Chapter 42

Mc could tell something was wrong as soon as Bron hung up.  He was going nuts trying to get through to her.  He motioned Kevin out of the studio.  “Something is wrong, I know it.  She would have never had done that.  Leave your cell on and I will call you.”  Mc turned and left the studio.  Mc was in a panic forty-five minutes had already passed.

Kevin began to get upset, Mc knew her better than anyone did.  Kevin turned and saw the rest of the fellas staring at him.

At the hotel, the girls had returned from shopping and Mary went to Bron’s room.  She knocked on the door and it opened.  “Bron I found this, you are going to love it,” she announced.  Mary looked around and didn’t see her.  She walked back to the bedroom and the bathroom.  As she came back out, she saw a note taped to the back of the bedroom door.

Mary walked up to the door and pulled the note down.  “Oh, this can’t happen.”  Mary ran out of the suite and down to Jake’s.  As she went down the hall, Mary saw that all the doors had notes.  “Oh God… JAKE!” she screamed.

Jake came flying out of his room, “Mary what’s wrong?”

“She’s not here Jake,” Mary cried out as she raised her hand and pointed to the notes.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened, and Mc came charging out, “Where is she?”

Mc saw the look on the faces of Jake and Mary.  “Jake tell me you weren’t stupid!” he shouted.

Mary pointed to the door and Mc saw the notes.  “Oh Christ!”  He ran down the hall tearing the notes off the doors and ran into Kevin’s suite.  Mc searched the room all her stuff was gone.  He saw the disk on the desk, grabbed it, and ran back down the hall yelling for Mary.

Mary stepped out of her room hearing Mc call her.  Mc ran up to her, “Do you know what this is?” thrusting it towards her.  Mary shook her head no.  “Can you find out for me?”  He asked.

“Yes, come on.”  Mary replied, as she took the disk from him.

Mary walked over and jammed the disk into the machine.  “It’s nothing Mc.  It’s just the last chapter of Night Train.”  Mary looked at it and noticed Bron had made some changes.  I wonder what that is all about.

“Something isn’t right here.”  Mc wondered aloud.

“What do you mean, the notes, she’s not here.”  Mary said in a panicky voice.

“Yeah but he wouldn’t take all her stuff, just her.  He was here no doubt but he doesn’t have her.”  Mc said angrily.  “I gotta call Kevin, he is going to be worried sick,” he said as walked to Mary’s phone.

“Kevin, it’s Mc.  She’s not here and Lenny was.”  Mc said into the phone.  Mary sat and listened to half of a conversation.  “Where are you going now?  Okay, when I know more I’ll call you.  I’m borrowing Jake.”  Mc paused and looked at Mary.  “I know, I’ll find her.  I want you to know I think this is Bron’s doing not Lenny’s so relax.  You can thank your cousin for this one.  I’ll call you at your rehearsal.”  He quipped as he hung up the phone.

“Jake!”  Mc called.  Jake was at the door immediately.  “As much as I hate this, I need help,” Mc frowned.  Jake looked at him.  “I need Webster,” Mc said.  Jake started to smirk.  “This is Bron’s doing Jake, not that bastard,” He barked, as he handed Jake the notes.  “How do you know?”  Jake stood there challenging him.  “I don’t it’s just a feeling, get Webster,” he answered him.

“Okay, I’ll find him,” Jake said as he left the room.

Mary left her suite and headed for Nick’s knowing the girls had finally come upstairs.  She walked in they were standing around Nick’s laptop laughing.

“Ladies, we have a problem, Bron is not here,” Mary sighed.

Shock crossed their faces and they looked at Mary.  “That explains this,” Amy said.

“Explains what?”  Mary asked. 

“Come here and look,” Amy told her.

Mary’s face expressed shock also, “Oh no, Kevin will kill her.”

Gillian started to giggle, “That took guts to do that.”  The girls began to laugh; they couldn’t believe it.

Mc walked in the room; he was upset and couldn’t figure what was so funny.  “This isn’t a good time girls,” he yelled at them.

Mary looked at him, “You’re right.  She left on her own.”

Mc’s eyebrows furrowed together and Mary pointed to the laptop.  Mc walked over to it, read it and began to laugh with them.  “Man that took brass balls to do that.  She must have been really pissed.”

Jake came strolling in through the door, “What is so funny?”

Mc turned to him, “Relax Jake, Lenny doesn’t have her, but we will find her.”

“How do you know?”  Jake said to him harshly.

Mc smiled, “Listen to this.  Dear Mrs. Richardson.  I found this article about your son.  It is amazingly accurate.  I think you should read it.  Do you know your son has a dark side?  My regards.  Kaylin.  P.S. Kevin is awaiting your response.”  Mc snickered, “She put in the link to Night Train.”

Jake looked at him in flabbergasted, “His mother, she sent it to his mother!”

They all were in a fit of laughter when they heard shouting from the hallway.  “Mc!  Hey Mc!  Where are you?”

“I’m in here Webster,” Mc called to the hallway.

A man walked into the room.  “Wow that was fast,” Mc said.

“I wasn’t far and Jake said it was an emergency.”  The gentleman answered him.

“Hey, how have you been?”  Mc asked him.

“Fine, what’s the emergency?”  The man asked him.

“I lost something and I need you to help me find it, very discreetly,” Mc said somberly.

Webster started laughing when he looked at Jake who was wearing a huge grin.  Webster knew there was only one thing in the world that was important enough for Mc to call him.

“Don’t bust on me Webster.  I’m not in the mood,” Mc warned him. 

Webster straightened himself up and tried to pull himself together.  “Would that thing be about five foot two, have brown hair, and have a nasty temper.”

The girls started laughing.  They had no idea what or who this person was, but he knew Bron.

“Yes, Okay,” Mc ground out.

“So how is Bron?  Besides lost at the moment,” Webster snickered.

“She’s doing better, until I find her.”  Mc answered him.

“I’m glad to here that.  Losing C.W. was very hard on her and Bounce,” Webster smiled.

“Well come on, there is something else I want to talk to you about,” as Mc guided him out the door.

Mary looked at Jake, “Who is that?”

Jake answered her, “That’s Mike Webster, he’s an old friend of Mc and Bron’s.”

“What does he do, he’s wearing a gun?”  Mary asked nervously.

“He’s a detective with the Chicago P.D.”  Jake responded.

Mary began to laugh, “Oh Bron, you created a real problem for yourself this time.”

Amy looked at Jake, “What are they going to do?”

Jake shook his head, “Gee Amy, I would say try and find Bron without anybody knowing about it.”

“Can they do that?”  Amy continued.

“Come on Amy, when it comes to Bron there is nothing Mc won’t do.  We’re just lucky we are in Chicago,” Jake spoke.

Amy looked at Jake and Mary totally confused, “I don’t get it,”

Jake was getting irritated with her stupidity, “Get What?”

“I would think a cop is the last thing Mc would want around him,” she stated to Jake.

“Amy if the cops could have taken him down they would’ve years ago.  Besides this is personal,” Jake answered her quietly.

They heard Mike call from the hallway.  “All right but you owe me big time Mc.  I’ll keep you posted.”

Mc strolled back into the room and looked at Mary, “I need to use your fax machine, but I don’t know how to use it.”

“Come on,” she said to him walking out of the room.






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