Chapter 3

Kevin searched the room for her but couldn’t find her.  Stevie came back and asked, “Where’d she go?” 

“She left,” Nick answered.  Stevie exclaimed, “Oh shit!  So much for a barmaid tonight,” grabbing his coat he went flying out the door. 

Nick turned to A.J. “Hey, they’re all staying on the fourth floor,” grinning wickedly.

Kevin stood up and announced he was tired and going to bed.

The three men continued to party with the ladies.  In the end all that was left were couples, A.J. and Mary, Nick and Amy, and Howie and Gillian.  Howie told them what he saw in the hallway.  Mary wasn’t amused at all. A.J. told her don’t worry he wouldn’t have hurt her.  Kevin loves to intimidate the hell out of people whenever he can, it was a power trip.  Nick looked at all of them and said, “I think it’s more than that,” knowing how involved Kevin had become in the fic.

Kevin stalked off to his room with Carlos hot on his heels.  Trying to relax he just kept prowling around the room.  That little witch was needling him to no end.  How can she write shit about me like that?  Man, she is just begging for it.

Kevin walked over and tapped a sleeping Carlos.  “Come on, let’s go.” 

“Shit, Kevin do you know what time it is?”   

“Yeah, but I can’t sleep.” 

“Ugh!” came out of Carlos.  “Where are we going Kev?” he yawned. 

“I don’t know,” he replied.

They walked into the elevator Kevin pushed the fourth floor button.  As they got out of the elevator they saw Stevie going down the hall. 

Stevie turned at the noise of the elevator on instinct.  Stevie saw Kevin and Carlos and started to wave.  Kevin signaled him to come over.  “Hey, where’s your barmaid?” 

“Princess got her ass in a snit and I had to leave,” he stated flatly. 

Kevin looked at Stevie, “Tell ya what, I haven’t figured out the connection between you to yet, but if you really want the barmaid, Carlos will stay here and you can go take care of your maid.”

Kevin could see that Stevie was thinking it about it.  Come on do it, he chanted in his head, come on say yes. 

Stevie asked Carlos a couple of questions, but he was really hesitating on saying yes.

Kevin asked, “Why are you always around her?”

Stevie let his guard down hoping he wouldn’t regret it later.  “I do what Carlos does for you.”

“You’re a bodyguard!” he replied, blown away by that answer.  “What for?” he questioned Stevie. 

“None of your business,” was the answer he got back from Stevie. 

“You’re awful chummy with her to be security,” Kevin remarked.  

“We’re old friends that is why I took the job,” Stevie sighed.  A plausible excuse, it really wasn’t his business anyway.

“Where’s her husband? She wears wedding rings?”  

“Nosy guy aren’t you Kevin, is she getting to you with her words?”

“No she isn’t,” he snapped. 

Stevie knew better, but she would be fine with them, they were harmless.  Hell, he was nothing but a Backstreet Boy.  Some threat, he snickered to himself.  Backstreet security was the best thing going.  “Well if you must know she has been a widow for the last eight months.  She also has a six year old daughter she calls Bounce.  Anything else you want to know Kev?”

“Yeah, Does she sign your paycheck?” he asked. 

“No, someone else does and that is the end of the Q and A session.”

Kevin realized he wasn’t going to get anymore information than what was just given him.  “Well, if you want, Carlos can stay here and you can go play with the barmaid.”

Stevie figured Carlos could handle it.  He told him nobody gets through those doors and he pointed to a set of doors.  “The chain is on for her suite, but not on mine.  The door is open that connects the two suites inside and it stays that way.  Bounce is sleeping upstairs in an upstairs bedroom.”

Satisfied Stevie turned and strode to the elevator.  He turned back, “I owe you Kev.” 

Kevin smiled, “No problem, I understand.” 

“I’ll bet you do man,” Stevie laughed as the elevator door closed.

As soon as the doors closed Kevin gave Carlos a high five, grabbed the key and headed for Stevie’s door. 

Carlos looked at him “What the hell are you doing!” 

Kevin looked at him, a slow smile crossing his face, “I’m gonna have me some fun!” 

Carlos’s jaw dropped, “No you're not!” he exclaimed.  “And another thing don’t go volunteering me for other people, my job is to protect you."

"I want no part of it,” Carlos whispered.  Watching Kevin’s grin get bigger and bigger, “I mean it.” 

“I won’t even touch her,” Kevin told him. 

Carlos glared at him, “Yeah right, listen Stevie is here for a reason watch your step party boy.”

“I will,” he quipped as he twirled the key on the end of his finger.

Kevin unlocked Stevie’s door and walked through the darkness.  He saw the door adjoining the rooms and crept along the wall. 

“Shit!  She’s still up,” he whispered.  She was curled in a ball with her back to the door, lying on her side. 

She heard something and figured it was Stevie coming back.  “Hey Stevie.  Pull up a chair I can’t sleep anyway.  I forgot Tequila meant to kill ya,” groaning lightly.

Bron heard the chair slide closer to the bed.  She didn’t dare move she had just finally found a position her stomach agreed with.  The bed bounced as he threw his legs on the bed.  “Don’t do that, you’ll make the bed spin!” she yelped. 

“Thanks for letting me go tonight, I can’t stand being bottled up all the time and under everyone’s thumb.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t even breathe.”  Pausing to catch her breath and wait for the next spin to stop, “I’ll cover for you if Mc finds out.  He’ll go nuts but he’ll have to get over it.  I’m so tired of him treating me like a furniture it’s driving me crazy.”

Kevin sat in the chair listening to her making a list of questions to find answers to.  Who is Mc and what is he to her for one?  What did she mean by that last remark?

She was silent for 20 minutes but never moved.  “I must be getting use to you being around, I missed you tonight.  Lurch cornered me in the hallway on my way out of the ladies room,” she sighed.  “Man he really freaked me out.  As usual, I let my temper overrun my head.  He scared me a little which was weird because we know that doesn’t happen easily.”

A slow menacing smile crept across Kevin’s face.  Good he thought, I should scare you, as she continued.

“He is so arrogant; he stood there just pushing my buttons.  I reacted like an idiot too!  Choo Choo boy doesn’t like funky shit written about him,” she giggled. 

“The weird thing is though he knew exactly which buttons to push to get a reaction.  But for some unknown reason I knew his too.”  She shivered as a chill ran down her spine.  “It’s odd he looks at me, knows what I am thinking and I can do the same thing right back, makes me feel creepy.”

Kevin thought yep you are right about that, we do know how to get to each other. 

“Considering he was so pissy tonight I think I will write another chapter.  I can call it Get Even.  I could have some fun with that one.  What should I do Stevie?  Should I make him impotent, nah that’s too mean.  Oh, I know gay, no that’s been done.  Shit, Bisexual that will do it.  Man, Nick is going to be laughing his ass off at this one.”

Taking a breath and thinking for a minute.  “Let’s see Kevin needs a husband, who do you think Stevie?”  She waited for an answer.  “What, no comment, you’re no fun.”

Sitting in the chair Kevin almost ripped the arms off of it, as his hands clenched and unclenched the fabric.  His mind grasping what she had just said.  I’m gonna kill her; she is still playing games after I told her to quit.  You little brown eyed witch was shrieking through his brain.

“Let’s see I could use Nick but he would be really upset with me.  Brian is out, incest isn’t my bag.  If I used Howie, Gillian would be mad.  I know A.J., he’ll be a little upset but he’d know why I did it.”  A fit of laugher over took her body.

Kevin spoke his first words since entering the room, “A.J. is to damn skinny for me.”

“What the fuck!” she growled.

Bron went from curled in a ball to standing on top of the bed by his feet in one movement.

“Problem?” he asked nonchalantly.

She was just about to shout when Kevin pointed to the upstairs bedroom. 

“Shit!" she whispered angrily.

“What the hell are you doing in my room?” she glared at him. 

“Visitin',” he returned. 

“Get the hell out,” she spoke back venomously.

“Oh, but I want to change your story a little, make it a little harder for you to separate fact from fiction,” gleefully he said to her.

Bron recognized the self-satisfaction in his statement.  Uh-oh alarm bells went off in her head.  Where the hell is Stevie, get out, just get out now Bron, her internal voice screamed.

Bron tried to jump over his legs but the heel of her foot caught the toe of his boot.  She slammed into the floor.

“Have a nice trip,” he giggled. 

“Fuck you!” she reached up to slap his face for the third time tonight.

“I don’t think so,” he spoke.






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