” Bron giggled.

Brian interjected, “He wasn’t raised that way, he knows better.”

“Besides you’re punishing me too and I have had enough,” Bron stated.

“Tough Love honey, you’re the tease not me,” Mary giggled.

“When?”  Bron huffed at her.

“Mmmm, I was thinking Chicago,” Mary answered her, knowing that wouldn’t fly with Bron at all.

“Bullshit!”  Bron murmured.  Jumping off of the couch she headed for the bunk.  She was stopped dead in her tracks as something latched onto her leg.  Bron looked down at her leg and Nick was holding on for dear life.

“Might as well join the game or we will put you out of it,” he said from the floor, still holding onto her leg.

Bron looked at him baffled, “Huh?”

“I like this game.  We’re not used to seeing Train so torn up.  He has been doing it to us and especially me for years.  It’s time for his payback.  Remember the green underwear thing.”  Nick beamed up at her.

“Fine, I’ll play but we’re playing my game, my rules.  Number one you squeal on me my keyboard gets even.  Two if I get caught you’d better save my ass,” she warned them.  Bron scanned the room and noticed that the fellas were all for it, but Howie was hesitating.  Bron looked at Howie.  “The musketeers or nothing,” she said flatly.  The other three looked at Howie, he smiled, and nodded yes.

Bron stood there thinking a minute.  She looked down at Nick hanging off her leg, “Enjoying yourself Little Man?”  He eagerly nodded a yes to her.  Bron studied Nick and a slow smile crept across her face. 

Mary saw it and knew Bron had come up with something to torment Kevin even more.  This was for the guys so she knew it would be good.

“Howie, go find out from Keith how long we have till we get to Chicago,” Bron told him.  Bron’s eyes were twinkling when she looked down at Nick.  “You can let go now,” she informed him.

“I don’t want to,” he giggled.

“Nick let go of me,” she commanded.

Howie came back.  “An hour and a half,” he announced.

“Perfect,” she grinned.  Calling Brian over, she whispered in his ear for a couple of minutes.  Nick couldn’t even hear her she was talking so low.  Brian nodded and grinned as he rubbed his hand together in excitement.  “Yes!” he exclaimed.

Brian glanced down at Nick, “Let go of her.  If he comes out of that bunk and sees that there will be one less Backstreet Boy.”

Nick grabbed on tighter to her leg and moved his hands up to her thigh.  “Nick let go, she belongs to him and you know it,” Brian warned him.

Brian received a slap in head from Bron.  “I don’t belong to anybody,” she hissed at him.

“Sorry, Geez,” Brian looked at her.

Bron shot Nick a look and he let go of her.  She looked at Brian, “Ya ready?”  Brian nodded yes.

“Well I’m gonna go lay down guys,” she winked at the group. 

Bron went to the bunk below Kevin’s.  She turned on her stomach and pulled the curtain back.  She positioned herself so she could see the group in back through the slit in the curtain.  Thank God Carlos is sleeping she thought.  This would never fly if he were awake.

The anticipation was building as she watched them and they watched her.  Brian was the only one who knew and it was killing the rest of them.  Brian didn’t know it all, she thought to herself.  Minutes passed and she stretched her arm out into the aisle and gave a thumbs up. 

Brian bolted to the galley and started banging and rattling things around.

Bron heard Kevin jostle around above her and his curtain open.  Yep he was awake now.  She heard the curtain close.  Brian walked by her and tapped her shoulder lightly.  Bron waited five more minutes.  The guys started getting restless.  They kept asking Brian but he would just shake his head no.

Well time to begin.  Bron folder her arms under her chin and focuses on the guys.  Bron let a loud moan and a sigh.  Howie grabbed his stomach and Nick had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.

Bron smiled at them.  “Oh honey,” she moaned.  “Oh please Kevin, please.”  She added a deep lustful groan for effect.

Howie grabbed his sweatshirt to cover his mouth.  His eyes were already tearing.  Nick was holding both hands over his mouth.  A.J. and Mary sat, totally unaffected.  Brian was giggling like a loon into his hands.  Kevin was shifting around in the bunk above her.  Yep he heard it, she thought.

“Oh Kev you are so good, Mmmm,” she moaned again.  “Oh please baby.  Kev can you do that?  Oh, I guess you can.  That feels so good, please baby more.”  A moan came out of her that dropped Nick to the floor.

Nick was on the floor covering his face with a pillow, laughing hysterically.  Bron thought Howie’s down, now Nick, three more to go.  Brian’s face was blood red with tears running down it.  Mary and A.J. sat there smirking back at her.  She heard Kevin shift and mumble something.  He was listening she thought.  Bron pointed up to Kevin’s bunk and winked at the guys.  That nearly killed Nick.

“Oh baby please harder, Oh Kevin please!  I can’t hold on.  Please don’t make me beg.”  She spoke, her breath catching as if she was really begging him.  Bron thought a minute, this is to tame for them this isn’t going to work.  She grinned at the guys, but this will, “OH Kev please lick me, suck me.”

“Holy shit!” Brian exclaimed, as he hit the floor like a ton of bricks fighting Nick for the pillow.

Bron grinned, so much for Choirboy.  She heard Kevin exclaim loudly above her, “What the!”  Bron pointed to A.J. and Mary and they shook their heads no.  Bron shook yes back at them.  The rest of the guys were rolling on the bus floor, but hadn’t laughed out loud yet.

“Oh Kevin sweetie let me help you with that zipper.”  She spoke out loud.  A.J. and Mary stared to giggle.  She heard Kevin say, “No please no.”  The guys saw his curtain move but Bron didn’t.

Bron locked her eyes on A.J. knowing her timing was critical.  “Oh Kev you are so big.  Honey are all the boys as big as you?”  Bron dropped her head to her arms and laughter rang through the bus. 

Gently some was shaking her shoulder and she heard Kevin’s voice.  “Bron wake up.  Bron dammit wake up,” he was shouting at her. 

She rolled over quickly.  “What the hell are you doing to me?” she yelled at him.  She saw he was furious with her and leaning out from his bunk.  Good thing he thinks I was sleeping, man that is scary.

“Bron, you were having a dream,” he looked at her still pissed.

“No shit and it was a good one,” as she kicked the bottom of his bunk for emphasis.  She shoved him out of her bunk and pulled the curtain closed.

Kevin glanced at the guys they were still laughing.  Man, they will never let me forget this he thought, as he swung back up into his bunk and yanked the curtain.

Kevin thought about what she had said in her dream.  That’s not her he said to himself as his anger began to flare.  That’s the other Bron, the internet one.  He heard her snickering quietly below him.  Dammit she did do that on purpose, dream my ass.  She had just put him through one of the roughest days of his life.  He thought he had lost her forever.  Now she has teased him once miserably and then embarrassed him.  Paybacks are bitch sweetheart he smiled to himself, listening to her giggle below him.

Kevin raised his curtain instead of sliding it open and placed it behind his back.  He swung his legs out of the bunk, knowing that Bron wouldn’t be able to see him.  Kevin put his finger to his mouth as to tell the fellas to be quite.  They knew by his actions that he had figured it out. 

Bron was in for some real trouble now.  Nick started to say something and Mary cleared her throat and shook her head no.  Nick shrugged his shoulders as to say oh well. 

Bron’s arm came out of her bunk and she gave a thumbs up to the crowd.  Kevin grabbed her arm with both hands and jumped down from his bunk.  “Bron baby we have to talk!”  He said in an enraged voice. 

“OH, NO!” she screamed as he shoved himself into her bunk.






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