Chapter 37

Bron sat there staring at the tabletop and suddenly he was in her face.  “When are you going to learn that this is to keep both of you alive!” he shouted at her.

Bron ignored him; she was to pissed off to talk right now.  She got up and headed for the bedroom.

“Stop, I’m not done talking to you yet!”  He yelled at her back.

Ya know, who the hell does he think he’s talking to me like that, she thought.  Bron turned very deliberately and looked at him.  “Kiss my ass,” and she ran for the bedroom, slamming the door and locking it.  She knew that would push him right over the edge. 

“Open it!” he yelled, as he slammed his fist into the door.

“No!” she barked back.

“Open it now!” he came back with; as the door nearly jumped off the frame it sat in.  Slamming his shoulder into the center of the door.

Whoa, he’s really pissed so much for a truce, Bron thought.  I wonder if he does that shit at home.

“Bron, I had this conversation last night.  I will not be locked out of our bedroom,” he yelled at her from the other side of the door.  Then he stopped she wouldn’t remember last night he grinned as he went and got the key.  Once he had the key he stood by the door giving her the chance to open it herself.

Bron felt extremely brave with a locked door between them.  “It’s not our bedroom.  We are not a thing.” She shouted at the door.

“Bron, I’m not kidding, open it now,” he spoke to her.  He let the last comment she made sink in.  That’s what you think witch.

Bron watched the door to see if it was going to jump again, it didn’t.  “You almost had me suckered Kev, almost,” she chirped.  “Well you better go curl up on the couch Lurch because you’re not getting in here,” she yelled.

“Bron I will ask you one more time to open this door.”  He said to her, trying to control his temper, as he removed his jeans and shirt.  Boy is she in for a surprise, not a thing; I don’t think so, he thought.  If she thinks that I would even bother to go to this much trouble any woman she’s nuts, he chided himself.

“Well Kevin, I’m gonna tell you something.  You don’t and won’t ever own me.  This is the new Millennium.  I am a person.  Just because Mc is twisted doesn’t mean that I accept it.  This whole situation is nothing but a big amusement for you.  It happens to be my life.”  Bron paused and grinned at the door. 

I feel so much better getting that off my chest she reflected on.  “Well Kevin I’m going to strip my clothes off one by one and crawl into your bed, all by myself.”  That probably was uncalled for she contemplated after she said it.  That was just being a smartass and a tease.  Oh well, to late now.

Bron removed her clothes and crawled into bed.  “Hey Kev, does your mom know you have a dark side?  Well nite, nite, Lurch.”  Bron giggled to herself, fixed your ass didn’t I.  You won’t be bullying me anymore.  She sighed and closed her eyes as she rolled herself up into a ball on her side. 

Bron was half asleep when she heard a noise; oh it’s just the lock, she murmured.  Oh fuck the lock as she began to sit up but was pushed gently straight back down.  She felt the weight settle on her.

“Yes my mother knows I have a dark side sort of.”  He hissed in her face.  “It’s called possessiveness, but till now it’s really never been a problem.  I used to get jealous, that’s about it.”

Kevin continued to talk as he forcibly uncurled her body.  Placing her arms at her sides, he sat gently on her hips pinning her arms between his legs and her body, rendering her helpless.  “When I tell you I own you it’s because I do, make no mistake about it.  I already fill your daydreams and night dreams.  If that weren’t true you wouldn’t have wrote what you did in your fic.  So I look at this way, I already rule most of your brain or thinking as you might say.”  He gazed at her in the dark.  He could see that she didn’t like what he had to say, but she knew it was true.

Settling one hand on either side of the pillow, he leaned down and smiled.  “This morning I showed you that I can and will take your body, because you desire me as much as I desire you.  You just lack experience.”  He smirked at her.  Bron glared back at him. 

He placed his nose on hers and his dark hair fell forward framing his face.  “The fact that Mc gave you to me is ludicrous, I know what century this is.  When I fell in love with you before I met you, I considered you mine and I always will.  Mc just made it easier for me.  This is not an amusement to me.  I am the one who rocked you out of your nightmares the last few nights.  I am the one you have told your darkest secrets to.”  He stopped waiting for her reactions.  A tear slid down her face.  “You must feel something for me or you wouldn’t have done that.”

Placing his lips on hers and whispered, “I’m working on the rest of you slowly but surely.  So Bron when I say I own you, I do, but it’s because I love you.”  He kissed her forcefully and demandingly.  

Bron yielded to him and caressed his tongue with hers.  He slowly deepened the kiss as he grabbed her head with his hands.  Gently he pulled away from the kiss.  “Look at me,” he whispered warmly to her.  Her eyes were half closed and she opened them.

“Ownership isn’t a bad thing when you look at it the way I do, get use to it.”  He retuned his lips to hers and kissed her some more until he heard her moan.  Oh she likes my kisses, good kisses, he smiled inside himself.

His hands rubbed and glided all over her body and he worked her to her peak.  Kevin grinned at her, inside he was thinking, tease me will you, he thought, not any more.  Gently he rolled off her and settled next to her on his back.  He captured her hands in his and held them to his chest.  “I told you never to tease me with sex, didn’t I?  Goodnight darlin’, I love you,” he spoke softly.

Bron tried to pull her hands out from under his.  He chuckled softly and tightened his grip.  “No Bron these stay with me, not that I’m implying anything, but I know what state you’re in right now.  You put me in the same position yesterday and implied it tonight.  Now you’ll find out what the word frustrated means,” he laughed.

“You bastard,” she seethed out at him.

Kevin raised her hand to his lips and kissed her fingertips.  Laughing softly, “Sweet dreams Bron.”  He returned her hands to his chest and tightly covered them with his.

Bron laid there on her side.  She had no choice; Kevin had her hands tightly in his grip.  The blood was rushing through her ears and she couldn’t catch her breath.  She was hot and sweaty and couldn’t get comfortable.  She thought as she tried to calm herself.  First it was fear and now this; how can he do this?  It’s damn power play.  She heard her inner-self screaming to her to get control.  I can’t; it’s too late, he took it, she thought.  Bron ached so bad it hurt.  Then the shock hit her.  She had always been the one to walk away.  Mc taught her how to play the game and when to fold.

Bron gently would try to pull her hands but Kevin wasn’t relenting and every now then she would hear him laugh softly.

“Relax Bron you’ll calm down soon,” he spoke as he rubbed her hands laying on his chest.

“Not when you’re doing that,” she hissed.

“Oh what’s the matter babe?  Am I fanning the flame?  I know it aches, doesn’t it?  Just try and relax.”  Kevin thought to himself this is really mean but maybe she’ll learn not to do it to me anymore.

Bron laid there still trying to figure how to get him to change his mind.  Kevin was known for being stubborn, she just figured it was bad press.  I guess they were right. 

Bron thought about it, might work, turn around is fair play.  Bron slid her leg up and set it on Kevin’s.  Slowly she started rubbing her leg up and down his.

What is she up to?  Kevin wondered.  He felt her shift her hips and press into his thigh.  Oh, that’s what she’s doing as he felt the warm wet folds come in contact with his skin.  Boy is she desperate, he giggled to himself.

Kevin quickly rolled on his side to face her.  He pushed his one leg under hers, he set his other leg over her, and locked his ankles together.  He laughed as he forced her legs together and at the expression on her face.  “You’re not gonna grind on me Bron so just simmer down and deal with it,” he told her, very amused with her actions.  Industrious little thing she is.

Bron let out an agitated moan and curse words that even shocked him. 

Bron closed her eyes she didn’t want to see him.  She was so mad she could kill him.  Bron lay there for what seemed like forever praying for sleep to put her out of her misery.  Her body finally relaxed and she drifted off to sleep.






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