Chapter 33

Jake looked at the two sitting on the couch.  “It’s not what you think,” he informed them.

“It’s not what we think that counts,” Brian laughed.

Howie shot Brian an amused grin, “Train’s right, she just keeps coming on.”

All three of them busted out in laugher as Kevin walked through the door with A.J.

“What’s so funny?”  Kevin asked them.

Brian pulled himself together as best he could, “Nothing Cuz.”

Laughter came from the bathroom and Bron’s distinct voice was heard by all saying; “Nick pass me that, I need more bubbles.”

Brian and Howie started laughing insanely.

Kevin cocked his head sideways.  He looked at Jake, “What the Fuck?” and he was gone running down the hallway.  Jake stood there as he pulled the paper out of his pocket and gave Bron a point.

A.J. looked at Howie and Brain, “Oh shit!” and chased after Kevin.

Howie, Brian, and Jake watched as Nick came flying down the hallway with Kevin hot on his heels.  A.J. was being dragged along by Kevin.

“I’m gonna kick your ass Kaos!”  Kevin screamed at him.

“Kev it’s fine,” Nick said as he jumped behind the couch hoping Brian and Howie would protect him.

“What the hell are you doing in my bathroom while Bron’s taking a bath?” he asked in a rage as he walked towards the couch with A.J. still holding on to him.

“Hey Kev, relax, she invited me,” he grinned.

A.J. looked at Nick, “Nice, real nice,” as he let go of Kevin.

The chase was on.  Nick ran the other way; unfortunately, it was the wrong way.  Kevin grabbed him by the shirt collar and cocked back his arm to punch him.

“Kev honest man, she did tell me to go in there,” Nick started to beg.

“Kevin Scott Richardson let go of him!” came booming from behind Kevin.

Kevin turned to the voice and there she stood fuming mad and dripping wet.  Kevin dropped his hold on Nick immediately.

“You are an idiot!” Bron railed at him.

“Me, I’m an idiot.  I don’t let men in the bathroom when I’m taking a bath.”  Kevin was boiling mad at her.  This was her doing not Nick’s.  If she wanted to battle him she could, but she is not dragging the rest of them into it.  This was private and personal.

Kevin’s anger started to dissipate as he gazed at her.  She was standing there in a way to short pink satin bathrobe.  The front of it barely covering anything, he could almost bet the back of it hardly covered her ass.  It was clinging to her like a second skin as the satin absorbed the moisture from her flesh.  The color darkened on the robe from the wetness.  He watched as bubbles rolled down the inside of her leg to the floor, and he took a breath.  All of her curves were being revealed as the cloth sucked the water from her body.  She turned and the front of the robe fluttered open slightly at the bottom.

Briefly he turned his head to Howie and Brian, immediately he knew what they were watching and saw.  Oh, God he moaned within.

Quickly turning back to her he yelled at her,  “Go get some damn clothes on!”

“Fine!” she exclaimed as she walked into the bedroom and slammed the door.

“I’m outta here,” Nick squeaked as he ran like hell out the door.  Brian and Howie gave chase,  “Hey wait for us, we wanna talk to you.”

Jake, A.J., and Mary stared at Kevin.

“She is driving me nuts.  I swear I’m gonna kill her.  This has been the worst day of my life,” he huffed out.

A.J. looked at Kevin, “Yeah, it was interesting.”

Kevin sighed looking at Mary as he ran his hand through his hair, “Mary why did she do that?”

Mary returned his stare, “Do you want to hear the truth or what you want to hear?”

“The truth of course,” was his surly response.

“She was trying to be a friend,” Mary remarked.

“Oh I saw that Mare!”  He was totally disgusted.

“No you didn’t, Nick is bummed he is missing Amy and you guys left him by himself.  You, me, Alex, and Brian went with Howie,” Mary spoke.

“Shit!”  Kevin exclaimed.

Mary continued, “Nick sent someone shopping for Bron so she could cook you guys a special dinner to say Thank You for helping her with this mess…”

Kevin started getting upset because he knew he was wrong, “Aww, Man.”

A.J. looked at Kevin, “You owe him an apology.”

“Yeah, better go do it now,” he stated. 

Kevin stood up and walked out the door leaving A.J. and Mary standing there.  They quickly followed him and Mary called down the corridor for him, “Wait.”  Mary stopped him to explain that Bron had some medication for the pain and her headache.  What Mary had given her will make Bron sleep through the night and that Jim had given it to her just for this reason.  Kevin shook his head and went to Nick’s door, which was open.

Kevin saw Nick sitting on the couch staring at the television.  “Hey Nick.”

Nick looked at him with a frown, “What?”

“I’m sorry man,” he told him.

“Yeah sure,” was Nick’s unhappy response.

“No really I am,” he reinforced.

Nick studied the older mans face, “Kev I respect you and wouldn’t cross that line, you know that.”

Kevin came in the door and sat across from Nick in a chair.  “I know, but I also know you have a crush on her,” he smiled.

Nick grinned from ear to ear, “With her it can’t be helped.  She’s a trip.”

“I also know Bron would stop at nothing to get what she wants,” he said as he raised his eyebrows and tilted his head.

“What is it that she wants Kev?”  Nick questioned him.

Kevin looked at him, Nick knew, he was the only one that knew, “Away from everybody, including me.”

Nick shrugged his shoulders, “So let her go.”

“I can’t,” Kevin said, as he shook his head no.

“Why?”  Nick smiled.

“Nick come on, of all people, you should know why?”  Kevin exclaimed.

Nick shook his head and grinned, “She’s changed you.  In this little bit of time she has changed you.”

Kevin started to laugh, “Yeah, not for the better either.”

“I kinda of noticed that.  What did you do and say to her on the bus today?”  Nick asked.  Nick was hoping for the answer that Bron wouldn’t give earlier.

Kevin debated not wanting to tell him everything.  An edited version would do.  “Basically, that she wasn’t going anywhere and that she was staying with me.”  A pained look crossed his face.

“Hmm, kind of forceful don’t you think?”  Nick asked and continued.  “You wouldn’t have done that with any other person on this planet would you?”

Kevin didn’t know what to say.  Nick had become so observant of this entire situation.  “Yeah, you’re right I wouldn’t of, but Bron is different.  It seems men have run her life for her since she was a kid.  It just seemed natural to me to step in and continue it.”

Nick started to laugh, “The new romantic Kevin Richardson.  Just because they did it doesn’t mean she liked it Kevin.  Mc is a different situation than most people and you know it.”

“True,” Kevin simply responded.

Nick looked at Kevin intently and spoke, “Why don’t you throw her a curve ball?”

“Huh?”  Kevin questioned.

Nick glanced at him, “Kill with kindness.”

Kevin jumped up, walked over, and gave him hug.  “I love you Bro.”

“Me too Kev,” Nick smiled.

Kevin turned and walked to the door to leave.  He heard Nick call him and stopped.

“Hey Train,” Nick was smiling.

“What?”  Kevin looked at the twinkle in Nick’s eye.

“Can I watch her take a shower next time?” he asked while wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

“Don’t push it Kaos, Don’t push it,” he laughed as he walked out the door and down to his suite.

As Kevin walked into the suite he was thinking about what Nick had said.  He watched Jake walk out.  Glancing at his watch he decided to make some phone calls, even though it was late.  He knew they wouldn’t mind.

Once done with his calls he locked up the suite and headed for bed.  Turning the knob on the bedroom door he found it locked.

“Bron unlock the door,” he spoke but didn’t receive a response.

“Bronwyn Cooper unlock this door right now.  I will not be locked out of our bedroom,” as his anger and tone increased with each word he spoke.

“Dammit, I’m not waiting for you,” he spoke to the door.

Kevin noticed the lock took a key and went searching for it.  Finally in the middle of the desk he found it.  Grabbing it, he walked over to the door and slid the key in the lock.  Turing the key the door opened, “Thank you Jake,” he said aloud; knowing Jake would have been the only one to know.

Kevin walked into the bedroom ready to start yelling at her, until he saw her lying on the bed in her wet bathrobe sound asleep.

“Hmm, Mary’s stuff must of kicked in, you are out of it Darlin’.  Good thing because if you were awake I’d probably kill you myself right about now.”  Slowly he walked to the side of the bed, she looked so fragile to him in this state.

“Well you can’t sleep in wet clothes,” he said to her.  Walking to the other side of the bed, he pulled back the blankets and sheets.  Walking back to her, he bent down and slowly untied the knot at her waist.  Very carefully he sat her up and pulled the bathrobe off her, dropping it to the floor.  He was amazed she didn’t even flinch. 

Kevin picked her up, walked to the other side of the bed, and set her down on the bed.  Covering her up with the sheets and blankets, he walked back to his side of the bed. 

Stripping himself, he slid under the sheets next to her, pulling her close to him in a spoon.  Throwing his leg over her’s, wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her head, “Sweet dreams Bron.”

Kevin lay there thinking of all the information he had gotten from her friends and Mc this evening.  If Bron ever found out that he was playing detective, she would kill him.  At least he wrote most of it down in case he had forgotten or needed things clarified.  He had tucked everything safely in his brief case along with Bron’s cell and wallet.  Nick’s right, Kevin smiled, I am pushing it a little to hard.  I even stashed her laptop in Bri’s room; she’ll never find it there.  Closing his eyes he sighed and thought, well Bron now I know more about you than you do about me, as he drifted off to sleep.

Kevin heard crying in the middle of the night.  Gradually he woke and then he heard a scream, his eyes flew open.  Quickly he rolled over to see Bron curled as tight as a ball.  She was screaming into her pillow.  Kevin leaned over, there were tears rolling down her face.  He listened and heard her beg to that bastard.  “Lenny don’t please, Bounce is down the hall.”  She screamed in her sleep.  She started to re-live the moment of what happened to her.  Not only in her dreams, but also out loud and Kevin heard it all.

Finally, he couldn’t take it any more he felt like he was going to be sick.  “Bron, Bron, hey baby,” he whispered to her.  She couldn’t hear him she was lost in her nightmare.

Kevin sat up and pulled her off the mattress to cradle her in his arms.  He started to rock her like a baby and noticed that she began to settle down.  After a few minutes she was sleeping soundly, quietly curled up in his arms.

Gently he set her down on the bed and covered her.  Kevin got up, went to the bathroom, and promptly was sick.  After brushing his teeth, he came back and climbed back into bed.  As he wrapped himself around her, she stretched out to accept him. 

“Nobody will ever do that to you again, you’re mine and I love you,” he spoke tenderly to her even though she couldn’t hear him.  “Mc had better get his shit done or I’ll do it myself,” he said.  Softly sighing, “I’ll talk to Mary about this nightmare thing tomorrow.  She told me what happened to you and I’m so sorry baby.  She didn’t have a lot of details, but you just cleared that up for me.”  He closed his eyes and went back to sleep never letting her go.






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