Chapter 5

Stevie stared in disbelief holding ice to his eye.  "Why the hell did you do that?"

Bron's whole body was shaking with rage, “You aren't suppose to leave me alone."

"Jesus Bron!  Carlos and Kevin were outside the whole time," he whined as he held the ice over his eye. 

"Yeah, I know!" she stormed to her bed.  “Wake me at six.  The girls and I are having breakfast at seven."

"Bounce will be up at five and you know it," he retorted. 

"What time is it now Stevie?" she asked exasperated.  Bron heard him say four.  "Shit, an hour of sleep," she spoke loudly.

The bed started to shake and move.  Bron's head was screaming.  "Bounce stop please." she begged. 

"Come on mom, let's go." 

Bounce continued jumping up and down on the bed.  "No, the sun isn't up yet," Bron mumbled.

"The sun is never up when I get up mom," Bounce answered her as she continued to jump up and down. 

"I know Bounce, I know," getting sicker by the minute. 

"Stevie help me please, what time is it?"  Bron implored. 

"It's 5:30.  Bounce go watch cartoons and leave your mother alone.”  Stevie issued his orders.  Bounce went and did as she was told.

Bron then heard a ton of laughing in the hallway and a knock on the door.  "Stevie please see what moron is knocking on my door this early?"  Bron demanded.

Stevie walked over to the door and threw it open.  Bron still laid in bed with a pillow over her face. 

"Morning!" they yelled. 

"Oh Lord!" she pulled the blankets over her head.  It was the same motley crew from last night. 

"Don't you people ever sleep?" came from under the covers. 

"Nope!”  A.J. cheerfully answered still holding Mary's hand. 

From the other side of the room Bron heard, "Hey Mom!"

"Yes Bounce."

"Why are the Backstreet Boys in our room?" she asked with much delight.

Bron did not dare come out.  This was just to weird for her.  "Bounce who do you see?”  Bron asked her hoping he wasn't there. 

"A.J., Howie," Bounce let out a long sigh, "and Nick Carter."

Mary giggled, "Gee, I guess we know who her favorite is."

From under the covers came, "When are you guys leaving for Pittsburgh?"  She heard Howie say "In a half-hour."

"Oh good my life will go back to normal soon," Bron said from her hiding spot.

She heard Mary say, "And since when has your life been normal?"


Kevin figured he could get some sleep, but he heard a knock on the door.  "Go Away!" he told them. 

"Come on Kev, it's me, get up."  Kevin pulled himself out of bed, and went and opened the door.  Leaning on the door frame he waited for an explanation for interrupting his slumber. 

"Got a problem Cuz, we aren't pulling out on time!"  Brian informed him.

That woke him up, "Why?"

"Snow," Brian replied "Haven't you looked out the window?  The whole town is closed down."

"Man, how long Bri?"  Kevin whined. 

Brian wrinkled up his nose, "Just a couple of hours, then we have to haul ass, it's going to be close.  It’s a good thing the trucks left last night."

Brian surveyed the empty hall that would normally be buzzing by now.  "Kev do you know where the guys are, nobody's around?" 

Kevin yawned, "Yeah, they’ll be back soon, they think we have to leave." 

"Where did you go last night Bri?" eyeing his cousin.  Little chat with the other half again most likely he thought. 

"I was on the phone talking to my lady," he answered. 

"You’re one sick puppy B-rok."  Kevin told him as he shut the door in face and went to lie down.


Bron came out from under the covers, "Well Gentlemen I must say you gave me the best damn time and Thank You."

"We had a good time too!" exclaimed Nick devouring Amy with his eyes.  "I just wish we had more time..."  Amy blushed and giggled as he stared at her. 

A.J. looked at Mary "Yeah, It was fun."

A.J. asked "Howie did you have a good time?" winking at Mary. 

Mary turned, Howie was too busy kissing Gillian to answer.  Mary looked at A.J. "I think he did."

Everyone hugged and promised to stay in touch.  Numbers and e mails addys were exchanged. 

"Hey Bron, are you going to put up another chapter?"  Nick looked at her sheepishly.

Bron sized him up and in her best Austin Powers voice, "Oh Yeah Baby!"

Peels of laughter went up in the air. 

Bron winked at Nick, "You already have my e mail don't you Little Man?"

Nick smiled "Yes I do and so does Kev," he snickered. 

"Please don't go there Nick," Bron scolded him.

"We gotta go guys, we'll see you around," Howie announced. 

"Hey Nick, do you wanna be my proof reader?  You get an advance copy,"  Bron asked grinning wickedly.

She received an Austin Powers reply "Oh Yeah baby!" as they walked out the door.



The fellas reached their floor and went to their rooms.  The three men rushed around trying desperately to meet the deadline; so much for Backstreet Time.

Nick finally finished and they all stood in the hallway.  Two people were missing Kevin and Brian. 

A.J., Howie, and Nick looked at each other.  "Sleeping," they moaned. 

"You go wake him up," Howie told A.J.

"No way, I did it last time, I'm not doing it."  A.J. told him.

Howie frowned, "You have to."

They both looked at Nick.  Sucker written all over his forehead. 

"Aw, shit, Okay.," Nick squeaked.

Nick walked to Kevin's door, knocked softly, shrugged and walked away.

"Nick," A.J. whined.

Nick slumped his shoulders and went back.  Knocking hard, as he tried the knob, he muttered, "Damn it's Open.”  He pushed the door open but stayed in the hall.  "Kev time to get up!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.  A.J. and Howie began backing down the hallway.  Nick yelled "Oh, shit!" and turned to run. 

Kevin stopped at the door and glanced down the hall. 

"We're not leaving yet,” he barked at them.  Amusing little shits most of the time, but not this time, he mumbled. 

"What do you mean we're not leaving?”  Nick shouted.

Kevin was really getting annoyed, "We have to wait for them to clear the roads."

Nick's eyes brightened and he yelled, "Excellent!" as he ran to the elevator. 

Kevin watched Howie and A.J. exchange glances and start running towards Nick shouting, "Hey, wait for us!"

Kevin shook his head, "Idiots," as slammed his door shut.






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