Chapter 41

Bron flicked on the radio and settled on the couch in the suite.  Jake paced the suite bored out of his mind baby-sitting Bron.

“Will you go find something to do?” she sighed.

“I can’t,” Jake answered her.

Bron looked at him from the couch, “Yes you can, where the hell am I going to go?”  

“All right,” he said, as he walked out of the suite.

Bron sat and waited and waited.  Then she become conscious she was waiting just to hear his voice and she groaned.  “That is really sick Bron,” she said aloud.

Bron got up and started to pick through her duffel bag.  She found her floppy which had the last chapter of Night Train on it.  It was the Get Even chapter they had wrote in Toronto.  She thought about it and strolled to the kitchen and tossed it in the garbage.

The interview began on the radio and she listen to them answer the same old boring questions.  How has success changed your life?  What is your favorite color?  What do you miss the most on the road? 

Geez can’t they ever ask a different question or at least an intelligent one, she thought.  The station went to commercial and then the DJ came back on.

“So boys, Let’s ask the question the women in the audience want the answer to.  Who is dating and who isn’t?  Nick first,” he asked.

“Well I am seeing someone right now, she’s wonderful,” Nick gushed over the airwaves.

Bron imagined Amy sitting somewhere and practically passing out on that one.  “You go girl,” she said with a grin.

“Brian what about you?” the DJ spoke.

“Yep, I have been for awhile now,” he answered.

“Howie, anyone special?” came out of the radio.

“I just started dating someone,” Howie said.

Nick interjected, “She’s real sweet too!”

“A.J. any woman in your life right now?” the DJ asked.

“Yes, I’m seeing a physician.  She’s a very intelligent lady.”  He answered with pride.

The fellas laughed good-naturedly at him.  She heard Kevin say, “Bone!”

Bron chuckled, “Proud of yourself A.J., you should be Mare’s a fine catch.”

“What about you Kevin?” the change chimed.

Bron thought out loud, “Yeah what about you Kevin, considering your little speech this morning and all.”

There was a slight pause and Brian’s voice came through the radio.  “Kev’s been busy lately.  He got a new present and he is fascinated with it.”

Bron heard the guys giggle, including Kevin, but she was getting pissed.  “Bri you better shut up right now or I’ll kill you,” she yelled at the radio.

Brian continued to dig his grave even deeper over the airwaves.  “Yeah, it was pretty temperamental when he first got it.  But Kev’s been playing with and it seems to work better now.”  The studio was overflowing with laugher at his last remark.

“So Kevin do you want to tell us about your new present?” the DJ asked.  Bron could tell the DJ was clueless, thank God, she thought.

“Nope,” Kevin answered him.

Brian just kept pouring it on.  “Oh don’t mind him he’s just sulking.  Nick yelled at him this morning for not sharing it with the rest of us.  Kevin keeps it locked up in his room,” Brian laughed.  A.J. was roaring and so was Howie.

Bron went nuts staring at the radio.  “Oh Brian you are going to be freaking sorry!”  Bron hissed.

“So Kevin are you seeing any one right now?”  The DJ asked again.

“No, not at the moment,” Kevin replied quietly.

That was it, Bron couldn’t take that on top of what Brian had said.  Thoughts were flying through her head, you liar you.  You lied to me and you hurt me.

Bron ran down the hall to Brian’s room.  I’ll fix you, she thought.  Bron walked into the room and looked around.  Oh so that’s where you hid it, as she spied her laptop on the desk.  You knew I wouldn’t come down here.  Bron grabbed her laptop and went back to their suite.

Quickly she plugged it in and booted.  Bron ran to the kitchen and grabbed her disk from the garbage can.  Running back over to the laptop she jammed the disk in the machine.

I’ll fix both of you the best way I know how and then I am out of here.  Ok let’s see as she began clicking the keys.

Find All- A.J..

Replace All- Brian.

Find All- Bro.

Replace All- Cuz.

Hmm, let’s change this line to this and this to this.  That she do it, she mused.  Click, File, Send.  Bron waited for the file to upload and continued to half listen to the interview.

“So Nick what’s your favorite thing to do on the road.”  The DJ asked him.

“Oh, I don’t know, surf the internet and read stuff,” Nick replied.

The DJ asked him, “What do you read?”

“Fan fics,” Nick laughed.

The DJ was shocked, “You read them?”

The guys were snickering in the background.  They couldn’t believe he actually admitted it.  “Yeah sure, why not?  Some of them are so funny,” He quipped.

The guys could see that Nick was trying very hard to finish the interview on a happy note.  But they could see he was angry with all of them, especially Brian and Kevin.

“Any favorites?” the DJ laughed as he asked the question.

Nick looked at Kevin and grinned.  “Mainly, I stick to a writer named Kaylin, she’s real cool and I like her.”  Nick watched the rage in Kevin’s face, for bringing it up.

The DJ was very curious now, “Well what does she write about?  This is interesting.”

“Mainly Train, she has the hots for him,” Nick giggled.

Kevin could tell Nick was doing this to get even with him over the remark about not seeing anyone.

The DJ spoke into his microphone, “Well Kaylin, if you’re out there Nick Carter is a real fan of yours.”

Bron sat smiling, “I love you Little Man.  Mc hooked me up with the wrong Backstreet Boy.”  An idea flashed through Bron’s head and she ran to the phone book, found a number, and quickly dialed the number.

The interview continued while Bron was on the phone, she was grinning from ear to ear.

At the studio the fellas watched outside the glass as one of the assistants began jumping up and down and holding two fingers in the air.  The woman was so excited she couldn’t contain herself.

The DJ punched line two on the phone.  “Morning do you have a question for the Boys?” he asked.

“Well no, I just wanted to say hi to Little Man, I hear he is a fan of mine,” came a giggling voice of the speakers in the studio.

“Kaylin!”  Nick yelled.  He couldn’t believe she would do this.  You are to good Bron, he said to himself.

“How are you?” he grinned as he watched Kevin’s face make painful contortions.

“Fine Little Man.  I just wanted to call and tell you that I just posted the next chapter.  I wrote it while I was out of town.”  Bron laughed into phone.  Ha-Ha Lurch she laughed in her head.

The boys began snickering in the studio.  The DJ was amused, whoever this woman was they liked her.  Kevin sat and stewed about it.  She wouldn’t dare he thought.

“What’s it about?” the DJ asked.  Nick lost it and was hysterically laughing.

“Well I guess Train’s in for the evening of his life.  He comes home, the house is dark but candlelight is glowing from the bedroom,” Bron snickered.  Howie joined Nick in the laughter.

The DJ watched Kevin shift uncomfortably in the chair.  Man having stuff written about you by strangers would make anybody uncomfortable.

Mc was standing outside the studio desperately trying to reach Jake to get Bron off the phone.  He didn’t even want her voice on the airwaves.  He told Kevin to say he wasn’t seeing anybody.  If Lenny was listening, he would know it was her.

Bron continued speaking into the phone and over the airwaves.  “He walks to the bedroom door, opens it, and finds the one thing that he has desired his entire life but couldn’t have; laying in his bed.”  Bron laughed.

Brian lost it along with Howie and Nick.  The DJ noticed the only ones not laughing out loud were A.J. and Kevin. 

Bron stopped.  “So I guess you’ll have to go read it,” she giggled.

Kevin let out a sigh of relief and so did A.J.  Thank you darlin’, Kevin thought.

The DJ didn’t like being left hanging, nor his audience.  “Come on Kaylin don’t leave us hanging give us something,” he said.

“Well you just never know who…” Bron paused.  “ Kev’s world.” Bron hung up quickly.

Brian’s yell of “What, No Way!” was heard on the airwaves.  Brian’s remark was promptly followed by A.J.’s “Revision that’ll teach ya Bri.”  Kevin started yelling, “I’m gonna….,”and the interview cut to a commercial.

Bron was dancing around the suite chanting, “Gotcha Lurch!”  “Ok Bron, time to get a grip,” she laughed.

Bron went up to the website and added one more thing for Mary.  Bron removed the disk and laid it on the desk.  She unplugged the laptop and set it in her duffel.

She sighed, “At least I know now what you guys really think of me.”

Bron went to the bedroom, gathered up her things, dropped them in the duffel, and zipped it up.  As she walked out of the suite she thought, see ya round fellas.

Bron crept down the hall.  She walked by Jake’s door and heard him laughing he was watching TV.  Bron snuck into Nick’s room and saw that he had left his wallet on the dresser.  What an idiot she thought, but good luck for me.  Bron grabbed it and removed a credit card.  Sorry Little Man but I’ll pay you back.  Lurch has all my stuff and I’m not staying here any longer.  Bron slipped the card in her back pocket.

Bron turned to leave and saw Nick’s laptop sitting on the desk.  Bron smiled, I wonder she thought.  Walking over to it she flipped it on.  I’m sure it has to be here somewhere as she poked around the contents.  Yep there it is.  Let’s just let Kevin’s mama know about his dark side.  Bron typed a short note and typed in the link to Night Train.  “This should make Lurch sweat,” she giggled.

Bron slipped out of Nick’s room and made her way to the elevator.  Bron pushed the button and hoped Jake didn’t hear or notice her. 

Bron got downstairs and outside.  She was petrified thinking that was too easy.  Bron caught a cab and settled in for the ride to the airport.  She sat looking out the window.  It was fun, but now it’s time to go home.  The traffic was a mess but she knew she had all the time in the world as she sat back and smiled.






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