Chapter 30

Bron glanced at her watch as the bus pulled in the parking lot.  Just after eight, Bounce’s bedtime.  She went and sat on the couch.  Bron watched everyone scurry around and haul stuff off the bus.  This was a four and a half day stay for them.  Amazing the amount of junk they could stuff on this thing.  Most of it was Kevin’s, I wonder what the other guys bring with them, she thought.

She turned her head out the window.  Noticing there were only a few fans.  Assuming that was probably her fault, she had caused the delay.  Mentally she was noting all the exit doors, the parking lot, the direction they had come from, everything.  If you are going to get out of here you had better know how.  Rich place she said to herself.

Nick was watching Bron.  She was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear Kevin call her twice.  What’s she thinking about?  He noted her face was all scrunched up and she was absorbing every thing out the window.  He watched Kevin walk up to her and whisper to her.  Bron’s face whitened a little.  What did he say to her this time?  Why does he keep doing that to her?  What an ass he thought.  I gotta talk to him once were settled.

Bron was lost in her thoughts when she heard, “Forget it, you won’t make it that far.”  She jerked her head up to see Kevin standing there.  How did he know what I was thinking, she wondered to herself.

Grabbing her hand Kevin pulled her off the couch and steered her toward the bus door.  She allowed herself to be steered all the way into the lobby without uttering a word.

After checking in Kevin handed Jake the swipe card to get in the room.  “You two go up, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” he said to Jake.

Jake grabbed Bron’s hand and took her to the elevator.  Jake knew something was up and he wanted to talk to her alone.  As the elevator door shut, he saw Kevin walk to A.J., followed by Carlos and start talking.

Once on the floor Jake led her to the suite and opened the door.  He stepped aside letting her walk through first.  The first words she spoke since earlier in the day were, “Holy Shit!”

Jake walked through the door and whistled, “My my, talk about sweet.” 

“Jake can you believe this?” she exclaimed.

“This boy does live well, doesn’t he?”  Jake remarked as Bron disappeared from view.

Both of them wandered in out of the rooms in the suite for a few minutes.

He heard her let out a yelp, “OH JAKE!  Look at this!”

Jake followed her voice to her.  Once he found her, he laughed at her.  “Only you babe, only you,” replied Jake.

Neither of them heard Kevin come to the door way and stand there.  He watched and listened to the two of them acting like little kids who just fell into a dream.

“I can’t believe this, I can’t believe this,” Bron kept repeating.  She walked around the room, opening, closing, pulling, and touching as she felt every thing in the room.  She was taking it all in and missing nothing.  “I’ve done things like this Jake but I never get to play in them.

Jake caught a glimpse of Kevin standing in the doorway watching Bron.  Jake decided to add a little humor since she was so excited about such an ordinary thing.  “Hey babe, you better be careful if my boss finds you caressing that granite countertop like that he might get jealous,” he chuckled.

Bron ignored him not bothering to turn around.  “Oh Jake, I’ve died and gone to heaven.  Can you believe this?  Look at this Jake it’s awesome.”  Bron pulled the doors open on the object. 

Jake was grinning from ear to ear.  She is so weird he thought.  “Hey, Bron!”

“Yeah!” she answered breathlessly.

“You’re not going to have an orgasm over a kitchen are you?  Cuz if you are I can leave,” he laughed out loud.

They both turned as they heard laughter coming from the doorway.

Bron’s face was lit up with pure delight.  “Shut up Kevin.”

“Like kitchens do ya.  I’ll have to remember that,” he smiled.  “We have a cook you know,” he told her as he watched her survey the contents of the refrigerator.

“Not in my kitchen.  Kevin this is so awesome,” she squealed delightedly.  I should tell him, nah no biggie.

Kevin was beaming inside, mostly because she was so happy.

Bron spoke to Kevin as she was taking inventory of the kitchen.  “What’s the game plan?  Where did all this stuff come from?” she asked him.

“There isn’t one, I have a meeting in a half hour.  After that I have some paperwork to catch up on.”  Kevin stuck his tongue to the inside of his cheek making it bulge and grinned at her.  “All the stuff came from the cook.  I assume he won’t be welcomed here?” he asked her.

“That’s right!” she answered him.  Picking her head up and tilting it to the side, “It’s awful late for a meeting isn’t it?”

Kevin didn’t give her a reply.  He didn’t like lying so it was best to say nothing.

“Fine, none of my business,” she answered for him sarcastically.  Turning to Jake, “Could you put my stuff over in the corner please?” she asked him sweetly.  Bron started dragging stuff out of the fridge and cupboards.

“Bron, I’m not your maid” totally pissed at her.  Jake glanced Kevin who had a look on his face.  Then Kevin pointed to her stuff, then the bedroom.

“Jake are you hungry?” she asked with her head still in the refrigerator.

“Yes, I’m starving,” he responded.

“Put my stuff away and I’ll make you something to eat,” she spoke with her back still turned to them

Jake couldn’t move from his spot fast enough.  Kevin watched as Jake attempted to put her stuff in the corner.  Jake saw the steadfast glare on Kevin’s face; quickly he moved everything to the bedroom.  Bron didn’t notice; she was caught up in making sandwiches.

Kevin went and sat on the couch.  Fine, ignoring me isn’t going to make me go away darlin’, he thought.  Consider yourself a guest, a permanent one.  He watched her; she was like a whirlwind in the kitchen.  By the time Jake returned, there were three plates ready along with three drinks.

“Sit,” she said to Jake.  He sat in a chair and she brought him a plate and a drink.  She walked back to the counter grabbed a drink and plate for herself.  Bron waltzed over to the dining area and sat down in one of the chairs at the table.

Kevin glanced at the lonely plate and drink left on the countertop and then at Bron, who was ignoring him.  Guess we’re trying to make a point here, he mused to himself.  Getting up he retrieved the plate and drink then settled back in his seat.  Returning to his seat he glanced at her, she was smirking and very satisfied with herself.

Bron thought internally, I’ll never let you do what you did to me on that bus again.  I’ve had enough.  You may be bigger and stronger, but I’m smarter.  I will never have my control taken away again.  One point for me she smirked to herself.  At least she thought she was smirking internally.

“Thank you Bron,” Kevin said dryly.  He didn’t get a response.  “I said thank you Bron,” the pitch of his voice rising with each word.

Bron refused to answer him.  He was eating and frowning at her at the same time.  Mental note he doesn’t like the silent treatment, it irritates the hell out of him.  Another point for me, hehe.  She eyed him warily as he got up and put the dirty dishes in the sink and went to the bedroom.  Glancing up she saw Jake gazing at her.

Kevin stood inside the bedroom with the door shut.  Bron was up to something, but what he thought as he listened to them.   

 “You’re playing a dangerous game with him Bron,” Jake warned her.

She looked at Jake and gave him a self-satisfied smile, “Two points for me.”

Jake knew Bron was playing her old game.  She used to drive Mc insane with keeping score.  Jake looked at her, “Points only girl!”

Kevin heard it.  Points, emm, I like points, makes it easier to win, he laughed softly.  You’re going down lady he said to himself as he went to get dressed.

Bron cleaned up the mess she had made in the kitchen.  Hearing a noise, she turned.  Kevin came out with clean clothes on and headed to the door.

“I have some business to take care of, stay put,” he announced.

“When will you be back?”  Bron asked him.

As he put his hand on the doorknob and started to turn it, “None of your business.  Don’t worry Bron will have all day tomorrow to be together, alone.”  Kevin was grinning at the door he couldn’t look at her it would give it away.  He heard a low growl come out of her as he opened the door.  Gee she didn’t like that one at all, “One point for me,” he mused a little louder than he wanted too.  Jake heard him and snickered.  Kevin turned, looked at him, and gave him a sly smile.






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