Chapter 45

Bron got into the suite and popped the CD in the player.  “Otis Redding, who can resist that, I can’t.” she sighed.  Bron walked over to the table and poured two glasses of wine.  She grabbed one, and went and stood by the window.

“Geez, what a view, everything is lit up, it’s beautiful,” she sighed.  Bron gazed out the window watching the lights dance across the lake.  Bron you had better be sure of yourself, because there is no turning back.  One kiss from him and you’re sunk.  It’s a good thing he doesn’t know the effect those kisses have on me.  Bron got lost her thoughts trying to calm her nerves.  This was a big step for her, something she hadn’t done in a long time.  The past few days rolled through her head.  It was scary, upsetting and weird.  But she did have some wonderful memories to last a lifetime.  She felt the back of her head, the stitches to prove it too.

Kevin lay in the bed exhausted from the last few days.  He thought that they were incredible, frustrating, and fantastic.  Kevin heard the music and knew who it was instantly.  It was her favorite, Motown.  I remembered that he mused.  Wonder what she’s up too?

He got up, opened the door, and was blown away but what he saw.  The lights were off and the room was filled with candlelight.  Bron was standing at the window sipping a glass of wine.  Man, look at her she’s beautiful he smiled.  She was wearing a white satin nightgown that went to just above her ankles.  It had thin straps and no back.  It had slits on both sides.  Damn I wonder what the front of it looks like, he sighed.

He grinned inwardly knowing she was trying to tell him something, but that isn’t enough he thought.  I want to hear her say that she loves me and that she wants me.  I need to know that we can make this work and deal with this other stuff.

Bron was thinking when her thoughts were interrupted by voice from behind her.  “May I have this dance?” he asked heavy with his southern accent. 

Bron turned slowly, “Yes you may.”

They danced slowly just holding onto each other.  Bron’s hands began to caress his back.  Slowly she planted kisses on his chest and moved her hands lower to squeeze his ass. 

Inside Kevin was dying he loved her so much.  He knew she loved him, but she just wouldn’t admit it.

“Kevin,” she whispered.

“Hmmm,” was the low hummed reply.

“Would you make love to me?  Please,” she pleaded.

Kevin’s heart flipped and soared at the same time at hearing her request.  “Depends Bron,” he whispered on the top of her head, his chin resting there.

“On what?” she asked quietly, as she rested her head on his chest.  Inside she knew why and he wasn’t going to budge until she said what he wanted to hear, the truth.

“Well I told you I love you,” he answered her.

Bron waited and felt his body start to tense.  Her inner-self spoke to her, “Do it Bron, just do it.  Don’t be afraid.”

“Hmm, Well Kevin that’s nice because I love you too,” she whispered.  Bron felt Kevin’s body quiver in her arms and she did the same.

Kevin was so relieved that his mind started to race.  They had so much to deal with after what had happened to her.  He had to get past the one door.  The door that would at least let him help her deal with all of her inner turmoil.

She felt his hands go to her shoulders and gently slide the straps down her arms.  The gown slid to the floor, in one fluid movement. 

He pulled her closer to him crushing her breasts into his chest.  He inhaled deeply and could smell her scent.  Kevin ran his hands down her back and rested them on her bare bottom.  He caressed her as he pulled her even closer to him and moaned deeply.  She said it, I can’t believe she said it, he kept saying to himself.  But the last door, I’m so scared about that last door.  Mary told me to try, I don’t know if I can.

Bron’s senses were flying as she felt her whole body being engulfed with fire.  His hands roamed all over her and caressed her bottom.  His arousal was pushing into her stomach. 

Kevin gently bent down and picked her up in his arms.  “Open our eyes, Bron,” he whispered huskily to her.  She did and gazed back him.  She could see the obvious love that he was trying to show her.  “Yes I will make love to you,” he whispered on her lips.






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