Chapter 34

A couple of hours later Bron was in her dream stage of sleep.  The nightmare had left and she was having the most incredible dream.  It felt so good; her body was warming by the second. 

She had seen this place before but her inner self said she couldn’t go here.  To bad I’m here now and I’m not leaving, she said in her dream. 

It was like the sun had become an ocean and the rays were waves.  It was a golden ocean with liquid warmth.  Bron stood on the edge of the water and dipped her toe in, it was so warm and inviting.  The sensation crawled up her foot and leg reaching the center of her abdomen.  “I have to have more,” she said as she stuck both feet in.  The warmth crept up her body at a steady pace, filling her.  “Oh God if I’m sleeping, please don’t wake me up,” she spoke to herself.

Suddenly she felt a deep hunger and need.  Walking into the water she sighed as the waves tumbled across her body and lapped against her skin.  “This must be heaven,” she groaned.

The heat was incredible; the waves started coming faster and faster as they lapped against her body.  She walked further out into the pool, up to her shoulders.  The waves were now cresting on her body.  She felt the heat, the intensity, and the rush.  The waves were coming so fast she thought she would drown; but she couldn’t move the feeling was to good and pleasurable. 

“Please don’t stop,” she begged looking towards the sky.  She stood there for what seemed like an eternity enjoying the sensations.  She suddenly screamed, “Oh!” as a wave came crashing down over her head and her body was released from it’s torment.  Slowly the waves settled and she started to walk out of the tide.  “Oh God, I hope I have this dream tonight because this is unreal,” she sighed as she took a deep breath.

Bron heard a voice, but it was very distant and she couldn’t make it out.  “You can darlin’.”  Bron looked at the sky and closed her eyes, “Mmm good, because I really, really, like this dream.”

Bron stood on the shore watching the sun go down and then felt a chill.  “I guess it’s time to go,” she muttered to herself.

Bron lay in bed and with her eyes closed.  “I don’t want to wake up, I want to go back,” she whined half asleep.

“Are you sure?” she heard as she felt a warm rush of air across her inner thigh.

Bron’s eyes flew open and she struggled to sit up.  She felt a splayed hand on her chest, “Easy, it’s okay,” she heard.

Bron looked down her body to see Kevin resting his head on her lower stomach staring at her, watching her face.  One of his hands resting on her knee, his body resting on her other leg.

“Oh!” she groaned and squeezed her eyes closed.

Kevin removed his body from between her legs and crawled up to her.  He enclosed her in his warm embrace.  “Morning, Bron,” he whispered.

“Morning Kev,” she smiled keeping her eyes closed and her back towards him.

“Kevin,” she whispered.

“Hmm,” he breathed onto her neck.

“If I had known…” she said, as she rolled over.  When she turned she suddenly lost her ability to speak.

Looking at her he gently smiled noticing her face reddened, she’s embarrassed he thought… figures.  He kissed her tenderly, “You’re just such a virgin,” he whispered in an amused voice to her.  A slight shock registered on her face, as she tasted herself on his lips.

Bron watched him fall back to sleep.  She waited awhile, not really because she wanted to, it was more due to the fact that the lower half of her body still felt like Jell-O.

Finally feeling like she could move she went and took a shower.  On her way out of the bedroom, she glanced at Kevin who was face down in his pillow.  “You’re really not that bad Kev, I think I might need to re-think my options,” she whispered happily.

Kevin smiled into his pillow, oh yeah he thought.  You’re gonna sweetheart, you have so much to learn, he sighed.  That would be one point for me he snickered to himself.

Bron ambled to the kitchen and made her coffee.  She sat and planned the rest of her day while she drank her coffee.  Finally after an hour and half she grabbed her portable CD player and plugged herself in.  Once that was done, she started to get to work. 

After some effort the stuffing was ready, and the turkey sat in the pan in the refrigerator.  She checked her watch, and then consulted the television schedule to check the time of the game.  She finished stuffing the bird and placed it in the oven.  “Dinner time will be on time,” she announced to herself.

Bron glanced at her watch, “Damn it’s to early to do anything else.  I’m sure Mary hasn’t rolled out from underneath A.J. yet either.”  Bron unplugged herself from the Walkman and started walking around picking things up.  She stalked around the suite after running out of things to do ending up in the bedroom.

Her eyes roamed around the room and landed on the bed.  Kevin lay on his back with the sheets and blankets kicked to the floor once again.  He does that shit every night no wonder I’m always so cold she thought.  She sighed, “Beautiful.”

Bron thought about the wake up call he had given her this morning and shuddered.  “Well I’m bored, lets see if you can’t fix that.”  Bron shed her clothes quickly.  She went and stood by the bed.  He looks so peaceful, maybe I shouldn’t wake him up, she thought.  Her inner self shouted back at her, “Hell, he won’t mind.”

Slowly Bron bent at the waist toward the lower half of Kevin’s body, never touching him with hers.  She ran her tongue around his tattoo and he instantly began to get aroused.  Bron wrinkled her nose and grinned.  “Like that huh Kev,” she said.

Walking to the bottom of the bed, she slowly crept on the mattress so as not to wake him.  The man slept like a log, dead to the world.  She looked down at him, well almost dead she giggled to herself.  Maybe Kev needs a wake up call too she said to herself.

Kevin fell asleep thinking about how embarrassed Bron had been this morning and that she might re-think her options.  He was winning and he was happy. 

He started to dream about Bron, he couldn’t believe it.  Bron was going to go down on him.  Yeah right, not in this lifetime he giggled.  Watching her in his dream, Oh My God she is really going too.  I never thought she would; she is such a virgin he sniggered to himself. 

The dream was so real, he could feel the heat and desire as he watched her take him to her lips.  “Oh baby,” he moaned.  He could feel her tongue and lips on him, “Oh Bron Please,” slowly she took him into her mouth.  I can’t stand this he said, this is to real.  She was doing the most incredible things to his body but too damn slow, moaning loudly, “Bron faster.”

She didn’t change her pace.  “Bron please,” he begged her, as he tried to grab for her hair.  She refused to quicken despite him trying to force her too.  “Dammit Bron, I told you about teasin’ me,” he murmured.  He thrust his hips upwards not taking no for an answer.  Man I had better wake up soon or she is going to kill me, he whined in his head.  Finally, she did as he requested, “Oh Bron,” He uttered as he felt that familiar tightening in his groin, his orgasm come in a huge wave followed by tiny sensations of pleasure.  “Jesus what a dream,” he said as his body quaked and rippled, then relaxed, his breathing steadying.

“Good Morning Kevin,” he heard.

Opening his eyes quickly, he was wide awake.  Kevin gazed at the figure kneeling between his legs.  “Morning Bronwyn,” he said watching her lick his fluid off of her lips.  Oh man, I can’t believe this shit he said to himself.

“Time to get up Kev,” she smiled sweetly at him.

“Oh no, not yet darlin’,” as he came off the mattress and pushed her down towards the bottom of the bed.  “Not yet,” he whispered to her.

Their lovemaking was slow and sensual, fulfilling each other’s needs.  They were reeling from the impact of what had happened to both of them this morning.  Somehow this ordinary act that she had performed strengthen his bond to her even more.

Kevin sprawled next to her, half on her, half on the bed, not wanting to move.  This feeling was too good to want to lose.

“Kev, let me up,” Bron said as she looked down at the head nestled on her chest.  Absently she was stroking the long dark hair.

“No, I like this,” he whined.  He pulled her tighter to him and snuggled, letting out a contented sigh.

“I do to but my turkey is going to burn,” she said as he reached up and stroked a strand by his ear.

Raising his head and looking at her, “Turkey?”

“Yes Turkey,” she giggled.

“I don’t care,” he said as he placed his head back down her chest.

“Kevin, think turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy,” she teased him.

Kevin moaned as he let her up, “You don’t play fair.”

Bron got up, grabbed her clothes and headed for the bathroom.  After a few minutes, she came back out.  “Get in the shower Lurch,” she chirped at him.

“Why do you call me that?” he asked, annoyed with the nickname she had given him.

“Easy, did you ever watch Adams Family as a kid?” she asked him with a twinkle in her eye.

“Reruns,” he answered with a smile.

Bron looked at him, that’s the damn age difference again she mused.  “Well you’re Lurch.  You stand back and you watch me all the time.  You intimidate the hell out of me, which isn’t easy and you know it.”  She laughed at his smile.  “And you always say we need to talk and you don’t use any words when you talk,” she giggled.

Kevin reached for her and she jumped out of the way.  “Let’s talk Bron,” he smiled.

“Shower boy!” she commanded and left the bedroom.

Kevin lay there thinking about this morning.  She made him feel so good and he thought he must make her feel good too.  He felt the heat starting to rise in his body.  I think I had better make that a long cold shower he thought.






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