Chapter 40

Bron stormed down to the club at the end of the floor to find it empty.  Jake wasn’t around either to talk to.  Bron walked by Nick’s room and heard the television.  She noticed that the door was ajar.  Bron walked to the door and heard the girls voices and listened to them tell Leighanne her entire story.  What a bunch jerks, you think your friends could keep your secrets.

Bron shoved the door open, walked into the room and stopped.  She looked at each one of them as silence fell in the room.  She saw Nick come out of the bathroom with just a towel on.  “Why’d you guys stop talking?” he said.  Once he saw, Bron he went right back into the bathroom.

“Gee thanks for inviting me.  I hope you didn’t leave anything out,” Bron spoke sarcastically.

Everyone looked at each not knowing what to say.  Gillian spoke first, “We didn’t think you were allowed out of your room.”

“Very funny Gillian, very funny,” Bron answered her.

“Hey Bron,” came from the bathroom.  “Is Kev almost ready?”  Nick asked.

“He’s in a meeting Nick,” Bron yelled back.

Nick came back out of the bathroom still in his towel, “What meeting?”

Bron ogled Nick from top to bottom and smiled at Amy.  “Gee girl, you didn’t do to bad for yourself, nice trunk,” Bron grinned.

“No thanks to you Bron,” Amy giggled.

“It’s a personal one Nick,” Bron said.

Nick walked back to the bathroom.  I hate it when they look at me like a piece of meat he thought.  He smiled in the mirror.  “Oh who’s planning your life now Bron?” he chuckled.

“That’s not even remotely funny Nickolas,” she spoke out in an angry voice.

“I’m sorry Bron,” Nick paused and continued, “It’s just that you twist him up so bad.”  Nick laughed, as he walked back to the bedroom.

The entire room laughed.  Yep Bron had a way of messing with Kevin that no one could, he thought.  But it was mutual he could do it to her too. 

Bron’s mood had lightened with the banter.  “Well girlfriends how about we do some girl talk,” Bron said as she crawled on the bed.  All the girls looked at Bron and then to Nick who still hadn’t gotten dressed. 

“Go get dress Little Man and then you can join us,” Bron grinned as Nick grabbed his clothes and ran into the bathroom to get dressed.

Bron was answered with a chorus of “What-s” as she watched Nick leave.

“He’s family now girls,” Bron reminded them.  “I start,” Bron chirped.  “So Leigh tell me about your choirboy, he hasn’t been around much.”  Bron stated.

Leigh’s face lit up and she stated to gush, “He’s sweet, loving, kind, caring, romantic, a great sense of humor…”

Bron cut her off, “Hey slow down girl you’re giving me a cavity.”

Leigh beamed at her, “but he is.”

“I’m sure he is, what is his dark side like?”  Bron asked.

“He doesn’t’ have one,” Leigh smiled.

“Are you sure he’s related to Kevin?”  Bron quipped and the girls giggled.

Nick came out dressed and looked at Leigh and laughed.  “Oh you think not, you should have heard what he told Kevin to do in Pittsburgh.”  Nick turned to Bron to see if it was okay to continue. 

Bron thought to herself, what did he do?  I want to hear this.  “She may as well know, get the shock over with now,” Bron said with an amused grin.

Nick repeated the entire conversation between Brian and Kevin that day.  Bron was shocked that Brian would actually push Kevin that far.  But she also knew the only reason he could get away with it was because he was family.  Nick ended his story by telling Leigh, “Brian told him to go back and get Bron and put her ass on the bus.”

Mary looked at Leigh, “Yeah, Alex thought maybe Kevin could tie Bron to his bunk until we got to Chicago.”

Bron gasped and looked at Mary.  “Hey I didn’t say it, he did,” Mary smirked.

Their chat was interrupted by Kevin bellowing down the hallway, “BRON!”

Bron grinned and winked at Nick.  Nick looked at her.  “Don’t please we have a long day,” he begged her.

Bron jumped and shut Nick’s door and laid back down on the bed.  The girls giggled, Nick looked at her and shook his head.  The woman is insane he thought.

“Bron dammit answer me!” came the next shout from Kevin.  Bron recognized the slight panic in his voice. 

Leigh looked shocked, “Is he talking to you like that?” she whispered to Bron.

Bron looked at Nick and snickered, “My master is calling for me.”  Nick cracked up.

Leigh’s face blanched, this is not Kevin, she thought to herself. 

“Jake, where the hell is Bron?” they heard him shout.

“Isn’t she with you?”  Jake answered him.

“Jake you better be joking,” she heard him yell.

Bron gave Nick a big grin, “Oh master, you’re really getting pissed now,” Bron giggled and Nick lost it again.

They heard feet running down the hall.  Bron winked at Nick and started to whisper Leigh.  “That’s Kevin, Mc and Jake.  Listen,” --door slam--, “A.J.’s room,” Bron said and continued with each door slam,  “Howie’s, Brian’s.”

“Bronwyn I’m gonna beat your ass if you don’t answer me!”  Kevin was screaming down the hall.

Leigh’s jaw hit the floor at hearing Kevin’s remark, “He wouldn’t do that.”

Bron looked at her, “Wanna bet, he already has.”

Bron rolled on her back and turned her head.  “Hey Nick, is that his third favorite thing to do?”

Nick snickered at her and nodded his head up and down.

Black hair swiftly fell in front of Bron’s face, as he bent over the bed and stared at her.  “Evidentially I don’t do it enough, you still act like a child.”

Bron looked up at the face full of fury and was unable to answer him.  “What are you doing here?” he asked, then giving her a mischievous grin.

She smiled at him knowing it was okay, “Chatting.”

“In Nick’s bed?” he questioned.

“I like Nick’s bed, especially since I’ll be so lonely,” she grinned back.  Boy, you’re pushing it Bron she thought to herself.

Okay smartass I’m going to ignore that comment, he said to himself.  “You didn’t answer me when I called you,” he spoke in a nasty tone.

“Sorry Master,” she smirked.

Kevin couldn’t help but laugh; she was still light hearted being with her friends.

“You wouldn’t really beat my ass AGAIN would you?” she asked him doing a very poor imitation of his Kentucky accent.

“Only if you deserved it,” he said straight face.

Leigh gasped and Bron turned to looked at her.  The girls and Nick were laughing.  Bron knew Leigh was clueless about the two previous incidents.  The look on Leigh’s face was pure shock.  Bron rolled her head back to face Kevin, “And you think I’m a virgin,” she giggled.  Kevin just shook his head at her.

Kevin stood up, “Wassup Ladies?”

“Nothing we’re going shopping,” Leigh answered him.  “Do you want to go Bron?” she asked her.  Mary, Amy, and Gillian groaned simultaneously.  They hadn’t told Bron because they knew Kevin wouldn’t let her go.

Bron sighed, “Well Leigh, I would love to but tall, dark, and pissy keeps me on a short leash.”

Kevin watched Bron go directly into a pout.  What a baby he said to himself.  She looked at him, “I want to go,” she whined.

Leigh sat back and watched the interaction between the two.

“You can’t and you know it,” Mc spoke from the door.  Bron watched the relief in Kevin’s face since he didn’t have to be the bad guy. 

“Well girls, I guess I’ll count ceiling tiles all day,” she spat out, pissed off to no end.

Kevin bent back down, “You can always write,” he smirked.

“Shut up!” she yelled in his face.  Bron narrowed her eyes at him as he stood up. 

“Well girls Bron’s not getting a get out of jail free card today!”  Mc chortled.

Kevin was upset he could see she wanted to go with the girls.  He couldn’t let her go, one it wasn’t safe and two she would bolt on him the first opportunity she had.

“I’m sorry Bron,” he said remorsefully.

Kevin bent back down, dropped a kiss on her lips, and ran his tongue across her lips.  He whispered to her never removing his lips from hers, “See ya later darlin’, and remember what we talked about.”

Bron’s pout went to a frown.  He studied her, that will give something to think about all day, he said with smugness, to himself.

“Let’s go Nick,” he said as he stood up.

“Yeah, Yeah,” Nick answered as he came out of the bathroom.  Nick danced over to Amy, grabbed her, twirled her around and put her in a dip.  Promptly he gave her a very sensual kiss in front of everyone and pulled her back up to stand.  “Change your reservations,” he said as he walked out the door.  Amy stood there shocked but very happy and blushing.  The girls giggled.

Kevin looked at Amy, “What are you women doing to us?” he laughed and walked out the door. 

Bron stood up and headed to the door, “Have fun girls.”

Bron stopped at the door and the conversation she had with Kevin this morning came back to her.  Not that it was that hard after the kiss he just gave her.  Dammit!  It hasn’t been thirty seconds and I’m caving already, she said to herself.  What is he doing to me?  She mused.

“Mare, would you do me a favor?”  Bron turned and asked.

“Yeah sure,” Mary responded.

“Come out here,” she said as she motioned to the hallway.

Mary came out and Bron closed the door behind them.  Bron explained what she wanted Mary to do for her.  Mary kept asking why with a sly grin on her face and it was ticking Bron off.

“If I have to explain this to you, then A.J. hasn’t been doing his job,” she said with annoyance.

“Okay if you want me to,” Mary spoke, giving up on trying to find out why.

“I do,” Bron smiled.

“Are you sure?”  Mary asked her.

“Yes very,” Bron grinned.

Mary shook her head at Bron, you’re catching on Bron, I hope, she reflected.  Mary watched Bron head back down the hall.







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