Chapter 4

As her hand came up he caught it and hauled her entire body onto his lap.  “We need to talk.  I’ve been thinking, you like to write fan fics.  Maybe if you got what you wanted you stop writing about it.”

He wrapped her in a huge bear hug and she couldn’t move.  Bron tried to wiggle free but was held in place.

“Stop that or we will both be sorry,” he spoke softly. 

“Let me up now!” she growled. 

“Boy, you're a pretty demanding little thing considering the position you're in right now,” he whispered to her.

She started to struggle against him getting more enraged by the second.  He liked watching her get pissed off.  This woman had a rage that she could barely control.  Damn she feels good too, not to hard, not to soft.

Kevin bent to kiss her, figuring if she had a taste, that guilt would stop the pen.  He was met with rock hard lips and a hissing noise.  He chuckled inwardly and heard her speak through closed lips, “You touch me and I will call security.”

He had a twinkle in his eye as he answered her, “Naw, you wouldn’t do that, you can’t afford the headlines, Stevie told me everything.”  Well not really, he snickered to himself.

A gasp escaped her lips and he took it as an opportunity to slam his mouth into hers.  She was a fighter and wasn’t giving in, he thought.

Kevin raised one hand and grasped her face.  Placing his thumb to the side of her jaw, he pressed and she gasped in response to the pain.  It was enough for him to get his tongue in her mouth.  He forced her to take it, he was demanding it, and she fought it at first.

Glancing at her eyes he could see the blackness slowly creeping out and a deep chocolate brown return.  She was melting and you could see her emotions in her eyes.  Finally, she responded to him by letting out a groan.  Kevin thought, that should do it.  Standing up he dropped her on the bed. 

“Think of that the next time you decide to write about me,” he spoke with a devilish grin on his face.  He walked to the door, pulled the chain, put his hand on the knob and turned back to her, “Nite-Nite, Sweet Dreams.”  He walked out and shut the door behind him.  He heard the thump of something hitting the door as he leaned on it.

With a cat that got the mouse grin he turned to Carlos, “That will give her something to write about.” 

Carlos closed his eyes, “Kev you didn’t!” he begged. 

Kevin giggled at him.  “No I didn’t have to, just a kiss,” handing Carlos the key. 

“Stay here till Stevie gets back,” Kevin told him. 

They heard the elevator open down the hall and turned.  It was Stevie, boy was he a happy man, must have been a quickie they both thought as Carlos and Kevin smiled at each other. 

Stevie was half surprised, “Kev, you still here?” 

“Yep, sure am,” he answered. 

“Any trouble?” he asked. 

“Not one bit!”  Kevin snickered watching Carlos for a reaction.  “Come on Carlos let’s go.”

“Thanks Kev,” Stevie looked at him.

“No problem, anytime, it was my pleasure.”  Kevin could hardly contain himself till the elevator doors shut.

Stevie opened his door and was nailed squarely in the eye with a very petite fist that meant business.






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