Chapter 50

As the bedroom door shut Bron began shedding her clothes while running for the bathroom.  As she jumped in the shower she turned the water on, shivering from the blast of cold water.

Kevin halted at the bathroom door waiting.  She had just hit about six different mood swings in the last two minutes.  He needed to be sure this wasn’t a temporary feeling. 

The shower door opened, “Aren’t you going to join me?” 

He balled his tongue into his cheek, “Are you sure?”

“I think so,” was Bron’s reply.

That was all it took, a maybe was as good thing.  His jeans and boxers hit the floor and he joined her in three strides.  Grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard.  She opened her mouth her inviting him in.  “Mmm,” he groaned.  She sucked feverishly at his tongue.  Reaching behind him, she wrapped her arm around his waist with one hand and raked her fingernails across his butt.  Kevin lightly moved against her.  I don’t know what’s going on but I sures hell hope she doesn’t ask me to stop again was pounding through his head.

Bringing her hand back around she wrapped it around him and began stroking him softly, applying pressure and then lightening it.  “Oh darlin’, what are you doing to me?” he whispered.  Bron lowered her hand even more and fondled him, rolling him in her hand until she found the pressure spot and squeezed.  “Bron please don’t stop,” He begged.

“I’m not going to, I’m just returning to you what you have done for me,” she whispered lustfully.  Her mouth descended on his nipple.  She sucked, nipped, and licked while her hand had returned to his aching arousal.

“What do you mean?” he asked with closed eyes, while resting his forehead on her head for support.  Man this is one of the last doors, but she’s killing me again, he stated to himself.

“You have made me deal with things that I didn’t want to.  Kept me safe and made me open my eyes.  You made me see that I can’t hide anymore, that I do have to grow up.”  She spoke as she increased the pressure and speed of her hand. 

“Bron, please that is not what I want,” he whispered uncontrollably.  He wanted her in the shower.  The one act that made her feel defiled could be replaced with something that had a good meaning, at least for the two of them.

“What do you want?  This is for you.  My thank you.”  Bron spoke to him.

Kevin’s hands dropped to her thighs as he gently pushed them apart and slid a long slender finger into her.  He needed to know if she was ready for this as he was.  That she was actually ready to take this step with him.  He smiled at the shower wall as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her as he added another one.  “I want to take you right now, right here,” he rasped out.  Kevin’s hands slowly went to her backside, “Please Bron, please.”  His hands slid down to the back of her thighs.

Bron pushed herself against him as he picked her up and gently entered her.  “I’ll take that as a yes,” he spoke as he pinned her against the shower wall.  Bron wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

“Please Kevin, Please,” she moaned loudly. 

Kevin thrust into her slowly at first and then began to get wilder.  It was one of the last doors and he had lost control over the thrill of her saying yes.

“Oh God Kevin harder,” she whispered.  Him filling her, taking her here was the ultimate gift that she could give him.

Kevin groaned as he slammed into her and her body shook against him.  Once she had gone over the edge he felt his follow, as his hips sunk into her and it was his turn to shake uncontrollably.  “Oh darlin’, I do love you,” he groaned. 

Bron looked at him as he held her to the wall and he returned the gaze.  Kevin waited for everything to calm as he set her down.

She quietly reached for a washcloth, soaped it up, she started washing herself.  Kevin stood in the shower studying her.  He watched as she washed her hair.  He didn’t want to move he leaned on the shower wall and just absorbed her every move.

Seeing she had finished he gently raised her face to his with his hands, placing a thumb on each one of her cheeks.  “Are you okay?” he asked softly.  He knew how hard this was for her and he didn’t want her to have any regrets or feel bad about what happened.

“Yes,” she replied quickly.

He was unsettled by the reply, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I was just thinking,” she answered quietly.

Kevin studied her for a moment.  “About what?”

Bron looked at the visible tension in his face.  “I was thinking what I would tell everyone if you had dropped me,” she snickered.

Kevin was surprised but happy.  “You little witch, come on,” as he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the shower, hitting the faucet off as he glided by it. 

“Kev come on, I’m cold now,” she whined as he grabbed two towels and headed for the bedroom, dragging Bron with him.

“I’ll take care of that.  Sit,” he commanded as he pushed her towards the edge of the bed.

Kevin knelt down by her feet with a towel in his hand and she shivered as he began to dry her off.

“Nice to know I have that effect on you?” he grinned up at her, his green eyes sparkling with joy.

“Nothing to do with you, I’m freezing,” as she shook some more.

Kevin chuckled softly, “I didn’t need to hear that.”  Gradually working his way up her to the top of her thighs he moved quickly to her stomach.

“Hey handsome you missed a spot.”  She laughed.

“No I didn’t, that requires special attention,” he grinned wickedly at her.

“Oh,” was her only reply.  Bron gasped as he fondled her breasts and spent too much time drying them.

Kevin moved, crawling on the bed behind her.  Slowly he dried her back, neck, and then her hair.  Getting off the bed, he came around and kneeled in front of her.  “Are you feeling warmer now?” he asked with much amusement.  Bron didn’t answer him she just nodded.  “I missed a spot didn’t I.”  As he parted her knees, hitched his hands behind them, and pulled her forward. 

He heard her let out a guttural moan and glanced at her.  Bron’s eyes were half closed from the heat he had created in her body.

Softly he flicked his tongue across her outer edges and she started to scoot away from him.  Kevin brought his arms up, wrapped them around her hips, and pulled her back against his face.  Unhurriedly he licked and sucked and tasted.  He drove her desire leisurely.  He tantalized and teased and then he gazed up to see her grasping the sheets with her eyes closed after she had fallen back on the bed.  He pulled her closer and then he stopped knowing that she would look at him.

Bron opened her eyes to him.  “Let it go Bron, enjoy what I can do for you.”  Bron trembled as he lowered his head again and thrust his tongue deep inside her.  Twisting and turning his way deeper and deeper.  Kevin could feel her legs were starting to shake and he quickened the pace.  He gently probed with his tongue and lips for the most erotic place there was.  He slowly wrapped his lips around her and began to suck her engorged button.  Bron’s moans were coming faster and heavier as he added his fingers to pleasure her.  He gently pumped and nipped simultaneously, as he felt her tighten around him.  He had given her permission loose herself in the vibrations in her body, to relax, and enjoy.  This had become a conquest of sorts for him.

“Kevin!”  Bron roared as her hips bucked in his hands and her legs slammed together without warning.  Bron came so hard on him he thought she wouldn’t recover.

Kevin removed her legs from around his head and pushed her up on the bed.  Without missing a beat he entered her.  He wanted to feel the aftershocks tighten around him.  Kevin moaned at the feeling her body was giving him.  The pleasure it was sending through him.  Her silken walls contracting and constricting around him.

Bron opened her eyes to meet his, “Love me.”  He started driving into her.  “Yes,” he answered her as he increased his rhythm and force to gain his release.  Kevin growled as he held himself inside her letting his orgasm rock him.  He could feel himself jerking madly inside of her.  Bron tightened herself around him when he went to move and he smirked at her. 

Kevin crawled next to her and kissed her cheek.  “I love you,” he whispered.

Bron crinkled her nose at his statement and rolled on her side to face him.

“What?” he said with hurt feelings.

“How can you love me?  You don’t even know me,” she asked.

“Yes I do, better than most,” as he kissed her tenderly.

Bron rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed.  “I should get up,” she sighed trying to regain control of her body.

“Yeah we should really get up shouldn’t we,” he spoke as he lay there looking at her backside.  Oh how, I love that woman’s ass.

“I don’t think I can,” Bron groaned.

“Why,” as he rolled closer to her.

“Jell-O legs,” Bron snickered, as she felt Kevin’s hand on her bottom and he shoved her off the bed.  She landed with a thud on the floor.

“Smartass,” he chuckled.

“Hey come on, help me up Lurch?” she groaned.

“Call me that again and I help you down, not up,” he replied.

“Fine,” as she stood up in a huff.  She looked at him lying there with a broad smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.

“Something amusing you Master?” she grinned.

His smile grew even wider, “I found a weakness in you darlin’.”

Bron blushed to her toes, just thinking about what he was talking about.

“That’s cute,” he grinned.

“Shut up,” as she reached for her clothes and headed to the bathroom.  When she came back out, he was still in bed.

“Come here,” he called her to the edge of the bed.  “Do you understand that I do love you?” he asked her very seriously.

Bron roller her eyes at him, “Okay if you say so.”

Kevin was upset that she didn’t believe him.  “Did you mean it when you told me you loved me?” he asked her.  Bron shook her head yes.  “Why don’t you believe me?”

Bron answered with her heart, “Because you are you and I am me.”

Kevin knew what she was saying instantly, “Oh so because I’m famous, I can’t fall in love?”

Bron sighed, everything is moving to fast.  “No, I just don’t know if you can stay there with one person.”  Bron walked over to the dresser, picked up her rings, and looked at them.  She set them back down on the dresser and walked out.  Whether he loved her or not she wasn’t really sure.  She was sure he did now, but what about when it was all said, done, and over with.  Wearing her rings would be wrong now, she had been with another man.

Kevin closed his eyes as she walked out.  She does love me, she didn’t put them on, but she doubts my love for her.  I need to reassure her, he said to himself, as he got up to get dressed.  He heard her on the phone with he assumed was Mary.






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