Chapter 51

An hour later the phone rang in A.J.’s suite, Mary answered.  A.J. listened to half the conversation.  Mary turned to him and winked, “Kevin’s feeling better now.  She wants to know if you want to go with us?  Kevin isn’t going.”

“If Kev isn’t for sure,” he answered her. 

Mary hung up the phone and shook her head.  “I think he created a monster.  Do you want to ask Nick?”  Mary asked as she walked up to A.J. and hugged him.

“Yeah why not.  I think the girls have already left for the airport,” he spoke.

They stopped at Nick’s door on their way to get Bron.  Nick was there with, of all people, Mc and the door was open.

Mary had formed an alliance with Mc and Kevin for now.  She saw that the men although worlds apart they had one common denominator, her best friend.  “What are you doing here?” she asked Mc suspiciously.  Mc and Nick together however had made Mary very uneasy.  There is no way Nick could hold his own against Mc and then there were the feelings that Nick carried for Bron.

“Hanging, Bron’s been kinda busy,” he grinned.

A.J., Mary, and Mc stood in the hall and watched Nick race back and forth across the room with the telephone in his hand.  Nick started yelling, “Damn Stevie, don’t tell me that.  I don’t care.  I don’t want to know.”  Nick paused for one second then started yelling again.  “Please Stevie stop.  It will be forever burned in my mind.  SHIT!  That’s not funny.  I can’t believe she told you that.” 

Mary looked at Mc and raised her eyebrows, “What’s that about?”

“Seems Bron likes strawberries now, with Kevin on the side,” he snickered.

Mary shook her head half in shock that Mc was telling her this and laughing at the same time.  “I don’t want to know anymore and you stop tormenting him.  Is this a new game for you and Stevie?  Drive Nick nuts?  Both of you stop it right now.”

A.J. looked at Mc, “Don’t, he’s just a kid with a crush, that’s all.”

Mc looked at them, “All right, Bron does a good enough job on her own anyway.”

Nick slammed the phone down and Mary motioned them to follow her. 

They all walked down to Kevin’s suite.  Howie and Brian were there and making plans.  Mc walked in watching Bron from the door.  She was bubbling over and happy for the first time in a long time.

“Hey guys, come on in,” She practically sang it.

Bron walked up to Mary and A.J., she smiled.  “I wanna a hug,” as she hugged them.  “I want to thank both of you for helping me again,” and she kissed them both.

“Thank them, what about me.  I did all the work.”  Kevin smiled ruefully as he stood at the door of the bedroom holding his shirt.  Yep work, gonna do some more of that too, he snickered to himself.  Bron turned around, he thought she would be pissed at the way he had worded it.  It wasn’t out in the open, but it didn’t take much to figure it out either. 

Nick snuck in the door behind Mc and everyone waited for the explosion.

“But honey I already thanked you.  Three times last night and twice this morning and then you thanked me for thanking you.”  She said with twinkling eyes.

Kevin gauged the response in his head; she’s not mad, she called me honey, and she’s smiling.  Kevin roared, “I like the way you say thank you.”

She returned one of the biggest smiles she had given him so far and winked at him, “Me too!”

Nick stared to blush.  Howie and Brian were shell-shocked.  They were thinking the same thing; this is not Bron.

Mc was ecstatic on the inside.  Bron was coming back to being the feisty fireball that he loved so much.  Mc crossed the room in a flash, surprising Kevin as he tried to put his shirt on.  “What did you to my little girl?” as he winked at Kevin.

Kevin paused in mid air with his arms in his t-shirt.  “She’s not a little girl anymore,” and he returned the wink.

Mc reached over and pointed to Kevin’s shoulder, “Yeah I see that,” he chuckled.

Mc turned to Bron who was red with embarrassment now, “Shame on you,” he grinned.  Bron’s blush deepened and Mc figured it was time to quit teasing her.  He walked over and embraced her tenderly, quietly whispering to her.  “I’m proud of you for finally dealing with this.  I’m still mad that you didn’t tell me.”  He held on to her and didn’t really want to let her go.  “I hope your nightmares let up baby.  I know it’s hard and I’m trying my best to finish this for you.”  Mc just kept hanging on to her and whispering to her.

“Let go of her,” he heard Kevin say.

Mc looked Bron in the eye and continued to whisper, “Guess he’s jealous, too bad.” he chuckled.  “You’re still mine and always will be one way or another.”  Mc leaned down again and squeezed her gently.  He placed his mouth next to her ear.  “Did you know Stevie called Nick, told him something about strawberries,” he mumbled.  I guess if I can’t torment Nick she can, he thought to himself.

Kevin stood back and when he saw Bron smile that was enough.  Kevin’s jealousy and anger were licking at him and growing the longer they stood they together.  He walked over and pulled them apart.  “Break it up.  She’s mine, you gave her to me.”  Kevin quickly tried to cover for his mistake.  “Shit, I’m sorry Bron.  I’m really sorry.”

Bron looked up at Kevin and smiled, “That’s okay, considering your definition, it’s not so bad.”

“I don’t believe this,” Brian yelped as he jumped up from the couch.  “Who are you?” he asked as he began looking around the room.  “Bron, hey Bron, someone is here pretending to be you.”

Everyone started to laugh.  “Knock it off Choirboy.  I still owe you a beating,” was heard by all in the room.

“Hello, she’s back,” Brian chimed.

Howie looked at Kevin.  “So what’s it like to sleep with Sybil anyway?” he asked Kevin.

Kevin laughed loudly, “Very interesting.”

Bron marched over to Howie and bent down to his face.  “Howie, Gillian told me a whole lot about you Latin lover boy.  You better behave yourself.”  Howie’s eyes bulged, “Yes Mame.”  Damn girl talk he said in his head.

Bron stood up and sighed, “So boys, what’s on the agenda for today?”

“Shopping!”  A.J. yelled.

Bron rolled her eyes, “Wonderful another day of counting ceiling tiles.”

“No, not if you want to go,” Kevin spoke as he came to stand next to her.  He watched for Mc’s reaction and didn’t get one.  Must be fine by him too, he thought.

“I can,” she turned around and hugged him.

“Yes, but on the condition that you at least buy a longer robe,” he chuckled.

Bron was still hugging him around the waist and looking up at him.  “Done Deal.  Can I have my wallet back now?”

Kevin’s eyebrows shot up at the request.  Bron watched his reaction, “How stupid do you think I am?”  Kevin looked at her and grinned.  “While your at it, I would like my laptop and cell back too.”

Mc stood back and watched.  He was hoping that Kevin would at least be cautious for a while longer.

Kevin studied her expression, but it still was dangerous and you are still so freaking stubborn.  “Wallet no, laptop yes, cell no.” he replied.

“Kev,” Bron started to raise her voice.

“No,” was his reply before she could finish.

“How can I buy anything?” she smiled, playing her trump card.

Kevin reached in his pocket, grabbed his wallet, and produced a credit card for her.

Bron shook her head.  Well I’m not going to win this one.  She snagged the card from his hand.  “Who’s going with me, Kevin’s treat,” she announced.

“We are,” A.J. chimed. 

Kevin shook his head, “Figures.”

“I’ll pick out the bathrobe,” A.J. spoke with much pride and amusement.

Kevin turned to Nick, “Will you go just to keep on eye on him?”  Nick nodded an ascent.

Howie informed everyone that he was going back to bed.  Bron snickered and was answered with a, “Shut up Bron.”  Slowly Howie got off the couch and headed for the door.  Bron looked at his slow movements, “Eventually she’s going to kill you.”  Howie didn’t even turn around thinking Bron might be right.

“I’m waiting on a call, when she gets home.  Which should be two hours from now.”  Brian announced as he looked at his watch.

Kevin looked at him visibly disgusted and shook his head as Brian walked out the door, “We gotta talk.”

Bron stood there remembering what Mc had told her that Stevie had done.  Bron walked to the fridge and pulled out the remaining strawberries.  Walking to the other side she stood next to Kevin.  She held a strawberry next to her shoulder.  “Hungry?” she asked him.

“Mmm,” he leaned down and took a bite out of the berry.  He spent more time licking her fingers than eating the fruit.

Bron tuned to Nick who was blushing slightly.  Bron pulled the strawberry down further forcing Kevin to lean over almost into her breast.

Kevin was struggling now.  Damn I want more of that as he looked at the front of her shirt.  I don’t know what the hell she is doing, but I don’t really care right now.  Bron could feel Kevin’s breath brushing against her neck.  When he was done he licked each finger.  “You taste delicious,” he smiled.

Mary had already caught the glint in Bron’s eye, she was up to something and it wasn’t for Kevin’s benefit.

Bron tuned to Nick.  “What’s the matter Nick you look warm.  You’re not getting sick are you?” she asked with concern.

Nick cleared his throat, “No.  Are you ready to go now?”

“Almost,” she replied.  Bron turned to Mary.  “Oh Mare remind me, I have to redo chapter eight.  I have that sex in shower thing way underrated,” she spoke.  Kevin and A.J. laughed quietly.  Bron spun around and tossed Nick a strawberry.  Nick caught it and Bron smiled, “Nothing like strawberries and champagne.”

“Shit Bron!” Nick exclaimed wanting to run from the room.  A.J. and Mary were laughing, now they knew what she was doing. 

Kevin leaned on her, “What are you doing?”  Bron wasn’t ready to answer him, he would be really mad at her. Bron watched Nick scrunch up his face and close his eyes trying to erase what Stevie told him from his mind.  I bet Stevie just added to it.  I will kill him for this.  But Nick should’ve hung up and not listened.  They say women are bad.  “Ya know Nick, it’s all in the placement of the fruit,” she smiled.

Nick’s hands flew up to his eyes.  “SHIT!” and he ran out of the room.

Kevin came around in front of her appalled at what she had just said.  Bron started laughing with A.J., Mary, and Mc.  “Do you want to explain that to me?” he asked, his fury very evident in his face.

“Stevie called this morning, he wanted to know how I was doing.  So I told him,” she said trying to hide her smile.  “Some of it anyway, but he couldn’t handle it,” and she shrugged her shoulders.

Kevin shook his head in disbelief and glared at her, “Don’t tell him anymore, that is private, between you and I.”

“Sorry, by the way Master, Stevie wants you to call him,” she grinned.

Mc cleared his throat to get their attention, “I’m to blame too.  I called Stevie after I read the note, Stevie called Bron,” he grinned “and then called Nick..,” and he stopped.  “Stevie was just trying to be a troublemaker.”

Mary interjected, “Stop now, the obvious isn’t always there.” She said cryptically.

Kevin and Mc laughed together.  Mc looked at Mary, “You’re right on that one!”

Kevin looked at Bron, “What note?”

Bron was uneasy, “Just a little note saying we didn’t want to be disturbed.”

Kevin reached in his pocket and unfolded the paper he had found in the garbage can.  He held in front of her, “Umm that’s good, but next time could you use your name.”

“Shit,” Bron muttered under her breath.

“That’s okay darlin’,” he dropped his lips to hers.  “I like it when you rock my world,” he pressed his lips to hers.  Suddenly he pushed her away from him, “So go on, get out of here.”

“Let’s go,” Bron squealed as she snagged her purse and headed for the door.

“Hey, are you forgetting anything?” Kevin asked her.

Bron stood for a minute, “No, I don’t think so.  Card, purse, I gave you a kiss.

“Jake,” he answered her.

Bron frowned, “Aww, come on, please no.”

“Sorry and Carlos too,” he said with authority.

“Jesus Kevin, I can’t shop with them,” she whined.

“Have too,” he stood there waiting for the hissy fit to begin.

“Fine,” she muttered.

Kevin heard them talking as they went out into the hall, “This sucks.  I’m losing every battle with him,” She sighed

Kevin went to the door, “Hey!’

Bron turned around, but kept backing down the hallway, afraid he had changed his mind.  “Now what?” she answered his call.

“Don’t charge us out of house and home, okay,” he smiled.  Like that was even possible as far as back account went.

“Yes Master,” she giggled as she rapped her hand on Nick’s door.  “Come on Little Man, let’s rock.”  Nick opened the door and she grinned at him.  “That’ll teach you.”  Bron turned to Mary, “Did what he just say make any sense to you?”

A.J. looked at Mary, “Blonde moment.”  And they laughed.  Bron and Nick stood there clueless.  

Kevin laughed as he walked back into the suite, poor Bron.  Some days I think that woman’s head is just not on tight, he mused.  The obvious just waltzes right by her.






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