Chapter 35

Bron went out and checked dinner, puttered around and decided to finish getting dressed.  Housekeeping had dropped the laundry back off and she had clean clothes to wear.

She padded back to the bedroom and started to change clothes.  As she changed she heard the shower turn off.  Once finished, she walked into the bathroom and stood next to Kevin, who was shaving.

Slowly putting on her makeup, she watched the mirror.  She was trying very hard to be discreet but the reflection in the other half of the mirror was just to good.  Why couldn’t he go put some clothes instead of just that stupid towel, she thought.  Geez, this bathroom is warm she said to herself, I feel like I’m sweating.

Kevin studied the mirror; he could have sworn Bron was starting to break out in a sweat.  She gets flustered so easy over anything to do with sex.  Let’s have some fun with her, he contemplated, “Bron?”

“Hmm,” she answered him, looking at the mirror.

“See anything you like?” he grinned.

“Errr!” she growled as she grabbed her makeup bag and tore out of the bathroom.

Softly he chuckled to the mirror.  “Hey Bron,” he called to her, as he continued to shave.

“What?” she answered still annoyed with him.

“Did this morning take care of that little lick me, suck me thing you had…” 

Bron flying in the bathroom interrupted his question.  “Dammit Kevin stop it.  I don’t want to ruin a good morning!” she screeched at him.

Staring at her through the mirror, he considered her state, what had happened this morning, and then he thought about the nightmare she had.  “Today is a truce.  Deal?” he said to her.

“Deal,” she replied walking out.

He looked in the mirror moved his head sideways and smiled.  “Wanna bet darlin’?  We quit when I win and so far I’m winning,” he grinned back at himself and finished shaving.  Done with shaving he went to the bedroom and slid on a pair of boxers and jeans.

Kevin walked out to the living room and was shocked to see a very happy Jake standing in the hallway.  Kevin glanced, Jake was watching Bron dance around, plugged into her CD player.

Jake looked at Kevin and winked.  Kevin watched, Jesus I didn’t think she could do that, he said to himself.  Jake watched Kevin and giggled inside as Kevin’s eyes rolled around in his head.  Jake turned suddenly pushing Kevin back further towards the bedroom so Bron wouldn’t see them ogling her.  “She’s still got it,” Jake grinned at him.

“Mc said she was good,” Kevin smiled.

“No Kev that’s very good,” Jake laughed discreetly.

Kevin just swallowed and nodded a yes.  He was mesmerized by the movements she was making.  It was enticing and purely sexual.

They watched her pause for a minute and then she stared a very slow sexy grind.  Kevin could feel his thighs tighten, among other parts.  Damn, he said to himself.

Jake looked at him and knew what was going on by the expression on the young man’s face.  “Easy Boy,” Jake grinned at him.

“Uh Jake, do you know what she is listening to?”  Kevin asked, totally stunned and not taking his eyes off of her.  We are gonna dance to that baby someday when we are naked was pounding in his head.  Oh such fun, he thought

“Gotta be Prince,” Jake smirked.

“What song?”  Kevin rasped out trying to fight the turmoil in his body.

“I’m guessing by that,” as he paused and pointed to her.  He heard Kevin say “Oh!”  “Little Red Corvette, dance mix.”

“Oh shit!”  They heard and turned to the doorway to see A.J. standing there.

“Sshh!!” they both chimed.

A.J. just stood there staring at her.  Jake looked at him and whispered, “I think you finally found a dance partner.”

Kevin looked at Jake and frowned, “Not!”

No one noticed the gathering by the doorway to the hallway, the balance of the Backstreet Boys hanging on the frame of the door.  Nick looked at Brian, “What is she doing?” 

Brian smiled, “Dancing.”

Howie turned back and looked at both of them, “That’s not dancing, that’s sex,” he snickered.

Mary walked up to the door but couldn’t get through the crowd.  She ducked by the guys in time to hear Jake say, “A.J. wipe the drool off your chin.”  Mary turned her eyes to where they were all looking.  “Uh-oh,” Mary gasped and stormed over to Bron and pulled her earplug.  “How much are you charging these guys for the show?” she shouted at her.

Bron’s face drained of all color and then turned red.  She turned her back to the crowd and threw the CD player on the counter.  The tension in the room was thick.  Bron was upset and they knew it.  What they had done was just short of a private peep show and it was wrong.

Nick yelled, “Hey Kev, can I dance with your woman please, please, please,” he said in a whiny voice.

Everyone chuckled but Bron who was furious with herself.  How stupid I can be, she chided to herself, I’m not at home.  

Kevin felt bad, he should have stopped it and didn’t.  Kevin walked up behind her and rubbed her arms up and down.  He spoke to the back of her head.  “Relax, we all embarrass ourselves at one time or another.  It’s no big deal.  Most of my embarrassment is even on tape.”

She turned around to face him and he saw that she was almost in tears.  He blocked everyone’s view of her so they couldn’t see how upset she was.  “Hey, look at me.  If you feed these animals they’ll forget all about it.  Okay?” he said sympathetically.  He kissed her forehead and whispered to her, “Thank you for this morning; it made me very special.”

She looked up at him and her embarrassment was gone at what he had said to her.  She didn’t know why but it was special to her too.  “Hungry?” she smiled.

Kevin nodded a yes to her.

The guys had figured they’d let it go and had settled in to watch the game.  Bron and Mary were in the kitchen finishing dinner.  Kevin walked back to the bedroom and came back with a pillow.  Walking up to the couch where Nick had laid down.  “Move!” he barked at him.  Nick flinched at Kevin’s shout. 

“Kevin!”  Bron exclaimed and he looked at her.  She was frowning at him for his rudeness and he knew it.  Turning back to Nick, he saw the expression on his face.  “Excuse me Nicholas Gene Carter would you move your heavenly body off my couch, please?” he asked sweetly.

Nick looked at Bron and smiled as he sat up and slid to the floor in front of the couch.

“Thank you,” Bron smiled at Kevin lay down.  He returned a warm smile to her.

The rest of the people in the room were shaking their heads, as they watched Jake grab for his piece of paper in his pocket and snicker.

They watched the game mowing through every bowl of munchies that was set in from of them.  Mary noticed Bron wasn’t concentrating on what she was doing.  Twice she dropped something, she lost track of things she was doing and three times she repeated herself.  “What gives?”  Mary asked her.

“Nothing,” as Bron stared at the food she was chopping.

Mary watched and discovered it.  Bron was watching Kevin watch her and it was blowing Bron away.  Mary giggled, Bron wasn’t use to this kind of attention, she mused.

Kevin lay on the couch studying her.  Man, I love watching her and it’s getting to her, he pondered.  He smiled at her.

“Hey Kev, how’s the kindness thing working?”  Nick whispered from the floor in front of him.

“Just fine Nick, just fine,” Kevin answered him, not taking his eyes off Bron.

Bron was going nuts.  She was watching Kevin.  Mary watched Bron, twice now she almost cut her finger off because she wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing. 

Bron watched Kevin; he grinned at her and stuck his tongue out at her, wiggling it.  “No,” she yelled inside her head, “don’t due this to me.”

Kevin watch her eyes grow wide. 

She watched Kevin chuckle at her with so much self-satisfaction it wasn’t funny. 

That will teach you to plan a party when I wanted us to be alone, he giggled to himself.

Bron stabbed her finger with the knife, quickly she dropped it and stuck her finger her mouth.  Bron couldn’t believe what she saw, Kevin nipples were getting hard right front of her.  Dammit I’m gonna kick his ass for this when they leave.  He is turning the tables on me again. 

Mary couldn’t believe this.  These were two grown adults acting like teenagers.  Mary shook her head walked to the bedroom.  On her way back she threw a t-shirt at Kevin, “Put this on before I have to put stitches in her hand too.”

“God, Mary!”  Bron exclaimed, completely flustered at being caught.

Everyone turned to Kevin, they laughed, knowing he was tormenting Bron, but they had been ignoring it.  Kevin grunted, sat up and pulled the shirt on.  “Happy now,” he quipped.

“Yes, thank you,” Mary smiled.

The guys were politely ignoring both Bron and Kevin, but the point was being driven home that Kevin was winning.  Jake had been very busy with his little scrap of paper.






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