Chapter 47

Chapter Sixteen was brought to life at Kevin’s insistence.  He lay on his side facing her.  “So how was chapter Sixteen?” he asked her.  “As good as you thought it would be,” as he gently stroked her arm. 

Bron glanced at him, “My, my aren’t we arrogant.”

Kevin smiled, “Not arrogant, experienced.”

Bron laughed, “Oh yes, Mr. Pop Star is experienced.”

“That’s right, with experience comes knowledge,” he chuckled to her.

“Careful your head won’t fit on the pillow,” Bron chided him.

She watched him chuckle at her remark.  Bron leaned over and kissed his cheek.  “I’m glad you’re experienced and I’m not.”

“That’s for sure,” he answered with a wily grin.  He knew she was dealing with this pretty well so far judging by their conversation so far.

“Hey now!” she exclaimed as she pushed him on his back and crawled on top of him.  “Hey Mr. Arrogant, what exactly is your recovery time anyway?”

Kevin’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, “Bron do you always have to be so blunt?”

Bron swung herself around so her back was to him, bent over and grazed his skin with her teeth and tongue.

“I’m liking this view Bron,” he said with much amusement.

Bron giggled, “Thought you might Kev, you have always been an ass man.”  She laughed even louder.  “You’ve been busted on tape so many times checking someone out.”

Kevin couldn’t help but laugh, she was right.

Bron giggled noticing his current state of arousal.  “I think your recovery time is just fine Kevin,”  As she finally reached where she wanted to be.  Kevin groaned loudly “Oh Bron.”

Bron stopped for a minute, “Hey Kev,”

“Hmm,” he answered her, barely able to speak.

“Remember chapter nine?”

Kevin let out a growl and she felt his hands on her hips as she was being pushed forward.  They laid there in the aftermath of chapter nine enjoying the feelings coursing through their bodies.  “So Kev how was chapter Nine?”  Bron asked him.

He sighed, “Wonderful darlin’,” as he squeezed her hand gently that rested in his.

Bron rolled to the side of the bed and stood up.  Grabbing her robe she put it on.

“Hey, where are you going?”  Kevin asked her.

Bron glanced at him, “I’ll be right back.”

“You better,” he smiled.

Bron laughed, “I will, there’s what sixty chapters.”

“Slow down girl,” he chuckled.

Kevin heard her banging around in the kitchen.  What the hell is she doing he wondered.  He slowly blew out a breath and closed his eyes.  I have to tell Mare it worked tomorrow.  Mary thought it might but wasn’t real sure.  I hope we can keep this going.  Keep working at this, he mused, as he drifted off to sleep.

Bron came back and Kevin was sound asleep.  “I love it when he’s sleeping, I have so much fun,” she giggled.  Bron heard her inner self, hey he told you not to do that anymore.  Yeah, well who died and left him boss.

Bron walked to the end of the bed and set the bowl and bottle down.  She gently grabbed his foot and started rubbing it, making sure he didn’t wake up.  Bron started grinning and setting her plan into action.  Once finished she did the same to the other foot.  It’s good thing he sleeps so soundly she grinned.  Bron reached for the bottle and took a sip as he she kneeled on the floor.  Good thing the photographers aren’t around to catch this shot, she thought.

Finally she was ready she leaned forward and ran her tongue along the ball of his foot.  He shuddered in his sleep and she grinned.  Slowly she sucked and licked.  Man I’ve got to write this down she said to herself as she sucked a strawberry from between his toes.  Good thing he is sleeping he wouldn’t stand for this.  Bron glanced up the bed, but it looks like somebody likes it, she giggled.  Time to wake up Mr. Arrogant.  Bron reached over for the bottle of ice cold champagne and filled her mouth.  Bron leaned over his foot and slowly let the ice cold liquid spill out of her mouth and in between his toes.

“What the!” he yelled as he sat straight up.  Bron started laughing uncontrollably.  “Welcome back Mr. Arrogant,”

“I told you not to do that,” he laughed awkwardly.  Kevin sat there watching her; he was a little dazed at this turn of events.  “What are you doing?”  He asked. 

“Eating strawberries with champagne,” she giggled.

His eyebrows wrinkled together and he scrunched up his nose, “Oh and me too.”

“Well that’s a side benefit,” she snickered.

Kevin settled back on the headboard and put is hands behind his head and smirked at her.  Somebody is feeling pretty secure right now.  I know this won’t last; let’s just see how far she’ll go.  “Then finish it.”

Bron was slightly flustered at the invitation now that he was awake.  She usually went so far with her teasing and then he took over.  Bron looked at him, he knows it too, she thought, which just made her angry.  “Fine I will,” she spoke with an attitude.

Kevin studied her; she was pissed.  He watch the wheels spinning in her head trying to figure out how get him to do what she wanted.  Still my virgin and always will be, he mused to himself.

Fine you shit head.  I’ll fix you, you think I can't, she said to herself.  I’m back honey, not all the way, but I’m back.  Bron closed her eyes and took a sip of champagne and went to his foot.  She finished her dessert and ran her tongue up and down his foot and in between his toes. 

Kevin lay there not believing this.  She was driving him wild, her warm tongue, the cold champagne, the bubbles, and all the licking and sucking.  She ran her tongue up his foot and that was it. 

Bron never opened her eyes; she knew if she did she would chicken out.  “Shit!” he exclaimed as she felt herself being dragged up his body by her arm and shoulders.  Kevin brought her up to straddle his hips; he rocked her forward and then back as he buried himself in her.  “You’re suppose to ask,” he whispered roughly.

Bron leaned forward and kissed his chin, “Kevin will you screw my senseless?” she whispered.

“That’s all I ask,” he groaned.  He placed his hands on her hips and she tucked her feet under his legs.  He looked at her questioning her for a moment.  Kevin started to raise her up off of him, but Bron didn’t move.  And she smiled at him sweetly.

“Bron,” he called her.


“What are you doing?” he whispered, agitated with her.

“Nothing,” she answered calmly. 

“That’s obvious,” he said slightly angry with her.

Again Kevin started to raise Bron with no success.  “Bron, you’re teasing me, move!” he yelled at her.

She bent her head sideways and looked at him.  “But I’m comfy.”

“Bron please move?” he asked her.

“No you can wait, until I’m ready,” she said smugly.

That was it, now he was infuriated with her.  It will be along time before you can even think about pulling a power play in this arena with me darlin’.  “Damn you,” he yelled at her as he flipped on her back and pounded his body into her. 

Bron quickly lost control.  Kevin was furious at her and he took it out on her body.  She felt her orgasm build and placed her mouth on his shoulder, as it hit her, she bit into him hard and moaned.

The pain of her teeth in his shoulder pushed him over the edge and his entire body shook as he let out an animalistic howl.  “Oh God baby,” he stuttered out in one breath.  Kevin laid there on top of her looking at her intently trying to steady his breathing.  It hit him out of no where, “Got your way didn’t you, you little witch?”

“Yes I did,” as she wrapped her legs around him and tightened on him.

“What happen to my virgin?” he asked as his breathing calmed.

Bron grinned at him, “She’s still here, she’s just taking a vacation.”

Kevin studied her face, nope not a power=play but she did get what she wanted, her way, by manipulating me.  “What did I do you?” he smirked.

“I told you that you were incredible,” she smiled.

“Thank you, but don’t do it again,” he spoke as he rolled off her.

Bron snuggled up against him and placed her head on his shoulder,

“Oww!” he yelped as he pushed her head to the pillow.

“Oh, sorry about that,” she sighed.

Kevin laughed, “I didn’t know you bit.”

“Neither did I,” as she yawned and closed her eyes.  “Love you.”






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