Chapter 44

Mc called Kevin’s cell and Mary answered it.  She told Mc that she would get Kevin quickly; they were going on in five minutes.

Mc was ecstatic as he spoke into the phone, “Hey Kevin.  I found your present.” 

“Oww!”  Mc yelled as Bron elbowed him. 

“Knock it off,” he yelled at her.

“No she’s fine, just a little flustered right now,” Mc winked at her.

“Why?  Well Bron had a little problem today, she was arrested.”  Mc said trying to control his laughter.

“For what!” came booming out of the cell phone so loud Mike could hear it from the Driver’s seat.

“Seems Bron was arrested…”  Mc cleared his throat and continued, “for solicitation.”  Bron heard Kevin laughing so loud she wanted to rip his head off right through the phone.

“Well anyway she’s released to your custody.  You are legally responsible for her now.  She didn’t have an ID,”  Mc chuckled into the cell phone.

The laughter was even louder coming from the cell phone.  Mc sat there totally amused by his prank, “Yeah will be there in awhile.”

The twenty-minute ride to the venue was finished in silence.  They arrived at the arena and Bron thrust her hands at Mike.  “Take these off,” Bron commanded him.  Mike started to and Mc grabbed the Key.

“Oh no little girl, you have had me worried and everybody else most of the day.  Especially Kevin!  He can have the honors.”  Mc told her.

“I’m not walking in that place with these on,” Bron warned him.

“Yes you are,” as Mc dragged her away from the van.  He marched her into the arena and backstage to the dressing room.

“We’re gonna talk,” Mc announced.  “I’m sorry for what happened in that interview today.  That was my fault,” Mc apologized to her. 

Bron looked at him, “Oh so you told Brian to be a smartass.”

“Bron you know damn well that wasn’t what caused this.  I told Kevin to say no because I couldn’t find Lenny.  I know how much you care about Kevin.  He was upset that I even asked him to do this.  He cares for you very much.”  Mc studied her waiting for her response.

“I’m sorry Mc, it just hurt,” she sighed.

“I know it did and I’m really sorry.  Bron I have to get Lenny dealt with you know that.  I can’t let it go unanswered.  Baby, if I had known what he had done to you, this would have been over a long time ago.  As far as Brian goes he was just kidding and went overboard.”

Bron dropped her head.  Mc hated seeing her so tore up.  She was always getting hurt and most of it was because of him.  He had decided that he had to let her go.  He couldn’t hold onto her anymore.  The best place for her was with Kevin, even though she didn’t realize it yet.  Their relationship was intense, but it was deep enough to survive Bron’s shenanigans and her little temper fits.

Mc tapped her shoulder and she picked her head up.  He smiled at her, “But boy did Nick help you get even.  He like’s you a lot Bron and he was so angry with the rest of them.”

Bron smiled back at him, “He’s such a sweetie.  I love the Little Man.”  Mc watched her mood lighten.  No sense in telling her that the kid actually had a crush on her, she’d torment the hell out him. 

“Let’s go see the rest of the show, okay,” he smiled at her.

“Okay,” she answered as she raised her arms to him.

“No Bron, I told you, that’s Kevin’s honor.  You scared the man half to death today.”  Mc shook his head sideways.

“Well if you think, I’m going to sit in that seat…” she continued to snarl at him as he grabbed her and dragged down the hall to the side of the stage.  Mc stood for a second, took his jacket off, and threaded the jacket through her arms.  Carefully he draped it over her hands and escorted her to her seat.  He shoved her into the seat and crouched at her feet.

Mary saw her coming down the aisle and relief washed over her as Mc shoved Bron in the seat.  “Thank God, I was so worried about you,” as Mary gave her hug.

Bron was unyielding to the hug and she didn’t return it.  “What’s wrong Bron?”  Mary knew that this was out of character for her best friend.

Bron didn’t move and sat straight as a board and didn’t answer her.  Mc was at Bron’s feet smirking at Mary.  Mary eyed him, “Mc what did you do to her?” she spoke with anger in voice that Mc didn’t know Mary was capable of.

“Not much,” he squeaked.

“You call having me arrested for solicitation not much,” Bron hissed at him.

Mary yelled, “What!” and the first five rows turned and looked at her.  Mc was hysterical on the floor.  He couldn’t believe that Bron and Mary fell for it.  They thought Mike had really arrested her.

The fellas turned while still singing to see what the commotion was in the first row.  Kevin winked at the fellas and smirked, it was hard for them not to laugh and sing at the same time.  Kevin began to stroll over to them, it was the end of the song.

Mary looked at Bron, who looked paralyzed with fear.  “Here lets move this,” and she grabbed the coat lying in Bron’s arms.

“No!”  Bron exclaimed.  Mary stopped immediately wondering why not.  Bron leaned over and whispered to Mary, “Look under the coat.”

Mary lifted the jacket slightly, just as Kevin got in front of the.  “Mc!”  Mary gasped.  They heard Kevin laughing from the stage he had seen then glint of shiny metal circling her wrists too.

Bron picked her head up just as Mc yelled to Kevin.  Kevin looked at him and Mc tossed something up to him.  Kevin caught it, he looked at it and then back to Bron.  “So glad you could join us.  We’ll talk later,” came through his microphone for the entire audience to hear.  Kevin watched Bron’s face turn snow white.

The fellas glanced every now and then.  They knew something was up, but Kevin didn’t say anything.  It was driving them crazy.  They watched Mc creep back up to the aisle and stand there grinning like a fool.

Kevin spent the rest of the concert swinging the object Mc had given him.  Every time one of the guys would get close enough to him to see what it was, he would hide it.  They watched him torment Bron at every opportunity he had.  They knew he was upset but he was going overboard.  Bron was almost in tears.

Bron was ushered by Mc out of her seat.  She thought she was going to face Kevin and get the damn things off.  She knew by the way the concert went he was definitely upset and angry with her.  Mc began steering her towards the exit door.  “Mc, I need to go see Kevin, the dressing rooms are the other way,” She exclaimed.

“Kevin doesn’t want to see you.  He said he would meet you back at the hotel.”  Mc informed her.

“But Mc,” she whined. 

“I’m sorry Bron,” he responded.  Mc thought maybe Kevin was going to far, but Mc agreed to do it.

Once back in the hotel, Mc shoved Bron into the suite and slammed the door shut. 

Bron went and sat at the dining room table with her head down on her arms and cried her eyes out.  Every time she thought she could stop, it started again.  The events of the last few days were finally taking their toll on her and she couldn’t hide it any more.  All the fear and hurt poured out of her.  She heard the suite door open but didn’t pick her head up.  She didn’t care to face his anger with the mood she was in.

Kevin removed his jacket, and went to sit on the couch.  He didn’t know whether to yell at her for scaring him half to death or go and hold her and tell her everything was going to be fine. 

Bron knew he was sitting on the couch and she heard him jingling the keys Mc had given him.

“Bron come here please?” he said softly.

Bron ignored him.  “Bronwyn I said come here,” he spoke loudly.

Bron sighed, got up, and walked over to him.  She stood in front of him with eyes closed.

Kevin reached up and pulled her by the cuffs to stand between his legs.  “Don’t ignore me.  Open your eyes and look at me.”  She did.

“Do you know what you did to me today?  This was worse than Pittsburgh,” he told her.

Bron didn’t answer him she glared at him.  Kevin was upset and beginning to get angry with her.  All he wanted to do was explain to her how he felt.  “You scared me, I thought that that freak got you.”

She just stood there looking at him, refusing to even acknowledge him.

“Bron I’m sorry about the interview.  I should have told Bri to stop,” Kevin apologized to her.

Kevin watched her suck in a breath of air and her eyes flashed.  Now he knew she was listening to him.  He reached up and took the cuffs.  “I’m sorry that I didn’t say what I wanted to.  I shouldn’t have listened to Mc.”  Kevin stood up, walked to the bedroom, and left her standing there by herself.

Bron sat down on the couch and rubbed her wrists to get rid of the marks.  She bent down and yanked her boots off.  She threw her jacket to the other end of the couch.  Bron stood up and started to pace and think.

Okay Bron reality check.  How and what do you feel for this man?  Well I guess I can’t deny it anymore, I love him, she mused. 

But he gets me so mad when he treats me like a kid, I can’t stand it.  Of course, he said I needed to grow up and unfortunately he is right.  True, I have to deal with what Lenny did to me, and I can’t ignore it anymore.  I can’t do this by myself.  Hell, he’s handling it better than I am, considering I’m damaged goods and all.  Bron winced at saying that to herself.

Let’s see he has a way of setting my temper off that’s for sure.  Well at least he was honest enough to say that my temper was a turn on for him.  He’s weird; he’s just like Mc. 

Bron continued to walk and think to herself.  He keeps telling me he loves me.  Now seriously, how can he, he doesn’t even know me.  Dammit, how can I fix this?  ‘I’m sorry’ is not going to fix this.  I could throw myself at him and apologize profusely.  Nope, he said he wouldn’t unless I asked.  Bron walked back and forth for a minute.  She heard her inner-self chime into her head.  “So stupid ask him, it’s a start!  You love him, don’t throw him away.”  “You are so right,” she whispered.

Bron bolted out of the suite to A.J.’s room.  Nobody was back yet.  Great, she looked around and spotted the box on the couch.  “That’s got to be it,” she said as she ran to it and lifted the top.  “Yes, I love you Mary,” she squealed, grabbing the box and ran back to the suite.

Bron scurried around the suite and then changed her clothes.  She lit the candles and turned the lights off.  Grabbing a bottle of wine and some glasses from the kitchen she set them on the table.  Bron surveyed the room, something was missing, music, I need music.  Howie she said, he’ll have something.  Bron ran out of the suite and down to Howie’s room.  Darn it they’re back she grumbled to herself.  Well I need the tunes and she pushed the door open.

“My, My, don’t we look dressed to impress,” Gillian said.  Howie turned around and smiled at Bron.  Bron shook her head, “Shut up and don’t ask.  I need some tunes and I need them now.”  Howie looked at Bron and no doubt she was anxious about this.  He remembered a vague conversation that he had with Kevin earlier today and strolled over to his CD Case.

“Here this should do ya,” he grinned as he tossed it to her. 

Bron beamed at him.  “God you’re an angel, remind me to turn you into the true lover you are,” Bron told him as she ran out of the suite.

“What did you give her?”  Gillian asked Howie, amazed at Bron’s comment.

“Motown, Kev told me it was her favorite,” he smiled as he leaned down and kissed her.

Bron ran back down the hall and ran into Mary.  Mary was shocked at seeing Bron run around in what she was wearing.  “Well, Well, looks like you’re gonna bag a Backstreet Boy,” Mary teased her. 

Bron blushed, “That’s not a boy Mare, that’s a man,” she giggled.  A.J.’s head popped out of their suite, “Good Luck!”  Bron smiled and waved him off as she entered their room.






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