Chapter 36

Kevin laid on the couch watching the game.  Glancing at his watch, soon, he thought, soon.  “Bron, get me a beer,” he spoke loudly.

“Hang on a minute,” she replied.

Mary looked at Jake astounded.  They both were thinking the same thing.  If he had asked her that last week she would have told him to get his ass up and get it himself.

Three sets of eyes followed Bron as she went to the refrigerator grabbed the beer, twisted the cap and took it to him.  She handed it to him and he took it from her never saying a word.  She stood there, “Need anything else?” she asked. 

“No, not now,” he answered smiling at Jake and not looking at her.

Someone knocked on the suite door and Jake got up to get it. 

“Jake you’re off today, I’m here.  Bron can get it.”  Kevin spoke from the couch. 

Mary almost choked on her drink.  Jake sat down not sure what was going to happen next.  Bron quietly walked to open the door.  Jake pulled his paper out of his pocket.  The guys just smirked and Kevin was beaming at all of them and winked.

Bron opened the door and screamed.  Everyone jumped.

“We were invited to dinner,” came sequels of delight from the doorway.

“But How, When?”  Bron spoke as Amy and Gillian waltzed into the room.  Bron was still holding the door open when she exclaimed, “We’re in Chicago!”

“Amy!”  Nick yelled and jumped to the other side of the room, spilling his drink on the floor.

“Nick!”  Kevin ground out as he went and got a towel to clean up the mess.

“Hi Gilly,” Howie smiled from the floor.

“Hi Howie,” she said, neither one of them moving.

Gillian quietly walked over and sat on the floor next to him.  She bent down and kissed him passionately.  “Did you miss me Gilly?”  Howie asked.  “Just a little,” as she answered as they began rolling around on the floor. 

Brian looked at them, “Get a room!”

“Wait a minute,” Bron squeaked out.  “I want details.”

Amy looked at Bron and shrugged, “Kevin.”

Bron smiled and walked over to Kevin as he was on his hands and knees cleaning the mess off the carpet.  “Hey you,” she whispered.

“What Bron?” totally pissed at the mess on the floor.

“Come up here,” she commanded.

As he came up she kissed him tenderly on the lips and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” and he kissed her back.

The girls went to the kitchen and the guys were in the living room.  The girls were being filled in on what happened after they had left yesterday.

Nick settled back down next to the couch.  “Thanks Kev,” he spoke without turning around.  “No problem, it makes her happy,” Kevin responded.

“Any more surprises?”  Nick asked him.

Kevin leaned over to Nick’s ear and whispered, “A few, I want a landslide.”  Nick just shook his head. 

The door was banged on again and Bron practically killed herself getting to it.  Kevin watched her and thought, she’s waiting for Bounce, God I hate to disappoint her, but I can’t do that yet, it’s not safe.

Opening the door Bron saw a complete stranger there.  Bron looked at Kevin, like what am I suppose to do.

Brian hopped up and ran to the door, “Leigh!”

Bron looked at them both.  “Ok,” she said to herself and started to walk away.

“Hey Bron wait.  I want you to meet someone,” he told her.

“Leigh this is Bron, she belongs to Kevin,” Brian giggled as he put his hands up in defense.

“Nice to meet you Leigh,” Bron glared at Brian thinking to herself, you just know those two are cousins.  “Leigh, you need to explain to Brian here what happens when a person is considered personal property,” she ground out.  Leigh looked dumbfounded at both of them, not knowing what was going on.  But the woman standing in front of her was not happy with Brian at all.

Bron stepped forward and Kevin saw her raise her arm.  “Bron don’t you dare!” boomed out of him as he laid on the couch. 

Bron backed off and extended her hand to Leigh.  “Come with us and we can leave the apes to their fun,” she glared at Brian. 

Leigh laughed, “I like you.”  Leigh followed the group of ladies back to the kitchen.

Kevin looked up from the couch at Jake and raised his index finger.  “One more,” he mouthed and grinned.

Brian turned to Kevin, “Thanks Cuz.”

“No problem Bri,” he answered.

Kevin watched the ladies set the table.  Good, I’m starving he thought.  “Who’s hungry?”  Bron yelled.  She almost got trampled by the starving men.

Everyone sat down to the table that was ready to break from the amount of food that had been set on it.  A.J. looked at Bron and Mary.  “This is very nice.  Thank you,” he said to them.  Bron walked around the table and gave A.J. a hug.  “Anything for the strong and silent type,” she grinned at him.

Bron sat back down, grabbed her glass and raised it.  “This is to a very strange bunch of pop stars who I have come to really care about and call my friends.  I want to thank you for saving my life.”  Bron watched the fellas become very flustered.  This was un-chartered territory to them and they didn’t know how to handle it.  “Guys, come on you did and you could have gotten yourselves in a lot of trouble.  Thank you so much,” She chirped.  They all sat there smiling at her.  She looked at them and shook her head, “Dig in boys.”

They all ate greedily.  Bron and Mary got more compliments then they had ever received.  Bron winked at Mary and smiled.  “We can just pitch food at them, the next time they get upset with us,” Bron giggled.

Nick ate for awhile and surveyed the table.  Everyone was happy, even Bron.  She had been through so much but she was actually happy today.  “Ya know what guys?  This is great!  The whole family is here,” he said beaming at them.

Nick regretted it as soon as he saw Bron’s face, “Oh shit, I’m sorry Bron.”  Bron quickly got up, walked to the bedroom and shut the door quietly. 

Everyone glared at Nick except Kevin.  “Nick, It’ okay, you didn’t mean anything by it.  She’s missing Bounce we know that,” he spoke as he removed the napkin and stood up.

Kevin walked to the bedroom, open the door, walked in, and quietly shut the door behind him.  He stood there a minute watching Bron lying on the bed softly crying into her pillow.  “Hey, Darlin’ he didn’t mean to upset you, he’s just happy.”

“I know,” she answered with her head still buried in the pillow.

Kevin crawled next to her on the bed and tried to hug her.  She batted his hands away, “Don’t,”

“Okay,” as he started to gently rub her back.

“Where’s Bounce?  I haven’t talk to her or anything, I’m getting scared,” she whined to him.

“Bounce is fine.  We won’t let anything happen to her.  I can’t tell you where she is yet,” he answered calmly.

Bron rolled over to face him, tears running down her face, “Why?”

“Because it’s not safe and you don’t understand how dangerous this is,” he spoke to her.

Bron glared at him, “Dammit this isn’t fair, she’s my kid and you don’t have any right to do this to me.” 

Kevin sighed as he wiped the tears from her face, “It just seems that way to you.”  He slowly got up and left.  Gently he closed the door behind him.

Walking to the kitchen, he grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat back down at the table.  The table was unusually quiet until the bedroom door opened.  Bron came out and sat back down. 

Nick looked at her, “I’m really sorry Bron.”

“No problem Nick.  Why don’t we chalk it up to PMS and let it go, Okay,” Bron said smiling.  Soft chuckling was heard from everyone but Kevin.  He studied her and knew that she was handling this the only way she could right now, with humor.

Dinner was finished with much merriment and swapping of stories.  The girls did the dishes while the guys watched T.V.  Soon the floor became littered with bodies.  Eventually the hour grew late and everyone started excusing himself or herself from the gathering.

Bron kept waking, pacing, and fiddling the entire time.  She couldn’t stand or sit still for more than thirty seconds. Even after everyone had left Kevin watched her as he lay on the couch.  Prowl and prance, unable to settle.  “Bron sit down, you’re driving me nuts, you’re as bad as Kaos,” he yelled at her.

“Sorry,” she apologized as she proceeded to sit at the dining room table.  Kevin let out an exasperated sigh, got up and walked to the bedroom. 

After a few minutes he came back.  “Phone call,” he spoke, thrusting the cell phone at her. 

Bron jumped for the phone and he pulled it back.  “No questions, I’m going to sit right here.  I mean it Bron this isn’t a game.  Behave yourself.”  Bron looked at him, great here comes the attitude. 

Kevin handed her the phone.  “BOUNCE!” she yelled into and Kevin watched her face fall.  “Oh Stevie,” she said quietly.  “Yes I know Stevie,” she sighed into the phone.  Kevin knew Stevie had reminded her again no questions, just by what she had said.

Bron looked at Kevin with frown, “Yes I know, I know don’t ask.”  After a slight pause, she spoke again,  “Dammit Stevie, he told me already.  Six foot two and all attitude is sitting right here.  I get the idea!”  Kevin smirked at her because Stevie couldn’t see the anger in her face.  Bron’s hands were tied and she couldn’t stand it.  Poor baby he thought, deal with it.

Kevin sat and listened to the one sided conversation.

“Hi baby?”

 “How are you?”

 “I miss so much.  I love you.”

“What have you been doing?”  Bron asked watching Kevin to see if it was okay to ask.  No reaction, that’s good she thought.

“You did.  Oh that’s great.”

“How the hunt going, any new Beanies?”

“Oh that’s a great one.  Where did you get that?” she asked.  Bron watched Kevin’s eyes narrow and she quickly covered herself.  “Never mind you can tell me when you see me.”  She watched Kevin squirm in his seat.  Oh to much beer, keep her talking Bron she thought.  Bron refuse to blow this opportunity.

Finally Kevin had to go and he couldn’t wait.  He figured the conversation was going fine and Stevie was still on the other end.  Bron watch him head to the bathroom.

“Bounce honey, did you see anything special on your trip so far?” she asked in a whisper.

 Bron listened to Bounce say that after they left Pittsburgh they went through the mountains and she saw a sign.  “What did it say baby?” she said glancing at the bedroom door.  “Oh you don’t know, well spell it for me,” she told her.

Bron was spelling it back and she didn’t here Kevin come back.  “W-h-e-e-l-i-n-g, period, W. period V-A period.”

“What the hell did I tell you!” came booming from behind her.  Bron flinched as he grabbed the phone out of her hand.

“Hey Bounce, It’s Kevin, can I talk to Uncle Stevie please?” he said sweetly, but by the look on his face he was going to kill Bron when he got off the phone.

“Tell me what route you took to get there?” he asked in the phone, glaring at Bron.  “Okay, fine.  Tell Bounce Mommy will call in couple of days, when she’s smarter.”  Bron shot Kevin a look of pure hate.

“Yeah, I took care of it, you’re all set for tomorrow.”  Kevin smiled at Bron.  Bron looked at him wondering what was tomorrow.  “Yeah alright, talk to you later,” and he hung up the phone.






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