Chapter 32

Jake sat in the chair to watching T.V.  A soft knock was heard on the door, he got up to answer it.  He opened the door to find Mary standing there.  “Hi Mare.”

“Hi Jake, Where is she?”

“Sulking,” he laughed.

“And the tub is which way?”  Mary asked light heartedly.  Jake pointed directly down the hall while smiling.  Mary tramped down the hall with her bag in hand.

Reaching the bathroom, “Hey I hear you’re not feeling well.”

“Oh, tall, dark, and pissy stop by,” Bron spoke with anger.

“Bron stop it, he’s concerned.  Let me see.”  She walked up to her.

“What’s to see, there still there and they hurt, along with my eyeballs, my neck and just about everything else.  How the hell would you feel if someone tried to take your head off with a piece of pipe?”  Bron growled at her.

“Stop growling at me, I didn’t do it,” Mary snapped at her.

Mary checked Bron’s neck, head, and stitches.  “I want to see your eyes turn around,” she told her.

“I don’t want to; you come over here,” Bron informed Mary as she pointed to the front of the tub.

Mary let out an exasperated sighed, nothing like dealing with a grumpy two four year old.  Mary walked around and looked at her eyes with her light.

“Oww, why the hell do you people do that?” she whined.

“Because eyes tell a Doctor a lot, but yours are fine.”  Mary answered her.

“Yeah, now not only do they hurt, I’m blinded too.”  She said sarcastically.

Ignoring her Mary asked, “On a scale of one to ten how bad is it?”

“Fifteen would be about right,” as she looked at Mary.

“That bad huh, well it’s heavy artillery time,” Mary warned her.

“What do you mean heavy artillery?”  Bron threw back at her.

“Bron, you’re not going to sleep tonight unless you get some heavy stuff.”  Mary told her.

“I don’t know Mare.  I need to stay on my toes,” she whined as she closed her eyes.

“Don’t worry about Lenny,” Mary tried to reassure her.

“Lenny isn’t the one I’m worried about.”  She said as she slowly opened her eyes again.

“Bron he wouldn’t,” Mary chided her.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought until the little chat we had on the bus today,” she halted.  There was no sense in sharing that little episode of humiliation and dominance with anyone.

“Wanna talk about it?”  Mary asked.  Kevin did more than give Bron a hickey and she wanted to know what.

“No!” she shot back

“It might make you feel better,” Mary told her.

“Doubt it,” Bron lowered her head to her knees.

Mary was really getting upset.  What the hell did he do?  “Did he hurt you?” she asked in a concerned voice.

“Later, where’s your artillery?  I can’t take this any more.”  Bron said ignoring her question.

Mary shook her head as she dragged two things out of her bag, but didn’t show them to Bron.  “Pick your weapon.  They both will make you silly, stupid, and eventually out cold.  One works faster than the other does.  Robert figured you might need a little extra help since you weren’t go to stay there,” she said.

“The faster one please,” Bron begged her.

“Okay but.”  Mary paused.

“Okay but What?”  Bron asked.

Mary picked her hand up for Bron to see.  “Geez Mare,” she whined.

“Sorry,” Mary spoke apologetically.

Bron put her arm on the tub.  Mary looked at her.  “That won’t work,” she laughed.

“Come on Mare,” Bron whined

“Sorry,” Mary giggled.

Bron stood up in the tub.  “This is ridiculous,” she chided her.  She winced slightly at the sharp pain.

“This is done, sit down,” Mary told her.

“I feel like a twelve year old in gym class,” she informed her as she sat back down.

The conversation was broken by, “I’m back!  Where are you?”  Mary’s eyebrows shot-up upon hearing the voice.

“Chill it’s not what you’re thinking,” Bron looked at her harshly.

“Better not be, he’d kill him,” Mary eyed her.

“We’re in here.  Jake would you put that stuff away for me pretty please!”  Bron yelled.

Nick walked into the bathroom, “Oh!”  He promptly turned and walked back into the bedroom.

“Hey, come back here!”  Bron yelled at him.

Mary looked at Bron in shock.

“That’s not a good idea Bron,” Nick said from the bedroom.

“Nick come on we’re adults, you can’t see anything anyway,” she shook her head at Mary.

Nick peeked around the corner all embarrassed, “Hi Mare.”

“Hi Nick,” Mary smiled at him, trying to suppress her grin.  Watching a twenty-one year man blush was pretty amusing.

Bron heard Jake yell, “It’s points Bron, not blood.  Watch your step!”

Bron giggled, “Don’t worry Nick, Kevin’s not here.  Have a seat and join the party.”  Bron pointed to the commode at the other end of the tub.

Nick was flustered as he sat down where she had directed him.

“Relax Nick, I promise I won’t stand up,” she chuckled.  “Did you get everything on the list?” she asked him.

“Yep, sure did,” he grinned as he started to relax.  It was easy to be comfortable around Bron, kind of like a mom thing.  But mom wouldn’t be sitting naked in a tub talking to me, he thought.

“I really appreciate it Nick, it means a lot to me.”

“For you anytime?” he told her.

“What list?”  Mary asked.

Nick looked at her, “Bron’s having a party tomorrow.”

“Oh she is, is she?”  Mary shook her head.  Mary knew from meeting going down in A.J.’s room that was not what Kevin had planned for tomorrow.  She figured she had better not get between the two of them or it would be a problem.  It was obvious to her that they were drawing battle lines and she wasn’t going to get in the middle of it.

“Yep!  She’s cooking a huge dinner for us tomorrow,” he said excitedly.

 “Yeah Mare and you’re helping,” Bron interjected.

“I am?  I don’t cook.” she answered her.

“Yes you are.  Well you had better learn I don’t know how long A.J. and you can survive on Mickey D’s,” Bron snickered.

They all were laughing at that, Alexander and fast food were synonymous with each other.  The rest of the tension released from the three of them.

“Hey you were telling me what happened in that bunk today before Nick came,” Mary reminded her.  She thought that maybe she could catch Bron off guard with Nick being here.

“Yeah what happened?”  Nick added.

“Kevin was just being Kevin,” Bron said with an attitude.

“What do you mean?”  Nick continued.

“Oh just a power play, that’s all.  He was making a statement,” she told both of them.

“Looks like he made one on your neck,” Nick laughed.

Bron pursed her lips together and thought that's why he did that, ERRR!

Mary knew Bron wasn’t ready to share by the cryptic answer Bron had given them.  She was going to drop it for now.  Unfortunately Nick didn’t realize it and continued on.

Nick didn’t know how to ask her.  He was trying to figure out how, when his thoughts were interrupted by Bron.

“Hey, mare the stuff you gave me is definitely kicking in.  Good stuff,” Bron quipped.  Mary looked at her; Bron was hitting the silly and stupid stage already.

Voices came from the living room and Mary jumped.  Bron could care less at this point.

Nick was leaning on the Tub with his elbows.  He looked at Mary, “Relax it’s Howie and Bri.”

“What are you thinking about Nicky?”  Bron asked as she stuck her soapy toe out of the tub and poked Nick who almost jumped.

 “Nothing,” he grinned watching Bron in the tub.

“Are you pining for Miss Amy?” she asked with her foot now resting on the tub between his elbows.

“Yeah, I like her a lot, I just wish her boss would give her more time off,” he whined looking at Mary.  “Howie is missing Gillian too.”

“Hey Nick somebody has to work,” Mary told him.  The three of them laughed together at Mary’s comment.

Out in the suite Brian and Howie looked at Jake hearing the laughter coming from the bathroom.  Brian looked at Jake and started rolling his eyes.  Jake was trying not to smile.

Howie looked at Brian, “He wouldn’t be that stupid would he?”

They heard water sloshing and then laughter.  Brian turned to Jake who was losing it as Brian spoke to him, “Tell me she isn’t taking a bath?”  Laughter and the noise of water moving came from the bathroom again.

Jake just nodded a yes to Brian and Howie.

Brian ran to the couch and sat down.  He threw his legs up on the coffee table and crossed them.  Placing his hands behind his head, he interlaced his fingers.  “I gotta see this, man!” 






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