Chapter 52

As Kevin walked back in the suite and shut the door, Mc began speaking to him.

“Are you nuts, giving her your credit card.  Do you know what Bron’s like?”  Mc was shocked.

“I have too.  I cancelled all of hers,” he replied.

They both laughed at each other as Mc slapped Kevin’s back, “You take no prisoners do you Kev?” he chuckled. 

“Nope,” Kevin answered light heartedly.

Kevin watched Mc take on a serious attitude.  “I need to talk to you.  I need to ask you something,” Mc informed him.

Kevin walked to the desk and opened his brief case as he sat down, “Okay, this sounds like you’re upset.  So what is it?”

“Where are you going with this relationship with Spark once I catch him?”  Mc asked him.

Kevin studied him.  He was debating whether it was really any of Mc’s business.  I guess it is, he started this whole thing by entrusting me with her. 

“Well!” Mc exclaimed getting impatient at not hearing an answer.

Kevin leaned forward on the desk and placed his hands on it.  “Normally I would tell you it’s none of your business.  I am a very private person and my life is in the rags too much already.  But considering you are more like a father to her…”  Kevin watched to see if his words hit home with Mc.  Mc raised his eyebrows in surprise and then Kevin continued.  “I have decided that we’re going to get married.”

Mc laughed aloud.  Talk about arrogance and an ego.  Nothing like asking her first, he thought.  Father, boy did you hit the nail on the head.

“Is that funny to you?”  Kevin asked, slightly pissed.

“No not at all.  I’m sorry.  I would want nothing less for her, you know that, but you need to get her to say yes.  I think the father statement was amusing,” Mc grinned.

“Oh,” Kevin grinned.

Mc figured that it was time to come clean.  If Kevin were serious about this, they would be together quite often.  “Look I told you I never slept with her but it wasn’t because I worshiped her,” he said quietly.

“I know,” Kevin responded.

“You know what?”  Mc jumped on the defensive immediately.

Kevin surveyed Mc, “That you can’t.”

Mc’s temper flared quickly, “If Mary…”

Kevin interrupted, “Mary didn’t, I figured it out myself, okay.”  Kevin figured one little lie wouldn’t hurt.  This was tough on any man.  “I won’t ask why, but you should at least tell her.  You hurt her deeply and taught her how to play all of these wonderful games.”

Mc shook his head adamantly, “I can’t do that Kevin.  If I do she would on the phone with talking to Doctors trying to fix things.”

Kevin smiled, “Yeah she would.”

“Did you ask her yet?”  Mc inquired.

Kevin sighed, “No, I’m waiting to tie up this Lenny business and few other things.  She needs to get comfortable.  This is really fast for both of us, but I am damn sure this is what I want.  Nobody can say a word about the money, she has as much as I do.”

“You’re going to get a whole lot of flack, if this is what you want.”

“I know, but it’s my job and I will handle it.  The fellas will support me and so will my family,” Kevin reassured him.

“Well Lenny is taken care of, that is why I wanted to see you this morning.  Webster caught him trying to sneak up here in the middle of the night.”  Mc sat and waited for Kevin’s response, which didn’t come.  Kevin sat there with a blank look on his face.

“Did you hear me?”  Mc prompted.

“Yes, sorry,” as he shook his head.

“But we can’t hold him for anything,” Mc said nervously.

Kevin jumped up from the chair and slammed both of his hands down on the desk.  “What the hell do you mean!”  Kevin screamed at him.

Mc wasn’t surprised by the reaction he had expected it.  Kevin had a volatile temper and where Bron was concerned it was easily set off.  “Calm down, will you,” Mc sighed.

“Calm down!  Look at what the hell he has done to her!”  Kevin screamed even louder.

“Kevin, there’s little evidence,” Mc said lowering his head slightly.

Kevin was exploding.  “The notes,” Kevin shot back.

“That’s it,” Mc nodded, “Nothing else.”

Kevin looked at Mc silently and intently.  They both were thinking the same thing, what about the rape?

Mc answered his unanswered question, “She didn’t even tell me let alone anyone else.”

A growl came out of Kevin that took Mc by surprise as he watched Kevin slam his fists into the desk.  “What about C.W?”  Kevin asked, grasping at anything that would put that animal behind bars and away from his Bron.

Mc looked at him, “Maybe, but I doubt it.”

Kevin stood there leaning on the desk with his hands firmly spread apart on the desktop.  Mc watched him struggle; he knew this would be hard on him.  He also knew that he would never doubt Kevin’s feeling for Bron again if he stayed with her.  Kevin was in for a heap of trouble from everyone for choosing Bron as his mate.

Kevin picked his head up,  “This isn’t right.  It’s not fair that he doesn’t have to pay.  How can she deal with this knowing he’s out there somewhere?”

Mc looked at him, “I know that but I have an idea.”

“What?”  Kevin quickly asked.

Mc wasn’t sure if Kevin was going to go for this or not.  He wasn’t even sure if he should even suggest it.  “What if she confronted him like you made her confront what he did to her.”  Mc watched the alarm in Kevin’s face and knew he needed to explain.  “Kevin you and Mary have spent too much time with each other and on the phone with her professional friends.  These little meeting that you have had with all of us and the telephone calls.”  Mc paused.  “Bron is much happier now and she is dealing with it.  Hell, even her temper has improved and I didn’t think that was even possible.”

Kevin sat back down in the chair and rocked back looking at the ceiling. 

Mc waited patiently and then began to speak.  “That’s why I wanted to know where this relationship was going.  If you’re not going to be there for her, I don’t want to do this.  You are the first and the only one she has opened up too.  I know it started in Pittsburgh and I won’t ask how, but you have to trust me.”

“Fine, but not tonight,” Kevin sighed and closed his eyes.

“Webster can’t hold him past tomorrow,” Mc reminded him.

“Alright, tomorrow morning before we leave.  Eight o’clock.  I’m taking her dancing tonight.  I don’t want this screwed up.”  Kevin said to the ceiling.

“Ok fine, Eight o’clock.”  Mc repeated.

They turned as they heard a knock at the door.  It was Brian.  “Hey Cuz.  What’s up Mc?” Brian said as he dropped a large cardboard cylinder on the desk.

“Thanks for hiding these Bri,” Kevin replied as Brian strolled to the door.  “No problem, bring’em back when you’re done.”

Kevin opened the carton and unrolled the papers.

Mc got slightly excited.  “What’s that?”

“Our house,” he smiled.

Mc shook his head, “Pretty confident aren’t you.”

“Well I already had the plans and everything.  It’s actually underway already.  It has almost been gutted and they want to start soon, but I need to do some revisions.”  Kevin spoke intently while looking at the plans.

Mc looked at him, “Okay, so you figured out what she does when you signed the papers.  If you tell her, we’re both dead.  What revisions?”

“The kitchen,” he answered with a sly grin.  “Trust me, I will keep that till the last possible minute.  If she had any idea what I have done, she would beat me to death,” Kevin chuckled.

“Oh you are a smooth one Richardson.  Can I look?”  Mc asked.

“Sure,” Kevin replied.

A small argument began between the two of them.  Mc explained to Kevin that he thought it was too big for Bron to take care of by herself.  Kevin insisted that it was fine and they would have help taking care of it.  Mc reminded Kevin that Bron didn’t like strangers to begin with let alone in her home.  Kevin groaned as he thought about it, Mc was right.  They scaled the plan down together.  Mc looked at the master bath and promptly informed him that the queen of sulk needed a bigger tub.  Kevin agreed right away.  Finally, after pouring over the plans they made more adjustments and notes.  Somehow in the whole re-planning process Kevin lost his studio, office, and rec. room.  Maybe later he thought they could do some additions.

Mc looked at Kevin, “One more suggestion if I may?”  Kevin nodded a yes.  “Let her look at the kitchen first,” Mc informed him.

“That would ruin it,” Kevin groaned.

“No it wouldn’t, just tell her it’s your house.  The plans are dated a couple of months ago.  You know as well as I do that the obvious is never obvious to Bron.  She’d be clueless,” Mc chortled.

“Thank you, I think I will,” as a warm smile crossed Kevin’s face.

“I’m out of here, finish your day and I’ll see you in the morning.”  Mc said. 

Kevin immediately picked up the phone and made his call.  He needed a new set of plans by tonight, slightly smaller and some changes.  He informed that under no circumstances were they to change the date on the plans.  As he hung up the phone Howie walked in.

“I thought you went back to bed?”  Kevin asked.

“Can’t sleep alone,” Howie grumbled.

“D you only met Gillian seven days ago,” Kevin smirked.

Howie looked at him, of all the nerve he thought.  “Oh and you met Bron when?” he said dryly.

Kevin laughed, busted he thought, “Sorry.  Want to go out tonight after the show?”

“Yeah, who else is going?”  Howie asked.

Kevin glanced at him, “I want everyone to go, but I’m running out of time.”

Howie grinned, “Consider it done.  I’ll get everyone together.”

Kevin felt relieved, “Thanks, because I am burned out.  Can you drop these off to Brian for me?”

“I’m not surprised and yes I can,” Howie answered as he left.

Kevin walked over to the couch and dropped on it, he was out cold in a matter of minutes.






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