Chapter 43

They walked into the suite that A.J. and Mary had.  Mc handed the four pieces of paper to her and Mary glanced at it.  “Oh Mc, Come on you can’t do this.”  She looked at him in shock.

“Fax it Mary, now,” Mc told her.

“Mc she’ll go nuts and hate him forever for this,” Mary whined.

“He knows that, we discussed it already.  I gave him a choice my name or his.  He was afraid she’d leave him,” Mc informed her.

“Well, I guess he was right,” Mary quipped.

“This wouldn’t have happened if Brian didn’t say those things in the interview today,” Mc said flatly.  I hate it when people question me he thought.  It’s none of her business.

Mary looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

“You didn’t hear the interview did you?”  Mc asked her.  Mary shook her head no.  Mc repeated the interview to Mary. 

Mary couldn’t believe Brian could be so mean.  She knew he did it to be funny and didn’t mean anything by it.  Shaking her head at Mc, “Mc this is partially your fault and you know it.”

“I know but…”

“No buts Mc.  Get out of the dark ages,” Mary spoke quietly.

“I wonder what bothered her more Kevin saying nobody or Brian?”  Mc asked Mary.

“Probably what Kevin said, she has fallen for him, but she’s scared.  I want to show you something,” Mary said to him. 

Mary walked over to the couch and lifted the cover off of a box.  Mary picked up the box and showed it to Mc.  “This was for Kevin, Bron asked me to buy it for her today,” Mary said.  She gently set the box back down and placed the lid back on.

“Oh,” Mc dropped his head.  “I told him to say no, I didn’t want Lenny to know she was here.  He was pretty upset with me that I even asked.”

Mary shook her head and then looked at the papers still in her hand.  “This will make it worse, you know that.”

“No, it’s temporary, just until I can get things under control,” he answered her.

“All right, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Mary told him as she began faxing the pieces of paper.

Four hours had passed and it was almost six already.  Webster called every hour on the hour and still nothing.  Kevin called every chance he had and he was driving Mary crazy.  The boys were on a dinner break and then they were going to the venue.

Mary got dressed to go to the show and then decided to read the chapter that Bron had posted on the website.  Mc paced back and forth as Mary stared at her laptop, giggling away.

“Will you sit down, I’m trying to read,” She chided him.

“What are you reading?”  Mc asked her.

“Night Train,” she giggled.

“Oh, a literary masterpiece,” He quipped annoyingly at her.

Mary read it.  “Oh Bron, you worked that tattoo in there didn’t you, you little snot.”  Mary saw something out of place and clicked on it.

“Mc!”  Mary yelled and he jumped with surprise.  “Come here, look,” Mary exclaimed.  Mary hit the back button on the browser, “Look here’s my chat name.”

“So,” he said.

“So watch,” Mary clicked on the name.

Mc looked at it, then the pieces fell into to place.  An airplane and a home button.  She doesn’t have any money, he thought.  Well she got it from somewhere.  “That little bitch!” he yelled.

“Jake!  Jake!”  Mc started screaming.  Jake flew in the door.  “Get Webster on the phone now,” Mc was hitting rage very fast. 

“Why?”  Jake asked cautiously.

“Bron’s at the airport!”  Mc screamed.

“But how?  She doesn’t have any money?”  Jake looked at him.

“I DON’T KNOW HOW!  BUT SHE’S THERE!”  Mc screamed at him.

Jake knew he needed to calm Mc down and fast.  “All right I’ll call Webster.  Are you sure?”  Jake asked him.

“Oh yes, I’m sure.  I’m going to smack her so hard, she’s never gonna forget it,” he spoke trying to control his rage.

Jake eyed Mary and walked to the cell phone sitting on the desk.  Mc kept pacing and finally Jake shoved the phone at him.  “Webster, Bron’s at the airport, but I don’t know which one.  The only thing we have going for us is the snow.  Both airports have delays, but I don’t know if she is at O’Hare or Midway.” 

Mc glanced over his shoulder at Jake and Mary and he grinned.  “Here’s what were going to do for my little girl,” as he ambled out of the suite and down the hall.

Mary looked at Jake, “He’s up to something.”

Jake shook his head, “I’m sure, he’s really mad at her for scaring everyone.”

A few minutes later, he came back.  “Mary call Kevin and tell him we have a lead.  Let him know I will call him when we have her back.  I want you to go to the venue as soon as you can.”  Mc had twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin on his face.

“Mc, What are up to?”  Mary asked him.

“Nothing Mary.  I’m just sealing the deal and fixing my mistake,” he smiled.

“Mc?”  Mary questioned.

“Relax, I won’t kill her.  Kevin would be upset if I did.  I’m sure he wants to do it himself.”  He laughed.

“Jake you stay here in case Lenny puts in an appearance.  Mike is working on that too!”  Mc said as he grabbed the papers of out of the fax machine. 

Jake raised his eyebrows, “Well it’s about time Mc!”

“I know, I know,” he called as he headed to the elevator.  

Bron sat at the airport gazing out the window.  “Snow, I hate freaking snow.  I’ve been sitting here for over five hours.  I should’ve taken a bus.”  Bron got up and began to pace.  Well at least you had the common sense to book two flights at two different airports.  They won’t look for me here, they’ll think I’m at O’Hare,” she sighed.

She walked to the gift shop and looked around.  Found a book and charged it on Nick’s card.  Boy, I’m going to owe so much money it isn’t funny.  Bron went back and sat down.  Once I’m home Mc will come and bring Bounce, and then my life can go back to normal.

Bron flipped open the book and became engrossed in it.  She didn’t even realize an hour had passed.  Every now and then she would check her flight on the monitor and go back to reading.

“Excuse me are you Bronwyn Cooper?” she heard.

“Yes I am?” she answered him suspiciously.

“We have another flight for you, could you follow me?” he asked her.

Mc and Webster were standing down the hall watching her.  If Bron saw them she’d run and they knew it.

Bron stood up, stretched, and picked up her bag.  She followed the man, staring at the floor and not really paying attention.

“Hi Bron!” she heard and her head snapped up.  “Oh shit,” and she tried to barrel past Mc with no luck.  Mc caught her waist and then went to grab her arms so she couldn’t hit him.  “Hey Sparky, did you enjoy your day out?” he snickered.

“Fuck you!” she growled at him.

Webster excused the man from the security staff and thanked him for his help.  Webster turned to her, “Bron I’m surprised at you.”

“Shut up Mike!”  Bron sneered at him.

“Bron, I’ve been looking for you all day.  It seems not only is Mc looking for you but your boyfriend is missing you too.  You could have at least let me know you were coming to town.” he snickered.

Mc was standing behind Bron and winked at Mike.

Mike smiled at Bron, “Bron I’m very sorry to say,” as he reached behind his back.  Mc pushed Bron’s arms forward to Mike.  “You’re under arrest.”

“Mike don’t you dare,” she warned him and turned to Mc.  “Please don’t let him do this to me,” she whined.  Mc flashed her grin, “It was my idea.”

Complete rage overtook Bron, “Mike you can’t do this.  What the hell can you arrest me for, sitting in an airport.”

Webster spoke as Mc wrestled with her and Mike put the handcuffs on her.  “Well no, but considering the circumstances, you’re from out of town and all,” he grinned at her.  “You don’t have any ID do you?” he asked her.

“ERR, Stop this, it isn’t funny anymore,” Bron hissed.  Mc laughed at her.

Mike smiled, “I think solicitation should cover it.”

Bron’s scream echoed down the hallway.  Mc covered her mouth with his hand and she tried to bite him.

Mike fished a card out of his pocket and giggled the whole time he read her rights.  Bron couldn’t believe that these two would stoop this low.  She was so furious she hauled off and tried to kick Mike.

“Bron do you want me to add to these charges?  Assaulting a police officer, really now,” Mike warned her.

Mc finally had enough, “Settle down Bron, now.”

“Here’s your paperwork.  You need to read it.”  Mike held out the papers so she could read them.  Mc observed and waited for eyes to hit that one line he had Mike add at the last minute.  Yep there it was, as Bron’s eyes rolled around in her head.  He saw the anger start to well up and tightened his grip.

“How dare you Mike” she spat at him.

“Hey, you have no ID Bron.  I have to release into somebody’s custody.”  Mike smiled at Mc.

Bron turned her eyes to Mc and narrowed them; “I hate you for doing this.”  Mc knew why too and it was his fault.

“Let’s go guys, we have to make some calls and make sure Bron gets to her custodian.  Don’t we,” Mike leered at her.

Mc stared at Bron intently,  “You will walk out of here calmly and quietly and not embarrass Mike or I will knock the hell out of you when we get in the car.”  Mc watched the fear crawl across her face.  Good he thought.  I promised Kevin I would never hit you again, but you don’t know that, do you?

Bron dropped her head in temporary defeat.  I can’t believe this is happening to me.  Why won’t they just let me go home? 

Bron shuffled between the two men out of the airport.  At the exit door was a squad car and Bron panicked.  She started to dig her heels into the concrete.  Mc grabbed the cuffs on her hands and yanked them, “Don’t Bron.”

“Please Mc don’t,” and she started to cry.

Mc walked her past the car and to a van.  “I wouldn’t do that to you little girl,” he whispered to her.  Bron sighed with relief and got in the van.  She watched Mike get in the drivers seat and Mc crawled into the seat next to hers.

“So Bron how ya been?”  Mike asked.

“Wonderful, just freaking wonderful Mike,” she said dryly.

“Where to Mc?”  Webster asked from into the rear view mirror.

“Allstate Arena.  Bron needs to be with her custodian,” Mc grinned.

“Gee thanks Mc,” Bron sighed.






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