Chapter 49

“Morning,” Bron grinned.

Kevin backed up slightly and dropped his head to Bron’s shoulder, “Man!” he whined.  Gently he let the fabric fall over her back over her bottom.  That would’ve been so freakin’ good he groaned inwardly.

Bron reached up and patted his head, “It’s ok baby, don’t cry.”

A.J. started laughing so hard his eyes were tearing and he had to take his glasses off as Bron looked at him.  “He’s finished with breakfast.”  Bron told them and grinned wickedly at them.

“Oh Bron you’re mean,” Mary exclaimed.

Kevin still hadn’t moved his head off of her shoulder.  I don’t want to move if I move it will hurt he said to himself.

“Are you guys hungry?”  Bron asked with a smile.  “I’ll make you breakfast,” she beamed.

Bron heard, “No you’re not, I’m not finished with my breakfast,” come from her shoulder.

“Kevin, look at them they look so hungry.”  Bron said with a fake whine.

That was it; he popped his head up to A.J.  “I really hate you Bro.  Go find a McDonalds.”

A.J. looked at Kevin’s current state and decided that tormenting him would be a lot more fun right now.  “Sure Bron, What ya got.”  A.J. watched Kevin’s expression change to one that basically told him he was dead at the first available opportunity.

“I’m down to toast right now,” Bron snickered.  Man Kev is going to freak.  She tried to move but Kevin wasn’t budging.  He just kept holding her against the counter.

“Sounds good to me,” A.J. answered her watching Kevin. 

Bron wiggled her butt against Kevin and he groaned quietly as he let his weight off her slightly.  “Excuse me Kevin,” she said with a smile and stepped out from underneath him.  Bron leaned over and put toast in the toaster.

Kevin quickly moved forward blocking Mary and A.J.’s view.  Hell yes it was obvious, but they didn’t need to see it either he snapped at himself. 

Mary stood there watching A.J. and Bron torment the hell out of Kevin.  These people have to be the most hormonal and mean bunch she had ever been around.  Mary grinned noticing that even more changes had occurred over night with her best friend.

“A.J. what do you want on your toast,” Bron asked as she pulled it from the toaster.

A.J. still couldn’t believe Kevin.  Man talk about having a serious case of I need to get laid now, he grinned.  “Lot’s of butter.”

Bron snickered as she watched A.J. study Kevin.  “Ok, will just slick this sucker up for you.”  She chuckled.  Mary shook her head at the remark.  Here we go again, she thought.

Kevin put his arms on the countertop and put his head down.  She’s doing it again, he sighed internally.

“Thanks, do you have any jelly, Bron?”  A.J. asked as he winked at her.

“Yeah, why?”  Bron grinned.

“I like it sweet and sticky,” A.J. said to her laughing. 

Bron lost it and so did Mary.  The laughter over took the three of them and poor Kevin was leaning on the countertop rolling his head in his arms.  I will kill all of them by the end of the day, he groaned.

Bron handed A.J. his toast.  “A.J.  I need you to close your eyes because I need to go get dressed.” 

A.J. was puzzled but did it anyway.  “Okay their closed,” he answered her. 

“Keep Kevy company for me.  I don’t think he feels like moving yet,” she snickered as she looked down at the front of his jeans.

Mary picked his glasses up off his face as Bron came around the counter.  “You’re eyes better be closed Alex, she warned him.  They were, “Very good Alex,” Mary cooed to him.

“Mare,” came from the countertop as Kevin picked his head up.

“Yes Kevin,” she smiled sweetly to him.

“Would you go shopping today with Bron?  My treat.”  He asked her.

“Sure, why though?”  Mary questioned him.

Kevin sighed and looked at A.J., “She really needs a longer robe.”

The three of them laughed together. 

Kevin picked himself up, “Mare close your eyes now.”

“Why?”  Mary looked at him.

Kevin grinned, “Because I’m going to go help Bron get dressed.”  Kevin started waking out from behind the counter and A.J.’s hands flew to Mary’s eyes.  “Alex!”  Mary shouted at him out of surprise.

“Hey I can’t look, neither can you,” he said sternly.

Bron was standing at the bedroom door already dressed before Kevin even was half way across the room.  She had made her decision in the bedroom about what Kevin had said about growing up, but she didn’t like the fact that he was forcing it.  There was only one way she could prove to herself and him that she was ready to take that step.  However, she was going to take this step in her own due time.

Kevin looked at her with that like hell expression on his face.  “Come here Bron?” he asked sweetly as he stepped towards the bedroom. 

“No,” Bron answered him, sticking her chin up in the air in defiance.  I’ll be damned if he is going to get his own way.  Bron walked a few feet away and stood behind the couch, putting it between both of them.  It was the demanding way that he was pushing her that she didn’t like.  He wanted compliance, not from me.

“Bron, come on darlin’, we need to talk,” as he motioned her to the bedroom.

“Nah Kev, I have some things to take care of, looks like you do too,” she giggled.

It became apparent to Mary and A.J. that something was going to happen and A.J. dropped his hands.  Mary knew that Bron was playing games again just to irritate Kevin, but there was more going on then that.  Mary glanced at Kevin and her eyes nearly dropped out of her head.  A.J. elbowed her.  “Sorry,” she spoke.

Kevin’s temper went downhill from that remark.  He frowned at Bron, “I want to finish my breakfast.”

Bron looked at him as a smile curled her lips, “Oh honey, I’ve already eaten,”

A.J. laughed he couldn’t help it.  Kevin looked at him, “I think you should leave now.”

“Kevin you really shouldn’t be standing there like that in front of Mary, it’s rude.”  Bron clucked.

Kevin shot A.J. a look that would drop most men in their tracks, “A.J. Leave.”  Kevin walked to Bron full of fury.  “I think you had better think about what you are doing,” he said to her.  First it was the games now it was flat out being a freakin’ tease again.

“Why?”  Bron smirked.

Kevin leaned over the couch edging closer to Bron.  “Because you’re acting like a child and I know how to correct that, don’t I?” he grinned in a sinister way at her.

Mary began to walk toward the door and A.J. pulled her back.  “I wanna see this,” he giggled.

“Alex, no!” she whispered loudly.

Bron stood there, she caught the threat but she wasn’t afraid anymore.  Kevin wouldn’t hurt her and she knew it.  He could threaten her all he wanted but it had lost its ability to frighten her, but he is right it’s time.

“Hmm,” she smiled.

Kevin looked at her, not believing she wasn’t moving towards the bedroom.  He figured that was enough.  He would ask her one more time before he dragged back to bed.  Last chance darlin’ he thought.

“Is there a sweet, obedient, and loving Bron in there some where?  A personality I haven’t met yet?”  Kevin asked her through clenched teeth.

Bron laughed, “You’re kidding right.”  Slowly she backed away from the couch.

“No, I’m not kidding,” he asked with even more anger.

Bron couldn’t help it.  She watched Kevin’s mood swing from lust, to wonder, to anger so fast.  “You’ll be fine Kev, just take a deep breath.  It’ll go away.”  She laughed.

A.J. snickered and Kevin shot him another look.  A.J. and Mary started walking to the door. 

Kevin stood there ready to scream as he was watching Mary and A.J. and couldn’t wait for the door to shut.  “You’re playing games again and acting like a spoiled brat.”

Bron was really amused at the turn of events.  “What are you going to do beat my ass when they walk out the door?” she smiled.

“I might.”

“Careful Kevin I might actually enjoy it,” she yelled as she ran for the bedroom laughing.

“SHIT!”  A.J. exclaimed.  As he watched Kevin chase after Bron. 

A.J. looked at Mary and shook his head, “Who would’ve known.”

“I’ll call you after my shower Mare,” she heard as the bedroom door was slammed shut.

Mary’s face hit the floor and A.J. looked at her with surprise.

“I hope he can dance tonight,” A.J. snickered.

Mary was still in shock, “Did you see that?”

A.J. smiled as he wrapped an arm around her, “Yeah, must of hurt.”

Mary kissed his cheek, “I don’t think he’s going cry about it.”

They quietly shut the suite door behind them and headed back to their room.  “Knowing him he’ll wear it proudly,” A.J. grinned.

“Badge of honor,” Mary giggled as they entered their suite.

“No courage,” A.J. laughed.  “I think she could be dangerous.”






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